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Dimensions of Disclosure 2019 - "Metaphysical Activism: The Internal Art of Disclosing the Impossible" with Simon Esler

The speakers at this year's DOD conference were each of exceptionally high caliber. Each one of these figures brought to the audience a level of astuteness and insight far beyond that of everyday observation. These insights helped to reveal a distinct ability of each speaker to see beyond the surface and into the acute details of their respective topics.

One of these insightful presentations came from teacher and mindfulness consultant, Simon Elser. This presentation began with a series of provocative questions which encouraged the audience to consider current world issues from a higher vantage point.

These questions may initially leave us curious as to why they're being asked. However, the moment Simon begins to explain the subtle mechanisms which found our collective experience as humans, we may quickly realize that this presentation is extremely profound in its significance.

Simon's talk covers the characteristics of free will and the initiative of various ET groups to affect our current perception of reality through this universal law. This presentation covers the subtle levels of consciousness and how these levels—though seemingly obscure—are the primary medium through which our subconscious and conscious realities may be manipulated.

Perhaps one of the most significant points of Simon's talk is that even though the human race has been manipulated and enslaved over the millennia, we have every ability to learn from our captors/former captors. By observing the methodology of these manipulative ETs, we can uncover the secrets of our own consciousness and define the path to our complete and permanent liberation from our present (and yet waning) captivity.

Presentation Notes

  • The major topic of this discussion are multi-dimensionality, metaphysical activism, and the subtle planes of existence.
  • Simon starts the presentation off with a variety of questions.
  • We live on a planet that tortures and murders children at startling rates.

  • How are we responsible for what is occurring on our planet?
  • How have non-terrestrials used our free will to their own advantage?

  • Through understanding the Law of Free Will, can we be better prepared to take action to solve our planetary situation?
  • Frequency differentiates that which is physical from that which is metaphysical.
  • Our senses consider physical reality as a cross-section of different frequencies interacting with one another.
  • The metaphysical world exists at a different frequency of vibration than the physical world.
  • How do the physical and metaphysical work together?

  • What is activism?
  • We of the Full Disclosure Now movement value sovereignty, freedom, integrity, and justice for the oppressed. As a group, we hold these values highly.
  • There is a lot of power and focus within this movement.

  • How can we accomplish these goals (above)?
  • What is the metaphysical background of our current planetary situation?
  • Society pressures us constantly to focus on the physical plane and to avoid the metaphysical. But in order to break free from our captivity, we need to tap into these metaphysical planes.

  • We want to gain greater awareness of the subtle planes of existence for our advantaged.
  • We exist in multiple planes of existence simultaneously.
  • In meditation, our consciousness interacts with the subtle planes.
  • If we want to change the world, we must do so from a multidimensional perspective.
  • Our mass consciousness exists and functions on the subtle planes.
  • What is the etheric plane?
  • The meridians exist on the etheric plane.
  • Studies show that the meridians of the body play a major role in forming the human fetus. These meridians help to form the body even before it is fully developed.
  • The etheric plane harbors blueprints and creates the structure of the physical body.
  • The physical body is connected to the etheric body through chakras, meridians, and breath.
  • The etheric body is the connector between the physical, emotional, and subtle aspects of reality.
  • The astral plane is what we experience in our dreams.
  • The astral plane houses the emotional and energetic information that underlies our physical experience. It holds information about the past, present, and future.
  • It's not bound by linear time.
  • Subtle energy lingers longer and travels more efficiently than physical energy.
  • There is an imprint of us that remains stationary when we leave a room. This subtle energy moves more quickly than our physical experience.
  • Precognition comes from the astral plane.
  • The causal plane houses universal patterns, probability, and potentiality. It can only be accessed through intuition and through direct knowledge of ourselves.
  • Mental/Causal Plane - This is the plane of universal patterns and recognition. This plane is where we understand the larger concepts of the subtle planes. It's the plane of the collective consciousness.
  • How do ETs and EDs interfere in the subtle planes? What agendas do they have?
  • We have been manipulated by a wide variety of ETs for thousands of years. They steer our evolutionary trajectory according to their own agenda.
  • Corey Goode has shared a good deal about the various groups of ETs and the agendas they have.
  • Even some of the more positive ET beings have their own agendas, to some extent. These groups have helped us, but they have their various motivations as to why they assist.
  • There is a spiritual and temporal war going on. This is the struggle of multiple ET groups for control over the timeline. This battle is ongoing on the subtle plane first, and on the physical plane second.
  • These advanced ET beings are able to perceive time from a completely different perspective. They are able to engage each other on the subtle planes.
  • How can we take back our sovereignty on the subtle planes? We must remove all interference in order to do so.
  • Free will drives the experience on this planet, but there are ways that a negative ET group can manipulate this law to their own advantage.
  • How can we take this planet back in its full multidimensionality?
  • To do this, we need to learn what free will is.
  • We as humans (along with the entire universe) are the Creator attempting to know itself. We are motivated by the desire of the One Divine Self. Our attempts to become more aware of ourselves is an expression of the Creator learning about itself.
  • If an ET group is able to help increase the conscious awareness of a population, free will allows for the interaction between the two civilizations to take place (whether that interaction is positive or negative).
  • If there is a planet that has yet to experience fear and domination, it is perfectly in line with free will for a negative group to take over and to dominate that planet.
  • In our case, the dominating ET group was the Draco.
  • What wisdom can we glean from the methods of the Draco?
  • This is not their first time dominating a planet. So then, what is their methodology?

