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The 2018 Lion’s Gate and Dragon’s Gate - An Exploration of Ascension and Acceleration - Metatronic Frequency Report

It is good to see that certain sources chose to write about the concepts of the Lion's Gate and Dragon's Gate. From what I had seen, up until this point, there were a number of sources that mentioned the occurrence of these gates, but none of these went into much detail about what these gates were. Up to this point, we have remained largely ignorant of the historical significance of these energetic cosmic gates.

What Are They?

There are a number of sources who claim that the Lion's Gate is the first of a series of cosmic gateways through which the Earth and possibly our entire solar system is traveling. These gates are believed to be increasing in energetic intensity and in their potential to affect humanity and the planet as a whole. In a big way, it may be that these gateways are a part of what is accelerating ascension, whether they are affecting our sun by changing its energetic output, our consciousness as human beings, or through some other energetic influence.

According to sources, these gates are providing the entirety of humanity with the opportunity to face itself. Each individual is being given the chance to go within and absolve themselves of any and every emotional, mental, and energetic issue which they have avoided up until this point. These sources claim that our ability to clear ourselves of past baggage will determine our ability to weather the waves of change as they envelop the planet.

The Lion's Gate is said to be preliminary to the Dragon's Gate. As the Dragon's Gate opens, humanity will be given the opportunity to see all that which was hidden until now on a person, societal, institutional, and global level as well.

The details may differ somewhat depending upon which sources we frequent, but in general, the principles of these cosmic gates appear to be consistent among these sources


Some sources caution the audience that these gates can be hazardous to those who chose to hold onto various issues. It is never specified as to what may happen to those who avoid their due diligence in this inner work. However, if we were to speculate, there may be some type of acceleration of physical ailments and illnesses due to an individual's lack of willingness to let go of all dis-ease within them.

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As we may know, our physical, emotional, and mental health issues can affect our overall energetic health in significant ways. According to various spiritual practices from around the world, there is an intrinsic link between the spirit body and the more-tangible aspects of the self. Due to this connection, the natural health of an individual can affect the health of all the others. The state of the entire being as a whole comprises the spiritual well-being of the individual.

If this is true, it means that our emotional, mental, and physical issues may have an energetic root. In fact, according to many verified studies in science and medicine, they very much can, at least on a physical level. This can mean that if we are facing physical, emotional, or mental turmoil in our lives, it may help to focus on our spiritual needs instead of remaining stuck in a materialistic perspective.


With regard to the post below, we cannot confirm or deny anything that is mentioned here, as most of this information comes from channeled sources. We can, however, evaluate the information presented and observe the collective outcome on a personal, societal, and global level so that we can compare the various world developments to the information here. If we choose to view our sources from a journalistic or materialistic perspective, this may help our search.

From a spiritual perspective, we can take these details to heart and see what comes through during meditation with regard to the interpretations below. Naturally, each of us may come to a different conclusion about the Lion's Gate and Dragon's Gate phenomena. Since these topics are more on the side of the abstract, they tend to be flexible with regard to their meaning. This flexibility within spiritual concepts provides us with the opportunity to enjoy the experience and contribute to it our own energy and creative potential.

* * * * *

Source: Shambahalla and New Earth

Published: August 10, 2018

By: Essence Ka tha'ras

2018 Lion’s Gate, Dragon’s Gate: Metatronic Frequency Report

Information in this Report covers the Metatronic Numerology Frequency Reports for the 2018 Lion’s Gate and Dragon’s Gate.

Life has been busy, causing time to become short for me to share this information. More detailed information will follow later.

* * * * *

A lot of the information I am about to share in this report and subsequent reports in the next few days and weeks will not agree with information long held in this belief system. Some people will resonate with it and experience excitement because it finally answers questions they have been asking as of late. Other people will not resonate with it at all and just walk on by, while others will experience cognitive dissonance because it’s just too far outside of their current comfort zone. And all of this is fine and as it should be. I’m not here to try and change anyone’s beliefs. I am simply doing what I know is my Sacred Contractual Work; sharing information and knowledge.

* * * * *

There is so much information I will not be able to share all the details in this report. As it stands now it will be well over 2,500 words… a much longer report than most people will even take the time to read in this day and age. I will be sharing more information in the near future; because believe me… 


Let’s start with the information that says the maximum open point (date) of the 2018 Lion’s Gate did not occur on August 8th, but instead will occur on August 11th.

