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BENJAMIN NETANYAHU - Multiple Reports Suggest Inevitable Downfall of Israeli Prime Minister - Discussion and Partial Correction

By all appearances, there are significant and largely positive changes occurring within the Israeli government. The typical telltale signs that manifest just prior to a regime change appear to be ongoing within this questionable and many cases, violent establishment. The difference is that this time around, the anticipated change may actually result in political shifts away from the standards of continuous war, violence, and destruction in the Middle East.

This post makes a very strong case that a number of significant changes are about to take place within the Israeli government. It also includes a partial correction on the subject of the rumored resignation of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Though there have been reports of resignation from official positions within the Israeli government, and one particular report directly resulted from accusations of sexual assault, the one presented in the previous article was not entirely accurate to the truth and did not adequately address the complexity of the situation.

Getting the Facts Straight

There do not appear to be many signs that Bibi has officially left the building as of yet. However, there are a number of clear indicators which suggest that the resignation of this alleged war criminal is very quickly approaching. The image above actually reveals one of these signs suggesting that the MSM establishment has suddenly begun to frame Netanyahu in a negative light. However, we will get to those details momentarily.

The original post regarding the alleged resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu turned out not to be entirely accurate. Instead of representing the story in its purest form, that article was more of a conflation of details from several true news stories. There were elements of truth included throughout that particular post; however, the developing story of Netanyahu's ultimate downfall is still ongoing.

Was there truly a resignation in Netanyahu's past? Yes; however, that instance took place prior to his appointment as prime minister. Are there charges of sexual harassment which have shown poorly on the Israeli government? Yes, however, those particular charges were not specifically directed toward Bibi himself. Instead, these charges were focused upon Netanyau's adviser, David Keyes. To add, there were actually several women who came forward to accuse the former aid, and not simply one woman making these allegations.

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The question still remains as to why these accusations suddenly emerged with such public visibility and in such rapid succession. As we may have noticed, tactics of character assassination of various figures often involve crowds of women making accusations of rape. We might imagine that a number of these cases are true to some extent; however, the timing of such allegations as well as the targets of these character attacks do not always reveal the entire truth of the situation.

At times, the target of these attacks are actually guilty in some way. In other cases, the target is completely innocent and is simply in the way of the financial interests that are secretly coercing the women to accuse. In any case, rape accusation combined with various appeals to emotion through MSM can create a very effective weapon in ruining the careers of any influential figure whom the Cabal intends to throw under the bus—whether guilty or innocent.

In all this we may be left asking why these accusations came against a formerly untouchable government and in such rapid succession. Had these cases of assault occurred in such a short period of time, or did they occur over the course of several years? Why are all of these alleged victims coming forward at such a key moment of political shifts?

Perhaps at some point, we will receive answers to these and further questions. Until then, we may take note of the numerous signs which suggest that Bibi's resignation (or even his actual arrest) could be only weeks away.

A Strong Case

As stated in the original post on this subject, it seems as though some development has taken place behind the scenes which has caused certain financial power-players to turn against Netanyahu. It seems that for the first time in recent history, at least a certain portion of the establishment is now opposing the previously-unquestionable Israeli government.

The downfall of Benjamin Netanyahu has been long anticipated by notable sources such as the Fulford Report, which is published each Monday. (The full report releases on Thursdays for non-subscribers.) For months, Benjamin Fulford has been forecasting Bibi's impending ousting from the Israeli government, though the means by which this ousting might occur are still unknown.

Up to this point, Fulford has revealed a number of predictions from sources whom he considers reliable. These sources range from the CIA and other intelligence agencies to various secret societies, and though there is always the question of reliability, it may broaden our discussion in considering reports from these sources.

Below is a list of comments and predictions which Fulford has listed over recent weeks and months regarding the inevitable downfall of Netanyahu.

Benjamin Fulford - In Historic Move, P2 Freemasons—the Black Sun Worshipers

Regime change is expected in both Israel and its client state Saudi Arabia, as patriots in both countries seek world help to remove Benjamin Netanyahu and his pet, so-called Mohammed bin Salman, they say. A sign of this was seen when Trump refused to meet MBS at the just-concluded G20 meeting. Also, the Israeli police have recommended indicting Netanyahu for multiple crimes, and his downfall is just a matter of time.

Pentagon sources say the International Criminal Court is joining Argentine prosecutors as they “look into war crimes charges against MBS, the EU, and the UN, and this may implicate Israel because they nuked Yemen.”

The above post was published on December 3rd and is one of many reports from Fulford which details the rumored developments in the Middle East.

Below is another Fulford report which was posted on the earlier date of November 6th.

Benjamin Fulford - Rothschild Rule Ends After 250 Years; New Era to Begin

The Russians are also finally making long overdue moves against the failed Nazi state in the Ukraine by seizing three Ukrainian warships over the weekend. This prompted Ukrainian President Petro “Porky” Poroshenko to declare martial law. This is what a CIA source had to say about Porky: “He has run out of time, just as Bibi [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu of Israel has run out of time; both are war criminals who will be brought to justice, one way or another.”

