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ANNOUNCEMENT - Upcoming Book Release, “Manifesting Ascension,” Coming this August!

It's been quite an interesting year for many of us, especially when we consider how much has happened since January 1st of this year. Up until this point, many people have been sitting back waiting for tangible evidence of positive progress toward global change. During their wait, these people have hoped to receive undeniable proof of this change reported in both alternative and corporate news, and by all appearances, most of these people are getting their wish.

Up until this point, many people asserted that because no overt news reports about the collapse of the Deep State/Cabal were coming forward, that no real progress toward the defeat of these criminals was being made. Of course, this belief was held largely because the corporate news was avoiding reporting any such progress to the public (though this progress is and has long-been real, according to significant evidence). However, it seems that now that assumption has been quashed completely.

Now, here in mid to late 2019, we know there are very big changes happening all around us.  And it seems the evidence toward this fact is mounting by the day.

Going Within

We could go into the many topics of overt socioeconomic, financial, military, and overall global change from the typical sociopolitical perspective. However, we are actually here to discuss a deeper significance to these many global developments.

It is an ancient and well-known principle that the outer world—the world of physicality—is a direct reflection of the inner world; the reality which exists within each one of us. That is, our physical life experience and the apparent reality we observe in the world around us is thought to be a direct reflection of the psychological, emotional, and energetic reality which is believed to exist within.

The changes we see taking place in the physical world could actually reflect internal upheavals and inner conflicts within us coming to the surface to be acknowledged and resolved. In modern society, we encounter some of the most self-destructive, naturally imbalanced, and irresponsible behavior being revealed at a record pace. Yet what if all this apparent chaos had a higher purpose to its occurrence in our collective lives?

Alongside the difficulties we are collectively experiencing, there appears to be an opportunity to reflect on all that we are observing in the world. This difficult situation might actually present us the chance to attain a deeper understanding and appreciation for who we are as human beings, and to gain a greater vision for what we might achieve in the very near future. If we can use this time of reflection to go within and take note of how our own internal struggle relates to all the exterior turmoil we see, we might be able to transcend both situations (both the external and the internal) and possibly even serve as examples for others of how they might do the same.

It is actually this situation of planetary struggle which seems to have prompted me to undergo a new depth of internal examination myself.

For those who have not read my recent article, Broken Bones and Recovering Health, my personal experience in 2019 has not been very pleasant. I would encourage everyone interested to know my personal struggle to read that article and to see how they might relate. Yet, I mention this article because it was these difficulties in my own life which helped motivate me to undergo my own self-exploration. In fact, it is actually the result of this search which I am excited to share with you now.

Assertive Inspiration

We know that many times, great things can come from the trials we face in life. In this case, my own life situation motivated me to start writing.

I am assuming most people have heard about my blog, Discerning the Mystery. (If you're reading this, you probably have.) This blog has been one avenue of writing I've been able to produce for some time now (though recently, my health has disallowed me from continuing).  However, in this case, I am referring to another type of writing and expression. The overall experience during this writing was strange, but I will try to explain.

If you’ve ever had an inspiration so strong that you had to share it with someone else, you might know what I'm referring to. However, in my case, this particular inspiration was a bit stronger than that which produces the average article, production, or simply a new public statement. No, this inspiration struck me as unique, at least among my own experiences.

Months back, I found myself having the same general thoughts repeating in my mind at different points during the day. These particular thoughts struck me as profound in many ways and seemed to align particularly well with various spiritual teachings commonly acknowledged within many religions and philosophies around the world.

Yet these particular inspirations seemed to extend beyond the various principles I had learned up to that point and even seemed to outweigh any other previous insights I have had on these subjects in the past. These inspirations were distinct, and the more I ruminated about them, the more intricate and detailed my thoughts surrounding them seemed to become.

The most interesting characteristic about these particular thoughts was that they were extremely repetitive and yet each time I considered them, they expanded in detail. Before I realized it, I had the makings of a book on my hands, but still, I did not know exactly what to do with all of that material.

Along with all of these (we'll call them) “inspirations,” there was a repeating type of numeric synchronicity that continuously appeared in various places over time. As usual, these places were random, such as the timer on my smart phone, the digital clock on my computer, and a number of other digital displays around the house.

These particular numbers were not the usual repetitive sequences most people take note of during such synchronizations, such as repeating 333s, 555s, or the well-known 1111. No, these numbers were specific to my own personal experience.

This was the same number I saw repeated at another time during which I received a similar inspiration. That inspiration actually encouraged me to write an extended article on a subject which before, I did not entirely understand, nor did I know much about. Yet even still, during that time, the words, the composition, and even the visuals and graphics seemed to come effortlessly. That particular number combination stuck with me because it ended up being the exact same date on which that particular inspiration began (September 12, 2018), and when I wrote the article, it just so happened to be the 912th article I posted on the DTM website.

At the time, the number sequence didn't mean much to me. However, now I am compelled to question whether or not the repeated presence of these numbers during both situations (both past and present) of noteworthy inspiration represents another opportunity for meaningful writing beyond that of my usual insights. Both my intuition and my experience now point to yes.

The "Accidental" Book

It is the result of these experiences—my new book—that I am here to tell you about. To be honest, I am not sure where exactly the inspiration for this text came from; however, the information within it seems to be particularly pertinent to our current time period on this planet. You could say I wrote it on accident, seeing that at the time, I wasn't intending to write an entire book. In fact, at that point, I was mainly thinking about writing these thoughts down so that they could stop ruminating in my mind. (At most, I simply expected another article to result from the ordeal.) Yet, regardless of whether or not I intended to write an actual book, I had a very strong feeling that this information needed to be shared, and not simply kept to myself.

