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Did Q-Anon Forecast Fake Bomb Threats? - Recent Slew of Alleged Mail Bombs Could Spell Cover for Mass Arrests

The present state of affairs here in the U.S. seems to be one of controlled chaos. The MSM appears to have lost the remainder of its ability to accurately report news and according to extensive evidence, has ramped up its excessive promotion of established propaganda.

At the same time, those who have faithfully subscribed to the MSM have simultaneously lost their composure as well. Yet even as this small portion of society seems to be breaking down, the majority of the people appear to be waking up to the manipulation and are pursuing greater levels of awareness with regard to the truth all around them. These individuals are gaining a level of self-awareness and composure like never before, and are in turn, learning to be observant in the world in order to make a positive difference.

This brings us to the strange and seemingly senseless spectacle the corporate media has brought us as of late.

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This article is the first of a two-part series. The points made within both are very substantial. However, due to length, I thought it best to separate the two in order to give readers a breather in between. Even still, the points within both fit very nicely together, I feel, and make a strong point that the events we've seen in recent news hold much more than many sources have reveal thus far.

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A Little Too Convenient

Isn't it interesting that during one of the most socially turbulent, politically controversial, and nationally unstable moments in history, that a supposed "mad bomber" jumps out of nowhere and smears the image of the president even more than the corporate media already has? 

Just as the sudden (and provably unnatural) tidal wave of migrants/invaders attempts to simultaneously flood the country; just as the FISA declassification (which will likely incriminate numerous Democratic representatives who may be guilty of treason) looks to be imminent, and just prior to the 2018 midterms, suddenly, we see reports of a random suspect who just so happens to be a supporter of President Trump allegedly committing an act that seems just as insane as many of those which democratic representatives have openly committed—coincidentally assisting the MSM in painting the president in a negative light.

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These developments seem very convenient—a little too convenient, according to numerous independent researchers. In fact, there may very well be traceable reasoning behind these recent events, as well as clues as to why these actions took place and who might be responsible.

According to numerous researchers, there is very little about this story of the mysterious packages, the van decorated with pro-Trump stickers, and the man whom the media claimed to be behind them that makes much sense. Even still, the story bears striking resemblance to recent events reported about other alleged bomber suspects. Interestingly enough, that incident included a largely falsified story, fake weapons, and random people whom media dishonestly claimed to be violent criminals.

Past and Present Deception

In 2009, the FBI reported the launch of an extensive investigation and sting operation into possible terrorist activity within the United States. These efforts were focused on preventing any further terrorist attacks in the U.S. following 9/11, or so it was reported. By all appearances, the FBI was diligently pursuing any and all possible domestic threats to safety, and part of this operation involved investigating these potential threats at the city level.

Up until a certain point, the FBI was assumed to be diligently combing American neighborhoods for possible terrorist activity. However, it was later found that these operations were not at all what they were reported to be.

In late 2009, the Bureau claimed to have completed a successful sting operation in the town of Newburgh, NY (ironically, near a Jewish temple). They reported to the press that they were able to thwart a terrorist attack and apprehend the four suspects before these suspects were able to commit their intended acts of violence. However, thanks to the diligent work of HBO documentarians as well as the actual surveillance footage taken by the FBI during this operation, the public learned that the FBI was lying the entire time.

The surveillance footage revealed that the Bureau orchestrated the entire event. There were never any real bombs or weapons, there was no real threat, and no actual terrorists to speak of. Yet the news cameras reported that a real terrorist organization had been stopped and arrested.

(You can read more about these events by clicking here.)

The reality of dishonesty and corruption within the United States intelligence apparatus is well-known among alternative communities. This corruption is suspected to be the cause of many of the alleged false flag attacks which have occurred in recent years. According to reports, these events did not simply take place once in Newburgh, NY. They happen on a semi-regular basis.

During these operations, various intelligence agencies actually create mock situations in which violent events are either simulated, or actual violence is orchestrated by these agents using parties who are instructed and guided before, during, and sometimes after these events occur. Afterward, the entire operation is concealed from the public while a contrived story is reported by the MSM in place of the truth.

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Thanks to the raw surveillance footage submitted by the FBI, this exact scenario was depicted in the documentary referenced above, The Newburgh Sting.

