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Dimensions of Disclosure 2019 – "Disclosure Wars – Notes from the Front Line" with Elizabeth Wilcock

Dimensions of Disclosure 2019 had numerous memorable experiences to offer. Of course, these included a variety of stellar presentations, musical performances, and many highly energetic experiences which will not soon be forgotten. One figure who offered her own share of these experiences was speaker, teacher, shaman, and martial artist, Elizabeth Wilcock.

The energy Elizabeth brings to the stage is remarkable and extremely unique in today's world. Nowadays, it's particularly rare that we find anyone who has weathered so many of life's difficulties without allowing these to get the best of them. Yet this is exactly what Elizabeth has done.

As we listen to her life story, we will find that she has had her share of intense struggles and internal battles. However, the woman we see on stage does not at all appear to be one who has allowed adversity to defeat her. Instead, Elizabeth shows our community what it means to be a warrior.

In a world riddled with challenge and adversity, Elizabeth Wilcock embodies the courage, perseverance, and heart which enable us to endure nearly any difficulty. At the same time, she shows us the feminine expression of grace, gentleness, and confidence—qualities which mainstream Western society has all but completely forgotten.

In many ways, modern society bears the scars of centuries worth of oppression and suppression of the divine feminine. Despite the beauty, poise, and nurturing of the true feminine energy (attributes which help to sustain the entire natural world), the divine feminine has been stifled and all but completely suppressed by the Cabal. This has led many women in the mainstream world to embody anger and victimhood instead of their true divine expression.

Perhaps this is the reasons why Elizabeth's energy was so refreshing to encounter on stage. Thanks to her work to heal her personal wounds, to assist others in healing, and her efforts to embody the divine feminine, we are refreshed and privileged to experience such energy and to hear of the trials, joys, and ordeals which helped Elizabeth to find and share this energy with the world.

Presentation Notes

  • Elizabeth starts the presentation out by thanking the community for all of the love and support her and David received through their difficulties over the past year. She and David endured intense attacks and smears in the recent past, but the support from the truth community was extremely helpful throughout this ordeal.
  • Elizabeth then offers a blessing in at least two different languages, one of which was English. She invoked several different spirits from various cultures and asked for their healing and protection.
  • Elizabeth then acknowledges the priestess graduates from her group, the Priestess Path Lineages of Light, for choosing to do their sacred work in the world.
  • What is going on in the news headlines lately? We have pedophilia, human sacrifice, child trafficking, and the rape of the Earth. Why are these things happening?
  • We look at these occurrences and wonder, "How could a benevolent god allow these atrocities to occur?"
  • These atrocities are happening because we have free will. We can either choose to be a blessing in the world, or we can be a curse.
  • Elizabeth then shares about a near-death experience she had when she was 17. She was in the hospital at the time. This is when Elizabeth says she got “woke.”
  • She then told the audience how her family lived on a lot in Oregon. (She was 3 years old at the time.) She found herself at the grave of an Indian man that was buried there. She went into a trance and had this interaction. She said that the experience was very peaceful and that she didn't want to come back from this vision.
  • Elizabeth described that this Indian man was very balanced, harmonious, that he loved the Earth and was in tune with Spirit. She said that at the time, she felt that she had more in common with this man than she did her own family.
  • We don't have to be destructive to the Earth but still, some people use their free will to destroy it.
  • Elizabeth told about the way she empathized with the suffering of others. Her heart went out to those in need.
  • She tells the audience how during her NDE, she felt her heartbeat slower and slower. She had put herself in the hospital for bulimia and was in very poor condition.
  • It seems that somehow, she was given this experience so that she could learn her true value and purpose in this world.
  • When she got out of the hospital, the situation digressed even further.
  • Elizabeth further described how she felt her heartbeat slower and slower, and then she heard a flat line. She felt she had died, but somehow, she was still conscious.
  • After that, she had an elaborate visual experience. There were spirits there whom she recognized. She had a vision of her obituary, scenes of her parents grieving, and many other visions. Eventually, she was taken to a place where angels and her spiritual family were waiting for her. They welcomed her.
  • There was one moment when a certain angel addressed her and she became fully aware. She came to full attention at the sound of the angel's address. From that point forward, Elizabeth was fully awake in the spirit world.
  • She describes how she was taken to what seemed like the end of the universe and was shown all of creation. There were ten pairs of opposites presented to her. These were the foundational laws of the universe, and these laws came forward as personified characters who gave her their wisdom. They showed her a series of pairs—day and night, light and dark, male and female. There were about ten of these pairs. These concepts may have represented the foundation of creation.
  • Elizabeth describes how she then blacked out in the spirit world and how she believes that this was the moment when she merged with the Creator. She was not coherent during this time of merging and could not clearly recall this experience. In a situation of complete oneness, it is difficult to distinguish one's self from The One.
  • All of our experiences as humans are based upon a perspective of individuality, but when that individuality is dissolved into infinity, how then does one describe it?
  • Elizabeth then describes how she came back into her body and how this step was not a comfortable experience. By that point, she had been bulimic for years, and her situation was severe. She couldn't talk or walk when she came back.
  • Before her NDE, Elizabeth had numerous professionals attempt to help her. But as she describes, her problem was at the soul level and no matter how much the professionals tried, they could not understand or help her to solve this problem.
  • She asked God/Great Spirit for help, and it answered. Elizabeth used the analogy of a life raft being sent to her.
  • This is how Elizabeth found shamanism. She tells how she read the book, Shamanism by Shirley Nicholson, and when she did, she felt as though she had met her family. She found this path at age 17.

