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French Generals Accuse Macron of TREASON for Signing UN Migration Pact; Generals State UN Pact Gives the People Further 'Reason to Revolt'

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Have you noticed the change? The people of the world are finally rising up against globalism and the destructive Cabal standards it attempts to enforce against the general public. This anti-globalist backlash has been aggressive and, at times, has even erupted into riots. However, the overall movement represents the defiant stance of the people against true fascism.

This defiant reaction of French citizens has become the normal response to the tyrannical standards of leaders such as Emmanuel Macron. These protests also show that the decades of governmental oppression which the people have endured have come to a breaking point. Most of all, these recent uprisings demonstrate one important historical fact: When leaders turn their backs on their own people and attempt to force the public to endure oppressive policies, the people rise up and remind leaders just how fragile centralized power structures can be.

The fact that the Western corporate media has sung the praises of Emmanuel Macron as nearly the entire country is revolting against him seems to reveal which side the MSM is on. By all appearances, the corporate media does not support the people at all. In fact, history has shown that the media only pretends to side with the people while clandestinely pushing globalist agendas which harm the people immensely. As we observe this concerning stance of the corporate media, we might consider the true motive behind their apparent intention to demonize those who favor patriotism at every turn.

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The choice of several governmentssuch as France, Bulgaria, Scotland, Belgium, and Canadato sign the reputedly self-destructive UN Migration Pact has been received with anger, resentment, and overall rejection by the loud majority of the general public. Yet government officials such as those of France do not seem to care.

These officials are suddenly abandoning their role as diplomats and caretakers of their own countries and are instead attempting to enforce tyrannical policies the public never consented to. In this way, governments are adopting Hitlerian standards while claiming their intentions are benevolentall while the corporate media attempts to distract from the fact. However, these diversions from the MSM do not appear to be working at all.

According to the numerous photographs published online, there is much more to these protests than a migration deal. Western corporate media has been deceptively reporting that these protests were against a mere fuel tax. However, the photographs speak for themselves, and as we can see, there is very little evidence that suggests that fuel has much to do with these uprisings.

We can see that these people are aggressively opposed to secret societies, fascist control, elitist pedophilia (a topic which Americans seem intent upon ignoring), and to general oppression of big government against freedom-loving citizens. Yet again, the Western media has chosen to black out all of these topics from being known to the rest of the world. Is this attempt at cover-up the action of a media that stands for truth?

Initially, there did not appear to be many people opposing the oppressive standards of the French government. Most MSM news reports tend to show only a few hundred people attending these demonstrations. However, when the truth was eventually revealed, it became clear that thousands of angry French citizens were violently opposed to the tyrannical intentions of President Macron.

Combined with the clear intention of Western media to ignore the spreading revolution throughout Europe and Canada, the reality and ferocity of the Yellow Vest phenomenon seem clear. By all appearance, this movement is yet another example of what happens when world leaders forget their role and attempt to control the people instead of serving the public as they were elected to.

In addition to these progressive moves toward liberation from globalism, there has been yet another key development in the halls of the French government. As of December 15th of this year, several French generals have come forward to publicly declare their opposition to Macron's fascist stance against the will of the people.

Below is a quote from the website, the Voice of Europe, which introduces the true sentiment of the French military against their questionable president.

General Antoine Martinez has written the letter signed by ten other generals, an admiral and colonel, and also includes former French Minister of Defense Charles Millon.

They’ve given strong warning that Macron’s signing the U.N. Global Migration Pact strips France of even more sovereignty providing an additional reason for “an already battered people” to “revolt.”

The highly decorated military co-signees assert that the beleaguered Macron is “guilty of a denial of democracy or treason against the nation” for signing the migration pact without putting it to the people.

The crime of treason is no small offense in any country, let alone France.

We may not expect to hear such provocative developments reported by Western media. Yet, when we deviate from deceptive MSM coverage of this story, we will see the reasons why the UN Pact holds no ground in any democratic nation.

We will discuss more on these topics in a moment. Right now, here is the Independent Sentinel with a more detailed description of the situation unfolding in France.

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Source: Independent Sentinel

Published: December 15, 2018

By: S. Noble

Yellow Vests Return, French Generals Accuse Macron of Treason

This week, French Generals accused President Macron of treason and warned that his signature on the U.N. Migration Pact will give the French people another reason to “revolt”. At the same time, the yellow vests are back and the violence is continuing.


Eleven French generals, an admiral, a colonel, and a former defense minister signed a letter to President Emmanuel Macron accusing him of “treason” for signing the U.N. Global Migration Pact.

The letter written by General Antoine Martinez warns Macron that the move strips France of more sovereignty and provides an additional reason for “an already battered people” to “revolt”.

The letter accuses Macron of being “guilty of a denial of democracy or treason against the nation” for signing the pact without putting it to the people.