The knowledge of the real corruption within the American intelligence community has been the main catalyst for the skepticism which many independent researchers employed while examining recent news reports. This skepticism is especially applied when observing news of violent or dangerous incidents which appear to be politically motivated.

In any typical situation, it is the countless inconsistencies included within these stories which reveal that either the agencies involved are lying in some way, the media is lying, or both media and intelligence agencies are working together in order to achieve some unspoken (and usually self-advantageous) agenda.

By all appearances, these signs of staged and false events appear en mass within the alleged case of Cesar Altieri Sayoc. Yet as we look closer, we may find that even these signs of inconsistency have much more to reveal to us than even alternative sources have gleaned.

Predictions from Q?

As we have seen, the 8Chan posts from the source, Q Anon, can be particularly enigmatic. At times, this source speaks in more definite terms with fairly clear reference points included. Yet other times, it is difficult to know what exactly is being communicated. One statement could be completely vague and yet hold extreme significance for future events, while another can seem significant and yet be largely inconsequential. This sometimes makes it difficult to know what is being communicated and whether or not a statement gives possible hints into future plans for Alliance operations.
Upon seeing the recent slew of alleged mail bombs, one particular trend from within the Q posts seems to stand out. This was the statement, "BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM," made on a number of occasions over the course of several months. Here are a few examples.

This strange series of statements seems to be rather significant, but only toward events that transpired prior to the recent and apparently fake mail bomb reports. Yet, what if this statement—in its multiple versions—was a reference to something more than the events to which they originally appeared to apply on 8Chan?

In past months, the Q posts have had a way of being extremely accurate in their ability to predict future events. However, these predictions are not typically revealed to be accurate until after the events occur.

There are several possibilities we might consider with regard to the backstory of these reports about the (non) mail bomber.

We might narrow the situation down to three general scenarios: This operation could have been committed as another Deep State attempt to control the narrative of events here in the West. These events could have also been created by the White Hats within the Alliance in order to help bring down the propaganda machine of the MSM. Thirdly, the events surrounding these fake bomb incidents could have been a complex combination of competing operations executed by both White Hats and Dark Hats.

If these BOOM statements were intended to hint at the recent slew of fake bombing incidents, the statements could represent a very key moment in the fight against the Deep State. These repeated signs could depict possible knowledge of future plans of Cabal operations, or possible plans of the Alliance to conduct complex operations themselves in delivering their final blow to the Cabal.

Smear Tactics and Ulterior Motives

It could be that these events represented an extremely poor attempt at a smear operation against the political right. Considering the fact that nearly everything the Deep State has reportedly attempted through the Democratic party (along with the unlikelihood that any such attempts would allow Democratic representatives to save face) it would make sense that these parties would initiate any type of publicity stunt which would make their opposition look worse than they currently do. Yet if this operation was intended to smear Republicans in some way, it does not appear to have been very successful.

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To add, according to the various details reported by the MSM, it does not appear that traditional Republicans were the actual target of this attempted smear.

When we look at the van which news claimed belonged to Cesar Sayoc, it is clear who the target of these efforts likely were. It seems as though the alternative media and those who follow Q Anon updates were actually the target of these smearing efforts. We can easily see this, considering the strange series of collages/banners plastered across every single window of the van alleged to belong to Sayoc.

There appear to be images of Trump, Mike Pence, and a significant amount of signs which clearly communicate a pro-Trump political stance. On top of this, there appears to be an image of a UFO, and various images of leftist personalities with targets over their faces. This might make perfect sense to a person who does not think about the information they are presented from corporate media. However, for anyone who is analytical in mind, this display may be, at best, completely ridiculous.

The Broken Stories of the MSM

The corporate media expects us to believe that the recent slew of reports of bombs supposedly mailed to various Democratic representatives, to George Soros, to actor, Robert Deniro, and to CNN headquarters were actually committed by an individual who, by all appearances, had no intent to escape or to hide the fact of his actions.

It was also reported that Sayoc is a "white supremacist," that he has been open about his hate for minorities and that he is a registered Republican. These reported details seemed extremely convenient, considering the fact that the corporate media has used these assumed characteristics to smear Trump supporters ever since the 2016 election.

The numerous reports from the corporate media seemed very serious and spared no detail of what they claimed was a true and authentically dangerous situation. However, just as in post 9/11 news reports, there were numerous pieces to this puzzle which the MSM seems to have ignored.

