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Dimensions of Disclosure 2019 – The Cosmic Secret and the Latest Briefings on the Secret Space Program – Corey Goode

Dimensions of Disclosure 2019 would not be complete without the mind-bending and yet verifiable testimony of SSP whistleblower, Corey Goode. The collection of information Goode has shared over the years has had an impact on the truth community like no other.

For the first time in the last two decades, we have a body of information which both verifies down-to-earth experts and yet confounds even the most imaginative new-agers and spiritualists. Goode's testimony has a consistent way of testing the belief systems and comfort zones of nearly everyone who hears it, and at the same time, these disclosures both challenge and embolden audiences to envision greater possibilities for our collective future.

In recent months, Goode's information actually helped to unearth the corporate disclosure agenda that was previously concealed behind certain aspects of the truth community. Were it not for Corey's choice to remain consistent and to hold to even the provocative aspects of his testimony, the truth and disclosure community may still be just as compromised and corporatized as we know Big Media and Big Pharma to be.

When we compare the timid way in which Corey first came forward (on that one weekly internet TV show), and we compare that affect with the confidence and comfort he exudes on stage now, the comparison is like night and day. This is just one of many progressive changes which figures such a Corey have made with discipline, consistency, and integrity of conduct.

In this talk, Corey gives a summary of his past experiences with off-world and Inner-Earth ETs, with the SSP Alliance, and in off-world facilities such as the artificial structures inside of the moon. In addition, Goode offers insight into the reasons why the moon was such a secretive topic for the Alliance to discuss.

Presentation Notes
  • Earth has had many advanced civilizations—Lemuria, Atlantis, and that of the Ancient Builder Race.
  • So little is known about the Ancient Builder Race because they did not leave any writing. It's as though their timelines has been erased.
  • The material in this presentation goes along well with the upcoming documentary, The Cosmic Secret.
  • According to Corey's intel, the Anshar revealed that many ancient artifacts came from the Anshar civilization of the past. When this group originally came back in time, they had to rebuild their civilization, and the tools they used were somewhat primitive due to their lack of advanced resources at the time.
  • These artifacts were anywhere from 400 million years to 2.8 billion years old.
  • The Anshar found that 17 million years into their past was the origin of the ancient artifacts.
  • At some point in the Anshar past, there was some anomaly where the timeline was found to be unstable. So the Anshar of the future took a small contingent and sent them back to their own past (our present) to fix what was altered.
  • The Anshar have kept track of humanity ever since, and have watched over other human races that came to Earth from other planets as refugees.
  • The Anshar were the cause of many events which early humans did not have the words to describe accurately.
  • At some point in the past, the Reptilians, as they claimed, had evolved from dinosaurs. They claimed that an asteroid was redirected toward the Earth and destroyed the Reptilians of that time. But the Anshar claimed that this was untrue. According to the Anshar, the sun went through one of its micro-novas, and this was the true cause of the destruction of the early Reptilian civilization.
  • Reptilians and Mammalians were two separate civilizations.
  • Before the solar event, dinosaurs were able to grow very large because the atmosphere was much thicker at that time. After the solar event, the atmosphere was much thinner. These species died off along with much of the life on the Earth's surface, due to this solar event.
  • The Earth actually changed positions along with its orbit, as did many of the other planets during that solar event.
  • According to the Reptilians, they evolved from dinosaur-type beings. The Anshar said that early on, the Reptilians evolved to have a telepathic ability to psychically manipulate their prey. This ability evolved to what they have today. Now, the Reptilians are able to manipulate any being that is vulnerable to them.
  • The Insectoids were able to develop a similar psychic ability as the Reptilians.
  • Maldec was Mars, and Tiamat was the massive Super Earth. We have been led to believe that Tiamat was larger than it actually was. It was possibly a third larger than the Earth and was not the “super-Earth” it was previously believed to be. It was smaller than previously thought following analysis by SSP scientists.

