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Dimensions of Disclosure 2019 – "Online Warfare" with Jordan Sather

There are many conscious people online at present who are aware of the significance of their role in society. As truth-seekers, we are tasked with the challenge of both unlearning and relearning virtually everything we have been taught. We also hold the responsibility to gain as much knowledge as we are able, avoiding hasty conclusions, and keeping our minds flexible for further revelations.

As we begin to grasp the various disclosures that come our way, the information within them can take on a mind of its own—directing us toward further explorations and revelations we did not before realize. Once we gain a holistic perspective of the various information we have learned, we are then tasked with learning to communicate this information to those around us—ideally without too many people writing us off as nutcases.

These tasks can be a challenge to achieve. Many have strayed from this path of independent learning, self-teaching, and internal growth. However, there are also a good many people within the truth community who have set a positive example in these endeavors of personal growth and self-expansion. One of these figures is the illusions destroyer himself, Jordan Sather.

Jordan has made a name for himself as being one of the most vocal and up-front researchers on social media. His work is well-known by many independent truth-seekers and is appreciated for its depth of insight and the wide variety of subject matters it covers. Jordan is also appreciated for having a natural knack for tackling even controversial topics.

When it comes to presenting provocative information and turning the heads of questionable parties, Jordan seems to be at the center of the conversation. Yet at the same time, he manages to remain above reproach with regard to conduct and integrity of process.

His ability to engage nearly any issue with an open mind and a light heart has been a major contributor to Sather's success as a digital warrior. His dedication to uncovering truth has led to several high-profile interviews and certain mainstream sources attempting to attack and discredit him (without much success). It has also led to various (secretive) corporate establishments in the disclosure community avoiding him simply because he is too eclectic and honest about the assorted topics within current conversations of disclosure.

Jordan's presentation at DOD 2019 gives us a taste of these experiences, the challenges involved, and the actual fun which can come from the ordeal of online informational warfare.

Presentation Notes

  • We—the truth-seekers—are waging war online with those who intend to deceive and control us.
  • WWIII is a war of the mind and of information.
  • Everything is mind. Every aspect of our reality begins within the mind. This is why the powers that be try so hard to control us through our minds.
  • They have been in power for a very long time and their influence goes back for millennia.
  • They wage war against our consciousness, and this is why they have been so successful.
  • The various CEOs of these digital platforms did not attain their positions organically.
  • These people did not start out of their garage. They had help from  intelligence agencies that placed them in their positions as CEO. They are front-men for CIA operations disguised as social media companies.
  • Google was funded by In-Q-Tel—the intelligence arm of the CIA.
  • Facebook was created by DARPA and was originally called Life Log which literally logs our lives. The day DARPA canceled Life Log was the same day that Facebook went online.
  • Facebook now owns Instagram.
  • Twitter is owned by Jack but shows glaring signs of affiliation with intel-agencies.
  • 95% of media is owned by 6 (soon to be 5) corporations. Only a handful of companies control nearly everything we read, hear, and watch.
  • The medical industry has the same issue as the media.
  • The trend of centralization in media and medicine can also be seen offline.
  • The social media platforms are under tight control.
  • The Google whistleblower, Zack Vorhes, released massive evidence which revealed that Google was manipulating search results and blacklisting users unethically.
  • We need to decentralized the power of these media and other corporations.
  • The fight against Big Tech is the most important fight we have.