The book is called “Manifesting Ascension - Insights into the Successful Elevation of Collective Human Consciousness,” and it delves into subjects which I have studied in the past. However, as I stated, somehow, these subjects took on a mind of their own and the limited information I had previously researched was expanded and expounded upon substantially. In fact, so much extra information seemed to come through on these subjects that I would not be surprised if many of these principles turned out to be largely accurate at some point, though I am a bit bias on the matter.

My hope is that as many people as possible can read and benefit from the insights discussed within this book. The subjects covered are not your typical topics of discussion; however, every one of these topics appears to offer answers to many of the questions we've all asked at one point or another about our seemingly crucial juncture in history.

The book tackles numerous profound questions such as, “What is collective consciousness? How does this group consciousness evolve, and what can we as a planet expect to experience once our planetary consciousness reaches the next phase of evolution? These topics are massive in scope and implication. In fact, this book may bring about a key opportunity for readers to see what our planetary future may be, should we choose to move forward productively.

Under ideal circumstances, I would like to publish and share this book for free to everyone interested. However, due to the health challenges I have faced for many years (especially this year) which I shared in the previously mentioned article, I have financial needs which I cannot meet in my current situation.

As stated previously, I have to rely on disability payments as my sole source of income (which is not much, at this point). To add, due to long-running censorship of my website (as early as 2016), I am unable to make any amount of income from the Discerning the Mystery website. And because of all the financial issues both myself and my family have faced due to my illness, I need to provide myself with some amount of relief.

The price is exceptionally low and affordable for most anyone. In fact, this book is likely one of the most inexpensive items you'll find sold in alternative communities today.

You will be receiving a level of insight beyond any of the work I have done thus far—insights which appear to complement many of the valid principles of ancient spiritual teachings, philosophies, and practices. Plus, you will be helping me and my family weather a difficulty which stretches far beyond what many people have to face in life.

The information can be vital for understanding our present time, and it's affordable for everyone. (I did my best to keep the price around $9.00.) Plus, your generosity would be greatly appreciated by both myself and my family who has been most helpful.

Anyway, I am excited for all those who intend to take the dive and explore what could be in store for humanity in the very near future.

I've included several excerpts below so that you can get a taste of what type of content you will enjoy when you get your copy of “Manifesting Ascension - Insights into the Successful Elevation of Collective Human Consciousness.”

Keep an eye out for future announcements and release dates. The new book will be available in August and will be published on (first in e-book and then in paperback format soon after). Links will be posted soon.

* * * * *

Excerpt 1

As a planetary population shifts from lower to higher levels of consciousness, there is rarely any initial realization of what is happening.  One person might have an inner craving to express their creativity in a new way.  Another person may feel a sudden need to take an extended vacation and see a new part of the world.  Still another individual may choose to change their diet to something that suits their needs and serves their health in greater ways.

Though each of these people in the above examples may not be aware of their specific needs for change, the craving which catalyzes the change is undeniable.  

On an individual level, these changes are guiding each person to new experiences.  However, on a collective level, it could be said that these people are experiencing the same thing.

Excerpt 2

When crustaceans, insects, snakes, and various other species undergo their molting process, they are typically not in direct control of the transition.  In their own version of a conscious mind, they are simply experiencers of this natural process which their body periodically undergoes.  Similarly, when we as humans undergo puberty, we find ourselves being taken for a ride, so to speak.

We are not entirely aware of what is happening, but we allow the process to run its course.  It is as though some other controlling factor has chosen for us to undergo this natural change within us.  This change—in a large way—alters our entire perception of the world around us even to the point where our physical experience changes completely.

The world we thought we knew and the one we are eventually introduced to after the change has completed may seem thoroughly contradictory.  In fact, these two perceptions of reality appear to have nothing at all in common with one another.  This perceptual contradiction can help to ease our release of the dated attributes of the old for the wondrous experiences of the new.

This is very similar to the process of ascension.

Excerpt 3

As we come to a greater understanding of our potential for limitless experience, we gain a new perspective of time.  Time becomes flexible, malleable, and manipulable in any way we might imagine.  One moment does not actually need to be isolated within a single instant of linear limitation, but can actually be visited at any given moment, according to the choice of the experiencer.  But more on this later.

We are discussing matters of global societal change and the ability of these moments to actually affect the past as well as the future.

Whenever a choice is great enough in significance, there can typically be an aspect of that choice which transcends time and space.  For instance, if a collective of individuals makes a decisive, definitive choice, depending upon the integrity and determination of the collective, this choice can actually transcend the perceived boundaries of time and space, and the reverberation of this choice can be virtually limitless in scope and impact.

As the energy and effect of this choice echos into the past, this can easily result in an altered past.  Imagine various occurrences in the past shifting in such a way so that the present seems slightly different than it did before the choice.  This is the significance of the decisive unconditional choices a collective can make.  Such a powerfully decisive choice may also result in what we perceive as the Mandela Effect.

* * * * *

UPDATE: August 12, 2019: IT'S HERE!

After the long wait, the e-book is finally here.  You can now purchase the anticipated book, Manifesting Ascension, at

At the time of this update, the paperback version is still forthcoming, and is categorized as being in Publishing by Amazon, meaning that the manuscript and cover are being processed for conversion to paperback form.  However, it will only be a number of days before the process is complete.

Once again, keep an eye out for the paperback version of Manifesting Ascension.  In the mean time, click the link below and get your copy of the e-book today!


Manifesting Ascension: Insights into the Successful Elevation of Collective Human Consciousness
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