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Broken Bones and Recovering Health; The Story of My 2019

Not my actual x-ray images

Hey everyone. It's been a while. In case anyone has been wondering where I've been for the majority of 2019, I thought I'd take the time to explain.

After several months of silence, I imagine that most people are wondering why the DTM website has been so quiet. If you haven't frequented my Facebook page, you are probably one of those people, in which case, let me give you the rundown.

Tough Morning

It began January of this year. I can't remember the exact date, but the circumstances, I will never forget.

The time was 7:00 am, and the reason I remember this detail is because I was angry for having been awakened at such an early hour by such a horrendous noise.

I woke up to the sound of industrial Caterpillar machines and construction work going on outside. Months earlier, the building across the street had been condemned and fenced off for what I could only assume was a planned demolition. After passing this building dozens of times over the weeks and months, I knew it was only a matter of time before it would disappear. I just didn't know when.

The sound I heard that January morning was a lot noisier than I've heard before, so naturally, I was curious to know if my previous assumptions about the impending demolition were true. When I got up, went upstairs, and looked out the window of the security door, I realized that—sure enough—the old building across the street was actually being destroyed at record speed.

(Not the actual building)

The noise was so overwhelming that it made it difficult to think, and it wasn't just the sound of the hydraulic CAT machines that was disturbing. It was the sound of 50-year-old brick and concrete walls breaking, crumble and piling up twenty to thirty feet onto the concrete below.

So like I said, the noise was horrendous, but the sight was memorizing. Had it not been for the cold and my lack of ability to stand for very long, I would have stood there and watched this architectural carnage go on for hours. But eventually, the cold got to me (along with the pain in my back and legs), so I went back downstairs and sat in my living room. Throughout the day, I found myself wanting to go up and watch the destruction, but never got around to it. (Also, stairs were a challenge at the time.)

I had mixed feelings about the situation going on just across the street from where I lived. On one hand, it's generally exciting for me whenever big changes occur. On the other, the noise from the demolition work made it very difficult for me to sleep past 7:00 am or to get anything done during the day. Yet, little did I know that the demolition of this relic of a building across from my own apartment would foreshadow my own personal life experiences in the coming days.

Familiar Issues

As the January mornings passed, I found myself enduring increasing amounts of bone pain throughout my body. The increasing pain told me that my health issues were not getting better as I had been hoping for, but instead, they were worsening. Even still, this ominous feeling of some unknown damage being caused inside me was all too familiar.

Even before I went to see my doctor, I was fairly certain that I had several broken bones in numerous places throughout my body.

The sensation of bone pain is fairly distinct, and by early January, I had experienced my fair share of it (nearly a decade, in fact). The feeling is most comparable to a toothache, only instead of being isolated within the jaw, this bone pain was spread throughout both arms and legs. Both this bone pain and several other types (which I can only assume were subsidiary to the fractures) were two of the major issues which limited my mobility.

I had issues in both feet, both ankles, both elbows and wrists. However, at the time, I didn't know just how severe these issues were. To be completely transparent, my own stubbornness was partially to blame for my condition. I typically refuse to see a doctor unless I have no other choice. Not that I blame anyone for avoiding allopathic medical professionals, but in my case, this type of care can be helpful in avoiding significant problems.

When I had finally had enough pain, I forced myself to go to the hospital. Only this time, the ER was a better option than any general appointment. Broken bones don't typically do well when you sit on them for weeks to months on end. (I know; I've tried.) You could say it was the excessive intensity of this particular pain that made me break down and see my doctor yet again.

I should also probably mention that I have a particularly high tolerance for pain. The first time, I went in for possible hip fractures, I walked with no assistance. It wasn't pretty, but for some reason, I insisted on skulking around without much help (until a family member finally bought me a much-needed cane).

When I went in to get my hips x-rayed (back in 2014), the x-ray techs were shocked, to say the very least. This was because they had seen my test results for the first time and realized that both of my hips were broken all the way through and yet, by some odd miracle, I was still walking on my own (not that I enjoyed the process, by any means).

Earlier Bone Issues

This first instance of bone pain and fractures happened back in 2014, and this experience in early 2019 was a good reminder of the pain I felt before.

So in early January, I felt this same pain in both arms, both ankles, and both feet. After the second visit to the ER (in one month, mind you), I learned that I had at least nine different fractures spread out through my various limbs. As I said, both arms, both ankles, and both feet had their fair share of battle scars. So from that moment forward, I was back to a wheelchair—an experience I had dreaded having ever since my first experience in a chair.

My first set of temporary medical splints

My second go in a chair was much more difficult than the first. The first time around, I was merely dealing with two hip fractures. Though both hips were useless for a time, the fact that my arms were still strong still allowed to me to use my arms easily to propel myself around as needed. Only I wasn't so lucky the second time around. No, this year I couldn't even use my arms because if I did, I could cause more fractures than I already had.

This new limitation only left me with the ability to lightly propel myself with one foot. It was actually the fracture in my left foot and ankle that allowed for more use than the rest of my limbs. Eventually, I used my arms in combination to move around in the chair, but initially, I was extremely restricted in my mobility.

After several weeks of painful recovery, multiple visits to the doctor, and lots more challenges with basic function, I was out of my plaster splints and into more convenient braces.