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“The French state is late in coming to realize the impossibility of integrating too many people, in addition to totally different cultures, who have regrouped in the last forty years in areas that no longer submit to the laws of the Republic,” states the letter, adding that mass immigration is erasing France’s “civilizational landmarks.”

The French revolt started over the climate change fuel tax but it was the tip of the iceberg. They are very over-taxed at 46% and the common man makes about $1700 a month. If you’ve been to France, you know things are not cheap. Then they have issues with many other problems, including migration and terrorism. Many want the solution to be more big government since they are communists.


For this fifth straight weekend, the French yellow vests are taking to the streets as the leadership investigates to determine what role Russia has in the uprising. However, while Macron is trying to distract with a Russia interference gambit, it should be kept in mind that only 18% of French people support Macron.


The movement is spreading to other countries which prompted Egypt to ban the sale of yellow vests. That’s how dictatorships handle it. In Britain, they are opposed to the EU and want to leave without the terrible deal Teresa May insists the British approve.

Some Brits have taken up the idea as well. They don’t want Teresa May’s lousy Brexit deal.

Read more at:

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With such a sensitive topic to consider, it is important for each of us to understand that poverty is a serious issue. It should not be taken lightly. However, one dangerous trend which certain interests seem intent upon normalizing is to insist that the issue of poverty be solved through blatantly unhealthy and destructive methods.

By all appearances, the United Nations is intent upon helping one type of victim by creating more victims of another type. At the same time, these globalist UN officials are claiming that any resistance to their fascist standards are nothing but hate-speech and that any attempts to criticize their totalitarian policies represents criminal behavior.

Why do you suppose that unchecked migration has never been considered to be constructive by world leaders until 2018? Could it be that these leaders are no longer interested in maintaining stability of society and are now intend upon overthrowing it in order to maintain their own power?

Just as in every case, there is a way to develop solutions to the issue we are facing without creating further massive humanitarian crises. Granted those attempting to solve such problems have the mental capacity and ethical integrity to do so, common sense tells us that the act is completely possible. More on this subject in a moment.

Media Blackout

In all this, we might note the fact that you, the reader, had to come to alternative media in order to learn this information. There has been not one word of this true information coming forward from the corporate media. (If there has, the reports have been largely partial and misleading.) Even though there are revolutionary activities occurring in multiple countries simultaneously, the Western MSM would apparently rather cover political drama and fluff instead of delivering vital truth to the general public.

Perhaps the interests behind corporate news are afraid that if they report the truth about France, Belgium, and numerous other countries, that Western citizens would revolt against globalism here in the States as well. The people might realize that the political interests that wear a friendly face and speak all of the flowery P.C. words were little more than globalist puppets pushing the same oppression as Emmanuel Macron.

The people might further realize that many of the interests that have been portrayed as evil fascists were actually fighting against true fascism in the world, and against those who show every intention to destroy the United States and depopulate the entire planet.

Again, if the corporate media is praising Macron while his own people are revolting against him and his military is openly accusing him of treason, which side of truth is the MSM really on?

The Letter

Below is a translation of the official letter written and signed by the fourteen generals of the French military. This letter outlines the official rejection of the actions of President Macron against his people and his country due to Macron's apparently compromised intentions to overthrow his own government for the sake of globalist rule.

Mister President,

You are about to sign the “Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration” on 10 and 11 December, which establishes a genuine right to migration. It may impose itself on our national legislation through pre-existing treaties or the principle of common responsibility set out in this pact.

It seems to us that the only sovereignty that will remain with France will consist in freely setting the way in which the objectives of the pact will have to be implemented. You can not give up this new part of the national sovereignty without a public debate whereas 80% of the French population considers that it is necessary to stop or regulate drastically the immigration. By deciding alone to sign this pact, you would add an additional reason for revolt to the anger of an already battered people. You would be guilty of a denial of democracy or treason against the nation.

In addition, the finances of our country are drained and our debt is growing. You can not take the risk of an expensive call for air migration without first showing that you will not have to resort to more taxes to meet the objectives of the pact. On the other hand, you must be able, in terms of security, to curb the consequences linked to the arrival of extra-European populations. Finally, you can not ignore that the very essence of politics is to ensure security on the outside and harmony within. However, this concord can be obtained only if it maintains a certain internal coherence of the society alone capable of allowing to want to do together, which becomes more and more problematic today.

In fact, the French state is late in coming to realize the impossibility of integrating too many people, in addition to totally different cultures, who have regrouped in the last forty years in areas that no longer submit to the laws of the Republic.

You can not decide alone to erase our civilizational landmarks and deprive us of our carnal homeland.

We therefore ask you to defer the signing of this pact and call by referendum the French to vote on this document. You are accountable to the French of your actions. Your election is not a blank.

