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Dimensions of Disclosure 2019 – Conference Notes – "The Road to Restoration!" with Leon Issac Kennedy

DOD 2019 was a memorable experience, to say the very least. One of the most energetic presentation from this conference came from well-known media personality and spiritual warrior, Leon Issac Kennedy. Leon's practice of healing and counseling has helped many people overcome significant limitations in their lives and has assisted them in reaching their greatest levels of success.

Leon's style of teaching is unique in the spiritual community, due to its charismatic flair. Yet regardless of any stylistic difference, the wisdom and positive energy which he shares during his presentations cannot be understated. These presentation have gained a reputation of triggering highly positive melt-downs, as one speaker at the conference pointed out. These emotional releases can be due to the effective clearings which Leon helps to facilitate.

Here is Leon Kennedy with his DOD presentation on restoration and reclamation of our sovereign ability as star-seeds.

Conference Notes

  • Most of the truth won't come from the mainstream, so we have to bring it forward ourselves. This especially applies to Hollywood.
  • We as the awakened community, have the audacity to think for ourselves and to think about conspiracies. This is on our own and behind closed doors.
  • Yet outside the truth community, we are undercover. Outside the community, people think we are weird. People who don't question the world around them tend to judge those who do.
  • Leon has traveled and has received the greatest treatment. He experienced luxury and celebrity. But he believes that Source has now brought him to the place he needs to be. He walked away from that great life to join the ministry. In Leon's words, he was “yanked into ministry.”
  • God has a great sense of humor.
  • Leon's statement and condition to Source was, "I'll do what you want me to do and go where you want me to go, but I want you to show up with power."
  • He says that God told him to use Hollywood and the airwaves to do good.
  • Leon met David Wilcock earlier on before Ancient Aliens got off the ground. He invited DW to dinner with a few friends.
  • David shared that he had met the girl (Elizabeth) whom he wanted to marry and wanted Leon to marry them.
  • David helped Leon get connected and introduced him to Corey Goode.
  • Leon's company is now producing a major motion picture based upon the story of Corey Goode.
  • Leon spoke about strongholds and the truth of the dark world and the disclosure that can change it.
  • Adrienne Youngblood did a tremendous amount of work and braved challenges and setbacks to make the conference what it was. She deserves our thanks.
  • Any time the darkness kicks up and challenges arise, there's a big chance that something really good is on its way.
  • Many of us have generational curses that have been holding us and our families back, and it's time to clear and remove them.
  • Leon discussed a major attack he had a number of days before the conference. His leg was throbbing in pain. Then the pain shot up and down his side, and then nausea set in. A voice told him that these were the signs of a major heart attack, but he said no to it, and then called a friend to help him pray the issue away. The prayer and energy healing worked.
  • Leon handed the mic to Corey Goode and asked him to share about why prayer and such practices are important. Corey shared that just as the positive groups use prayer and meditation to create positive results, negative groups do the same for destructive results.
  • Corey also shared what happened to him just before the conference. He then shared how he had a major back injury and was in severe pain, but he chose to come anyway.
  • Leon then handed the microphone to his wife, then to his friend Allison who had been through a condition that caused her to lose 40 lbs. Doctors couldn't help her and she was going to die, but due to the prayer and intention of the positively oriented community, she was able to heal when conventional medicine failed.
  • We must win.
  • When we go through hell, it is because we have a calling.
  • If everything is perfect, we usually don't go looking for higher callings, truth or divinity.
  • What good does it do to come to conferences, gain information, and have all the facts, if we can't apply them to our lives in order to change them for the better? All this information, and still no peace, joy, or contentment.
  • There is a need to "balance disclosure and conspiracy with spiritual integration and spiritual integrity."
  • Without balance, there is a risk of ego distortion and the risk of being deceived.
  • Some people are balanced, but they are just too weird to do many people much good. Their life is a "hot mess" and they can't help those around them.
  • There is a voice inside us that tells us that the world we see is not the truth. When our consciousness is jarred and we go searching for truth, but lack spiritual balance, we tend to get weird.
  • Not every spirit is benevolent. They will falsely lead us, and if we are not careful, these manipulative spirits will try to invade us.
  • Many people are suffering from what Leon called a “wounded spirit.”
  • Leon draws the difference between religious and spirituality.
  • It's too easy to leave organized religion and at the same time, we leave spiritual exploration altogether. We throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  • Leon tells a story of a time he hired an electrician who did not know what he was doing. This man tried to take advantage and cheat Leon, and Leon had to fire the electrician. The point was that he fired the electrician but did not give up on electricity entirely.
  • Just because we meet a bad electrician doesn't mean that we ignore the gift of electricity itself. One or more bad practitioners cannot negate the validity of the craft/technology altogether.
  • Organized religion pervert true spirit.
  • There are too many benefits within spiritual exploration to walk away entirely.
  • There have been many abusers of spiritual knowledge and practice. They would not have done this if there was not tremendous value in that which they perverted.
  • Spirit is part of all of us, and it's not possible to walk away from it.
  • For all of those who have tried to keep Spirit at a distance, Leon offers his help in acting as a bridge to the change we desire to have in life.
  • Leon offers a prayer at this point.