  • There was previously a high-tech energetic grid around the solar system that was used to shield the system from outside races. During the war between Maldec and Tiamat, the energetic grid was hacked into by one group, and those interests actually blew up the planet Tiamat. The population of Tiamat was killed, and Maldec was rendered largely uninhabitable.
  • When the grid fell, all of the genetic farmer races that were previously kept out of the system rushed in and began interfering with the developing beings there/here.
  • The elite had a number of mother ships after the destruction of Tiamat, and they used these ships to escape the destruction while the commoners were left to die.
  • The people who died were trapped in a “soul knot,” as termed by the Law of One. This was due to the pain and anguish they experienced as they perished in the cataclysm.
  • In the 1930s, the Germans went to Mars. The Germans built electro-gravitic craft and toured the solar system, but in the process, they lost many astronauts and technology.  
  • They were trying to establish a base off planet.
  • This is very similar to a sci-fi movie, but what if the themes within sci-fi come from real information?
  • The Germans wanted to build a base and in the process of searching, they found structures built by the Ancient Builder Race.
  • They repaired and pressurized these structures. They then used these ancient structures as bases of operation while they built more advanced facilities. After that, the corporations came in a built large cities.
  • The Germans built on the moon and Mars.
  • The project known as “Brilliant Pebbles” used various mathematical algorithms to calculate the size and position of the destroyed planet, Tiamat. There is actually another more recent project with the exact same name that is not classified, but may be rather uninteresting to the average truth-seeker.
  • According to Corey and Dr. Salla, black projects typically double up on names like this—giving two different projects the same name—in order to hide more sensitive operation. This is for the sake of plausible deniability and is designed to hide the truth of black projects by causing confusion.
  • The ancient gods of the Cabal were believed to have come from Mars, and they found that, to some extent, this was true.
  • The genetic farmers were eager to study the genetics of the species within this system because these species had developed for millions (if not billions) of years without artificial interference. In this case, the genetic stock of the Sol System was highly coveted.
  • These genetic farmers that manipulated human genetics typically tinker with DNA and consciousness at the same time. According to natural progression, as genetics evolve, so does consciousness, and if an advanced species wanted to make these changes artificially, it would make sense that they would manipulate both simultaneously.
  • Genetic farmers would typically introduce different religions along with the physical changes they brought to the planet.
  • As our genetics were changed, our religions and values were changed in order to keep control over the population.
  • These farmers were doing these experiments in many star systems and on many different types of species, and this included humans. There are 22 programs which deal with humans.
  • These ETs formed an ET super federation to manage humanity in a peaceful way.
  • Operation Starseed - Many starseeds are currently on the planet simply for the sake of raising the collective vibration. By simply being, these starseeds help to raise the consciousness of the planet and help humanity to break free from the soul knot.
  • The ascension process on Earth was stagnant because of this soul knot.
  • By the nature of a starseed, they naturally raise the consciousness of the people around them.
  • Over eons, ETs have learned to control us through religion, racism, social conditioning, social norms, and attitudes. These ETs have conditioned us to self-manage and to keep ourselves under control. These are some of the conditions of the 22 genetic programs that have been ongoing for eons.
  • There are 60 different competing groups that have ongoing experiments on the planet. These group compete and tend to sabotage each other's experiments so that their own group has an advantage.
  • When the escapees left Tiamat, they did so in the moon. They remained in the moon for a long time. It was like a death star. They were able to position the moon into a tidal lock with the Earth. They had the plan to use the moon to block the ejecta from the sun during the solar event, and set the rotation and revolution of the moon in order to achieve this tidal lock before it happened.
  • They positioned the moon and timed it exactly so that it would be in the perfect spot to block the ejecta from the solar event.
  • The Preadamaites lived in the moon for some time, and Corey was able to tour their ancient facility.
  • Many people have believe there is/was an ET city on the back of the moon, but according to Corey's intel, the structures on the moon are actually debris from the last micro-nova event from the sun. NASA was actually happy about the idea of an ET city being propagated by the public. The falsehood relieved NASA from needed to make up a false story of their own.

