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Q-PROOFS ABOUND - Global Developments Verify Q Anon as Massive and Visible Changes Unfold

The principle which Q Anon has repeatedly stated over time appears to be holding true. In numerous cases over the past several months, future is, in fact, proving past.

The term, Q-proofs, has gained significant popularity among truthers in the recent weeks and months, particularly because of the strange and seemingly coordinated attacks against Q—both from the MSM and a handful of questionable alternative sources. This is most likely due to the fact that this anonymous source has become a significant catalyst for unity, societal awareness, and independent thought among U.S. citizens, and each of these traits has historically played a vital role in liberating populations from tyrannical control.

It is also interesting to see the corporate media and these questionable sources fallaciously attacking Q via ad hominem. This fallacy (and a number of others) is known to be a normal tactic used by compromised, and oftentimes, financially motivated sources in order to squelch any grassroots movement that threatens the established order.

Yet despite these smearing efforts, time is proving that to a large extent, Q Anon—for what this mysterious source is worth—has been exceptionally helpful in an increasing number of ways.

Two of the most telling statements from Q have been repeated numerous times in the past—oftentimes, just weeks apart from one another. Both of these statements pertained to future occurrences within mainstream news and in politics, and could initially be seen on the 4Chan website during the latter months of last year.

According to research, the final statement above may have pertained
to Q's intent to move to 8Chan after 4Chan was compromised.

When these statements (highlighted) were first made by the Q source, no one really understood what they meant. As in most of these posts, much of the information presented is highly cryptic at best, leading readers to do their own research and to delve deeper into the unappreciated topics which Q addresses.

We may remember the film series, The Godfather, and that in the third installment of this trilogy, the plot involved the main character working to uncover corruption within the Catholic Church. This is extremely interesting, considering the fact that this reference was consistently made by Q Anon for nearly a year before the recent revelations of gross corruption within the Catholic Church in the real world. (We will discuss this topic in greater detail in a moment.)

Also, consider the statement, “We are in control.” These iconic words from Q made quite a few waves when first published on the 8Chan website (successor to the 4Chan website which was compromised some time after the first Q posts gained significant visibility). They caused readers to question who Q was actually referring to by stating we and to wonder just what this party (or parties) had taken control of. Not long after these questions were asked, news reports began to emerge proving that somehow, Q Anon knew about significant global developments before they even occurred.

These apparent predictions could not have been randomly guessed upon by the Average Joe LARPer, and yet both of these predictions, though somewhat vague, turned out to be spot-on accurate references to the events we have witnessed in recent news (nearly a year later).

Exposing Hillary

The number of drastic and yet positive changes we have witnessed in the last week has been almost unbelievable. Within the arenas of politics, in the judicial world, within the investigation of government criminals, and the various disclosures of all of these, the sudden and yet clear signs of progress have been jaw-dropping.

Recent news has reveals the fact that Hillary Clinton no longer appears to be invulnerable to legal prosecution. In a recent expose, it was revealed that Clinton's involvement in the leaking of classified documents to foreign interests may have led to the torture and murders of at least twenty CIA agents in China.

Reporters suggested that the leaking of email data was accidental and yet these leaks directly led to the deaths of the CIA operatives. The idea of this accidental leakage came from two tweets by the President which suggested Hillary's mishandling of the classified intel. However, this explanation does not at all appear to make sense.

If an individual knowingly removes classified information from a secured government server, it is very clear that they know the risk they are taking. After all, government officials do not typically acquire security clearances without knowing what they are getting into. They know it is irresponsible, dangerous, and illegal to leak classified information to anyone, especially a foreign government. Consequently, it is likely that Clinton's leaking of sensitive American information was deliberate—granted that she was competent in her job description and that her security clearance was well-deserved.

What was most interesting about this disclosure was the fact that the corporate media no longer seems interested in presenting the former Secretary of State as unconditionally innocent in every instance of past (alleged) criminal activity. It appears that this is one of many revelations that is beginning to show the American public the truth behind the former official's questionable career choices and that most of these choices ran counter to human welfare and national security.