  • There is a spirit world. There are those who interact with these spirits.
  • The eve before her 17th birthday, Elizabeth knew she was an eternal soul and that she had a spiritual family waiting for her on the other side (because of her NDE). She remembered that she came here to Earth to experience love. This was one of the main reasons  Elizabeth says she incarnated.
  • Everything we have ever said and done has brought us here to this strange and present moment in time.
  • Elizabeth shares an Asian saying: “May you be born in interesting times.” We don't know if this is a blessing or a curse.
  • We live in interesting times.
  • Many have seen ETs, UFOs, or have had bizarre spiritual experience of some kind. There is very little about our lives that can be considered normal.
  • We are multidimensional in nature.
  • The oldest texts we have are from ancient Egypt and Sumer. These cultures knew about ETs.
  • The American Natives also have passed down stories of ET visitors.
  • The American Natives have concepts which do not translate to mainstream Western culture. In mainstream society, these concepts have no frame of reference.
  • The Natives have the concept of the Divine Father, Divine Mother, and Child. This is similar to the concept of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost which Judeo-Christian faiths claim to exist.
  • There are several sacred concepts which Western culture has no understanding of. We don't have names for them.
  • Shamanic men and women have risked and given their lives to carry their teachers through the generations.
  • The Natives Americans did the same.
  • They believed that we are dollops of the Creator.
  • Their culture is a sacred culture, but the culture of the Cabal is one of rape, control, and artificial programming.
  • Elizabeth goes on to the topic of the modern tragedy of the broken Western/American family.
  • One of the great tragedies in history is the way the Cabal lured women out of the home and made them work their lives away. Now, if they want to have a child and a family, they have to work even harder and stress themselves out just to exist. No one takes care of women's sacred right to have children.
  • Women's liberation movements broke through the glass ceiling, but then society created a financial system where you have to have two incomes just to exist in society. Now, all the children have been raised by the State. And this State only allows certain things into history books.
  • What is our earliest recorded history? The Sumerians wrote it down, and they say that space beings came here and created society. They tinkered with our genetics and had what are called M.E.s and these held information inside of them such as government, martial arts, sacred sexuality, etc.
  • Inana was one of the Anunaki/Star Beings. These beings had affairs, infighting, wars, etc. They have problems too. Inana was one of these and was the niece of Enlil.
  • She and Enlil got drunk and she talked Enlil into giving her some of the M.E.s.
  • Now, Inana culture is filled with these concepts such as sacred sexuality. Khajuraho was the name of this culture.
  • There were cultures in which women could walk around naked and no one would violate them. Children could do the same thing.
  • What happened to these cultures. We should not be living the way we are now.
  • Men used to be able to see a woman's beauty and simply allow themselves to feel strong upon the sight of her. Men used to allow a woman's beauty to motivate him to protect her. The same used to apply to children.
  • We live in a world where we feel as though we've been dropped off behind enemy lines.
  • Everyone has either been abused, teased, beat up, made fun of, hit, or molested. Hardly anyone can grow up without these experiences.
  • There is emotional abuse and violation in the world. 1 out of 4 girls is molested in childhood.
  • When a child is molested, a piece of them leaves. After that point, they have a shattered soul.
  • Cardinal Pell (number -3 guy in the Vatican) is now a convicted pedophile. John of God, Jeffery Epstein, etc. The problem of rape and pedophilia is endemic.
  • These problems are clear and they are making headline news. Global pedophilia and Satanism are not normal topics of conversation. There is a lot of this going on in the world.
  • Elizabeth shared how shocked she was to find out how many child rapes happen on a regular basis.
  • Elizabeth praises her husband, David, who has been compassionate and generous regardless of how difficult the effort has been for him.
  • It's difficult for all of those who stand up for truth. But we do this because we are freedom-fighters. We fight for our right to exist without being violated.
  • Elizabeth shares how she loves the sacred warrior and what it stands for.
  • In any situation, we need to remember our right to claim sacredness.
  • “This ground is sacred. This body is sacred. This child is sacred.” Elizabeth lets us know that these are the warrior codes.
  • Elizabeth shares about her experience in martial arts and how she earned five black belts. She can balance with a large amount of masculine energy. She says that she is able to do this by being a woman.
  • She was trained by warriors who carried the lineage of their respective schools. She holds the lineage of the Zen Wellness Martial Arts system.
  • Elizabeth could begin a martial arts school in her system, but she has chosen to give her message in other ways.
  • This is one of their schools (below).

