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Dimensions of Disclosure 2019 – "Para-Investigators and the Globalist Terror" with John DeSouza

The various speakers at DOD 2019 offered an exceptional level of expertise to this year's gathering. This assortment of knowledge came from professional experience, personal investigation and education, formal training, and in some cases, from service in government intelligence.

There were a number of former intelligence officials speaking at this year's conference who brought a new level of knowledge and insight to the audience. One of these figures was none other than retired Special Agent, John DeSouza.

John may be one of the most interesting former officials speaking in the truth and disclosure community today. His testimony combines both investigation in anti-terrorism and documented cases of paranormal incidents which, to this day, still remain unexplained. These roles acquainted John not only with the finer details of meticulous investigation, but they allowed him to discover the difference between true investigation and the superficial inadequate research practices which many modern establishments employ.

Perhaps one of John's most interesting attributes is the fact that many of his FBI cases inspired the hit science fiction series, The X-Files.

John's eclectic assortment of experiences has allowed him to connect with a variety of different audiences from alternative free-thinkers to down-to-Earth law enforcement organizations. His expertise in legal consulting and training gives audiences a view into the world of professional truth-seeking that may not easily be found elsewhere.

In this presentation, John describes the specific standards for accurate investigation. He also breaks down the reasons for why these methods of investigation are avoided by the current media, political, and commercial establishments. From these points, John demonstrates for us the numerous alternative conclusions which most news sources have failed to consider. As he describes, when we apply these methods of true investigative research, the conclusions we draw may vary greatly from those which corporate media sources regularly concoct.

Presentation Notes

  • John starts his presentation off with a story about his early days in the FBI. He lets the audience know that they were the first group to hear this story that were not law-enforcement personnel.
  • It was early on in John's career. He was the youngest recruit to be assigned his position in the FBI.
  • His older supervisor addressed him as “kid.”
  • One day, John got a lead to serve a subpoena to a person at a private residence, and his supervisor volunteered to go with him. John lets the audience know that this is never a good thing. When your supervisor wants to join you in the field, it doesn't typically go well because supervisors only deal with administrative work. They don't typically know how the real world works.
  • They arrive at the location. The house was a trailer in one of the largest most run-down trailer parks in Arizona. John and his supervisor arrive at the residence and knock on the door.
  • The door opens, and the smell that greets them is unbearable. A ratty older man in a wife-beater is standing in the doorway.
  • Both John and his supervisor show their badges to the man and identify themselves as FBI agents.
  • The man said that he couldn't see the supervisor's ID and that he needed to see the ID up close. So John's supervisor took a step forward.
  • The old man leaned forward and looked at the ID for a second, and then he hocked a huge glob on the ID right over his supervisor's picture.
  • Both John and his supervisor stood there stunned. The supervisor leans back for a moment, and then leaned back further. Then his supervisor threw a huge right cross to the side of the man's face. The man is knocked out cold immediately--John still standing there in shock while holding the subpoena in his hand which they were supposed to be serving the man who is now lying unconscious on the floor.
  • His supervisor puts his hands on his hips and stands there pridefully. Then the supervisor says, "You know, kid, we better get out of here."
  • So then John's supervisor rushes him out of there as fast as they could. They both get into the car and drive away.
  • On their way back to HQ, the supervisor tells John, “You know kid, we were here, we knocked on the door, and he wasn't home.”
  • This was one of John's first experiences in the field as an FBI agent.
  • John's presentation continues with a video about his past experience in the FBI and how these experiences included major cases. Many of these cases were criminal, but some of them delved into matters of the supernatural and could not be explained by conventional means. These experiences haunted John and motivated him to reevaluate his views on investigative practices.
  • Among other topics, the video mentioned children who seemed to have the ability to predict the 9/11 attacks. These children drew pictures and had premonitions about the attacks on WT1, 2, and 7. Yet despite all the evidence available to the FBI about these premonitions, the case was closed and logged as being a mere collection of coincidences.
  • We live in a society in which all mainstream information is dominated by what is known as the Gaslight Triangle. This is the method of employing a series of deceptions against the public through the mainstream media so that eventually, the public only believes in the twisted fictitious narratives of the mainstream.
  • The mainstream news plays a central role in this organized mass deception. CNN is a major participant in this deliberate deception of society. This applies to all corporate news. 
  • Fox News is controlled by the same people who control CNN, even though the two may present different perspectives. Fox may communicate true information here and there, but they are still owned by the same interests that own the rest of the fake-news media.
  • The mainstream science establishment holds major power in the Gaslight Triangle.
  • Mainstream science has become a highly effective tool of manipulation because of the false sense of security it offers.
  • This false science was used to convince the public to accept the false narrative of 9/11.
  • The corporate media played a huge role in this mass deception as well.
  • Government fakery was also used to sell the mainstream narrative of the 9/11 attacks. The MSM news coverage of 9/11 was a textbook example of the Gaslight Triangle in action.
  • This is not the first time this kind of deception has been deployed against the public.
  • The medical establishment has been deceiving the public for years.
  • Doctors used to advertise cigarettes as being good for you, for your lungs, and for your overall health.
  • Doctors still lie to us today. They don't work for the people. The people pay them, yes, but the doctors actually work for Big Pharma.