As the removal of the Khazarian mafia from world power continues, we can expect dominoes like Netanyahu, Macron, Porky, and Aso to topple and finally bring their Rothschild puppet masters to justice. Selling off their trust business is too little, too late for this crime family.

At the end of the day, the world will learn of their intimate involvement with World War II, the Holocaust, and many other horrific crimes against humanity.

Some have expressed doubt about the Fulford reports, as these have been rumored to be partially inaccurate with regard to the intel revealed within them. It is understandable that certain agencies such as the CIA would not want their operations to be revealed prior to execution of those operations. Likewise, members of secret societies may choose to avoid revealing their intentions or may even distribute disinformation in order to conceal their plans or possibly to manipulate any opposition which may attempt to interfere.

Whatever our view of the Fulford report may be, these have proven to have at least some value in their ability to forecast future global events. In fact, due to the ways in which these recent reports have run directly parallel to those of other notable sources, it appears that the aforementioned reports from Fulford are largely accurate as well.

Let's look at one more. This one was published on November 19th.

Benjamin Fulford - Archcriminal Netanyahu Seeks Immunity by Squealing on His Bosses

Mass-murdering war criminal and Satan-worshiping Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to reach a plea deal to save his own life by squealing on his Rothschild masters, Mossad sources say. The impending fall of Netanyahu means the final collapse of the Khazarian mafia is now in sight and it will not be long before the French and Swiss branches of the Rothschild family and their hidden allies are brought to justice.

The fall of Netanyahu is just part of the ongoing collapse of Khazarian mob rule which will remove a whole series of Western leaders, including Emmanuel Macron in France and Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia, as we shall see below.

First let us look more closely at Netanyahu’s case. On this front, the Israeli police have recommended filing criminal charges against Netanyahu for three separate issues, the latest coming last week as part of a media corruption scandal.

Until now Netanyahu has been able to use his position as Prime Minister to prevent his own prosecution. However, now that he has lost his Parliamentary majority, his ability to prevent his own arrest is coming to an end, say Mossad sources.

Netanyahu’s downfall was precipitated by his quickly defeated offensive against the Gaza Strip, Pentagon sources say. This offensive was aimed at distracting public attention from the murder of Washington Postcolumnist Jamal Khashoggi, the sources say. Instead however, it backfired as the UN, Russia, Jordan, France, the UK, Egypt, and the U.S. all united against his rogue activities. This will be “the final nail in Netanyahu’s coffin,” the sources say.

Fulford goes on to say that the new ambassador of Saudi Arabia has plans to denuclearize Israel, seeing that the intention of the Khazarian mafia to rule the world is well known among informed world leaders. It is due to this visible intention of corrupt globalist powers that many sensible heads of government are progressively stifling the mobility and resources of these globalist fascists so that they can cause no more damage.

According to Fulford, Netanyahu pleaded in order to retain his seat of influence, offering to turn on the bankers who control Israel (rumored to be the Rothschilds). However, every one of Bibi's offers was turned down. If these reports are accurate, it means that there are unprecedented changes taking place behind closed doors which may culminate into regime change and major reform in the nation of Israel.

In contrast to the underhanded past efforts of the United States to manipulated and overturn foreign governments, these efforts against Israel appear to have been agreed upon by multiple international interests who wanted to avoid facing the same fate as Bibi. In fact, according to the above report, Israel could actually take the fall for its role in the 9/11 attacks as well as the 3/11 attack which was rumored to involve a nuclear explosion which caused the deadly Japanese tsunami and Fukushima meltdown of 2011. Though there were reported to be other interests involved in these attacks, it will be a positive step in finally holding Israel accountable for their role in these crimes.

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This impending take-down of Israeli criminals is one of many positive developments which is said to have been made possible by the positive international alliance which has been fighting and working tirelessly to free the world from Cabal control. For more information on this topic, click here.

To restate, it does appear that various global economic and political shifts are turning the tables against a regime that is notorious for being one of the most corrupt, manipulative, and outright dangerous governments on the planet. The current Israeli administration headed by Benjamin Netanyahu has become well-known for its consistent ability to get away with gross crimes against humanity in numerous countries for years on end, and until this point, there has been no stopping these crimes from continuing.

It may be extremely relieving for many to hear about the impending crack-down on various  crimes against the planet which the Israeli government has committed. Yet despite the reports we've reviewed, some may still be skeptical of the legitimacy of such progress. In this case, there is a way for us to see clear change which supports the notion that even the established media is now turning against Netanyahu. For this subject, we turn to a number of articles from notable sources which seem to paint the current Israeli administration in a negative light.