We support the initiative of General MARTINEZ against the signature of this pact which must be adopted by the Member States of the UN at the Intergovernmental Conference of Marrakech.

General Antoine MARTINEZ

Charles MILLON – Former Minister of Defense

General Marc BERTUCCHI

General Philippe CHATENOUD

General André COUSTOU

General Roland DUBOIS

General Daniel GROSMAIRE

General Christian HOUDET

General Michel ISSAVERDENS

Admiral Patrick MARTIN

General Christian PIQUEMAL

General Daniel SCHAEFFER

General Didier TAUZIN

Colonel Jean Louis CHANAS

To restate, treason is no small charge.

This letter also represents an open demonstration of the confident stance of the French military. These generals appear to be siding with the people and not the questionable president turned dictator. In light of all this, it is difficult to see how this situation can turn out well for Macron at all.

It is important for us to note the fact that just before Macron apparently turned his back on his own people, he demonized President Donald Trump and then openly lied about the true meaning of the word "Nationalism."

Define projection.

This is one of many examples which demonstrates that whenever deceptive people intend to manipulate others, they typically show signs of delusionspeaking through fallacious contradictions of reason instead of actual reason. It may be that Macron was simply attempting to use the propagandistic tactic of Big Lie. If so, in this case, the effort appears to have been wasted.
It is unclear what the ultimate fate of Emmanual Macron will be. Most other presidents would have resigned by now. It may be that Macron is under threat that if he loses France, the Cabal cross-hairs will be on him next. This is the only explanation which I can personally concoct for someone who attempts to establish a dictatorship with no military support and no resources to do so while facing a people which historically, in a word, does not take kindly to dictators.

The Value of Accountability

It is obvious that the people of the world need sustenance and sustainability, and given they have the freedom to do so, they are able to prosper on their own. It is also clear that more often than not, first-world countries typically have better infrastructures and access to better resources than third-world countries. Granted, this is not always a natural situation, but more often than not, it seems to be the case.

It is also clear that the West has played a large part in destroying the infrastructures of numerous second and third-world countries.

Wars catalyzed by elitist greed have ravaged the various nations of the world for decades. This has created the need to hold the governments and corporate powers behind these wars responsible for all the destruction they've caused. However, instead of prosecuting these elitist war-mongers, the UN appears to be intent upon further defaulting to elitist plans—plans to further destabilize the remaining functional societies of the world.

True Solutions

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." This is a simple concept that a child could understand. Yet just as many other valued aphorisms of the past, this one has been all but completely abandoned by many within younger generations.

If we superimposed this concept over our modern situation, we would likely solve the problems caused by the greed and destructive intentions of the elite. In fact, observing this ancient wisdom may lead us to tackle the issues of world poverty much differently than the UN Migration Pact suggests.

By confiscating the entire fortunes of criminal elitists and initiating infrastructural, agricultural, and medical reform for war-torn, second and third-world countries, we could solve nearly every problem caused by the crimes of the elite. Though it is not possible to bring back the lives that have been lost due to continuous war, it is possible to assist the impoverished in a way that respects and improves their own way of life in their own countries.

This is an obvious solution and falls in line with the old adage regarding the skill of fishing. However, this constructive effort does not at all appear to be the intention of those behind the UN Migration Pact.

Instead of offering aid and infrastructural restoration projects to rebuild impoverished countries, UN officials appear intent upon flooding first world countries with the populations of third world countries—a well-known method of ancient times to collapse empires. In all likelihood, this is the inevitable result of the proposed migration deal. Instead of assisting the poor by repairing the damage caused by past mistakes and allowing the formerly poor to function on their own, UN officials seem more interested in creating complete dependency among the impoverished.

By establishing a world state in which the people are fundamentally dependent upon overgrown centralized (and typically corrupt) super-government, compromised UN officials would have ultimate power over the entire global population. Under such an establishment, the power would belong solely to government, and eventually, the entirety of the population would be completely dependent upon the elite while having no power of their own to change the situation.

By placing the burden of public providence on the general population, the elite could maintain their place of wealth and power while the common people would be left to suffer in poverty—just as in nearly every case in the past.

The people of France remember their past all too well and are unwilling to let history repeat itself. The people of the U.S., on the other hand, do not remember history (or at least a certain demographic does not) and have a common tendency to betray personal freedom while fighting to establish an overgrown government with limitless control over the public—ultimately making the exact same mistakes as every other nation of the past that has fallen for the empty promises of closet tyrants.

It is strange to see history repeat itself so accurately in this way. However, it is good to see the countries of France, Belgium, Canada, and many others following suit in rejecting what appears to be a last-ditch effort of multi-national sabotage by a globalist cabal.

The tide is turning in revolutionary ways. The balance of power is shifting back into the hands of the people, and it is up to each of us to ensure the momentum of our movement leads to lasting prosperity.
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