Note: August 8th began the maximum open point of this year’s Lion’s Gate; strongest energies are felt three days prior to full opening, the day of full opening, and three days past full opening; with the “day of full opening” obviously being the strongest.

Basic Explanation

You can look at this date change much like you would view knowing your astrological sign vs. having access to your full astrological chart.

Let’s say you’re a Leo. Knowing your astrological sign is Leo gives you access to general information, or you can have your astrological chart done and know you’re a Leo with a Capricorn Rising, the position of planets, your mid-heaven, etc. and have access to much more detailed information.

* * * * *

Where did this information come from?

For those of you who are not familiar with me or my work, I AM Essence Ka tha’ras. A large part of my Sacred Contractual Work in this lifetime is to bring back Ancient-Future Knowledge into the Consciousness of Humanity at this time on Earth. Part of that knowledge is Metatronic Numerology and all the information and knowledge it opens for us.

Metatronic Numerology is an Advanced form of the Sacred Art of Multidimensional Numerology from our Ancient-Future.

This form of Sacred Numerology is something we, humanity of Earth, once utilized, but lost access to as Humanity descended deeper into the lower frequency realms of physical manifest form.

Having been held in safe keeping in the Sacred Ancient/Future City of Light of Shambahalla it is now being gifted to humanity once again.

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I have been practicing and sharing information about Metatronic Numerology since late 2011-early 2012. Before that, I was a traditional Numerologist for close to 30 years before I began receiving information on Metatronic Numerology.

Just as I have done for the last several years I was preparing to write the Lion’s Gate & Dragon’s Gate Frequency Reports. I started a week or better in advance of the traditional date of August 8th writing this report. Having finished all the calculations for determining the frequencies for these two events, two things transpired. 1: I kept having a feeling that something was off about this year’s Lion’s Gate and Dragon’s Gatereports. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was, but it just wouldn’t go away. 2: Situations in everyday life kept getting in the way of me being able to complete writing the reports.

Then, just before midnight on August 6th, Spirit brought new information my way that suddenly made everything make sense and those uneasy feelings went away.

That something was the work of a gentleman named Grayham Forscutt. Over the past 35 years he has developed an advanced form of astrology known as “Galactic Astrology”. One of his websites is

His work, this Galactic Astrology, is Galactic Centre orientated charts drawn from the Sun’s perspective but interpreted from the perspective of the Milky Way Centre, and accesses information that helps Starseeds remember their mission.

He had just shared a chart drawn for the 2018 Lion’s Gate. Here is an image of that chart.

This chart was the answer I had been looking for. It made the calculations and information I had received fall into line like they should.

Before we move on to this year’s Lion’s Gate and Dragon’s Gate Metatronic Numerology Frequency Reports and what all they can tell us about what we can expect to begin experiencing in the next twelve months let me just list a few things of significance.

All these changes we are now moving into in this time known as the Era of New Beginnings and New Knowledge have a connection to, not only each other, but to other events as well.

Here is a list of a few of those.

A connection to events 60,000 years ago.

Mars, Earth, Sun Alignments

Metonic Solar Eclipse Cycles and Series starting 76 years ago.

Harmonic Convergence (1987) & Harmonic Concordance (2003)

The Eclipse Season ending on August 11th with the Partial Solar Eclipse that day.

The 7 Sisters of the Sacred Silence & the Gem Constellation

An alignment with an Ancient-Future Galactic Magnetic Field and our Solar System.

At least five new frequencies are now being gifted to our planet; frequencies we have not experienced before in this present Collective Reality.

The coming on line, beginning during the opening of the Dragon’s Gate this year, of a new etheric energy Core for Earth; known as “The Emerald Core”. (read information about this New Emerald Core at the link shared here… “The New Emerald Core”. To understand more about the new “Emerald Core” read the following articles…

“Emerald Core”

“The Ancient-Future Legend of the Gem Constellation & the 7 Sisters of the Sacred Silence”

Here are the Metatronic Numerology I AM keyword phrases for the five new frequencies; all of which have been gifted to Earth and Humanity since the end of June 2018.

7/22 Dual – I AM the Intelligence of Spirit Indwelling in Self. I possess the Vision of Spirit through which Knowledge of the Building of Sacred Structure is Known

5/111 Dual – I AM Change. I Activate and Anchor Conception of Multidimensionality into the Realms of Physical Matter

5/44 Dual – I AM the Power of Metamorphosis. I Fearlessly Create Change and Anchor it into Physical Matter

11/000 – I AM the Truth of Multidimensionality Illumined and Awakened

2/88 Dual – I AM Seated Firmly in the Understanding of Sacred Geometry and Divine Engineering. I AM Knowledge Comprehended and Shared

Here you can find a bit of information on three of these New Frequencies….