  • Jordan then shares his experience of awakening.
  • It started about 8 years ago (2011) when Jordan decided to drop out of college and began working at a health food store. He shares that he wasn't interested in the formulated model of learning that college had to offer.
  • Jordan tells how he dropped out of college because his heart wasn't in it.
  • He watched the documentary, The World According to Monsanto, in one of his college classes.
  • He educated himself on the various subject of human health and discovered the numerous problems within established healthcare and the food and drug industries.
  • The discussion then moves to recent developments in government and healthcare.
  • The Right-to-Try initiative was a nice development (as signed into law via executive order), but we should have the right to try any potential cure that we choose and not simply what the FDA is testing or has processed in the past.
  • The centralization of media is very detrimental.
  • A lot of information is hitting the news that Google manipulated the 2016 election in a major way. Millions of votes were swung toward Hillary Clinton which should have gone the other way.
  • Jordan then talked about how he learned about Monsanto and how this corporation was controlling nature as a whole through seeds and the manipulation of human genetics.
  • Monsanto was going to extremes to controlled farmers.
  • Right now, we live under what has been termed the Rockefeller Medical System.
  • Early on, the Rockefellers funded the AMA (American Medical Association) and the entire apparatus of allopathic medicine. They pumped millions of dollars into research but avoided curing any disease.
  • This destroyed naturopathic medicine.
  • Naturopaths, herbalists, and chiropractors were run out of business.
  • All medicine that was outside the allopathic system was eliminated from major production.
  • Jordan researched numerous alternative websites including Stillness in the Storm, Divine Cosmos, Collective Evolution, and many other helpful sites. This helped him to awaken further.
  • Jordan describes a moment when he was watching YouTube videos and came to an understanding about the dire state of the world. This was back when it was still easy to find alternative media on YouTube.
  • Jordan went down what he calls the YouTube rabbit hole.
  • He went through a dark night of the soul when we first realized the state of the world.
  • When we experience this difficult time, we often find that we have unacknowledged trauma and that this trauma needs to be processed.
  • It's important that we connect and help one another process this trauma which we often face during our awakening.
  • Jordan then brings the discussion back to the topic of censorship.
  • Eventually, Google began censoring cancer cures. They then moved to censor all search results. At that point, the videos which were readily available on YouTube were no longer visible without excessive searching.
  • This censorship has become a significant aspect of the online war we are facing.
  • The fight against Big Tech is the biggest fight we have.
  • The entire world is going through a dark night of the soul just like each individual does during their awakening process.
  • There are a few ways we can process the trauma we face as we examine the hard truth.
  • Detoxification is a major step in processing trauma in a healthy way.
  • The body does not lie to us, and detoxing can help our bodies to function as they are designed to.
  • Jordan suggests reading the book, "Bioenergetics" by Alexander Lowen. This book and the techniques inside include moving exercises, breathing, assuming different postures, and oxygenating the body. This is all part of Lowen's theory of how to releasing trauma through the muscles.
  • Connecting with other people is a good way to get over depression. The internet can be a helpful tool in connecting with other people.
  • Mainstream scientists tend to look at health from the standpoint of chemistry alone.
  • Lowen was a friend of Wilhelm Rieck. Lowen pursued exercise aside from Rieck who studied orgone.
  • Exercise is an effective way to detoxify the body, according to Lowen.
  • Psychedelics are not for everyone, but they can be used to release trauma from the body. Psilocybin and ayawaska are two which Jordan has dabbled in. He used these to process his dark night of the soul years ago but no longer uses them now.

  • Jordan then discusses the subject of being a citizen journalist and how he initiated his own journey of free-thinking early on.
  • Many people now have a list of YouTube channels as their major sources of information. They no longer trust corporate media.
  • Jordan published his first YouTube video in 2017. His channel has been banned and resurrected twice. He is still creating content today.
  • Jordan has also helped produce a movie (Above Majestic), he's been on Comedy Central, Gaia, and interviewed by Washington Post.
  • He went on the Jim Jeffery Show and found out that it was a setup. There were people there who were flat-Earthers, who thought all aliens were demons, and other personalities who seemed to be there simply as a source of comic relief and/or ridicule. Jordan was glad to be on this show as a voice of reason.
  • The producers of this show tried to set him up at the Standard Hotel—a place where child trafficking is rumored to have regularly taken place.
  • Book burnings don't look like they used to. Today, they take the form of censorship.
  • The censorship in today's society is Orwellian.
  • Amazon gave Jordan his first instance of major censorship. He had his affiliate link terminated and could no longer make any income from Amazon.
  • The conservatives try to own the issue of censorship, but the censorship is not determined by conservative or liberal ideals. The Cabal is censoring any truth that threatens their establishment, and this includes both categories.
  • Social media censors MMS, false flags, and many other topics of truth.
  • When the Deep State wants to execute a false flag, media censorship of any alternative information is often the first step.
  • Jordan has been censored by Big Tech and the alternative media.
  • He was also censored by Contact in the Desert in a very visible way. That event and organization is sponsored by Gaia—another corporate entity that has censored Jordan's work (along with the work of many others).
  • Jordan did an interview with George Noory on Gaia, but Gaia deleted the video.
  • Contact in the Desert scheduled Jordan's lecture at 7:00 a.m.in the morning. The crowd that he drew was so big that they had to turn people away from the event, seeing that the room they gave him was very small.
  • The CITD organization refused to publish his DVD, lied about the reason for withholding the DVD (several times), and they even lied on social media claiming that Jordan dropped the F-word on stage. However, an audience member came forward who had recorded the entire presentation on audio and sent Jordan the recording. This audio proved that CITD staff lied and that Jordan never said that word.
  • YouTube has taken down several videos of Jordan's over what seemed to be fabricated reasons.
  • What would happen to these large new-age corporations if full disclosure dropped?
  • A full disclosure would be financially damaging to all the corporate interests pushing their own partial disclosure narratives. It's in the interests of these corporations to maintain a certain amount of secrecy so that their businesses can continue.
  • Nowadays, people get too attached to admired personalities online. It's important that we choose to search for the truth ourselves.
  • The major alternative sources are only there to assist us, but they are not the ones who wake us up. It's we who wake ourselves up.
  • If we didn't have controlled opposition, we could be a lot further along in the disclosure process. Though some believe that the controlled opposition helps in it's own way.
  • Some people get sensitive when we call out questionable personalities.
  • Info Wars may be backed by Mossad.
  • The top three shareholders of Gaia are Deep State organizations—Vanguard, Black Rock, and Fidelity.
  • Black Rock was founded from a bank out of the Caiman Islands.
  • Ufology is compromised. Take, for instance, the Rockefeller Initiative. This initiative was paid for primarily by the Rockefeller Foundation and was intended to control the narrative of disclosure.
  • It was initiated during the presidency Bill Clinton. The interests behind this initiative may have wanted Clinton to bring forward a partial disclosure early on, but that disclosure never fully completed.
  • Some people believe that Laurence Rockefeller was a white hat. However, it is rare that white hats are so quickly silenced as Rockefeller was.
  • Dr. Steven Greer, Linda Moulton Howe, and Robert Bigelow were all part of the Rockefeller Initiative.
  • In the mid-2000s, Dr. Greer was supposed to be the center of disclosure, but that initiative ran out of steam fairly quickly. In more recent years, the Tom DeLonge disclosure may be an attempt to repeat the disclosures from the early 2000s. It may have been part of the Rockefellers' effort to take control of the narrative once again. Was this an attempt at round 2 of partial disclosure?
  • Disclosure is happening because it's been cleared to happen. The intel community has green-lighted it to happen in some form.
  • The reports of UFOs in media may be coming forward to distract from the reports of crimes against humanity occurring at record pace.
  • These crimes can't be dealt with if we don't face them.
  • The mainstream media is being cleared to disclose because they are following the partial-disclosure narrative.
  • The Cabal is using disclosure to distract humanity with shiny things.
  • The internet is being used by the people to fill in the rest of the information which the MSM is trying to distract us from.
  • The internet is also being used to censor the people.

