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Destroying the Illusion with Jordan Sather - Issac Kappy Discloses the Epidemic of Pedophilia within Hollywood and Entertainment

It was somewhat of a shock as well as a pleasant surprise to see one of Hollywood's celebrities come forward to expose alleged elitist pedophiles within the inner circles of Hollywood. These revelations touched on the same issue which actor and performer, Corey Feldman, suggested in a series of online videos. According to Feldman's testimony, the suffering he endured was at the hands of several elitist pedophiles who have been deeply entrenched in the darkest recesses of the film industry.

Though Feldman's suffering may have been very real and worthy of revelation, according to numerous friends and former colleagues, Feldman's motives for speaking were questionable. Yet despite the controversy surrounding his attempt to use his testimony to collect money, the issues he discussed were very real and deserving of attention. This is why the testimony of another Hollywood whistleblower came as such a pleasant surprise.

Issac Kappy has been a notable figure in Hollywood for a number of years. Though he has had several supporting roles on the big screen, his more recent role is having a greater impact by assisting humanity in confronting the ugly reality behind the scenes of Tinseltown.
It was one thing to see Issac Kappy—a notable Hollywood personality—break such a heavily suppressed subject into the mainstream, to endure the ridicule, fear, the blacklisting, rejection, and potential career suicide in order to stand up for the safety of thousands of children in the U.S. and the world. On top of all of this, it was especially good to see Jordan Sather and DTI jump on the opportunity to interview Kappy and give him a chance to speak his mind.

The Hazards of Whistle-blowing

When Issac initially began speaking out, it was feared among many truthers that he would either be silenced, assassinated, or that he would disappear soon after. When anyone first blows the whistle against elitist pedophilia in such a visible way, and yet has no support network to back them up, there can easily be a danger of compromise in some way.

Typically, if the worst happens to an isolated whistleblower, the information they intend to communicate is lost. However, Kappy does state in this interview (as well as in others) that he is safe, he has a good amount of protection and has a good deal of help and support.

In the arena of truth and revelation, visibility and public presence is everything. According to numerous public figures who have opposed the darker side of the establishment, publicity is safety. The fact that Kappy has received the chance to speak on so many different occasions and on many different platforms means that he is safer than initial impressions revealed. This is why the timeliness of this interview was so welcomed.

Recent Revelations

The recent overtness displayed by many celebrities in their affinity for pedophilia has been disturbingly bizarre, to say the very least. Looking back at the past tweets of so many Hollywood figures, many people have noticed the disturbing regularity of casual joking about child rape.

It is one thing to have an unusual sense of humor when it comes to crimes against children. However, it is another thing entirely to be so candid and careless as to how these indecent acts can be so apparently normal in the minds of those who (allegedly) commit them.

Let's take a look at an excerpt from an article written on this very subject. This is with an expose on comedians and celebrities who have a history of joking about child rape.

* * * * *

Source: Bounding Into Comics

Published: July 22, 2018

By: John F. Trent

More Hollywood Celebrities’ Tweets Surface Involving Pedophilia and Child Rape

After James Gunn was fired by Disney for a number of sickening tweets involving pedophilia and child rape, more celebrities’ old Tweets are being exposed which cover the same subject. Those celebrities include Sarah Silverman, who stars in Disney’s upcoming Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It-Ralph 2, Ian Michael Black, who previously starred in Reno 911, Sean Gunn, James Gunn’s brother, who stars in Guardians of the Galaxy as well as Gilmore Girls, comedian Anthony Jeselnik, and Patton Oswalt, who lends his voice to a number of animated cartoons like Justice League Action, Spider-Man, and Disney’s Big Hero 6.

Many of these celebrities are claiming these Tweets are merely just “jokes.” Here’s a sample of some of the more tame ones. You can see more in the link above.

Michael Ian Black defended himself by claiming he’s the victim of “right wing Twitter.”

He would elaborate in a series of Tweets:

Silverman defended her own Tweets:

Jeselnik attempted to trivialize his Tweets.

Oswalt retweeted a user who said his Tweets are being taken out of context.

Do you think these people were just making “jokes” or is there a more sinister layer underneath?
Mike Cernovich, who has been instrumental in exposing these Tweets plans to call for Congress to begin an investigation into Hollywood’s “casting couch and child grooming practices.”

Do you think a Congressional investigation should be launched into Hollywood and these actors?

Continue reading at:

* * * * *

Bad Taste and Deliberate Suggestion

There can be little argument that repeatedly joking about child rape is bad taste and notably indecent. However, for celebrities to deliberately make such poor choices of humor on so many different occasions comes across as something completely different.

When we see comments like those from the above Twitter posts, a number of questions may come to mind. One of the most pressing seems to be, "Why would any sane individual take such a risk of incriminating themselves on such a regular basis?" The answer may escape us. However, when we look at the growing and concerning trends in the MSM, the truth may begin to surface.

When we look at the trends of the corporate media, in marketing, programming and entertainment, and in large corporate forums, we may begin to see a pattern. This is the pattern of pedophilia apologists who appear to be attempting to change the public view of pedophilia. These alleged efforts are not entirely overt. Instead of coming out and attempting to convince society that lusting after young children is a good thing, it appears that various media outlets are slowly working their way up to this message.