  • Leon shifts the focus to the concept of failure.
  • We have trained and put forward the effort to succeed in our lives, but to a degree, we have been trained backward. No one trained us for failure, defeat, rejection, sabotage or backstabbing.
  • Many successful people have endured bankruptcies before they see real success.
  • Do we give up, or do we learn from our failures?
  • Financial failures, carrier failures, and relationship failures.
  • True love is very elusive.
  • Love has so many different variables. Some relationships happen at the wrong time. Some go too deep too quickly. Or they may happen at the wrong time, even though they may involve the right people.
  • Trials and tribulations are usually a sign that you are being prepared for great successes. If we don't go through the failures, we will not be ready for success.
  • In Hollywood, it happens all the time. People become successful too quickly and squander everything they gain because they were not prepared for this gain.
  • When we face failure, we can have negative thoughts. We might look at these negative thoughts and wonder why they are happening, but the fact is that those thoughts are not ours. We are intended to question the origin of those thoughts and analyze them.
  • These thoughts give us the chance to decide whether or not we want to keep the thought or to cast the thought away.
  • Some thoughts ruminate and linger in our minds. Thoughts can harass us and nag us. We have to have an antidote to these negative thoughts. We have to have a verse or quote. Have something positive in your life to replace the negative thought, because we can't think two things at once.
  • Thoughts trigger emotions, emotions trigger feelings (physically), and these combine to affect our lives on the physical level and ultimately control our lives.
  • School judges us by skills we will never use in life. It's backward.
  • You can be a genius in school, but a basket case in real life.
  • Talent does not equate to emotional maturity. Many people are emotionally immature and can't control their mouths. They do not know how to edit their thoughts before they open their mouths.
  • Think about it before you “tweet.”
  • Overreactions – People overreact because of things that happened twenty years ago.
  • Some people have no control over themselves. We are supposed to be in control over ourselves, but many are not. We can't control what happens in our lives, but we can control how we react.
  • Only when we control ourselves can we become a master—a master of our own life.
  • Analyze every thought—hour by hour and second by second. This is a consciousness exercise and challenge.
  • Leon refers to what he calls the “silent conflicts.” These are things that no one except those extremely close to us know about.
  • These conflicts are the reason why we need to be kind to those we meet. We never know what they're going through.
  • Some have been hurting for so long that we have forgotten how to feel.
  • Some have forgotten how to forgive. If we are still holding on to old hurts, we can't receive anything new. Forgiveness helps us become unstuck and move ahead in life.
  • We don't need to be victims of our own trauma which happened years—even decades ago.
  • Many have become bitter. The pain we've endured and haven't forgiven and let go of can leave us paralyzed and stagnant.
  • We need to move on and let go of the past in order for new things to come into our lives.
  • Forgiveness is not an emotion or a mere feeling. It is a law of equal exchange. When we forgive, we will be forgiven. Our choice to forgive is a choice to take our power back.
  • It doesn't matter what they did or how much it hurt. It's not about them. With forgiveness, it's not about the wrong that you endured, but about your choice to move beyond it.
  • Look within and see where you need to change.
  • Who do we need to forgive? We might even want to call them and tell them, “I forgive you.”
  • Many of us need to forgive ourselves. Forgive yourself.
  • Choose to forgive.
  • Leon then offers a prayer and calls down Archangel Michael and what he refers to as the "Holy Spirit" to do work in everyone in the audience.
  • He then does energy work and a mass clearly for the audience in his own way.
  • The more you want Source, the more it will come. The more we desire for connection with it, it will be there.
  • Leon described a moment when he gave a homeless man a hug. There is never a reason to look down on others.
  • Source is looking to work through us if we are open to it. It will show you what others need, what they have been through, touch people, change society, and this world.
  • The world is changed in this way, one person at a time.

  • Leon discusses a conversation he had with his wife and she told him about random acts of kindness. Being polite to others, smiling, and being god-like to those around us is key.
  • Leon invites the audience to feel the pure love that exists for us. This is the love which Source is and which we are a part of.
  • Those who get high are actually looking for the feeling we can have simply by choosing to exist in this love.
  • Breath in Source. This is an exercise. The feeling you feel when you do this exercise is one which we can have every day. If we learn to resonate in this energy, we can learn to use it wherever we go.

Bio: Leon Isaac Kennedy has been known as A Child Of The Media – started in Radio at the age of 15 as a Major Personality Disc Jockey in 5 Top Markets.

He started Writing – Directing – Producing and Hosting Television Shows by age 18 – and by the age of 26 was Writing – Producing and/or Starring in Major Hollywood Motion Pictures.

One of his films became the Number 1 Independent Film of the Year – which is quite an achievement.  Leon became a Bonafide International Box Office Star – was on the cover of hundreds of magazine covers – featured on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and was in that rarified air of the very rich and famous – invited to the A-List parties – Academy Awards – Cannes Film Festival, etc. – and was literally wined and dined by Kings, Queens and Dictators.  

Then, suddenly and shockingly, to his Hollywood Friends and Community, he turned his back on it all - gave it all up and went into Ministry – speaking all across the world.

From decades of Prayer and Fasting and Learning Spiritual Disciplines – Leon has tapped into The Art Of Spiritual Warfare.
Leon states, “Most people lump Prayer all into one category, but there are Specific Kinds of Prayer needed for SPECIFIC RESULTS in an individual’s life.”  

Leon has been given a unique ability to - Expel The Darkness and “The Negatives” in order to make room to bring in – The New - and – The Good.  As a result, individuals are no longer “STUCK,” but are able - To Move On and then learn how To Create and Give Birth to New Desires!
He’s been a Friend – a Confidante and Spiritual Advisor to many Celebrities – Titans of Industry and High-Profile Personalities. (Source)
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