Sealed Indictments

The well-known detail of the massive number of sealed indictments mounting behind the scenes has been most interesting to truth-seekers. Since the first appearances of the Q posts, these sealed documents have served as evidence that the highly anticipated prosecutions of high-profile criminals were not simply idealistic fluff.

According to the Federal Judicial Center, the normal number of federal-level sealed indictments in effect is typically minuscule in comparison to the total number of active court cases in process. In other words, the number of court cases that end up being sealed are significantly low. However, when viewing the table below and after verifying these numbers to be accurate information from the website, we may begin to realize that the present legal situation on a federal level is anything but normal.

These numbers are miles above the typical count for sealed indictments normally handled by the Federal Judicial Center in any given year. Though a number of mainstream sources have lied in claiming that such high numbers are typical, according to extensive research into PACER data, we may find that this is not at all the case. 

Multiple sources have speculated that these indictments are intended for suspects of child and human trafficking, of corrupt political figures, high-profile billionaire pedophiles in Hollywood and other establishments, and a number of other grossly corrupt characters within elitist circles.

There is much mystery behind this situation. However, considering the massive amount of political corruption which has plagued the United States for the last century, this number of prosecutions seems about right.
Many of us are familiar with the group known as the Deep State, the Cabal, or the Illuminati and have been for a good while now. We may also know that this group of billionaires considers themselves to be superior to the rest of humanity.

According to research, this Cabal also believes humanity to be a plague on the planet that needs to be controlled and even eradicated. This cult has even blatantly stated their intent to reduce the world population by 2/3 on the infamous Georgia Guidestones, and according to evidence, they have been actively pursuing these goals through various corporate means for years.

Fortunately, there have been enough people in government, military, and within the general population who are aware of these intentions, and these people have stood up against such efforts. It is highly suspected that the names within these sealed indictments include members of the criminal cult that has worked so diligently to destroy the planet.

Catholic Church Disclosure and Cover-Up

Perhaps one of the more unnerving disclosures of modern times is on the subject of the Catholic Church. The scandalous disclosures of thousands of cases of rape and sexual assault upon thousands of children over the course of decades presented the public with a shocking (and yet somehow expected) picture into the dark reality that is the Catholic Church. To add, it was equally appalling to see the reaction of Pope Francis after facing the accusation that he helped to cover up these crimes against the children.

Following the revelation of the normalized pedophilia and sexual misconduct against children within the Catholic Church, the Pope blew the entire accusation off. As per the typical reaction from the Church, the Pope claimed that those who seek justice and answers for the crimes of priests are only interested in seeking scandal. In this way, the Pope used a blatantly fallacious tactic of avoiding the issue—ignoring the crimes and hypocrisy at the foundation of the very organization which claims to represent Christ on Earth.

Instead of addressing the gross hypocrisy and indecency of high-ranking Catholic representatives, the Pope suggested that the world observe a moment of silence and prayer on the matter of political division—an issue that has nothing to do with the accusations at hand. In this way, the Pope has ignored the needs of thousands of children and allowed these crimes to continue. Just like a crooked politician, the Pope has turned his back on the children—children which Jesus himself believed were one of the highest priorities on Earth.

See also - HISTORICAL BOMBSHELL - Vatican Official Accuses Pope Francis of Covering Up Sexual Abuse, Calls for Resignation - Article and Commentary

Where Jesus stated, "Let the little children come and do not hinder them. For the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these," the Pope has, in essence, told the children they do not matter—that other matters in the world take priority over their protection. This appears to be a direct contradiction of the very text the Catholic Church claims to be sacred.

In a way, it is a good thing that the Pope has behaved in an authentic way in response to these heinous revelations. By ignoring crimes against the most innocent of victims, the Pope has shown the world the very strong possibility that he is only an actor who claims to be righteous when in reality, he and the rest of the upper echelons of the Church may be little more than cultist pedophiles.