  • These Draco would need an intricate understanding of how a civilization evolves. They would need the ability to perceive the various timelines and the points on these timelines at which highly decisive events will occur for the developing civilization.
  • In order to dominate a planet through the subtle planes, these ETs would require a perspective outside of time itself. They have each of these.
  • These Draco would need to be aware of the cycles of time—planetary cycles, galactic cycles, solar cycles—in order to know how they might affect us.
  • The Draco have to work with the natural alignments and rhythms of the universe in order to manipulate a civilization. This is so that they can stay in line with free will.
  • They would need an advanced understanding of spiritual warfare.
  • The Draco would require knowledge of the etheric, astral, and mental planes in order to know how to influence us.
  • On the physical plane, free will is most influential, but on the subtle planes, free will is more malleable and manipulable.
  • We are awakening slowly and until we are fully aware, free will allows us to be manipulated. This manipulation catalyzes our awakening.
  • When a population is slow to awaken, greater catalyst is authorized to encourage the population to awaken more quickly.
  • The Draco would need to note how planetary populations are vulnerable through lack of awareness and lack of spiritual maturity. By doing so, they can gain perspective of how to manipulate us most efficiently.
  • The Draco would need to have knowledge of how a planetary consciousness interacts.
  • These Draco would need to manipulate the duality between the people's desire for separation and their need for unity. A civilization must choose between these two paths in order to move forward.
  • A species can get caught between these two choices and remain in indecision, and this indecision is what negative ET groups look for. They don't want us to choose one path or the other and would rather keep us in a state of indecision and duality so that they can use the energy that results.
  • A manipulative ET group would need to understand how karma impacts a population at the various levels of development. The karmic situation of a planet typically requires unity to reconcile. But negative ET groups encourage separation and division.
  • The desire for separation has been encouraged in our society.
  • Simon references the book, Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light by Niara Isley, in which Niara recounts a past life where she was a Lyran on her home planet. This account detailed how the Lyran planet and society were gradually taken over by a group that resembled the Draco.
  • In order to manipulate a population, a negative race would need to cut the people off from the higher realms of existence. If the Draco did take over this Lyran civilization, the Draco would have needed to know the dynamic of the planetary consciousness before they acted to control it.
  • If Niara's story depicts true events, this would mean that this Lyran society had never experienced fear. If this was the case, free will would have allowed the Draco to give the Lyrans this fearful experience.
  • The Draco are allowed to abuse populations because this ET group provides the opportunity to experience catalyst through fear and separation.
  • What had to happen before this Reptilian race made physical contact on this Lyran planet?
  • The Reptilian group would have needed to assess the population before they chose to make physical contact.
  • When negative groups evaluate populations, they look for a lack of spiritual maturity and determine how their manipulation would be most effective against the population.
  • These ET groups look for key historical opportunities—particularly when populations are most suggestible to new and yet detrimental ideologies—which would authorize negative influence.
  • These negative ET species act as catalysts to assist civilizations in becoming more aware of the subtle planes. They can see a civilization outside of time and chose a point in time to most effectively insert their influence.
  • These manipulative ETs use cataclysms as opportunities for influence because chaotic times create vulnerability. The Law of Free Will permits this manipulation because the advent of control assists a population in becoming more aware of the subtle planes.

