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ARE YOUR OPINIONS ACTUALLY 'YOURS?' - An In-Depth Look into the Manipulative Psychological Tricks Played on You by the MSM

In our current society, information is everything. Our opinions, perspectives, and our general ability to function in the world are dependent upon our aptitude to learn and comprehend the accurate information we encounter from media. Yet, what if our trusted media sources which provide this information were not as accurate as we had always assumed?

In modern times, corporate media has been under extreme criticism due to the negative, disrespectful and largely unprofessional way in which it politically slants information while feigning impartiality and honesty. In many ways, modern journalists appear to deliberately deceive and manipulate their audiences instead of offering them objective and balanced perspectives on societal and global situations. Instead of reporting news in an honest and balanced way, these MSM companies merely sell the latest political agenda under the guise of honest news.

Not only this but in post-Trump America, the corporate media has clearly adopted a stance that opposes the president regardless of the actual position he takes. These MSM personalities appear to follow in lockstep with his Deep State opponents, again, regardless of whether or not the direction of such opposition is constructive or destructive to the well-being of society.

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This has led many Americans to question what the true intentions behind the corporate media are. In fact, upon examination, we find that the tactics of corporate media are not only manipulative and deceptive in nature, but that they are calculated and coordinated so as to accomplish an ulterior agenda. With regard to uncovering the truth of this agenda, it is clear that we have quite a mystery to solve.

For our exploration, here is a video from the YouTube channel, Edge of Wonder, which I found particularly helpful in its depth of knowledge and insight into the world of journalism and the various methods of the MSM.

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Channel Link - Edge of Wonder - YouTube

The Roots of Media Manipulation

The commentary that Ben and Rob offer in this discussion was extremely helpful—especially considering the events which are presently ongoing in our society. It is good to receive this level of confirmation and to be able to put a name to the massive campaign of manipulation the MSM has apparently waged against the public.

At present, the corporate media has such a strong influence on the minds of millions of audience members and by all appearances, they do not intend to use this influence for good. Both within the United States and around the world, the corporate media has a way of influencing nearly countless opinions and plays a significant role in our emotions, our thought processes, and the choices we make in day-to-day life. In truth, in some cases, the media can actually have more of an impact on our thoughts than our own power of choice.

In any situation, before making any decision, we think about our past experiences as well as the experiences of our family members, our friends, peers, etc. The emotions and memories we retain from these experiences, as well as the choices we make in light of these memories, may all contribute to our overall view of life.

So then how could an outside party such as the media take control over this process? It's actually fairly easy.

It is commonly accepted by most citizens that our power of choice is fundamental. However, if we are not careful, this power can still be manipulated and often is. Those behind the corporate media know this, and regularly take advantage of this common human vulnerability.

In order to manipulate the public, the corporate media does something very subtle and yet very devious. Through extremely ulterior means, the media can actually change the way we feel about the experiences we have. By changing our emotions, propagandists can easily alter our opinions, and by changing our opinions, these media manipulators can ultimately direct the choices we make to their own advantage. When we speak of the power of mind control, this is actually where the ability comes from—not by directly taking over the entire free will of the individual, but by manipulating them through subtle means which are largely undetectable.

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Memetic Warfare

It was mentioned in the discussion about one particularly interesting document created by NATO which detailed the intention to use memetic warfare as a psychological tool of control. The document was somewhat difficult to find. However, after much searching, it finally turned up. The document is titled, "Defence Strategies Communications - The official journal of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence," and the pertinent section can be found on pages 68-76 of Volume 1, Number 1 in Winter 2015.

Below are the cover and the first three pages of the section mentioned.


Feel free to bookmark or download the document to read the remainder.

Just as Ben and Rob mentioned, the section titled, "It's Time to Embrace Memetic Warfare" discusses the concepts of psychological manipulation through media and the ways in which these deceptive tactics can be used in warfare. The section appears to focus more on definite terrorist groups such as ISIS. However, as we know, the weapons of propaganda and psychological manipulation have been legally used in the United States for several years now. (Read more about that topic here.)

Documents such as these not only prove that subtle means of manipulation are possible, but they prove that official organizations are actively applying these tactics in the real world. By using various methods of psychological suggestion (even through memes), these interests are able to control any facet of the public in any way they choose.

Memetic Warfare at Its Finest

When we think of the efforts we have seen of U.S. intelligence to spread propaganda through media, there is one particular instance we might consider. We may be familiar with the recent meme of Russian bots thrown around by the Deep State-controlled MSM. This meme has been liberally used whenever possible in order to dismiss the millions of citizens who support President Trump.

This claim of Russian manipulation has been maintained regardless of how illogical and unreasonable it has proven to be. But let's break down the issue even further.