  • Elizabeth tells the audience how much she loves the sacred warrior and the sacred masculine. These are the figures who stand up against evil in the world. We need these people in the world to defend what is sacred.
  • When a woman nourishes a man, the man becomes more prone to be the protector the sacred masculine was designed to be.
  • She shares that she can balance with men and express her masculine side (sometimes in shocking ways), but she admires the divine feminine more and chooses to express it.
  • Women cannot balance with men by competing with them or castrating them. Women balance with men by being women, according to natural design.
  • A simple thank you can help a man be the best he can be for those whom he protects. When a woman upholds a man, he becomes more able to hold the perimeter and protect the women and children who need it.
  • Elizabeth shares that she could go after the Cabal herself, but she would rather have the men do it. She is grateful for everyone who battles in this way.
  • We have infiltrators and alphabet agencies that attack innocent people and groups. Elizabeth shared that this scares her. But she is grateful that the community has strong men to defend the innocent.
  • There are  numerous masters with whom Elizabeth studied martial arts. She was married to a master at one point in her life.
  • She shared how each of these masters would do the weirdest things.
  • One master would buy one bag of about 40 Arby's sandwiches, and gradually eat them for the week. Another sits up at night meditating in zen position while watching porn. Elizabeth says that this is how martial arts masters gain power—by observing and appreciating beauty without physically reacting to it.