It may be that only those who are most heavily indoctrinated in the group-think of religious Catholicism will blindly obey the words of the Pope without bothering to evaluate what is actually happening.

Confronting the Fascist Group, ANTIFA

Ever since the election of Donald Trump, it seems that the corporate media, as well as representatives of the Democratic Party, have turned to increasingly destructive standards of conduct. Instead of relying upon civil discourse and discussion as in past years, the Democrats have apparently resorted to violence, bullying, and general opposition to the American Constitution.

These degraded standards can be seen in the way in which public officials have overtly instigated violence against everyone who disagrees with them. It can be seen in the way in which representatives such as California Democratic Rep., Maxine Waters, basically compelled the public to adopt a mob mentality and encouraged citizens to harass and bully public officials. This lawless standard can also be seen in the way in which domestic terrorist groups have replaced the civil discourse of the past.

The name Anti-Fascist, by all appearances, is only a name. The tactics of the infamous gang known as ANTIFA has defined itself as a group that demonstrates violent tactics more fascist than any other group in American history.

To think that in a civilized country, a gang of assailants could put on masks and make a habit out of physically assaulting and attacking anyone suspected of disagreeing with the Democratic narrative is appalling. These gangs do not at all appear to come from a modern American society. Instead, they appear to hail from Nazi Germany in the way they employ and promote fascism while claiming to oppose it.

What better way to promote the fascist standards of the past than to claim to oppose them?

Similarly, in the early 1900s, a Hindu sign of peace...

Was perverted and turned into a Nazi sign of war and genocide...

And was then embraced by leftists who now promote Nazism
(Nationalist-Socialism) while claiming to oppose it.

The boldness and brazen disregard for civilized society which ANTIFA has displayed have raised concerns over a good portion of the citizenry. To add, the lack of any opposition from Democratic officials has revealed the strong possibility that officials actually like the fact that their opinions are being violently forced upon a supposedly free society. These standards have clearly defined themselves as un-American, uncivilized and criminal in nearly every way, and according to recent changes within law enforcement, it looks as though ANTIFA gang members are about to receive the retort they have so consistently requested.

A recent executive order issued by the President may give police the authority to carry military-grade weaponry to oppose violent gangs such as ANTIFA granted the situation requires it. This military equipment was shown to be a rather unsavory component to many police precincts during the last few years of Obama. This was because the public spectacle of Ferguson, MS and the protests that followed left a bitter taste in the mouths of many citizens.

The removal of this equipment from various police precincts appeared to be a positive move, considering that many countries around the world adopted the same stormtrooper apparel while completely lacking the integrity to use it ethically. Due to the fact that there did not appear to be any need to militarize police at that time, it may have been wise to remove it from the hands of American police. However, now, the social environment has changed.

They have already physically assaulted unarmed citizens simply for disagreeing with them,
just like the Communist Party of 1930s Germany.
We might also keep in mind that Democratic representatives
 have not denounced anything ANTIFA has done thus far
(with the exception of one case).

At first, there did not appear to be any need for police to be so heavily armed. However, considering the presence of violent anarchists such as ANTIFA, it may be wise to prepare police for encounters such as these. We may have seen recent news reports of ANTIFA carrying firearms during their marches. Considering the fact that this group has shamelessly demonstrated violent criminal behavior in the past, let's hope that any future encounter will not end as badly as these violent characters have seemingly attempted to provoke.

It is encouraging to see that the criminal activities of extremist leftism are now receiving legal opposition. Because of such opposition, we may look forward to the bad eggs being taken out of the equation so that the rest of the American people can continue the much-needed political discussion free from barbarism and intimidation.

New Mexico Jihadists

The prosecution of the New Mexico jihadists was yet another sign that control has been taken out of the hands of the Deep State and given to those willing to enact justice. When citizens first saw the numerous suspects within the camp being acquitted and released without any recourse from the local judge, the people were appalled. Not only did the corporate media appear to care nothing about domestic terrorists planning on killing untold numbers of children by school shootings, but apparently, the local law enforcement cared nothing either.

