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David Wilcock Reveals the Hidden Secrets Behind the California Fires - Video and Commentary

David Wilcock is easily one of the most well-known figures in the modern truth community. His numerous and riveting interviews, multiple books and intel updates have kept audiences on the edge of their seats in expectation of further insights. Due to the high quality of David's past work, audience members now eagerly wait for even further perspective and verification of the numerous topics offered by his generous reservoir of scholarship.

With as much gripping information as Wilcock has produced over the years, it may be understandably difficult for him—or any public figure in such a position—to outdo themselves each time they present. However, this particular presentation by David seems to succeed in taking various subjects from his past testimony to the next level.

The following interview from the Edge of Wonder includes particularly interesting commentary by David Wilcock and actually features highly poignant information which expands upon intel he shared months ago during his interviews with Corey Goode on the original iteration of the Gaia series, Cosmic Disclosure.

According to numerous whistleblowers, the casual contact between normal Earth inhabitants and human-looking ETs is nothing out of the ordinary. These occurrences have reportedly been taking place for centuries—perhaps as long as human civilization has existed on the Earth. So when we hear about a possible town with a population that consists of human-looking ETs, the notion may not be as far-fetched as we may think.

As stated, this topic of Paradise, CA was discussed on the show Cosmic Disclosure, featuring Corey Goode and David as the main personalities. During that series, David actually alluded to the existence of an American town that was exclusively populated by ETs (minus one doctor who periodically saw to their medical needs). However, during that conversation, the name of the town was kept confidential.

The discussion began as Corey Goode is describing a bazaar encounter he had with a human-looking ET which made a surprise visit to his home. The story picks up as Corey is taken down to a location in Inner Earth and is briefed on the existence of various ET races that actually live on and below the Earth's surface.

David: So what's the next thing that happens in our story after this?

Corey: Well, directly after this, that's when we discussed the Banished a little bit more. We discussed . . . She told me about how they live in enclaves on our planet, and I think people . . . I think it's been out there that there have been different people that have reported that there are nonterrestrials living in groups here and there on our planet that our government knows about.

David: Yeah, I was briefed on that by Henry Deacon. I'm not going to say where, but I was given the specific name of a small town in which a large number of the people in that town, in America, are actually extraterrestrials with, as I've told you privately, different number of teeth, doctors in the town that know how to take care of them.

They don't like crowds. They always stay alone. They can't handle the telepathic interference of being around large crowds.

So this Banished stuff kind of fits in with some things I'd heard before.

Corey: Yeah, it kind of makes me wonder if that's what some of these groups are.

This was a particularly interesting discussion, as it revealed quite a bit about the possible levels of human-ET interactions which may take place in modern times. These interactions could be occurring on a regular basis and yet we would know very little, if anything, about them.

We won't get into the rumors of what happened to the Cosmic Disclosure series following the sudden resignation of David and Corey. However, if you would like to know my thoughts about the current state of the series, feel free to read them here.

We may also note the unfortunate absence of the Cosmic Disclosure notes on Corey Goode's website, It was disheartening to see that these references were deleted, and it seems most likely that they were removed not by Corey's choice, but due to some legal obligation which Gaia may have placed on Corey (though this is only a guess). It seems as though all of the content which David and Corey worked so hard to produce on the show is now unavailable to those who created it and inaccessible to the audience. Even still, this does not stop DTM from continuing to post what notes were covered from these episodes in order to give some insight into the vital intel disclosed by the Cosmic series.

It was extremely difficult to hear that a benevolent ET race was potentially murdered by the Cabal so senselessly. If what we have heard from past disclosures is true, this means that we as a civilization need every available opportunity to make positive contact with peaceful, benevolent ETs. Yet this key opportunity may have been missed due to the Cabal's inability to accept their own defeat.

There has been so much war and division among the human race alone. Additionally, there seems to have been nearly a century's worth of fear propaganda designed to scare the public away even from the idea of ET contact. In this case, it is vital that we see more evidence that there are benevolent ETs out there who pose no threat and who intend to build a respectful, non-intrusive report with humanity.

The news about Paradise, CA—along with all the senseless devastation allegedly caused by directed energy weapons—has been difficult to witness, and much more difficult for survivors to endure, I'm sure. However, in all this, we might take hope in the possibility of achieving a greater disclosure event and even a healthier reaction thereto because of all that we have suffered. Perhaps with all of the difficulties we have faced thus far, we now have more of the thick skin necessary to handle the potential shock of a massive revelation of truth.
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