  • Inside the moon, Corey saw enormous channels and corridors used to transmit electricity. There were huge gold mirrors in spherical rooms, and a huge node in the center of these rooms where the electricity was being focused. This energy was directed toward the center of the moon. All this advanced equipment was destroyed during the last cataclysm. The SSP personnel were repairing it at the time of Corey's visit.
  • There were bodies of Preadamites found on the moon that had shattered bones and ruptured organs, most likely from an enormous concussion wave.
  • From the moon, the Preadamites used three ships as life-boats, and these ferried these beings to Earth. The ships were dubbed the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria as a tongue-and-cheek joke. These ships crash-landed in Antarctica, and formed the civilization we now know as Atlantis.
  • These three ships crash-landed and the technology on board was damaged. The Preadamites cannibalized their ships and began to compete with Lemuria (the advanced civilization that already existed on the planet).
  • The Atlantians began to play with gene manipulation. This was followed by another cataclysm which destroyed both Lemuria and Atlantis.
  • These settlers were doing genetic experiments and manipulating the weather—many of the things we are doing now.
  • There was another solar event 11,800 years ago and this caused a pole shift along with a flood. This was the flood of Noah.
  • It was reported that during this flood, massive waves washed over Atlantis and these waves then flash froze.
  • You can now find pictures online that demonstrate how entire ocean waves can flash freeze.


  • Could God's message to Noah have come from the genetic farmers? Could this be why various ancient myths are told about people from inside the Earth coming to save the surface population from cataclysm?
  • Ancient Native civilizations were able to survive such cataclysms because Inner Earth groups protected them along with many animals. This is where many myths come from.
  • The elite trace their bloodlines back to these Preadamites.
  • Corey recounted his testimony of how he was taken to Antarctica where he was allowed to witness the confiscation of a collection of metallic scrolls. One of the inner Earth groups took these scrolls because they did not want the Cabal to use these scrolls to legally prove their supposed right to rule over humanity. These scrolls were records of the Cabal's genetic lineage, and these groups wanted to remove them before the human expeditions came to Antarctica.
  • The elites included two competing families. One family controlled South America, Central America, and North America, and the other controlled Africa, Europe, and Asia. These two groups were separated. It wasn't until the times of Columbus where these two families came back into open communication.
  • Corey then reviewed the DIA documents he disclosed in December of 2017. He released these documents just before a competing group released the same intel about ETs and the SSP. The difference between these releases was that the other group wanted a partial limited-hangout disclosure. These documents were gateway documents. They were designed to lead scientists into more advanced scientific principles and to allow them to study these subjects more in-depth.
  • These documents were released right on time to beat the To the Stars Academy to the punch. The TTSA dropped similar information soon after Corey's release and these documents would have severely hampered disclosure if they were released in part. The limited-hangout groups wanted to discredit those talking about Full Disclosure. Hence the reason for their recent limited hang-outs.
  • Corey originally had real documents that were written about the electro-plasmic universe, but those were stolen from him. The new documents were written according to more conventional science and would help scientists begin digesting this information.
  • These documents included quantum entanglement and the technology that could use this entanglement for communication.
  • The SSP and it's developers received electro-gravitics, hologram technology, and quantum entanglement from ET groups.
  • The 20-and-Back program came from a Nordic race that wanted to help humanity fight against the AI problem—which that group is also facing.
  • The 20-year interval has to do with the harmonics of our solar system. Other star systems may have 15-and-back or 30-and-Back programs, depending upon the harmonics of their system.
  • The negative AI came from an alternate universe which was opened up by a certain Satanic occultist. They accidentally opened a rip in our universe and this AI came through. This AI came into our universe and saw chaos and has been trying to create its own version of order ever since. It deemed us humans as unworthy to exist.
  • The Reptilians revealed themselves to be AI prophets. They promote AI in any way they can.
  • There is a subspace AI signal that can influence beings who are vulnerable or who are infested with this nanotechnology.
  • The number/mark of the beast is included in the bar codes of many new chips which some companies are currently producing.