The Narrative Shift

If we are attentive to the inner workings of the mainstream media, we will know that this apparatus is much more than a community of journalists and reporters. If we've learned anything from the corporate media establishment, it's that these companies do not typically hide their opinions about the issues they report. In fact, more often than not, the MSM will conflate the opinions of its sponsors with the news stories they report so that the public will accept these slanted opinions as fact.

To add, those who are favored by the establishment behind the MSM are typically able to avoid any and all bad press against them. These favored individuals are able to avoid such scandal because the MSM either ignores the issue completely, or they use any number of fallacious distortions to spin the scandal in a deceptive way. In contrast, those who are unfavorable to the financial interests behind the MSM have little to no chance of being fairly represented by the media. In this way, corporate news typically produces stories with untold amounts of distortion all while portraying a facade of fairness and objectivity.

Though the MSM has become well-known for being propagandistic and deceptive over the years, these media sources are clearly legible with regard to their own opinions about who is favored by the establishment and who is not. In past years, this favorable or unfavorable spin placed upon various public figures have been consistent for most government officials. This makes the recent and sudden shift in narrative about Benjamin Netanyahu particularly peculiar.

The recent coverage of the resignation of David Keyes was not the typical story we might expect from a media that has basically worshiped the Israeli government for decades. Under normal circumstances, we would expect such subjects to be brushed under the rug and ignored completely. This makes it very odd to see the disgrace of Keyes covered by the MSM at all.

The reputations of favored world leaders are typically protected regardless of how destructive their actions may be. At the same time, the actions of world leaders who do not toe the line of the Deep State are unconditionally ridiculed and smeared no matter how beneficial their actions may be for world society. Up until this point, we have seen Benjamin Netanyahu accused of massive war crimes and crimes against humanity on several occasions and yet somehow, this character never lost the favor of the corporate media. Yet now, according to this same MSM, a couple of scandals represent reason for Bibi to resign entirely?

Notice the triangular shapes implied at the top of Bibi's head. This is a relatively common photographic suggestion made by propagandists throughout recent history. The implication as that the figure being photographed has 'devil horns' and is an inherently evil individual. This is a subtle and yet very effective subliminal trick which is typically used to shift common perceptions of the public so that they turn against the targeted individual.

The typical method of subliminal suggestion and propaganda can be clearly seen in these cases. One report (above) is especially revealing of the MSM's distinct change of stance on the subject of Netanyahu. If we are familiar with past propaganda campaigns, we will know of the classic tactic of using photography to suggest the malevolent intentions of certain figures.

We see this method used against President Trump in nearly every MSM report produced. Under normal circumstances, public figures are represented by photographers in the most respectful and flattering light possible. However, in the case of President Trump (along with everyone who supports him), there is a clear and obvious effort to use the worst of photos in order to depict him and his supporters as horrible individuals—thoroughly opposing professional standards of objective photojournalism.

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Of course, in any case, it is important to note the financial contributors of any sources before considering the information they present (though most average citizens never bother). This way, we can understand the reasoning behind the excessive spins which the current MSM propagandists place in nearly every story they write.

Naturally, it is unwise to blindly trust these sources out of mere habit. However, it can be helpful to consult the perspective of the current MSM propaganda in order to note the standards which the financial powers are interested in promoting.

In the case of the above sources, it appears that the financial interests behind these publications are ready to throw Netanyahu under the bus in order to save themselves. If the reports from Fulford are accurate, this means that we will see Bibi take the fall fairly soon (though it is important to avoid jumping the gun at this stage).

The Actual Resignation

Some might be surprised to realize that Benjamin Netanyahu actually did resign a number of years ago. However, this occurrence took place before he became prime minister of Israel.

It was 2005 when Bibi officially resigned from his position of finance minister of Israel. During that time, Netanyahu was showing his true colors in his immovable intent to occupy Gaza and to terrorize Palestine seemingly without end.

During this time, it may have been largely unclear to many of those reading this article as to what Israel's true intentions were at that point. However, in hindsight, we may be fully aware of what such corruption can do to a government and to the unfortunate populations which possess property and rights which that government covets.

To restate, it turned out that the original version of this article was a conflation of a number of different facts. Each of the facts was true. However, the overall premise of the Bibi resignation having already occurred was not as accurate as communicated (at least not as of the writing of this article/correction).

Closing Words

On a personal note, this oversight has reminded me of the importance of vacation. Though there technically is no vacation from seeking truth, the act of attempting to write and publish as consistently as I do takes its toll. Seeing that I am only one person attempting to do the job of an entire team (for free, at that), the task can be difficult, and the fact that I do not receive much support makes it very difficult to continue. However, while I am still putting forward this much effort, I want to at least make the information I publish accurate so that readers can rely upon it.

For those who feel generous and wish to give back, there are several donation buttons for you to click, if you feel so inclined.

Hopefully, the original and somewhat preemptive post about Netanyahu's (non)resignation did not throw too many people off. Though it may not necessarily be an official resignation which does Bibi in, I do believe that this or similar developments in world politics are imminent.
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