For anyone who has been made to wear plaster splints on three of four limbs at once, they know the experience is not fun. So when I was freed from those, I felt like I had a new lease on life—aside from the broken bones, that is. To add, I was immediately forced to wear removable polymer splints, which made life a little easier, but still, I couldn't walk and I couldn't lift anything heavier than a coffee mug.

These braces on my limbs allowed me to eat, shower, sleep, and generally take better care of myself like an average person, but again, it wasn't much of a life, seeing that I couldn't go out or be social in much of any way.

According to the doctor, my fractures occurred over time because I did not have enough mineral intake to counteract my health issues. Minerals leached out of my body and caused bones to weaken. This was not a new problem for me. I have actually had this issue for some time, and to be honest, this was one of the reasons I started blogging to begin with.

Why I Began Blogging

I created DTM in order to help others gain deeper insight into the issues we all face, into the unknown aspects of our world, and of the universe which remain undiscovered. The intention was to be a resource for others. Along with this desire, I had hoped to supplement my disability income with enough money to buy the health supplements and prescriptions I needed to stay out of the hospital, but that didn't work out.

Due to censorship, multiple issues in communication caused thereby, and what appeared to be abuse from Facebook, I was unable to gain the publicity and attention I needed in order to meet my goals. One simple aspect of these goals involved producing enough income to buy more supplements and then helping to change the world before more of my bones broke. (Perhaps this wasn't the best plan.) But again, neither of these worked out.

This isn't another request for financial help or donations, so please don't take it that way. The truth is that I am not sure what to do with the website at this point. I'm not able to run a site like this in my present condition, and while I'm currently living with family, there is not a lot I can do besides try to take care of myself and hope the world changes without much of the help I have attempted to provide.

A project as significant as a webpage takes a lot of work, dedication, and diligence in order to simply maintain—let alone grow and expand. However, when a person has major health issue to deal with, this raises the question of whether or not they are able to do for others in the same way a healthy person might.

I don't expect to receive much more support or donations from readers. That might help, but it doesn't automatically change health or remove the obstacles of illegal censorship which has damaged DTM as well as my health and impeded my progress for far longer than many other sites and channels have been speaking out about such challenges.

Censorship Before the Censorship Began

The fact has surprised me ever since I first realized it was happening, but for some strange reason, the issue of censorship did not appear to hit the big names and websites until long after I had experienced it firsthand. In fact, in early 2016, when I first realized that I was being unlawfully censored, hardly any of the other websites reported having any similar issues.

Every time I asked the founders of these sites and YouTube channels, no one reported issues of censorship. I found myself searching for a way to the gain attention of larger names in order to somehow circumvent the blatant censorship, but that did not pan out either.

Up until this point, it seems I've done all I can for the sake of the White Hats/Alliance and the mission of preparing the general public for disclosure. At this point, I have been stifled to the point where I can't do anymore—other than post here and there to the few people who can still see me on social media.

At this point, it's in the Alliance's hands. I've done what I can. Until the censorship ends completely, the long-predicted financial reset visibly occurs, and the advanced healing technology is finally disclosed, I'm at an involuntary standstill for the most part.

These are the various (more recent) splints and braces my doctors "gifted" me.

The Latest

Currently, I'm still living with family and am not able to do much activity. I can walk fairly well, but not for very long. And I find myself needing to limit my physical activity in order to avoid the risk of breaking more bones. On a more positive note, I am able to spend less money trying to survive, which means that buying some of my mineral supplements is not as difficult as it used to be. The drawback is that I can't do much of anything else at the moment and have to depend on others to provide for me for the most part.

My overall goal is to be of service to others. However, at the moment, I don't have anything extra to give, which leaves me waiting for those behind the scenes to do their part.

Ideally, people are able to serve others whenever they desire to do so. However, in this case, our Cabal-manipulated society needs to change in order for people like me to have that capacity.

Professions such as blogging typically originate from an excess of time, energy, and opportunity of an individual who desires to add another dimension to their mainstream life. However, due to the fact that I don't have any of these, at least at the moment, I am unable to continue.

But don't worry. I'm not out totally. Some waiting may be required until I can continue as before, granted continuity in this profession is necessary. But in general, I do intend to assist in disclosure to some capacity. Whatever that role is depends upon my health, the timing required, and the condition of my health when that need arises.

I'm counting on the Alliance/White Hats to pull through in each of these areas so that those in my situation can have some relief from the suffering we've endured and so that I can get back to work. My thanks to these brave servicemen and women for all their courage, but even in thanks, I need to express my anxiousness in seeing these personnel progress toward tangible changes which so many of us are depending upon.

To close, I'd like to thank all of those who have been there to support me, especially during this time of great difficulty. Thank you for your support for the website, for sharing posts and helping this material reach beyond the limits of censorship.

Also a special thanks to my editor, Twila, for all of her help over the years. Your help has been a tremendous blessing and has raise the bar for quality and professionalism on the site.

Thanks again to all those who donated, commented, and helped support the Discerning the Mystery website in multiple capacities. I could not have made DTM work without you.

Discerning the Mystery is a website dedicated to awakening and educating the people to their true potential of mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical growth. It can be difficult work, but if just one person benefits from these efforts, it is entirely worth it. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I can only say Many blessings to you and I pray (meditate) for you to improve your situation.