This is one of many examples of questionable sources that are apparently attempting
to normalize pedophilia as a benign act -

Related links - Swedish DJ Avicii Possibly Killed for Attempting to Expose Elitist Pedophile Ring - Videos and Commentary

The efforts appear to start with the normalization of the idea of public sexuality—not so much in the sense of reproductive sex, but nearly every type of sexual deviance outside of that which might naturally yield to a woman bearing offspring. This is not to say that consenting adults cannot make whatever choice they desire when it comes to a sexual relationship. They very much can. However, when it comes to changing society into one in which children can be preyed upon by pedophiles, the discussion changes significantly.

These efforts may have started with the simple effort to publicize and popularize the fact that some wanted to expand the publicly accepted version of sexuality. The progression moved from gay pride parades to various other societal changes which did not seem very harmful (except in that they tended to expose young children to unnecessary instances of public nudity).

Further progression led to the adoption of marital status among the gay community, which again, in and of itself, does not appear to be readily harmful. It is not so much in the action of these singular societal changes that appear to be dangerous. Rather, it seems that it is the motivation behind these progressive changes that poses the actual threat.

Judging from what we have seen in media, in public forums, and in Hollywood, there is a gradual yet consistent progression toward the adoption of destructive behavior—everything from overt hate and physical violence to dehumanization of those who hold different opinions, neglecting responsibility to our own speech, and disallowing others from choosing their own thoughts and emotions . Each of these degenerate behaviors seems to have become normalized within media and within certain aspects of government, and this appears to be happening in tandem with the attempts to sell pedophilia to the public.

According to research, the end goal of these changes appears to be the eventual adoption of normalized pedophilia. This may be why we see so many celebrities joking about these demented acts. Perhaps those behind the message think that when the people see celebrities accept it, we will blindly follow suit.

If this is the goal, ...fat chance.

Clandestine Efforts

By all appearances, certain elitists intend to have parasitic, sexual relationships with children, but they cannot do that in a morally and ethically conscious society. So in their own distorted way, it seems that elitist interests intended to warp the ethics of the U.S. citizenry as much as possible so that the elitists could live their lives of sexual predation, distortion, and destruction without resistance from the public.

This malevolent intention appears to be the reason why the issue of Pedogate and Pizzagate were (and still are) ridiculed and dismissed as nonsense, even though these intentions are out in the open for all to see. In nearly every avenue of corporate media, the promotion of pedophiles as victims and children as unimportant becomes more and more prevalent.

The concentration appears to rest upon impressing children with tolerance, but there does not appear to be any limit on what children are to be tolerant of. When we eventually realize that the interests behind the leftist media may have intended to sexualize children from the beginning, the harsh reality may begin to set in. It does not appear that these problems exist in Hollywood alone. They appear to exist in corporate media at every level.

For what purpose does a child need to dress like an adult street-walker?

There are drag shows for little boys and toddler beauty pageants for little girls, and in both of these, children are coerced into sexualizing themselves without even fully understanding what it is they are doing. Again, we ask, "Exactly when did it become okay for little children to dress like hyper-sexual adult women?" These are only two examples of an ever-growing problem within society—that being adults who (more often than not) have no children (but have plenty of concerning motives) attempting to alter children's minds without knowing or caring much about the long-term effects.

These questions do not seem to be addressed by those who most fervently declare that there exists some ethical obligation to sexualize children so early. Instead, the intention to make young children appear and act years older than they actually are—making them more appealing to an apparently pedophilic adult audience—seems to be an end goal. But again, this is never openly stated.

Societal Foundation

When a civilized society projects the future, it is necessary to ensure that that society will still be there with the capacity to reproduce itself by natural means.

In order for a healthy society to remain so, it is necessary to maintain some level of standard of conduct. In order to remain mentally, emotionally, and energetically balanced, it is necessary to remain mindful of the proven means by which society has remained so for thousands of years until this point. However, when we allow our own spur-of-the-moment impulses to determine the entire trajectory of society, we leave ourselves vulnerable to manipulative influences. In most cases, these malevolent influences intend to change society toward their own advantage and to the extreme detriment of everyone else.

Progress is always necessary. However, in the process of the progression, it is important to make individual choices with regard to the direction of a society. In present-day America, this is not the case. Right now, the corporate media is guiding the direction of progress in the U.S. By all appearances, the MSM is dictating to the suggestible masses what the people ought to think, believe, and how they should feel about the world around them. This is why society has changed so drastically only in a matter of months.

If we believe that the world should be safe for children to grow up in, it is necessary for the public to pay attention to the intended changes taking place in society. If all healthy adults can agree that children should not be preyed upon and raped by manipulative and demented adults, this is a starting point. Some may need time in order to realize/remember why this perspective is valuable. However, for the most part, society appears to be on the same page on this note.

We are grateful for the work of Issac Kappy and all who have helped to support and protect those efforts toward the end of the apparent madness that has plagued Hollywood for far too long.
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