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MASSIVE Q-PROOF - Netanyahu Indicted on Corruption Charges, Including Bribery and Fraud

It's finally happening. An event which many people of the world realized needed to take place—yet which seemed so impossible in years past—is finally occurring before our eyes. By all appearances, granted all goes well, the swamp of the Israeli government is finally being drained.

Months back, I actually posted an article followed by a retraction about this very subject. The initial article claimed that the notoriously corrupt and war-mongering, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, had resigned or had possibly been arrested months ago. Of course, at the time, this hadn't yet taken place. The retraction of this report soon followed with the continued suggestion that similar events were still imminent, in light of the evidence clearly displayed by corporate news.

At the time of the retraction, one corporate news source after another was printing derogatory publications about Netanyahu (a.k.a. BB). These reports listed the numerous reasons why BB was better off resigning and that the scandals which were then unfolding in the Israeli government were too much for the notorious prime minister to bear.

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU - Multiple Reports Suggest Inevitable Downfall of Israeli Prime Minister - Discussion and Partial Correction

One of these media narratives focused upon Netanyahu's adviser, David Keyes and certain questionable actions Keyes had taken in the past which led to his sudden resignation. These reports came in tandem with revelations of alleged war crimes which BB's military committed during war efforts overseas. Adding to the scandal were the numerous criminal actions which the Israeli military has taken with Netanyahu at the helm. However, none of these atrocities were focused upon by Western mainstream media but still added to the notoriety of the now-disgraced Israeli prime minister.

It seems that the DTM report about Netanyahu's possible indictment/resignation was not so much inaccurate, but simply preemptive in its timing.

Today, we see that not only has BB been accused of corruption but that he has been officially indicted for numerous crimes related to this corruption.

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Source: RT

Published: November 12, 2019

Israel’s Attorney General has indicted PM Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges after months of uncertainty over whether Netanyahu would be able to retain his leadership of the country. He is charged with bribery and fraud.

Netanyahu faces charges of breach of trust and fraud stemming from three cases in which he allegedly made illicit deals – either with supporters or with local businesses – in exchange for gifts or cash.

AG Avichai Mandelblit announced the indictment, which has been hanging over Netanyahu for months, in a statement on Thursday.

The most severe case involves charges of altering telecom regulations in favor of telecom company Bezeq, whose owner, Shaul Elovitch, also ran news site Walla News. Flush with a $500 million windfall, Elovitch would allegedly press his editors to make coverage more favorable to the Netanyahus. That case involves a bribery charge on top of breach of trust and fraud, and Elovitch and his wife are also facing bribery charges.

Another case involves the PM receiving lavish gifts from billionaires Arnon Milchan and James Packer, and family members also piling on to demand gifts while Netanyahu allegedly did unspecified favors in return. The third case accuses Netanyahu of volunteering to help the owner of Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper to help suppress rival paper Israel Hayom’s circulation.

Mandelblit has been threatening to indict Netanyahu since February, when the police recommended the step after a year-long investigation. The probe was announced in December 2016 – nearly three years ago.

Israeli elections are still up in the air as neither Netanyahu nor his opponent Benny Gantz has been successful in forming a government, and a second election did not improve Netanyahu’s fortunes.

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For all those who witnessed the past (alleged) war crimes which Netanyahu's military committed against the citizens of Gaza (particularly from 2014 to 2018), this news may be seen as a positive development. (If these charges are productive in ridding Israel of its corruption, this progress may prove to be real.) However, many more of us may realize the significance of these steps toward draining the Israeli swamp.

Those of us who are familiar with the now famed source, Q Anon, may remember one particular post which mentioned Israel. Sure, many of Q's posts have hinted at possible corruption in many governments of the world including that of Israel; however, one specific post painted a very clear picture of the apparent foreknowledge of the Q team.

It appears that in this case, Q is highlighting the fact that Israel was not initially included in the indictments which implicated one Pakistani couple in alleged fraud and collusion with the DNC. There was an investigation into these possible crimes, but the government of Israel was never mentioned in headlines or by the president in interviews. This lack of mention was curious, considering the fact that the government of Israel was alleged to have meddled in the 2016 election on behalf of the DNC. Yet, no such discussion of Israel's possible guilt was offered by the press or by official sources. This quote from Q seems to explain why these details were initially omitted from said questions and reports.

"We are saving Israel for last."

We can see that this post dropped on March 10th of 2018—over a year and a half ago. How could this anonymous source, known as Q, know so far ahead of time that they would be able to predict the events of late 2019? Does the Q team have the means to look into the future to be able to predict events so accurately so often? Some believe so. And now, with the mentioning of Project Looking Glass, many independent journalists believe this technology exists and is helping the Q team accomplish an ultimate victory over the Deep State.

To add to this latest indictment of one Israeli prime minister, we might also recall the mass closure of nearly all Israeli embassies around the world just months before BB's indictment was announced. That event was said to be caused by financial issues within the Israeli treasury. Was that mass closure event a simple instance of happenstance, or was there much more to these embassy closures than corporate news claimed?

Of course, the most outstanding aspect of this post is the proposal that the Deep State based in Israel would be the last to fall. Many Q enthusiasts believe this means that when the Cabal is overthrown and removed from the Nation of Israel, the event spells the complete defeat of this group at the global level. Whether this means a complete defeat or just the destruction of their overall power structure, the consensus is that the overthrow of the Israel-based Deep State, in some way, signifies the final downfall of these criminal elitists worldwide.

For a number of years now, discussions about a positive international Alliance of military forces has been ongoing in alternative online communities. This Alliance is reported to consist of numerous military powers from multiple countries who desire to see the world free from corporate elitist manipulators.

According to multiple whistleblowers, this Alliance is very real, and is working behind the governments of various freedom-loving nations to rid the world of globalist control.

French Generals Accuse Macron of TREASON for Signing UN Migration Pact; Generals State UN Pact Gives the People Further 'Reason to Revolt'

If this Alliance actually has time-viewing technology, this may explain their impeccable accuracy and success rate in predicting future events. How is it possible that one group of anonymous posters on 8Chan (now 8kun) could be so impacting in their content and predictive posts? How could this group of unknowns maintain such informational integrity and accuracy to global events so much better than corporate news? Further, how could an obscure source manage to inspire and awaken untold thousands of people from around the world to become independent citizen journalists in a matter of mere months?

All of these questions lead us to one the most central and yet confounding inquiries we've encountered up to this point: "Do you believe in coincidences?"
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