By observation, it seems clear that the interests that own the corporate media genuinely hate the president. Whether it is the reporters themselves, MSM executives or various media-connected operatives within U.S. intelligence, the interests behind the media establishment seem to have it out for Donald Trump. Due to gross, visible bias, the media appears to play every trick possible in order to paint the president in a negative light. This includes telling any lie and spinning any story in order to accomplish this goal.

Despite our own personal opinions about the president, we can all agree that it is unprofessional and dishonest to present one's own opinions as fact. To see that multiple professional media companies have each chosen to simultaneously adopt this bias and deplorable standard shows how low the current media/Deep State establishment is willing to stoop in order to get their way.

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We may realize that this claim of Russian bots has been spread far and wide, despite the fact that Russia has in no way been tied to the election of the president, as verified by the very parties who undertook the investigation. Yet the corporate media consistently claims that Russia is interfering with the United States while lacking any evidence to the claim.

The corporate media has arbitrarily claimed that all pro-president rhetoric is counterfeit and that any narrative that disagrees with the opinions of the MSM is the result of Russian interference. This blanket assumption comes across as illogical and unintelligent, and to my knowledge, such a presumptuous claim has never been made so consistently in professional media as to marginalize and demonize patriotism as a whole. This seems to be a largely asinine claim, and upon seeing it, we may wonder just what MSM sources are thinking in making it.

What justification does any party have in making such a baseless, dismissive, and dehumanizing claim against others simply for holding opposing opinions? The answer might be very simple.

This claim of Russian bots appears to be the result of memetic warfare, but even more likely is the possibility that the anti-president interests within media and in intelligence are using the excuse of Russian bots to implement anti-propaganda actions online.

Many of us have grown tired of the anti-president memes. However, the likely reason behind these memes was the intention to use one particular law to silence those who opposed Cabal agendas nationally and abroad.

The bill is titled, H. R. 5181, and was intended, "To counter foreign disinformation and propaganda, and for other purposes." In essence, this bill appears to be designed to forgo any evidence of its own validity while ignoring the fact that out of any other country, the United States is one of the most active countries in the spreading of propaganda, in the interference in foreign elections, and in overall undermining and overthrowing of foreign governments.

Like many of the recent actions by Cabal interests, Bill H. R. 5181 appears to be a mere effort to undermine the president in whatever way possible. Instead of working toward the interests of the country, it appears that media and various interests within government are attempting to take over the country and to attack and demonize everyone that does not agree with its own opinions (similar to Communist China). In my view, this does not at all appear to be ethical in any way. However, it does show us just how memes can be used to manipulate audiences as well as entire governmental structures.

We could go further into these topics, and may at some point. However, for now, let's define the topic of media manipulation from another professional standpoint. To close, here is an excerpt from an article by psychologist, Dr. Samuel López De Victoria (or Dr. Sam for short). Dr. Sam is well versed in the area of psychological manipulation and offers some very interesting insights into the mechanics of human psychology. Let's consider his perspective and how these tactics of media manipulation may have already affected us without us even knowing it.

* * * * *

Source: Dr Sam

Published: February 6, 2012

By: Samuel López De Victoria, Ph.D.

Media Manipulation of the Masses: How the Media Psychologically Manipulates

Even though I have worked in academia for years and have enjoyed the benefits of helping learning minds to expand their horizons, I have had one gnawing concern. Learning institutions typically help students, at best, to make a living but they fail miserably at teaching how to live life. These areas pertain to the realm of accumulated wisdom. Of course, wisdom presupposes knowledge, that is, the correct and consistent application of knowledge as truth. As a behavioral professional and an academic, I wish institutions would teach practical things such as how media, government, religion, and even academia itself, can indoctrinate the masses. For the purpose of this article I will focus on the media (and a little on academia).

I can very much remember talking to journalism students and perusing their text books. I noticed the emphasis on “objective and balanced reporting.” I always laugh. Having been a student who used “qualitative methods of research” I knew very well how every bit of research made by any human being is always tainted at some level with some bias. I know some will have a cow at this but even quantum physicists tell us the same. In the media, even a well-intentioned journalist is affecting his message in some form.

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I would like to focus on how the media can manipulate the masses through their message. You still see journalists reacting, “How dare you question me!” as if they belonged to some privileged priesthood directly connected to a Divine stream of ultimate truth.

I have endeavored to share just some of the tactics of psychological manipulation of mass thinking. Most reading this will easily recognize these. I don’t claim to provide an exhaustive list.

Guilt by Association

All that is necessary to destroy a person’s character publicly is to take that person and overtly or covertly associate them to something the masses will reject. Never mind if it is true or not, simply to question it or make the association is sufficient.