“Calling All Energy Masters”


* * * * *

Lion’s Gate

If you would like more detailed information about the frequencies listed in this report simply type the frequency into the search box on my website and read information listed in older reports. Example: type… “8/11 Dual” in the search box.

The Metatronic Numerology Frequencies specific to the 2018 Lion’s Gate are as follows.

Main: 8/22 Dual Frequency, 88 Sub Frequency and a 222 Passive Potential.

The Metatronic Numerology I AM keyword phrases for these frequencies are….

8/22 Dual – I AM Secure Physical Reality Built upon a Sacred Structure whose Blueprints are Seen and Known through Spiritual Vision

88 – I AM the Knowledge of Sacred Geometry & Divine Engineering

222 – I AM Multidimensionality in Gestation

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This year’s (2018) Lion’s Gate is bringing us information of a more specific nature than usual. This year we are being gifted with upgraded codes that will begin affecting specific biological Chromosomes and our (human) Mitochondrial DNA, in order to begin acceleration of massive scale evolution of the biological form of humans.

These are necessary biological evolutionary changes that are needed to prepare the physical human form for it to be able to exist within the Metatronic Frequency Realitythat begins opening in the 7th frequency dimension.

Let me state, this is just the beginning of this biological evolutionary process. This is not something that will be completed in a single human lifetime but will span many generations and several thousands of linear years. BUT… this process can be expediated by conscious human intent. How quickly this work is completed will be determined by how fast humanity’s consciousness expands.

The specific Chromosomes to begin undergoing, let’s just call it, “Multidimensional Gene Therapy”, are the 8th, 11th, 16th and 22nd; as well as the Mitochondrial DNA.

The “Multidimensional Gene Therapy” associated with these updated codes will begin affecting, most specifically, the evolution of the human brain, related to physical size, cognitive abilities, consciousness expansion, spiritual genetics and future spiritual frequency generations. One of the first daily signs of this will be a big change in how humans, specifically mainstream science, views autism; (what is now considered a medical condition), as well as breakthroughs in understanding schizophrenia.

The 222 Frequency Passive Potential is a Magnetic Force (meaning we are pulling it to us) and can be viewed, (in a very simply way) as “The Multidimensional Cosmic Womb”; a place where gestation occurs. A protected place where the developing changes can incubate and mature, making ready for Birth into Multidimensional Reality in a physical form better suited to future collective physical reality.

This year there is also a connection to an Ancient-Future Magnetic Field, known as the “Magellanic Magnetic Field”, our Solar System is coming into alignment with. This magnetic field plays a big part in creating major evolutionary stages of our Solar System, and therefore plays a big part in creating major evolutionary stages for Earth and human consciousness. (More information about this Magnetic Field at a later date.)

What is the Lion’s Gate?

The Lion’s Gate is a yearly portal, or Energetic Gate that opens each August, (traditionally it has been on August 8th ) allowing encoded Light information into our/Earth’s energy matryx. It is aimed at assisting in energetic upgrades in codes for humans and Earth for each Lion’s Gate year.

The Lion’s Gate is associated with the sign of Leo and with the Star System of Sirius. Effects of this event can be felt from approximately mid-July to mid-August, with the strongest energy experiences being the three days prior to full opening, the day of full opening, and three days past full opening.

The Lion’s Gate Portal opens each year and brings updated codes and information from our Milky Way Galactic Great Central Sun, (Ki-Ra Consciousness), sent to it from our Local Multi-Universal Sun Consciousness, traveling a particular pathway; in 2013 the information Source changed from originating from our Local Universal Sun Consciousness to originating from our Local Multi-Universal Sun Consciousness.

The base frequency of every Lion’s Gate is the 88 Frequency.

The Metatronic Numerology I AM Keyword phrase for the 88 Frequency is…

I AM the Knowledge of Sacred Geometry & Divine Engineering

The 88 Frequency deals with the study and knowledge of, and working with, Sacred Geometry. This includes all the different types of Grid Work we do.

It is associated with using Sacred Geometry in conjunction with Frequency in all its forms; Sound, Color, Light, Vibration, etc., to create, build and maintain our Physical Reality; and even “Reality” beyond the physical realms as well.

