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Bodycam Footage from Las Vegas Shooting Confirms Witness Testimony; Police Believed There Were Multiple Shooters

It has been nearly a year since the horrific attack at Mandalay Bay, in Las Vegas, NV, and yet still no answers or respectable reporting on the incident have come from the MSM. The initial reports contained components of true and substantial information. However, in general, these reports lacked any real detail, evidence, or any notable sign that MSM news agencies intended to present the entire truth.

The inconsistencies in the mainstream report of the Vegas shooting became so numerous that independent researchers began to suspect that the event was partially staged for some unspoken agenda.

After days without any answers, the notion of a false flag began to solidify more and more. Eventually, the media offered a partial explanation on a morning talk show, but after that meager effort, all MSM reporting about the shooting simultaneously came to a dead stop. This was without any announcement of investigative findings, no security camera footage, and virtually no believable witness testimony to corroborate the mainstream narrative.

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Upon observing these anomalies, citizens were almost certain that the media and the authorities were hiding more details about the shooting than they were revealing. What was most frustrating about the Mandalay Bay incident and the apparent lack of investigation that followed was the fact that witnesses were actually coming forward to give their testimony, and yet MSM news sources refused to listen to many of them. To add insult to injury, many of these independent witnesses either turned up missing or dead only days after they gave their testimony.

These alarming occurrences—in addition to the fact that no security footage was ever released—convinced citizens that the problems surrounding the Vegas attack were far more extensive than a lone gunman.

There is much more to discuss, but let's consult the article of interest first.

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Source: CBS News

Published: July 25, 2018

By: Associated Press

People run from the Route 91 Harvest country music festival after apparent gun fire was hear on October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

LAS VEGAS -- More police body camera footage made public Wednesday shows officers directing concertgoers to safety and searching for what they thought were multiple shooters inside and outside a Las Vegas Strip hotel where a gunman opened fire in the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. Eight more video recordings, totaling almost eight hours, were released by Las Vegas police under a court order in a public records lawsuit by media including The Associated Press.

Fifty-eight people were killed and hundreds more wounded when Stephen Paddock opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino onto the Route 91 Harvest Festival on Oct. 1, 2017.

One shows a team of police starting on the roof of the Mandalay Bay resort and working their way downstairs.

Another shows officers directing people to evacuate from beneath the main stage of the Route 91 Harvest Festival venue. Two men rush past, carrying an injured woman.

Another showed teams with assault rifles ushering people out of concrete flood-control channels.

As with previous records released in batches since May 2, the videos show tension, tenderness, chaos and heartbreak following the shooting outside the Mandalay Bay resort. They do not shed new light on a motive.

Police and the FBI have said they believe former accountant and high-stakes gambler Stephen Paddock acted alone to amass an arsenal of weapons in his Mandalay Bay suite before opening fire into the concert crowd below.

Officials have said the attack had no link to international terrorism, but hotel owner MGM Resorts International last week invoked a provision of a federal law enacted after the Sept. 11 terror attacks. The company wants federal courts to qualify the shooting as an act of terrorism and to declare the company has no liability to survivors or families of slain victims.

Body camera recordings released earlier showed officers using explosives to blast through the door to find Paddock dead on the floor from a self-inflicted gunshot. Assault-style weapons fitted with rapid-fire "bump stock" devices were strewn about in the suite.

Other police records have included witness accounts, audio recordings and snippets of 911 calls and police radio traffic, and hotel, helicopter and streetscape surveillance video from Las Vegas Strip.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, the elected head of the police department, has said he expected to update his January preliminary report with a final report by August.

Read more at:

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On one hand, it is good to see the corporate media beginning to exercise honesty with regard to these subjects. On the other, there have already been at least four actual witnesses to the original shooting, all who made the same claim which the above story makes. Yet their testimony was not included within this report. Even worse yet, every one of these witnesses is now either dead or missing (to restate).

This was probably one of the most angering aspects about the events which followed the Mandala Bay shooting. It is one thing for corporate media to ignore key evidence in completing its job of reporting the truth, but when these supposed journalists squander such golden opportunities, the overt failure becomes more severe. To this day, neither news nor the authorities have shown any visible interest in solving these deaths and disappearances of witnesses.