One example that comes to mind is a very clever twist I saw used by a famous newspaper. At the time, a political leader, greatly disliked by the editors of a newspaper, was portrayed in a very interesting way. They put an article and his photo strategically in very close proximity to a picture of a circus clown that was part of some other story. I thought to myself, “Now that tactic wins the prize!” It was very subtle and very subconscious in approach. The ultimate message was, “This person is a clown, therefore laugh at him and consider him non-credible like you would with a clown.”

Another very typical way of using this same tactic is to connect, even if it is through intricate stratagem, the person to some law-breaking, shady, person, organization, or action. Even if it is not true, it will leave a dark cloud of doubt in the mind of the person receiving the information. That is why slander is so effective in destroying enemies. The media will never come out and admit that they do this. They are accountable to no one, much like some sort of immaculate and narcissistic god.

Just a Little Poison

The next way the media tries to manipulate minds is through, what is called, the verisimilitude. Now that is a real mouthful. It means that something is “very similar” to something else. In this case, it is mixing a little poison or a lie with the truth. It is possible to ingest into your body gallons of healthy food. If you simply mix a small amount of extremely powerful poison with it, you would be dead soon. If we graduate the amount of poison into smaller dosages we can do the same over time, at a much slower rate but getting the same results… your demise.

All the media has to do, in order to destroy a person, is to slowly administer lies (poison) about a person mixed in with good things. Eventually, they destroy their enemy and they come out looking like choir boys; clean and glistening.

Make it Funny

I’ve already mentioned how a political leader was made to look like a clown. I remember an influential leader characterized by the media as a bafoon, idiot, and dumb person. I can still see the political cartoons drawn of him making him look like some human monkey creature. Typically, monkeys are funny and into mischief. That message stuck.

Along these lines, photos that show the bad side of a person, and everyone has them, are used to portray enemies as stupid and/or psychotic fools. You can sometimes see this approach when a publication deliberately uses a photo of a person looking cross-eyed or bizarre. The editors choose photos that make the person look their worst. In contrast, when their favorite persons are put on the same page, they are shown in a hero’s stance, making them look their best. Coincidental? Absolutely not!

Making Sandwiches

A great technique to help build self-esteem in people, while correcting them, is called the “sandwich technique.” This approach is amazing because it uses positive reinforcement of the individual before and after you have shared a difficult area they need to change in. This assures to them that you still like them and that you respect them. It makes your message easy to accept with them.

When you take the same technique and switch it around, placing something positive in-between two negative pieces of information, it becomes quite destructive. In the media, you can come out looking objective and with a “pass” if you use this technique while still destroying your enemy. It is one of the most commonly used approaches by the media, in article after article pertaining to persons they dislike. Notice this… All you really need to hurt your opponent is to do a news piece on them. You start and close the report with negativity and doubt. This leaves a black cloud over their character. You get a free pass and you still got to be very nasty. This is like a school bully brat that gets away with murder and yet looks good.

Stacking the Experts

Have you ever noticed on TV a panel of intellectuals, journalists, etc. are chosen carefully where it is in disproportion but still looks balanced? Sometimes it is outrageously blatant and sometimes it is covert. Let’s say we dislike a position but we cannot say so for fear of looking bigoted. We can handpick the majority of our experts that will agree with us. Then we bring only one person that represents the side we dislike. We unload the pit-bull dogs on that person, all the while we look “balanced.”

Ridicule and labeling

I am often amused at the interesting adjectives used by a proponent of one side against the other. We hear words like “racist,” “Nazi,” “?-phobe,” “pin-head,” “antiquated,” “irrelevant,” “killer,” and more. By applying these labels on that person, what happens is that you freeze, isolate, and polarize that person. You make them out to look like they are part of a dangerous, scary, and insane fringe. This process is otherwise known in history as “character assassination.” In this case, it happens in the public forum on full display. Have you ever noticed that if the same is applied to the media, it is considered blasphemy? Who makes the media accountable? No one. They are free to destroy anyone they choose. That is why they secretly fear the internet. The tables can be turned on them by some little guy behind a screen.

Repetition Makes True

Incessant repetition of a lie registers as truth in the mind of the masses. Mass hysteria can be created by repeatedly reporting the dangers of some microbe infesting humans and taking over the world in tones of panic. Some of the most successful tyrants in history used great emotion and repetition to their advantage. Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s propaganda minister said that if “You repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” This brings us to my next point.

Make the Devil Look Like God and God Like the Devil

Hitler himself said, “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.” In this technique, the attacker makes himself look like a benefactor and savior. He twists the sides. Have you ever wondered why the media narcissistically loves to see themselves as the protectors and keepers of truth? It almost has religious indoctrination undertones, doesn’t it? In classical religious literature we are told that the Devil deceives and disguises himself as an angel of light. I call this, characteristically, the reversing of the poles by making black look like white and vice-versa.

Read more at: DrSam.tv
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