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DISCOVERY: Living in Cities Makes People Mentally Ill, While Living in the Country Improves Health and Can Lengthen Lifespans

Source: Natural News

Published: April 04, 2017

By: Russel Davis

(Natural News) A recent analysis commissioned by Friends of the Earth Europe finds that living in the countryside offers greater health benefits than living in the city. Researchers at the Institute for European Environmental Policy examined data from more than 200 academic studies and finds that living in the countryside — where green, open spaces can be easily accessed — may help cut the risk of premature death and certain diseases. Conversely, living in heavily-polluted cities may raise the risk of these conditions, the analysis shows. The results of the analysis support previous findings that residing in industrialized cities and urban areas could be a primary risk factor for a host of adverse health conditions.

According to the review, people living in regions with lush vegetation and open spaces are less likely to suffer depression or obesity than those living in cities. Data also shows that people with easy access to open fields and trees have a 16% lower death rate than those living in urban jungles. Researchers also find that pregnant women who live in areas with more trees and open spaces gave birth to children with much healthier sizes. These findings suggest that increased opportunity for physical activity and reduced exposure to ambient air pollution may be the reasons behind the positive health effects of living in the countryside.

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“The evidence is strong and growing that people and communities can only thrive when they have access to nature. We all need nature in our lives, it gives us freedom and helps us live healthily; yet deprived communities are routinely cut off from nature in their surroundings and it is suffocating for their well-being,” says Friends of the Earth Europe campaigner Robbie Blake.

Previous studies establish link between environment, health

The recent analysis is only one of many studies that have demonstrated the environment’s effects on the body’s overall health. For instance, a study published in the journal Science reveals that gallbladder surgery patients who had bedside windows overlooking leafy trees had faster recovery than those who only saw a brick wall. Patients who had access to bedside windows also required fewer pain relievers and showed less post-surgical complications, the study shows.

Harvard University researchers also find that people living in urban jungles have a 12% higher death rate than those living in areas with access to green spaces. A review of 110,000 women shows that those who live in urbanized areas are at an increased risk of developing cancer and respiratory conditions. On the other hand, those who live in the greenest areas had a 13% lower rate of cancer-related death, and a 34% lower rate of respiratory disease-related mortality.

Another review published in BMC Public Health shows that walking or running in natural green spaces results in reduced anger, fatigue, and depression as well as improved attention levels compared with doing so in a synthetic environment.

Having more trees in a city block may help improve health perception in residents, according to an Ontario Health Study. Researchers say this trees lend to people perceiving certain events more positively, which in turn leads to a healthier immune system. Interestingly, positive perception can also lead to an annual personal income increase of $10,000.

The study also shows that having 11 more trees in a neighborhood helps cut the rates of cardio-metabolic conditions. This is comparable to being 1.4 years younger or a raise in annual personal income of $20,000.

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The research, invention, and innovation of modern society have gifted humanity with a myriad of conveniences. We have running water, electrical power grids, and semi-convenient transportation. Yet even with this convenience, modern civilization has had a way of denying our natural identity, our health, and our very foundation of existence on this planet.

This connection with nature has become so divorced from our present existence that when we see its remnants, we hardly recognize it. The contact between ourselves and those who are still unified with the natural world can quite literally be like meeting people from another world.

There does not appear to be any dire need for us to change to such extremes that we detach ourselves entirely from all aspects of modernization. However, there is much to be said about the clear need for us to find a balance between our modern technological development and connection with our natural roots.

Below is a lecture from one of the very few Amazonian natives to come to the Western world to speak about relations between developed society and the Native civilizations. Nixiwaka Yawanawa is a rare individual with an equally rare perspective about natural preservation, natural healing, tribal living, and the need for modern society to find ways to coexist with those who preserve the natural roots of civilization itself. By listening to the ancient wisdom of people such as Yawanawa, we can learn a great deal about ourselves and the extensive shamanic knowledge which the people of the Amazon have to share.

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