  • According to Corey Goode, binary internet manifests on every 3D planet right before the population starts to awaken.
  • You cannot deny that human trafficking is occurring at overwhelming rates. Thanks to the internet, we are finally getting to the truth about these crimes.
  • Q came forward to help people learn this.
  • Jordan believes that a certain group in the military and the intel community is using Q to undercut the Deep State limited-hangout disclosure.
  • He also believes that Q was used to promote a fuller disclosure than that which the Deep State was planning.
  • How many media resources have been devoted to attacking Q in both the mainstream and alternative media? How many millions of dollars have been spent attempting to attack a simple "LARPer?"
  • There's been far too much opposition for Q to be completely false, as the MSM has claimed.
  • The organized smear campaign of the Deep State media tells us that they believe that Q is real.
  • One news story claimed that the FBI declared Q followers to be domestic terrorists. However, this news report was distorted. The head office of the FBI did not make any such declaration. Instead, the report came from an obscure field office in Pheonix, AZ. That office simply wrote an insignificant letter and leaked it to Yahoo News, just like the FISA scandal.
  • The attacks against Q have ramped up incredibly. The FBI labeled Q and Pizzagate researchers as domestic terrorist threats.
  • This could easily be considered treason.
  • Why would an FBI field office declare those who followed Q to be "domestic terrorists?"  When has any social group who follow a "simple LARPer" ever been claimed to be domestic terrorists in this country?
  • Q has dropped many hard-hitting truths. They talked about black projects, the Titanic, black money, and more. Within the first three weeks of Q drops, they were talking about Jeffery Epstein's temple. This was over a year before the mainstream media began reporting on Epstein.
  • The Q drops have been exploding since 2017. We have received so many Q proofs that there is little logic in trying to disprove it at this point. (That's most likely why the MSM only relies on ad hominem attacks to rebut it.)
  • The head of the field office that wrote the FBI report was supposedly an ex-CIA officer. Yet somehow, he was removed from the office immediately after this document was leaked.
  • Then only four days after the questionable FBI report came out, there was a shooting to distract the public from the hoax report they just pulled off.
  • The corporate media repeated the lie that 8-Chan was the source of the violence. The Deep State actually created a shooting just to take down a website. That's how sick they are.
  • How do we stop shootings? Tell the truth about how they happen. The nut-job intel agencies set them up.
  • The Jason Bourne-like operatives of the past were only the beginning.
  • MKULTRA didn't end. It just went underground. This is part of the reason why false flag shootings have been so common.
  • There are so many attacks against this seemingly harmless letter of the alphabet.
  • All we have to do is stand up, and the game of the Cabal ends.

  • The Deep State isn't scared of one insect, but they are afraid of the swarm. This may have been the reason why Q came forward—to help the people to create the swarm. People are now taking it upon themselves to share the truth and to becoming the swarm that will destroy the control system of the Cabal.
  • They can stop some of us, but they can't censor all of us.
  • There are also a few in the mainstream media who are interested in reporting the truth.
  • Whatever is censored gets even more attention. The Streisand Effect is real, and we can use it to our advantage.
  • Go get yourself censored. It's the best thing you can do to be seen.
  • Keep sharing because when the truth comes out, those who once laughed at this information will need you to give them resources to learn the whole story. When the time comes, they will rely on you for greater perspective.

Bio: Jordan Sather is a nationally renowned educator, filmmaker, YouTube influencer, speaker, and inspiration to thousands of people wanting to become stronger, more conscious versions of themselves. In doing his part to assist in the Great Awakening of humanity, he has amassed hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of content views on the internet through his Destroying the Illusion brand, sharing his vision of raising self-knowledge and empowerment, mental and physical strength, and higher consciousness in society. (Source)
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