  • The CIA released a document which talked about a pole shift—a complete disaster. It talked about supersonic winds going around the planet, floods, and many other disastrous occurrences. However, this document was only based on the data they had on the planet at the time. This document was based on a worst-case scenario, but that scenario probably won't happen since so much about the planet has changed since then.
  • Scientists have learned that the complex systems of the Earth would not allow some of the more extreme disasters to happen.
  • We can have an effect on the solar sneeze if we choose to. If we wish to survive and prosper, we might be able to. If we need to experience a disaster, we might be able to do that also. It may depend upon our vibration at the time.
  • There is the concept of the galactic super-wave. Those in the SSP believed this wave was just a large dust wave. However, when ships traveled closer to study it, it had a strange effect on them.
  • Depending upon each person's individual vibration, these people were either blissing out, or they were freaking out and becoming more negative. The wave is now believed to be the energy of Christ consciousness. This is allowing us to deal with all of the issues we have not yet dealt with.
  • Our star affects our consciousness and vice versa.
  • Micro-novas are a sign that this event is about to happen to us. Alpha Centauri (or one of the stars that is closest to the Sun) just had a solar sneeze about two years ago.
  • This Christ consciousness energy is causing us to self identify, whether we are positively polarized or negative.
  • The solar event would not occur uniformly around the entire sphere of the sun. Instead, it would be an uneven dispersal of plasma, energy, and ejecta. There is a possibility that these ejecta would either hit or miss the Earth. Depending upon our consciousness, we may be able to weather the event with minimal detrimental effects. We might want to aim for an open area so that the ejecta misses us. However, that depends upon our consciousness.
  • There was a classified initiative a while back by the various governments of the world designed to fund the creation of underground facilities, bases, and shelters created for the purpose of preservation of species. These interests wanted a certain percentage of the GDP of each country to build these underground bases.
  • Ed Dames did a remote viewing of the micro-nova event. They used the results of this remote viewing as propaganda to advertise for the underground bases and the off-planet SSP civilizations.
  • After the solar sneeze, we will loose our technology, but the AI will be completely removed. This is relative to why the Reptilians and other negative groups want to leave our solar system before this event. These being will spontaneously combust if they remain here during this event.
  • When the micro-nova events happens, we will be in chaos, and at that point, the rule of non-interference would end. At that point, benevolent ET beings will be able to openly appear to us, because our state of chaos would allow them to intervene.
  • It's important that we form community groups to help support each other.

  • Ascension will include a change in perspective on a consciousness level. In Corey's opinion, the ascension will not immediately include superhuman abilities, but we will be able to solve many of the problems we now face.
  • We have the opportunity to choose either service to others or service to self, and these are our paths of ascension, according to the Law of One.

Bio: A truly remarkable insider and whistleblower, Corey Goode comes forward to give accurate information about what is going on behind the scenes of the secret military space program, the secret government and their development of the industrialization of our solar system. In a narrative that to some might read like fiction, Corey reveals the true story of humanity’s celestial presence and the details of an extraterrestrial message which conveys details of the coming collective ascension for humankind. The Sphere Being Alliance is here to guide us through the ascension process, but it is up to us to enact the changes that will lead to full disclosure. Corey Goode relays the spiritual message from the Blue Avians which details the spiritual advancement that we are to make.
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  1. Thank you very much, Corey, for what you are doing for the good of all human race! My question is: why does the Earth Alliance delay the process of full disclosure?

  2. Thank you for sharing this. Those of us who were unable to attend Dimesions of Disclosure appreciate this. I see from the photo's that Corey is sitting in a nice arm chair with pillows beneathe his arms. Is he OK? It appears that he might be recovering from something. I just hope all is well with him.