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Former Head of CDC Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges; Is This the Whole Story, or Is There More to Come?

Thomas Frieden led in handcuffs by agents in Brooklyn.Paul Martinka

Source: New York Post

Published: August 24, 2018

By: Larry Celona, Joe Marino, and Lia Eustachewich

Former Head of CDC Arrested on Sex Abuse Charges

A married former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — and onetime city health commissioner — was arrested Friday for allegedly grabbing a woman’s behind in his Brooklyn apartment 10 months ago, police sources said.

Dr. Thomas Frieden, 57, was charged with misdemeanor counts of third-degree sexual abuse and forcible touching, as well as harassment, a violation, for the alleged groping of the 55-year-old woman.

The woman, a feminist activist, was described as a close friend who had known Frieden and his family for more than 30 years. They were not believed to be romantically involved.

She and another couple were at his apartment on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights for a get-together on Oct. 20, 2017, and he allegedly squeezed her behind as the group was getting ready to leave at around 11 p.m., sources said.

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The woman filed a report about the incident on July 7.

Frieden was arrested at 10 a.m. Friday after turning himself in at the NYPD’s Special Victims Division in Prospect Heights. He faces up to a year in jail if convicted.

He looked glum and didn’t answer reporters’ questions as he was walked by two detectives into a squad car with his hands cuffed behind him.

In court, he pleaded not guilty and a judge issued an order of protection on behalf of the woman before releasing him on his own recognizance.

“This allegation does not reflect Dr. Frieden’s public or private behavior or his values over a lifetime of service to improve health around the world,” his spokeswoman said.

The married dad of two currently heads Resolve to Save Lives, a $225 million health initiative by nonprofit Vital Strategies that is funded by the charities of former Mayor Mike Bloomberg and others.

Vital Strategies President and CEO Jose Castro said Frieden was upfront about the allegations back in April.

“I have known and worked closely with Dr. Frieden for nearly 30 years and have seen firsthand that he has the highest ethical standards both personally and professionally,” Castro said.

“In all of my experiences with him, there have never been any concerns or reports of inappropriate conduct.”

As the head of the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene from 2002 to 2009, Frieden was best known for banning smoking in bars and restaurants as part of a campaign that cut the number of smokers in the Big Apple.

He also banned trans fats in food, pushed for calorie information on menus and supported the distribution of free condoms.

Frieden went to Oberlin College in Ohio, where he met his wife, Barbara Chang. The couple has two children.

He was appointed to the top post at the CDC in 2009 by President Barack Obama, who called him “an expert in preparedness and response to health emergencies.”

With the CDC, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, he helped stem the Ebola epidemic and stepped down as part of the turnover to President Trump’s administration.

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The "Ebolas" are Coming!

Whenever we consult an MSM source (or any source, for that matter), it is important that we consider the interests that are financially connected to it. As we may have observed, New York Post appears to be yet another Cabal-controlled puppet run by those who gladly follow whatever twisted and fearful narrative the rest of the corporate media peddles as truth.

The comment regarding the Ebola scare/hoax appears to be a cheap attempt at making the suspect (Thomas Frieden) seem more benevolent than he actually is.

If we remember the issue of the supposed Ebola "outbreak," we will remember the claims that a supposedly new and deadly strain of this disease just happened to make its way over to the U.S., despite all of the standard procedures upheld by public safety officials that are regularly maintained to prevent such incidents. We may also remember the seemingly fake videos and reports of those who supposedly suffered from this new and deadly strain of Ebola, only to be declared perfectly healthy just days after their supposed diagnoses.

The longer the media narrative continued, the more the story sounded like a poorly written horror film which was great for entertainment but lacked any notable substance of plot. We may also keep in mind that the Ebola virus cannot survive outside of tropical climate, making the possibility of an outbreak as reported by corporate media very unlikely.

If the strain of Ebola was so new and so dangerous, why did it take so little effort to supposedly cure nearly everyone news sources claimed to have contracted it? Why did the MSM blanket prime-time television with nonstop reports of this supposed outbreak when such a thing has never been done before? Further, what caused health officials to fail all precautionary measures they learned in training and to ship an infected patient all the way across the Atlantic to the U.S. when they could have easily been treated on sight overseas?

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By all appearances, this supposed outbreak appeared to be nothing more than another Y2K, killer bee, killer meteor, human-mad-cow hoax. The blanket MSM coverage of Ebola appears to have been nothing more than an attempt to manipulate and distract the public from avoiding the real threat in the U.S.—that being a dishonest, sensationalist media that jumps at the opportunity to use scare tactics instead of delivering supported and objective facts.

Smoke Screens

It is my prediction that we will soon find out that there is much more to this case against the former CDC head than current MSM reports reveal. It does not at all seem to make sense that a friend of a family who has been close to the suspect for over 30 years would report him to the police so easily as apposed to confronting him directly. Though we cannot say for certain what the true details are, it does not seem to make sense that a close friend of Frieden would behave in this manor. However, we do not know the personal life of the suspect or the supposed victim—at least not yet.

Was it really a close friend who was over the age of 50 that Dr. Thomas Frieden allegedly assaulted, or does the truth behind this case follow the common trend of many former government officials, i.e., pedophilia. Was the victim truly over 50 years of age, or is this yet another case of the MSM attempting to euphemize and conceal crimes against children—crimes which the media establishment have regularly hidden for decades?

At present, it appears that multiple current and former public officials are facing the consequences of their past crimes. According to rumors, many of these public figures may be taking plea deals behind the scenes, after which they are taken out of public view while their actual crimes remain unreported. The public is then given a watered-down version of the truth in order to allow the defendants the opportunity to save face while actual justice is served in secret. This may be the case with the former CDC head. However, at this point, these are only guesses.
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