  • Elizabeth then decides to share a warrior code with the audience. She invites one of her graduates from the Priestess Path to join her on stage. Her name was Geraldine. The code she read was about the responsibility in relationships to point the weapons outward. This means that whatever stresses are going on in our lives, we never allow these stresses to damage the connection and relationship between us and our partner.
  • Elizabeth shared how she got initiated into the shamanic practice at age 17. To date, she has been on 70 ayahuasca journeys. She studied with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.
  • Early on in her journey, she met a medicine woman. This was Sandra Ingerman. Sandra saw Elizabeth and accepted her as she was. She saw issues in Elizabeth but didn't want to fix these issues. (Perhaps she knew Elizabeth had the strength to fix them herself.)
  • Elizabeth shared about her shamanic exercise of healing her bulimia. During an ayahuasca journey, she had a vision and in this vision, she found that her power was being drained from her. Through an exercise, she took her power back and when her soul returned, the experience was energetic.
  • Early on in her shamanic journey, Elizabeth's teachers asked her to shave her head as a sign of her dedication. Initiation into these studies is not easy; it's not supposed to be. People can't be shaman just because they think it's cool.
  • The shamans normally asked for something in return for their teachings, and they asked Elizabeth for all of her hair. There is an obligation of complete dedication on the path of the shaman. So she obliged them.
  • Even though Elizabeth was traveling the world and did not know where she would end up, her parents supported her. She dropped out of college when she found out that college didn't offer courses in spiritual healing. Then she traveled the world to learn for herself.
  • Whenever Elizabeth is spiritually attacked, she does banishing ceremonies. Whenever she needs to reconnect to the divine, she can do that too.
  • She discusses how many people are afraid of negative entities and that this fear can prevent them from taking spiritual paths. Yet the power we have to banish negative spirits is extreme and we have no need to be afraid of them, as Elizabeth states.
  • How do we use our power—as a blessing or as a curse? Or is it somewhere in the middle?
  • Choose to use your ability of creation as a blessing. Elizabeth discusses how water can be affected by our intentions. This ice crystal (below) was sent the energy of love and it formed nearly perfect geometry as a result.
  • The opposite effect can be seen in crystals that are sent disharmonious energy.
  • She then discusses how the figure she calls, the Golden Goddess, came to her and congratulated her for her achievements in the martial arts. Elizabeth had trained lots of people—many of them, men—but this goddess told her that the world was suffering from the lack of the divine feminine.

  • The feminine energy nourishes everything in all creation. We were all carried by a mother who nurtured and sacrificed for us.
  • The feminine is the portal. We are all birthed from the feminine. The Goddess asked Elizabeth to nurture the feminine energy.
  • The world is suffering from a lack of nourishment. It is lacking in feminine energy.
  • Nature, the animals, and the masculine need the nourishment of the feminine in order to exist.
  • The toxic feminine is familiar to all of us. Elizabeth describes this toxicity as "bitchy," "back-stabby," and "angry." We all have the ability to embody the toxic feminine. This is not the way to move forward. You can't move people to authentic change by insulting them and taring them down.
  • We can heal what has been broken.
  • The world is messed up, but what if all of these challenges exist to test us and see how we weather them?
  • Maybe our lives don't end here. Maybe we continue.
  • We know we are going to die, but we can bless this world and do all we need to do aside from that moment.
  • Only accept people and relationships that are sacred.
  • Elizabeth closes by reminding us to make this life count and to live it well.

Bio: Elizabeth Wilcock is the Creator of the Priestess Path Lineages of Light, which she has been immersed in from an early age. She is at the forefront of blazing a new trail for women to merge spirituality and social function as priestesses in the modern age.

Her first love is shamanism. She entered formal shamanic training at age 17 and graduated from the Foundation For Shamanic Studies Program in Advanced Shamanic Healing ten years later. A near death experience at the age of 19 revealed her life path as she was re-birthed into her body through the Christ Light and knew then that she would take the road less traveled.

She apprenticed in the Martial Arts and Qigong lineages for many years, earning five black belts and owning five schools. She then became the first female master instructor in her marital art organization and has trained thousands of students.

Her love of shamanism and communing with Source led her to travel deep into the Amazon jungles and to traverse 15,000-foot Andean peaks, completing over 70 ayahuasca journeys in which she was gifted the Angel Songs.

Her formal emergence as a priestess was in 1999 and a few years ago, she was guided to shift her focus from training black belts to training women in the wisdom of the Lineages of Light. (Source)
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