As we can see, these are not actually individual stickers. They appear to be large window banners similar to those we would find in the window of a restaurant or store. They appear to be professionally designed, printed, and applied by parties who have much more interest in painting the president in a negative light than a lone (non) bomber. Again, why would a serial bomber want to advertise their intentions prior to committing several federal crimes?

To add, upon further investigation, we find that Cesar is not actually entirely Caucasian. He is actually half Filipino, and strangely enough, he identifies as a member of the Seminole Indian tribe, though the actual tribe council has never heard of him. This directly contradicts the notion that he is an active "white supremacists," by the standard definition of the term. To a notable news source, Sayoc's mental state might be taken into question before his opinions on other ethnic groups might.

Upon closer examination, the news of this supposed bomber did not at all add up. The packages, the van, the lack of motive, and the overall senselessness of the reported actions of the suspect, combined with the lack of apparent interest of the corporate media to report the entire story does not constitute the details of an authentic event.

When we analyze the reports of this apparent distraction/non-event (particularly about the van the suspect drove), a number of questions may come to mind.

• Where did these decals come from and why have we never seen anyone cover their windows with stickers so excessively?

• Why do none of the stickers show any sign of fading due to prolonged exposure to the sun?

• Why would an authentic contributor to 8Chan—a website designed to specifically for anonymous posts—publicly post all of their interests from the site on their vehicle for all to see?

• Why would a Florida resident deliberately break the law for a year straight by obstructing their view while driving, especially when they plan to go on a bombing spree?

• Why would any criminal go on a bombing spree without bothering to attempt to escape authorities? And why would they deliberately make it so ridiculously easy to find and arrest them?

It is difficult to know where to begin with regard to the number of ridiculous mistakes that appear to have been made with this alleged serial non-bombing incident. However, the above questions might be a good place to start. A few further questions might be...

• Why did Cesar Sayoc switch party registrations (Democrat to Republican, according to reports) just before this event occurred?
• Why does it seem so advantageous to Democratic representatives that this man allegedly committed these acts just before midterms and just as the country is facing what appears to be an attempted sabotage by mass invasion?

• Why so much convenience for the DNC when they have seen nothing but embarrassment thus far?

We may look at these events and consider that there is more to the situation than the corporate media has reported. Once again, there are too many holes within this story to make it very believable for any observant individual.

Along with these details, there appears to be a deliberate intent behind the Cabal-controlled media to use the fallacy of guilt by association within reports of this story in order to smear the president in yet another way. Like many unflattering events in the recent past, this alleged bombing event is being used to claim that the actions of one man are the fault of another. Simply put, grown adults are no longer responsible for their own actions. Instead, it is Donald Trump who is responsible for the destructive actions of Americans, according to the latest media rhetoric.

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The overall goal of claiming that the president is now the sole cause of every misfortune in the world seems to be the underlying message of MSM opinionists as of late. Even though the proposition borders on insanity and has never been considered a standard for another American president, this narrative has become normalized within modern pseudo-news.

The most recent attempts at the use of guilty by associate fallacy can be seen in the way the media is reporting the tragic shooting that followed this apparent failed attempt at demonizing the president. This shooting false flag at the Pittsburgh synagogue appeared to have been designed to accomplish that which the fake bomber incident failed to do.

We can see this use of guilt by association in the misdirected anger aimed at the president after the shooting was committed by a reported Trump-hating Nazi. We might keep in mind that it is normal for a president to visit any location following any national tragedy. Yet thanks to the gross failure of the corporate media to remain even the least bit convincing in their reporting, this fallacy has not been very effective. At this point, only the deepest of sleepers seem to still be interested in blindly buying such narratives from the MSM.
By all appearances, there is not much substance to this narrative of the fake Trump-loving bomber. However, considering the fact that the intelligence establishment has executed provably fake bombing events in the past, there may be a good deal we can learn from these recent incidents. ...But more on this in the next article.

In Part II, we will discuss more about the possible reasoning behind these strange occurrences as well as the likelihood that these events were used to make significant progress toward mass arrests of Cabal agents, if not actual arrests themselves. For now, here is a statement from President Trump about the capture and prosecution of the alleged bomber. Within this statement, there appear to be messages similar to the cryptic hints which the president has given in the past—particularly on the subject of Q Anon.

Trump on Arrest of Mail Bomb Suspect: 'Americans must unify'

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