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James Alefantis Sends Death Threats to Pedogate Researcher; Grand Jury Convenes for Highly Secretive Federal Court Case - Could There Be a Connection?

The story known as Pizzagate, or Pedogate, was a key topic of interest during the year 2016, and in many ways, it still very much is. Peaking immediately following the election of President Trump, the topics of elite pedophilia and child trafficking rings became the focus of numerous independent researchers and alternative communities. As the new president tackled this issue of rampant human trafficking around the world, alternative communities got busy researching and exposing the seedy underbelly of America's formerly untouchable elite.

This response of the awakened population to the issue of elite pedophilia was encouraging to see. The reaction of the corporate media, however, was not so much.

Many researchers found it particularly strange to see the MSM responding to the Pedogate story with what appeared to be a deliberate misrepresentation of the situation entirely. In short, we witnessed the MSM using the classic tactic of propaganda known as straw man in which a message is deliberately substituted with one that is clearly ridiculous, and the ridiculous substitution is then debunked.
This blatant misrepresentation by the MSM was clear to all of the diligent researchers working to uncover the truth of the matter. As the corporate media spewed their manipulative distortion of the situation, these independent researchers attempted to dispel the rumors and to bring to light the very real epidemic of organized pedophilia and child trafficking.

As one noteworthy Twitter user, Ryan O'Neal, states,

Pizzagate [isn't] a conspiracy about Clinton and a trafficking ring in the nonexistent basement of a pizza shop. That's how it was sold by the MSM. Pizzagate is a series of questions stemming from the leaked [P]odesta emails.

MSM found the wildest and craziest speculation they could find to explain Pizzagate to the masses. Think about that, on the same day media across the country picked the same exact unbelievable theory and ran with it... in unison. That [isn't] journalism. It’s an orchestrated attack.

An attack with one purpose. Misrepresent to the public what [P]izzagate is so much that it is ridiculed if even mentioned. People who ask the obvious questions should not be taken seriously.

We caught a glimpse of what was behind the curtain. We also saw the carelessness as they rushed to conceal it. We don’t have answers, only questions.

To any respectable journalist, the fact that the Pizzagate scandal represented a series of specific questions surrounding John Podesta's emails was obvious—at least it was to the independent thinkers. Yet once the corporate media touched it, suddenly, the focus of the issue changed entirely.

Why did the corporate media behave so suspiciously as though they were attempting to cover up the misdeeds of someone involved in the scandal (and possibly their own misdeeds)?

It is typical that in any situation in which professionals behave unprofessionally, the observant inquire about the suspicious behavior. Further, when the whole of the mainstream media establishment presents gross misrepresentations and fabricated narratives in place of accurate reporting, the people will naturally be curious as to why?

And as we can see, the people are still very much curious.

The entire progression of the Pizzagate issue was very strange in that those who attempted to detract and dismiss the story all seemed to rely upon cheap psychological sleight of hand and logical fallacy while the responsible citizen journalists adhered to standard journalistic practices. It was almost as though the Pizzagate story somehow caused a role reversal between citizens and professional media.

Now, it appears that the amateur journalists are more reliable than corporate news, and the newsreaders within corporate news have become little more than pushers of cheap conspiracy theories.

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Twitter user, Ryan O'Neal, gained a fairly significant name for himself in his willingness to ask the tough questions about the Pizzagate scandal.

Adding to the strange role reversal, we see an unnerving series of death threats against O'
Neal which came from notorious pedophilia suspect, James Alefantis. (As we may remember, Alefantis is the owner of the equally notorious Comet Ping Pong pizza shop in Washington D.C.) Thanks to hundreds of online posts, the majority of independent researchers are now aware of the highly disturbing artwork and blatant references to pedophilia on Alefantis's Instagram page as well as the walls of his restaurant (though much of the art has reportedly been removed). Despite the extensive efforts by corporate media to white-wash all of the connections between this pizza shop and pedophilia, these connections still remain.