  • Once a negative group takes over the subtle planes, they can then dominate the physical plane. It's like dominoes.
  • Negative experiences create catalyst, or a quickening of consciousness. These negative experiences force a species to (re)awaken to their full multidimensional nature.
  • The negative ETs have an agenda to occupy the subtle non-physical realms, and when there is enough influence on the subtle planes, the physical plane becomes easy to conquer.
  • These negative groups manipulate the subtle planes in order to convince a population to entrap themselves.
  • Such negative groups target those with heightened psychic sense and give them false religious experiences.
  • The Draco encourage small ideological changes in the past so that these changes grow to have significant effects in the future. These changes may include mental traps such as the advent of reductionism (more on this concept later).
  • The etheric plane can be polluted with thought loops, AI, negative entities, archons, etc. These influences can trickle down to the physical plane and cause disease.
  • How do these negative ET groups target the mental development of a society?
  • William Tompkins made some pretty intense statements. He stated that all the education institutions were founded upon false information. How is this level of manipulation even possible?
  • Consider choice-points on a timeline.
  • How did such a wide acceptance of scientific reductionism come about?
  • Reductionism - an ideology which attempts to reduce the universe into smaller and smaller parts. This is one of the founding philosophies of modern science.
  • Two other founding philosophies of modern science are monism and pluralism.
  • Monism and Pluralism are like the parallel and antithesis to the Law of One.
  • Monism is an ideology which claims that our universe is composed of numerous expressions of a singular foundation substance. Monism comes very close to the ideology of the Law of One.
  • Pluralism argues that the universe is a series of separate partitions which can be continually divided into smaller and smaller portions. This is the antithesis to the Law of One.
  • Pluralism is commonly accepted in science. It was never proven but simply preferred due to bias, and it led to modern scientific reductionism.
  • The Draco may have manipulated the debate between those who aligned with pluralism and those who aligned with monism.
  • The introduction of reductionism was a key decisive moment in our history.
  • The Draco seeded the progression of human thought early on so that 200 years later, our scientific and medical establishments are completely distorted.
  • The Draco saw 200 years into the future to the goal of their intent to divide scientific studies. This pluralism created the active manipulation of science and education for the sake of Draco advantage. This is just one example of how one small change in the past can affect the future in untold ways. In our case, this method of subtly manipulating ideology in the past has caused the establishment to rejecting the Law of One in the present.
  • A discussion that once seemed like a simple philosophical debate ended up drastically altering the course of our development.
  • The Draco knew that at the right point in history, if our consciousness was nudged in the right direction, we would be highly manipulable to negative influence.
  • The introduction of reductionism helped to create the standard of compartmentalization we have in our current society. That reductionism helped to create the medical system as we now know it. Once this warped standard was in place, there was an active attempt to censor science, education, and to manipulate information so that these establishments had little benefit to offer us. Pluralism and reductionism were introduced and built upon so that we would eventually reject the Law of One.
  • We were trained to be fixated on the physical planes and have become blind to the subtle planes.
  • We became obsessed with materialism which worships the physical world and physical pleasure.
  • The Draco trained human consciousness to be addicted to the physical realm and the frequencies that sustain it. Eventually, we lost interest in learning about the subtle planes and wanted instead to worship the physical world. Consequently, the subtle planes faded out from our awareness.
  • The Draco could not knock down the door and take over by force. That would not be in line with free will. Instead, groups like the Draco tend to take over by more subtle and more insidious means.
  • According to the late Pete Peterson, the negative ETs changed the counting base from base-5 to base-10. This act was very subtle, but it changes everything within mathematics and science quite significantly. If we switched back to a base-5 counting system, this would open countless doors for us.
  • We can't imagine the level of changes that could occur if we changed our mathematical counting base. The act seems small, but it can have monumental effects.
  • We've heard from Corey Goode that we live in a local star cluster of 52 stars.
  • There was one civilization within this local star cluster that was immune to the Draco's manipulation and psychic attacks. This race emphasized expansion into the subtle planes and the higher realms of existence. It was impossible for the Draco to manipulate this group in the subtle realms because this civilization was too consciously aware on that level. They were too highly aware, and so there was no opportunity for the Draco to manipulate them in the same way we are manipulated today.
  • That civilization did not bother with material or technological development.