  • John believes we need both investigators and para-investigators. Para-investigators are people who have special abilities that help the investigation come to a final conclusion.
  • True investigation is paramount, but most FBI agents and police officers don't employ true investigation. Most are merely fact-finders. They research only as far as their bosses tell them to. They do not offer investigative conclusions.
  • True investigators come to investigative conclusions.
  • Fact-finders are typically researchers, scientists, and analysts. They only follow material data and avoid all details that could fall under the category of paranormal.
  • This material is based upon John's book, The Paranormal Investigators.

  • We've heard the quote, “Great claims require great evidence.” This is false.
  • Thomas Edison invented the light bulb based upon hundreds of failed attempts. Yet he still succeeded. His concept for the light bulb was sound and acceptable before it was ever proven to work.
  • Fact-finders always ask for proof, but they will never have satisfactory proof or give the paranormal possibilities much thought.
  • True investigators follow clues regardless of where they lead. They follow these clues through different dimensions and between worlds. They always, always provide a conclusion upon completion of the investigation. This conclusion is supposed to be provided after every investigation, but it rarely is.
  • Scientists disagree with true investigation so thoroughly that they have assigned psychological conditions to those who use investigative methodology.
  • The establishment wants to make sure the people cannot find their own answers. So the establishment ridicules everyone who finds the tools to learn for themselves.
  • This is why scientists tell you that there is no face on Mars.
  • NASA never gave an explanation as to why we never went back to the moon. They claimed that a lack of funding was the cause, but that wasn't a real reason.
  • The CUCK System was developed during the days of the Soviet Union.
  • Whenever we think we are being led on by any particular narrative, it's important to ask, "What is it they are trying to tell us?"  We also need to ask, "Who are the usual suspects?"
  • There are certain clues that are so strong and which hold so much evidentiary weight that they may determine the outcome of an entire case. We might know these clues from many TV dramas about criminal investigation and law enforcement. These types of clues are rare but important to look for.
  • The CUCK System is totally inappropriate when you're living in a free society. It is only useful in a totalitarian society.

  • This method can be applied to mass shootings, false flags, and to any narrative that doesn't make sense.
  • John warns the audience that this next subject gets a little crazy.
  • He goes into the topic of NY Time and the reported death of Jeffery Epstein.
  • NY Times is a fake news source, according to their standard of slanted reporting.
  • The cover story for this case is that Epstein is/was an evil sex trafficker of children, and this is true.
  • Epstein tried to commit suicide, according to the cover story, but it may have been an incarcerated ex-cop who attacked him. (This was during the NY City blackout.) The man whom investigators claimed wanted to kill Epstein was an expert at murdering people with his bare hands. There was no reason Epstein would have survived an attack from that man unless he was supposed to survive.
  • John believes that there was another intention for the blackout.
  • The night of the alleged suicide, Epstein had an 8-hour window to kill himself, but he didn't kill himself during that time.
  • John has work experience in corrections and knows this detail about the schedule.
  • After these events occurred, thousands of media outlets printed the exact same story, but none of them addressed the inconsistencies.
  • All mainstream sources painted the exact same cover story.
  • The media is powerful.
  • Here's another interesting fact: The warden of the prison where Epstein was held didn't get prosecuted after the reported suicide. (He should have been, considering his apparent negligence.) That warden was even transferred out of the prison after Epstein's death. In fact, the transfer may have actually been a promotion. Otherwise, there would be no reason to move the warden. If this is true, this means that the warden of Epstein's prison was rewarded after he allowed Epstein's alleged suicide to occur during the suicide watch.
  • John shares that he used to be a legal adviser for the FBI and trained agents on how to investigate people without violating their constitutional rights.
  • What are dispositive clues? These are the clues upon which an entire legal case may hinge.
  • There were two major blackouts in New York City in the area where Epstein was being held.
  • These blackouts may have been used to smuggle Epstein out and replace him with someone else.
  • This person may have been killed in Epstein's place.
  • John strongly believes that 8-Chan and the Anons are better investigators than the FBI. They are better investigators than most people in the intel world.
  • These anons were the first people to call out Obama's fake birth certificate. They also uncovered the fact that the reported story surrounding Osama Bin Laden's death was a lie and that the images sent from Seal Team 6 were fake as well.
  • These Anons were the same people who figured out that the body of Epstein was not the body displayed by mainstream news.
  • Epstein is alive and well, according to John, but Epstein may still end up dead. Once you're declared dead, there is no loss in bad guys killing you afterward.
  • John makes the point that even though the white hats may have successfully got Epstein out, this doesn't mean that he won't turn up dead later.
  • The age of globalist terror began on 9/11. The entire Western world was the target.
  • The 9/11 Commission was a key example of simple fact-finders pushing a narrative. They were not true investigators.
  • The true investigators of this incident were/are the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.
  • Only the citizen-initiated investigations can be trusted to uncover the unbiased truth.