Combined with the blatant efforts of cover-up by corporate media, the suspicious behavior of Alefantis has raised even further questions.

This brings us to our video of interest. This is the YouTube channel, T.R.U. Reporting, with a particularly interesting discussion about the recent threats made by James Alefantis against Ryan O'Neal which appear to be the result of O'Neal asking the wrong (or the right) questions.

Original link - T.R.U Reporting - YouTube

And this is supposedly all for a hoax. If the entire story of Pizzagate were completely fabricated, would a stable upright citizen threaten the life of a journalist for asking a question? Have you ever had your family and friends threatened in a casual conversation about a "hoax?"

It seems clear that whatever the reasoning behind Alefantis's violent and highly suspicious reaction to this simple question that he believes that death threats are the best way to go about solving the issue. It is difficult to imagine a completely innocent and exemplary citizen behaving in this way.

For further understanding, let's consult one of the articles referenced in the above video. This is the Steemit post which discusses the highly mysterious Pegasus Museum.

* * * * *

Source: Steemit

Published: 2016

By: Steemit User

Alefantis's Achilles Heel: Pegasus Museum

He is the key player in the online investigation known as "Pizzagate". He is a business owner in Washington D.C., has no shortage of accusations against him including a former employee who claims that Mr. Alefantis drugged and sexually assaulted him. James owns several businesses that he publicly boasts about, and one that he strangely never mentions.
His Museum

Pegasus Museum is located in the Columbia Heights neighborhood in Washington D.C. According to public record, it is owned by Castellum Achilles LLC, which was registered to James Alefantis in June of 2014. The museum building was purchased approximately one month later. Three days after the purchase date, Alefantis added a listing on Google Maps for Pegasus Museum. At a later date, he gave it a five star rating, the single review on the listing.
Why is this suspicious?

There are a few things that just don't sit right about Pegasus Museum. Alefantis has never once mentioned it on social media, despite having owned it for over two years and having been very active on Instagram.

Researchers discovered the listing on Google Maps during their initial investigation into Alefantis, and he immediately deleted his review and the entire Google Maps listing itself.


A Pizzagate researcher named Ryan O'Neal released a video delving into Pegasus and was subsequently harassed and threatened by Alefantis to such an extent that he deleted the video, shut down his website, and backed away from the investigation entirely. He claims that Alefantis threatened the life of his mother, girlfriend, and son. Alefantis reportedly told Ryan that he could keep up every one of his other videos, but needed to immediately remove the one regarding to Pegasus.

What is James Alefantis doing at Pegasus?

Researchers have been scouring public records and submitting their findings to internet forums like Voat and Reddit. Many have speculated that some sort of "kill room" or "holding center" for trafficked children exists there and others think that it is a shell business to hide illegal transactions; then again, those things are not mutually exclusive. Perhaps he doesn't mention it because he is embarrassed about a failed business venture.

Most of the evidence surrounding Pizzagate has been written off by the public as coincidental, or jokes made in extremely poor taste. Alefantis doesn't seem hesitant to boast about his family friendly restaurant with paintings like this on the wall:

[Click here for image.]

Alefantis never mentions his museum. Why does he separate himself from it when it gets mentioned? Why does he allegedly threaten people when Pegasus Museum gets questioned?

Historically, museums were used as places for philisophical discussions and higher learning about the human condition. In ancient Rome, museums were considered the highest honor a building could hold.

Continue reading at:

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Along with the above resources, the mention of the highly secretive court hearing was made. The focus of this hearing is still unknown to the public. However, for the sake of being thorough, we might consult the other article of interest. For the details of the mysterious grand jury hearing, click here.

For further reference, below are the majority of the pertinent tweets from Ryan O'Neal's Twitter feed. We might note the fact that the corporate media has not covered a single word of this ordeal. Upon observing the situation as a whole, we might further question why the corporate media—instead of doing their job of reporting accurate, objective information—do they ignore the criminal threats of public figures against innocent citizens.

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