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MKULTRA - Multi-Generational Isolation and Abuse - The Disturbing Reality behind Child Protective Services

Once again, it is good to see the Victorious Libertas channel up and running. Due to the unethical censorship by YouTube, a number of months ago, the VL channel (along with nearly all alternative sources that commented on the Parkland shooting) suffered a temporary deletion.

Despite the fact that no actual policies were broken to warrant the blanket deletion of these alternative news channels, YouTube apparently saw fit to censor a number of sources simply because they disagreed with mainstream narratives. However, now it seems as though the platform has allowed certain channels to return, though no explanation as to the reason for the initial deletion has been offered.

Nevertheless, it is good to see alternative media returning to YouTube, at least to some extent.

The Victorious Libertas channel covers a variety of subjects ranging from disclosure, political commentary, and matters of spiritual and energetic significance. One of the main focal points of VL's coverage centers upon exposure and prevention of pedophilia and child trafficking.

It is a common view among good-natured people that our children are our greatest resource. However, when we leave our kids unattended and in the care of a Cabal-controlled media empire, the results can be rather destructive. According to research, the corporate media is designed to be an introductory tool to the dark and sinister world of MKULTRA and psychological programming. This media has been used against young children so that when they grow older, they become adults who are extremely susceptible to further mind-control and are ultimately useful to those who control the MSM behind the scenes.

As we may know, the psychological manipulation within the MSM includes a variety of levels. The first is introduced through news and entertainment and comes in the form of thought/opinion manipulation. Beneath this initial level, the manipulation deepens and includes more intrusive and invasive tactics designed to fracture the victim's mind and to make them programmable for a variety of different purposes.

It can be somewhat difficult to learn about these subjects, considering how destructive they have been for those who have endured them. However, in order to stop this level of abuse from occurring, the truth must first be brought to light.

The video below covers the subject of trauma-based abuse in detail. The discussion delves into the unsettling reality of MKULTRA programming and how this type of manipulation can be used to destroy families even through government organizations such as Child Protective Services.
It can be difficult to listen to the suffering which people have endured, especially when they have endured so much. To hear the plight of Jennifer Guskin, what she has endured, and what her daughter might be enduring, can be rather heartbreaking at times. However, these accounts and their ability to raise awareness of the truth behind many establishments within the U.S. is key for the overall awakening of the world to the true nature of the evil we are working to overthrow.

The issue of Pedogate and Pizzagate have been an extreme eye-opener for the American public in the ways in which they have exposed the realities of child trafficking and sex slavery. This reality has been a part of both mainstream and the alternative media for a good number of months, and though much of the MSM rhetoric has been focused upon attempts to discredit these issues, these disclosures have successfully raised awareness about these under-reported topics.

We may remember the testimonies of child slavery survivor, Kendall, on the Dr. Phil show and how she bravely exposed the reality of elitist child trafficking in extensive detail. This was shocking—a first for major network television—and considering the level of secrecy divulged on the show, it's easy to see why. Considering the extreme and dangerous amounts of secrecy that have surrounded the topic of pedophilia in the United States, it is uncertain as to why a major network allowed this subject to be covered on their platform.

According to Kendall's testimonies, the world of sex trafficking is vast and is highly connected with elitists in the U.S. and around the world. These trafficking rings are frequented by high-level politicians, numerous celebrities, and various elites of multiple countries.

When the average person comes across this type of information, it is common that they begin to experience the five stages of grief—going directly into a state of outright denial. Later the individual may struggle through the other stages until they are able to begin to accept the unsettling reality of our world situation. After this point, these individuals may choose to either assist in efforts to stop these atrocities or to bury their heads in the sand and forget everything they learned.

The task might be difficult, but the cause for protecting the children of our planet is more than worth it.

When we consider the harrowing testimonies of figures like Brice Taylor, Fiona Barnett, Kathy O'Brien, Erin Green Hicks, and various other victims of these crimes, it becomes clear just how far-reaching the issue of MKULTRA programming has been. Until the public is fully informed about the usage and dangers of these clandestine efforts, there will likely be more victims like Jennifer Guskin and her family.
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