Due to the complete lack of adherence to protocols, the Taos police department showed little to no concern over the dire situation which the jihadist camp revealed. However, thanks to the FBI, these suspects, if proven guilty could be doing quite a bit of time in a federal prison.

Though the FBI does appear to be serious about this investigation, some citizens may be nervous about the past failures of the Bureau to stop any of the mass shootings which have taken place after the numerous anti-terrorist measures were heavily enforced following 9/11. In fact, in many cases, federal agents may have actually assisted would-be shooter suspects in committing their acts of violence. However, this case appears to be different.
If the FBI were up to its old tricks, why would they advertise the fact that they were taking the ball in this situation? If there was any foul play going on behind the scenes, there would be little advantage in broadcasting the FBI's oversight in the case. Their openness with their involvement seems to suggest a sincere intent to follow through with a thorough investigation and trial procedure. After all, it would be in the Bureau's best interests to paint themselves as an effective and competent agency, in contrast to their recent reputation.

If the FBI is in the hands of competent people with the intent to see justice done, this would be an extremely good thing. It also suggests that the quote from the Q Anon website was largely true. It does appear that to a large degree, the people and the white hats are now in control in this case. It also suggests that in the case of the New Mexico jihadists, the American people can obtain some real answers as to the true intent behind various other domestic terrorist organizations.

Further Developments

According to numerous sources, the above changes are only a small sliver of the true scope of the progress being made toward the liberation of the U.S. and the planet from elitist control. We may be aware that the criminal Cabal/Deep State has influenced not only the U.S. but the entire world. Their long-running games of predatory capitalism have been used as a weapon against free populations for decades.

These criminals have used various conglomerates of corporations to seize funds and resources from nearly every developing country on the planet. In so doing, they have ensured that only their own business partners and financial contributors have influence over global commerce and politics.

This corporate conglomerate also commandeered the entirety of the American intelligence system, according to reports. Instead of these agencies working for the people, intelligence agencies have been used to advance the business interests of the elitist Cabal of criminals. This was the status quo for a number of decades. However, the election of President Trump has thrown a wrench into the gears of this parasitic, global monopoly.

In fact, at this point, only within days of the publishing of this article, multiple sources agree that the intelligence apparatus is now controlled by the good guys once again. The global alliance which is composed of the military forces and intelligence agencies of all the countries the Deep State has wronged has now acquired control over the entire spying apparatus, and this has left the Deep State deaf, dumb, and blind, according to sources.

This acquisition of numerous spy satellites appears to have been referred to in the recent Q Anon posts on the 8Chan website.

One anonymous 8Chan poster inquired about the reference to Snow White.
Q appears to confirm the reference.

Here are several past Q posts stating that Snow White is offline.

What is even more interesting is the fact that the Godfather III scenario along with the apprehension of Snow White (i.e., the intelligence apparatus) appears to be a huge Q-proof in that these statements have been included at the end of at least 20 different Q posts dating back to last November.

By all appearances, those behind Q somehow knew of the plan to take down the pedophilic Catholic Church (the plot line of the movie Godfather III). If the shutdown and apprehension of the American spying apparatus did just occur, it seems that the Q group knew that was coming as well. In these cases, it does not at all make sense for a LARPer to get so lucky so many times with so many different world-changing events. Common sense tells us that those behind Q were somehow involved in the events leading up to these revelations.

To add, when we combine all of the subjects contained in past posts with these references in focus, we may find that eventually, all of the data needed to prove these statements accurate will be revealed as a result of recent Alliance operations.

Along with the news of this positive acquisition, reports of the complete shutdown of the central bank have come from various sources. If this is true, it means that the entire foundation of the Cabal control has been eliminated as well. (Clicking here to read more about the details of global financial control.)

Additionally, some intel sources, claim that the new financial system is up and ready to be implemented in only a week's time. If this is true, this may be some of the best news we have heard all year. However, these details regarding the central bank have yet to be proven valid.
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