  • The Cashmere Effect was discovered during an attempt to test whether there was energy in the ether.
  • Two plates were placed very close together and the influence of force between them was found to be significant. This experiment proved that there was energy in the ether.
  • This metaphor demonstrates how subtle exterior forces can have a strong influence within a system.

  • Simon describes a survey he took from various thought leaders in the community who regularly tap into the subtle planes to enhance their work.
  • What happens when our physical work is supported by spiritual practices? What happens when it is not? Is there more or less balance when we include spiritual practice in our lives?

  • When we reconnect with the subtle planes, more is possible.
  • Connecting with spiritual text opens us to greater potential as well.
  • We need to help people in the way that they need and not necessarily in the way that we want to. When we are connected to the subtle planes, we are able to give needed assistance more efficiently.
  • This is what the thought leaders had to say.

  • When we actively occupy these subtle planes, synchronicities are more common. These synchronicities occur on the subtle planes, so naturally, when we occupy these planes more often, we experience synchronicity more often.

  • When we increase our spiritual practices, our work in the physical world becomes easier.
  • Exploring the natural world is like opening a gateway into another realm. Nature has countless lessons it can teach us.
  • When we lack these types of higher connections, we get out of balance and when we attempt to examine new information in this unbalanced state, we run the risk of either becoming a fanatic of the material we frequent, or we can become a hater of the people who produce this material.
  • This is where we get the worshipers and the trolls we see on line.

  • In the etheric realm, there is a negative occupation. So when we search these spiritual subjects and subtle planes, beings tend to target us because they don't like what we are accomplishing.

  • As a community, we are all engaging these issues, and this means that we are liable to be targeted by negative entities. These entities want to stop this information from coming out.
  • When we do not do the inner work, we can become emotionally toxic and can develop ego distortions.

  • This quote references the slide which depicts the spectrum of human frequency as keys on a keyboard. Truth seems to have a frequency.
  • When we develop a relationship with the subtle realms, we can become familiar with the frequency of truth.
  • If we don't connect with the subtle realms, we can become imbalanced and unable to discern.

  • When you encounter some information, sit with it. Feel how it feels in your body.
  • Information can be organic or artificial, of AI origin or imbalanced in some way. We need to know what these differences feel like in order to learn discernment.
  • Information is alive. It has subtle expressions. We need to sit with it in order to see what is behind it. Discernment is about frequency.
  • Meditation and mass meditation are good ways to occupy the subtle planes.
  • The subtle planes are where we can get to know how truth feels in our body.
  • Authenticity is how we must gain our own practice of discernment and revelation.
  • Metaphysical activism is important.
  • Group meditation is a great way to occupy the subtle planes of existence.
  • We are not just doing this to become calm people, but to change humanity for the better.

Bio: Simon Esler is a teacher, guide and leader in the field of awakening expanded consciousness. He has spent the last ten years offering classes, workshops and private consultation in mindfulness, meditation and heart based living through his business, ThunderHeart Guidance. He is certified as a Kids Yoga Teacher, a Life-Cycle Celebrant® and is legally recognized by the Canadian government as a Metaphysical Minister through the Bancroft Center for Awakening Spiritual Growth.

He also has a Bachelor of Arts degree from York University, which he obtained through a special focus on the process of devising collectively created art. This training allows him to work as a Creative Architect, supporting the development of a wide variety of projects ranging from script development to graphic design and book creation. He was an early contributor in the creation of the Full Disclosure Now! movement and in November 2017 he launched the QAnon Think Tank. With an incredible team, he has developed the Think Tank into a unique online space for filing, exploring, researching and disseminating the QAnon disclosures. He is currently supporting the development of a number of projects with Sphere Being Alliance Productions. (Source)

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