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Dimensions of Disclosure 2019 — "The Polarity of Disclosure in the Law of One" with Mike Waskosky

The "Dimensions of Disclosure" conference of 2019 was an unforgettable experience. This year, the lineup of speakers included journalists, whistleblowers, healers, well-known authors, scholars, and even former official investigators from the FBI and CIA.

The complements for the professionalism and highly positive energy of DOD 2019 are still flowing. And the more we delve into the true knowledge, wisdom, and energy that was shared during its presentations and workshops, we may yet find even greater value and impact hidden within these teachings.

Michael Waskoski was the first speaker to take the stage this year. His presentation gave new and profound insight into the Law of One and the various teachings this source provides. The opportunity to listen to presentations such as this are difficult to duplicate. However, the notes from the lecture can help us gain a glimpse of the impact this information had (and continues to have) from DOD 2019.

Lecture Notes
  • We are in a war and spiritual battle (Cabal vs the people/Alliance, positive ETs vs negative ETs), and our goal as humanity is to evolve in the right direction.
  • What's the bigger picture?
  • The war we are fighting is a proxy war.
  • Why do we need conflict, and where does it come from?
  • There is a new app called “Mass Meditate” on IOS and Android. This allows people to coordinate and meet together for mass meditations. The app helps you organize single meetings and lets you set schedules at regular intervals—weekly, monthly, etc.
  • – a website that allows you to create your own personal group (similar to Meetup). It's designed to help people come together and form communities in their own area.
  • We've been seeing a partial disclosure coming from the mainstream media. A tiny portion of the truth is coming out. However, these partial disclosures may actually call congressman to question what classified organizations exist that hold more information than government officials know.
  • The Storm Area 51 meme started out as a joke, but has drawn significant attention regardless. It's now considered a festival and is expected to draw thousands of people.
  • YouTube has relegated and censored the quality disclosure content to lower rankings and has made this content more scarce.
  • Yet the truth can't be stopped.
  • There is a specific characteristic to this concept of partial disclosure which the Law of One discusses.
  • Some people will promote disclosure for the sake of gaining power while others want disclosure in order to end suffering. We as a community want disclosure so that we can have peace on Earth and end suffering.
  • Michael conducted a survey where he asked people if they believed that ET disclosure was possible. The results were as follows.
  • The news is not converting people into serious researchers. There are reports about UFOs and ET life, but the number of people pursuing knowledge in these subjects is not noticeably changing. It seems that more catalyst is needed for the awakening process to move forward.
  • There is a lot of darkness to uncover, and these truths can be very heavy to deal with for the average person.
  • Human trafficking, pedophilia, wars, dark occult manipulation, and space-level crimes against humanity—people can more easily sweep these subjects under the rug than face them.
  • Duality is okay.
  • The LoO was a Q and A session. Those who channeled it were very careful to protect their message from corruption as best they could.
  • Corey Goode's message tends to fill in the subjects the LoO may not cover and aligns with the text notably well.
  • There will be advanced ETs who come forward at the time of the event so that we can move forward during and after the solar flash occurs.
  • Corey has been attacked on countless levels, but the only method opposers seem to use is ad hominem. No one bothers to look at the information and intelligently disproving it.
  • Some within the community seem to pursue the path of scientific analysis while others dive into the spiritual implications. Disclosure includes both.
  • We are conditioned to believe that we have no power.
  • At any moment, we could rise up and claim our freedom, if only we realized our ability to do so.
  • There is a spiritual component and a physical component to disclosure.
  • As we increase in density, love is a primary measure of growth and learning.
  • A strong intuition is a key component to undoing our programming and getting to the truth of any message.

  • Disclosure is the acknowledgement that there are various truths (such as the existence of suppressed technology) to be uncovered and handed over to the general public.
  • Spiritual advancement must come before technological advancement.
  • Some will move toward the positive path and others will choose the negative.
  • Densities could be considered states of consciousness. These levels of consciousness include higher states of awareness and are believed to contain more consciousness within them. Hence the term "density."
  • The negative polarity seeks to lie and manipulate in order to serve its own interests. Those on the negative path view these actions as a form of play.
  • The positive path seeks that which is in line with the Creator and pursues greater alignment with nature.
  • The entire experience is an experiment.
  • A magnet only functions because of its two opposite poles. The STO and STS polarities are the same.
  • Polarity is necessary because either side of the situation learns to appreciate both poles due to the opposition.
  • Harsh trauma can be an effective catalyst in assisting a soul in their progressive growth.
  • The Orion group is mentioned as being a major negative force affecting our world.
  • The two polarities could be considered the difference between control and acceptance.
  • The war being fought is a war of thought.