The incident was claimed to be the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, and yet the authorities failed to do their jobs of investigation both prior to and following the massacre. By all appearances, the FBI and the Las Vegas police allowed an ongoing cover-up to take place. Yet somehow, despite all of the time and opportunity these authorities and the whole of MSM news reporters had to do better, the above report is all they have to show for their efforts.

Needless to say, the American people suspect foul play.

Deplorable Reputations

One of the major signs that something was off with the Vegas shooting was the way in which the corporate media suddenly went dead silent after placing the incident at the center of news feeds across the country. In addition to the apparent lack of effort from the MSM and law enforcement was the fact that a very similar shooting took place in Parkland, Florida with the exact same weapon the alleged Vegas shooter was reported to have.

To many audience members, who had already seen the untrustworthiness of the FBI clearly demonstrated, this correlation between the violence in Vegas and Parkland served as evidence of dirty dealings.

By all appearances, the FBI was up to their usual tricks of causing violence (whether real or fabricated) and then rushing in and pretending to be the heroes—stopping the criminal they themselves hand-selected and equipped to commit the crime. To see the news narrative speak about the worst shooting in all American history and then to back off from the story completely, only to have a suspiciously similar shooting take place in Florida just months later can come across as blatantly guilty (with an air of childish efforts at deception) on the part of the FBI.

If the FBI was actually behind the incident in Vegas—being the reputably corrupt and treacherous agency they are believed to be—it seems that they were only successful at fooling themselves. Yet every American with the capacity for independent observation may have realized the countless holes within the mainstream story of the Vegas shooting.

The Stains of the FBI

The FBI has become known as the agency of false flags. After their open confession to staging and then responding to fake terror events in the U.S., the public has become largely distrusting of this agency. Both the Vegas shooting and the shooting at Parkland, FL proved to many Americans that the FBI presented a significant threat to the lives of Americans in their habit of creating both fake and true acts of violence, or at the very least, refusing to take measures to prevent such acts.

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The reality of the treacherous nature of the FBI has been well established, yet the true nature of their alleged involvement in the Mandalay Bay shooting is still unknown. Even still, there are numerous signs that instead of thoroughly investigating this incident, agents turned their backs on the investigation and looked the other way.

When witnesses to a crime speak out, it is the job of law enforcement to listen and investigate their claims. Yet following the shooting, Las Vegas police ignored key witnesses right along with the journalists who chose to disregard the same witness testimony. Of course, this is extremely strange because somehow, police are now suddenly convinced of the story these now-deceased/missing witnesses were attesting to.

Needless to say, it seems clearfrom the commonplace failure to perform basic job descriptions by law enforcement and MSM news sourcesthat someone is acting to cover up the truth of the Vegas shooting.

Let's take a closer look at the mysterious deaths of witnesses and see what we can gather.

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Source: Disclose TV

Published: October 17, 2017

By: Vailham

4 Las Vegas Shooting Key Witnesses Are Now Dead Or Missing! Major Cover-up?

One of the key witnesses to the devastating Las Vegas shooting attack which left fifty-eight people dead and more than five hundred wounded has been found dead in her home at the age of twenty-eight. The cause of her death has yet to be confirmed.

Key witness to the Las Vegas shooting found dead at home

Kymberley Suchomel was one of the lucky ones at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino who managed to escape the hail of bullets without being injured. Shortly after escaping the scene, she made a statement to the media claiming that there were multiple gunmen firing weapons into the crowd and that she was chased by one such man.

When she was questioned on the veracity of her story, given the official story that there was only one gunman, she said that she was more than 100% sure that she was right.

Why is the mainstream media NOT reporting this?

Kymberley gave a very detailed account of what she had seen in the days following the horrific event in which she questioned the official story being propagated by the mainstream media. She said that she had been watching the news with her family constantly since she had arrived home and that she did not believe that the official version of events made sense.

In addition to claiming that there were multiple gunmen at the scene, she also claimed that towards the beginning of the evening that a woman made her way onto the stage and warned the crowd that they were going to die. She and her boyfriend were later escorted from the premises. She also said that she had spoken to other survivors who had also mentioned that there were multiple shooters on that fateful night, including one on the ground.

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According to Kymberley’s grandmother, Julie Norton, she died in the early hours of Monday morning at her home. Norton discovered her granddaughter’s body just after 8.30 in the morning when she arrived to take care of her great-granddaughter, Scarlett. Norton said that she believed that Kymberley died in her sleep after her husband left for work. Norton attributed her death directly to the stress associated with the shooting.

