Monday, February 4, 2019

David Wilcock - Deep State Tribunals Underway, Plus 'Tree-Fall Synchronicity' - Video and Commentary

This was a welcomed update from David Wilcock and his website, Divine Cosmos. Firstly, it was enjoyable to see DW trying out a new format as a video precursor and complement to his upcoming article release. Secondly, it was good to hear yet further confirmation of the observations which myself and many other independent journalists have made of progressive world events.

The onslaught of continuous global development appears to be quickening to ever-increasing paces. Every day, it seems, there are new signs emerging that the world's former power structures are imploding and that new and unknown influences have worked to replace the old while bringing much-welcomed justice to the formerly chaotic global situation.

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It seems strange and largely ridiculous to me to see that some people are still complaining about our present situation stating that "nothing is happening." This complaint confuses me particularly because I can clearly see various developments occurring so quickly that they've become difficult to count. This level of progress may not be as overt and clear-cut as some people may expect. Yet still, upon diligent, intelligent, and attentive analysis, the evidence of massive global shifts can be easily observed.

At this point, unless we have developed the discipline and skill of observation to know when change is occurring, it may be easy to feel disappointed at the lack of overt disclosure. However, when we are willing to take a second look at the facts if our current global juncture, the truth of progress can be undeniable.

The only question is, "In what direction is this progress leading us?" Let's consider this question as we hear the latest from David Wilcock.

Source:  David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos - YouTube

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