  • The goal of the war is not to win the war, but to benefit and grow from the experience. In this way, everyone benefits. The higher-density beings do not engage because they are aware of the true goal of this conflict.
  • The free-will rule applies. This is cosmic law.
  • Love is the source of all motivation.
  • The dark is motivated by the need to manipulate while the light is motivated by the need to accept that which has been given.
  • The least distortive principle is free will.
  • When our egos aren't in the way, we are capable of much more.
  • The "sinkhole of indifference" is mentioned.
  • Love is the enabler, the power, and the energy giver.
  • The term love is referenced here in its noun form. In English, there are a lot of different meanings and interpretations. This is why there can be confusion with the concept of love.
  • Those on the negative polarity attempt to create blockages at the lower energy centers of the body so that love can't express itself through the upper energy centers.
  • Serving a negative entity does not necessarily mean giving them what they want. By sending them love, we actually cause them to lose their polarity. In doing this, we also fulfill our role on the service-to-others path.
  • Forgiveness doesn't mean that we are giving in to the negativity, it means that we are no longer allowing ourselves to be held back by the negative.
  • The more we focus on our heart, the more ascended abilities become available to us.
  • People can be afraid of doing the wise thing and missing the opportunity to love.
  • We have to set boundaries while still allowing ourselves to be of service.
  • Setting boundaries is part of being STO because as we protect ourselves from abuse, we save ourselves from being drained from serving too much.
  • Pity can be a hazardous energy to be in. Our pity of others can lead us to give assistance where it is not needed and prevent others from progressing unhindered. Those who pity may actually find themselves on the negative path needing to retrace their steps in order to see where they went wrong.
  • When our heart is open, we can always receive what we need.
  • Trying to put wisdom over love is not a benevolent act.
  • One major goal is to realize ourselves as infinite and not as the finite beings we see ourselves to be.
  • A good example of this perspective is the well-known monk, the “Miracle Baba,” Neem Karoli Baba.
  • When Jews visited his Buddhist temple, he had these teachings to give them.
  • Michael tells about various interests which his grandmother shared with him when he was a child. She was catholic, and yet she was interested in bi-location, supernatural luminescence, and other supernatural abilities. These are not subjects which many traditional Catholics might frequent, according to Michael's experience.
  • We're not here simply to gain supernatural abilities, but to understand and appreciate ourselves. So the carrot (miracles and supernatural abilities) becomes the mirror (self-appreciation and exploration).
  • The planet may be ready to ascend sooner than past predictions have suggested.
  • Michael refers to Corey Goode's claim that Ra Tier Eir told him that only 300,000 people were ready to ascend on Earth. However, at the time, Tier Eir was only counting the actual humans who were ready and was omitting the star-seeds. There may be many more people ready at this point in comparison to then.

  • There tend to be many falsehoods we used as our identity. When we become attached to our false identities, these can become stumbling blocks.
  • There is always a temptation to identify ourselves by material achievements and/or possessions, and this can prevent us from acknowledging our true identity as infinity.
  • If we ever have trouble seeing love in our experience, this can be a beneficial exercise. We may simply ask, "What are we seeing when we look at our experience?" This includes the various elements within that experience.
  • He also shares an exercise in which a person may ask themselves why they're in a given difficulty situation. They may further inquire as to whether or not their thoughts about the situation originate from love, and if not, how they might change their thinking so that their thoughts are in greater alignment with divine love.

  • There are exercises which can help us achieve polarity.
  • If we are having trouble seeing everything coming from love, there is a blockage that needs to be worked on.
  • The goal is to gain the ability to see the Creator in every situation.
  • The ability to acknowledge and love the actor behind the character we see is the key to knowing love and growing on the STO path. This is similar to acknowledging the talent of an actor who plays a villain in a movie.
  • Whatever the situation, it is always possible to understand love as its true origin and to trace that situation back to love. Any time we are unable to trace a given situation back to this original love, chances are there is a distortion we need to deal with.
  • Michael gives an example of an interview he watched. It was of the emperor from the movie Star Wars. The actor was admitting that he was confused because so many people loved his character. This is similar to the way in which negativity can be appreciated and how those whom we believe to be negative can still be loved, granted we chose to see the actor behind the superficial character/situation.
  • The sentiment of frustration can actually be converted into energy to help us on our path. On the negative path, this might lead to increased control over others. On the positive path, this frustration would lead to further understanding and accommodation.
  • Control is necessary to achieve the negative polarity through catalyst.
  • We as star-seeds are here to lighten the planetary consciousness.
  • When we ask ourselves why we can eventually get to a higher awareness of our reason for being here, wherever we may be at present.

  • We must learn to see the Creator in all things.
  • Michael shares about an herb called “Calea Ternifolia/Zacatechichi which helps with dream recall. It does not give you a high but does help the body relax. It is only illegal in Louisiana and Poland.
  • Dreaming is an effective means of accelerating consciousness.
  • Dreams can help us to transcend time-space. In the dream state, anything is possible.
  • Michael refers to a very realistic dream he had in which he was able to see a future he did not want to come true. In this dream, he (from the future) was trying to give himself deja vu (in the present) in order to guide himself to avoid that future timeline.
  • The higher self is said to be us from the future.
  • There are things that have happened in the past that have been edited out of our reality, and this may suggest that the timelines are merging. This relates to the Mandela Effect.

  • Michael refers to the testimony of Allison Gee who had a very detailed dream of a post-disclosure world. According to Allison, on that timeline, disclosure had already occurred and we, in our current reality, are cooperating to create that timeline. At any moment, the timelines could converge and we could find ourselves in a completely new reality in the twinkling of an eye.

  • Benjamin Fulford—a journalist and author who is known for discussing only geopolitical topics—actually discussed this subject of ET/supernatural contact as well.
  • The New Earth Network is a website which allows people who want to cooperate in this way to do so. And the Mass Meditate app also helps to achieve this goal.

Bio: Mike Waskosky is the founder of the New Earth Network and a scholar and speaker on the Law of One (Ra material), who manages one of the largest and most active ET disclosure meetups and CE-5 teams in the USA as well as spirituality & metaphysics communities in Colorado Springs. Mike is a versatile tech consultant/developer by trade offering priority services to key figures in the UFO community. Having experienced personal contact with mysterious lights in the sky delivering telepathic messages of love to him since 2007, Mike feels primarily guided to assist with the integration of diverse belief systems through the advocacy of relentless forgiveness and the recognition of oneness. (Source)
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