Also associated with this frequency is the knowledge and information held within Sacred Sites around our planet and the Sacred Geometric forms created by the configuration of their placement on the planet in relationship to each other.

It also encompasses Celestial Sacred Geometry, which includes knowledge of the Sacred Geometric Grid Patterns and the Frequencies they create, maintain and emit associated with our planet in relationship to placement, (and even distance), to other planets and Celestial bodies. This includes knowledge of and working with The Music of the Spheres.


* * * * *

Dragon’s Gate

The Metatronic Numerology Frequencies specific to the 2018 Dragon’s Gate are as follows.

Main: 11/000 Dual Frequency, 4/22 Dual Sub-frequency & 7/11 Dual Sub-frequency.

Note: the 11/000 Dual Frequency is a new frequency to our current reality. In other words, it’s not a frequency we have experienced before in our current reality.

The Metatronic Numerology I AM keyword phrases for these frequencies are….

11/000 – I AM the Truth of Multidimensionality Illumined and Awakened

4/22 – I AM Manifest Form in Service to Spirit. I Lay the Foundation upon which the Sacred is Build

7/11 – I AM the Truth of Divine Intelligence Illumined through the Spiritually Awakened Self

What is the Dragon’s Gate?

Located within the Lion’s Gate Galactic Portal, the Dragon’s Gate is a long forgotten Ancient-Future Intergalactic Portal associated with the movement into and through Collective Golden Age Cycles.

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The Dragon’s Gate, (during the years it opens), brings updated codes and information specifically relevant to Golden Age Cycles, (one of which we are currently just beginning to move into), and although this information also comes to us from our Multi-Universal Great Central Sun Consciousness, it travels via a very different pathway; one that connects into eleven other Galactic Consciousness’ before moving into our Milky Way Galaxy. This very specific pathway, connecting twelve Galactic Consciousness’, (one of which is our Milky Way Galaxy) is the embodiment of our Collective Galactic Over Soul, it is the Collective Galactic Over Soul Energy Matryx Grid in which our reality emanates from and exists within.

During the 2015 Lion’s Gate, the Dragon’s Gate made its first appearance in several thousand years, although it did not open. Its initial opening occurred during the 2016 Lion’s Gate, where in linear time, it remained open for a four-hour period.

It will open again each year during the Lion’s Gate Portal through 2024, incrementally remaining open for longer periods of time each year, make an appearance in 2025 but not open, after which it will not reopen for several thousand more years.

The hours the 2018 Dragon’s Gate will be open are from 7:30 UTC to 16:30 UTC on August 11th. Please remember to calculate your local time to correspond to UTC time in order to directly participate in the energies of the Dragon’s Gate.

I also have an audio Guided Meditation you can use to assist you in working with the Dragon’s Gate. You can find it here…

So, what does all this mean in a nutshell?

We are starting the work of becoming multidimensional in a much more physically concrete fashion. As a Collective, we have completed a growth phase both on the physical and spiritual levels, and are now set to begin, in earnest, (and are actually already beginning) a new phase of growth, both in our physical form and in our spiritual growth and consciousness expansion.

A very significant “Veil”, one that has been keeping us from “seeing clearly”, is now being lifted.

As a Collective we’re at a point where we have one foot on either side of this Veil… but as Starseeds who came here to be Wayshowers and Trailblazers, many individuals are stepping through this Veil at this time and trying to find firm footing, so they can stand with both feet securely planted in the New Reality the Collective is headed for. This means, New Sacred Contractual Work for many is beginning. It means stepping up, way up, in the level of responsibility we take on for the creation of our collective reality.

It also means letting go of many beliefs, that although they have brought us to where we are and therefore served their purpose, are now either no longer relevant or at least need to be recalibrated and reactivated to resonate in the higher frequencies so we can operate properly in the Era of New Beginnings and New Knowledge. It is time to expand our consciousness exponentially and take that giant leap.

We are Becoming Awakened Conscious Galactic Multidimensional Beings in Human Form Incarnate on Earth Consciously Co-Creating Realities… not just our Collective Reality on Earth, but our Galactic Collective Reality as well. We are now stepping into a level of responsibility where we must not only think about Earth and Humanity, we now have to begin thinking about how Earth and Humanity’s reality is affecting Galactic Realities we are connected to.

This work just got a whole lot more serious!

In Service to the ONE
IN-Joy I Share
Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras
Master Metatronic Numerologist

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