  • John then played a movie clip about all of the inconsistencies of the mainstream 9/11 story.
  • This clip is very hard to find, especially if you use Google.
  • Don't use Google, by the way.
  • The twin towers were built with relatively new technology. All the steel was in the windows. All of the support was on the outside. They were built to withstand a significant impact from an airplane. These are facts that contradict the findings of the 9/11 Commission.
  • Donald Trump said that the mainstream story of the twin towers really didn't make sense to him. As he was saying this, the FBI was going through the rubble from the disaster. They didn't find any plane parts in the rubble at all.
  • The mainstream media claimed that the entire structure of the plane melted. However, it seems that someone planted a lapel pin from a flight attendant in the rubble, and they claimed that this was evidence that the plane crash was real.
  • Later, the NY Times printed a story about a supposed plane wing that was found in an adjacent building, but this wing was found eight years later. This is not good evidence, but they claimed it was.
  • Who has a plane fall on their building and doesn't find it until eight years later? Why would this be considered valid evidence after sitting on a roof for eight years? This type of strangeness doesn't happen in a real investigation. It happens during an ongoing cover-up.
  • Globalist terror agendas always start the same way.
  • Always identify the globalist coin.
  • This clip comes from the movie, 300, and depicts a scene in which the Spartan council is trying to decide whether or not to join with an incoming army. The army is controlled by a totalitarian named Zerksies who seeks to control the entire world. Only Zerksies claims that he is bringing unity to the world through his self-proclaimed righteous new order.
  • Zerksies is comparable to the NWO/Deep State of today.
  • The coins that fell from the dead councilman's purse were the coin of Zerksies who bribed this man so that the Spartan kingdom could be compromised and conquered from within.
  • The globalist coin represents the evidence of compromise among those who were once loyal to their people and nation but eventually betrayed these for selfish gain. Those who show these signs of compromise should not be trusted.
  • Depopulation is always included in these globalist agendas.
  • They also include legal, wide-spread, and politicized abortion.
  • Globalists also attempt to erase borders and spur on refugee movements.
  • The political global warming meme is also part of the globalist agenda.
  • Global media control is a central part of it as well. However, the truth community is ahead of the game.
  • John believes that there have been several alien portals opening up in our skies since December of 2018.
  • He shows another video about the strange blue lights above NY that appeared in late 2018.
  • He believes that the news story of the transformer explosion was a cover story and that something much more significant was taking place which mainstream news was attempting to distract from.
  • Another video showed a large and very strange cloud over Thailand that appeared out of nowhere. This cloud appeared to have lightning flashes inside of it. Then multiple UFOs began to emerge from inside the cloud. This happened around the same time the “transformer explosions" were occurring in other locations around the world.
  • John's theory was that the electrical anomalies were caused by DEWs (directed energy weapons) from unknown agencies. These agencies may have been attempting to cover up and distract the public from whatever was going on in the sky at the time.
  • There were similar electrical issues in multiple locations around the world. All of these occurred within days of one another.

  • John then shows a documentary about the questionable video from the Pentagon investigation of the supposed tick tack UFO. There is only one person in the entire video that admits the video about this UFO could have been a fake. This seems to indicate that these people are only researchers and/or fact-finders, not true investigators.
  • It seemed that nearly everyone commenting on the video assumes that the footage was authentic.
  • Real investigators don't forgo valid questions.
  • Controlled disclosure (or partial disclosure) is when someone else is attempting to promote their own agenda through the release of information. And more often than not, this agenda is not aligned with the truth.
  • John finishes with a movie clip about the only Nazi concentration camp to ever have a large group of people escape. These prisoners fought for their freedom, and many won it.
  • “God is with you. Now let nothing stop you.” This was the theme of the movie shown.

Bio: John DeSouza was an FBI Special Agent working Counter-Terrorism and Paranormal Cases for 25 years. He was also an attorney and maintained a TOP SECRET security clearance during his time in the U.S. government. Also known as the X-man, he collected the true life X-FILES that were used on the highly popular television show: THE X-FILES.  He also shares many of these true life X-File cases in his bestselling books:

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