Before she died, Kymberley said that while she was not injured in the devastating attack that she believed that she was going to be ‘emotionally and mentally scarred for life.'

Major Cover-up: Kymberley is not the only key witness to have died since the Las Vegas shooting

In a sinister turn of events, it has emerged that Kymberley is not the only key witness to have died since the Las Vegas shooting.

1) John Beilman, who was wanted by federal agents following the discovery of a communications device in the hotel room of the officially identified shooter Stephen Paddock, killed both himself and his disabled daughter in an apparent murder-suicide.

2) In addition to that, a valet worker named Chad Nishimura who parked Paddock’s car has also disappeared after giving a statement to local news networks about his brush with the killer.

3) It has also been revealed that a security guard called Jesus Campos who was hailed as a hero on the night of the shooting has also gone missing.

Whether this series of disturbing deaths and disappearances are purely coincidental or whether there is something deeply sinister afoot has yet to be determined.

Read more at:

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Silenced Witnesses

At this point, many of us may be wondering whether or not Kymberley Suchomel died of natural causes or if she was somehow murdered in order to silence her.

It is curious how a woman could die immediately after revealing odd details about the Mandala Bay shooting. Considering the fact that there seemed to be extensive efforts made to hide certain details about the event, and the fact that Suchomel's death would have been to the advantage of those who were attempting to cover up the truth of the shooting, the possibility of foul play seems clear.

If Kymberley Suchomel was murdered, we may be interested to see one particularly unexpected and yet revealing disclosure by the Washington State Fusion Center.

During the month of April of this year, the WSFC disclosed a technology called psycho-electronic weaponry. These are devices with the ability to influence the human mind and body even from distances using focused, modulated microwaves. This technology is documented to cause anywhere from mild to severe health issues to anyone exposed to them. Though the documentation does not specifically state that death can directly result from these harmful effects of psycho-electronic weapons, one can easily imagine health issues of any particular target being exasperated to the point of endangering the target's life.

Many suspect that the death of Kymberley Suchomel which happened just weeks after the fateful shooting was not at all due to stress alone, as the above article claims, but was a direct result of foul play by parties who intended to silence her from testifying any further about her experiences at Mandalay Bay.

Ms. Suchomel's death was only one of numerous inconsistencies within the pseudo-investigation which followed the massacre in Las Vegas.

About Stephen Paddock

In case the fact escapes some, it is not at all a normal occurrence for witnesses of massive crimes to kill themselves along with family members immediately after revealing alternative stories about the crime. Though corporate media continues to attempt to sell this story, the act of suicide during key moments of testimony to a crime seems very unlikely.

Additionally, when key witnesses to crimes begin dying or disappearing in series, the fact typically grabs the attention of any functional system of law enforcement. However, it does not appear that the Las Vegas Police department or the FBI was very interested in this basic investigative procedure.

To question witnesses who were directly involved with the suspect of a crime is a key priority for police and FBI. Consequently, these agencies will have a high priority to take statements from these witnesses as soon as possible. However, in this case, all law enforcement involved appears to have failed on all of these counts, both in keeping up with witnesses and investigating their disappearances.

If the authorities did investigate and question these individuals, why has the media not disclosed the fact? If the MSM was interested in getting the story in its true entirety, why do we still know so little after a year's time has passed? Moreover, why is it we are receiving the news that there were possibly multiple shooters now when witnesses were making this exact claim just days after the shooting happened, and yet the MSM showed no interest in covering the fact?

The multiple failures within the investigation of Vegas help to prove that we live in times of mass cover-up where many of the government agencies that are charged with investigating and maintaining justice may be aiding and embedding criminals of the highest order.

If the above story is true, it shows a very bizarre and unfortunate reality within the United States in both the past and the present.

Where's the Footage?

One point which seems to trump all of the others we've covered is the fact that to this day, the public has been completely prevented from seeing any security camera footage which was most certainly recorded at the time of the shooting.

Being one of the most security-oriented cities in the United States, most large-scale hotels in Las Vegas are monitored 24/7 both inside and outside with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment. Hotels and casinos do this primarily because they can afford to. More importantly, these hotels maintain such high security because anywhere high-stakes gambling is ongoing and where thousands of people enter and exit during any given week, casinos will obviously want to guard their own property.

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Crime commonly follows the flow of money, and whenever gambling is happening, the potential for such crime is known to be high. Consequently, any police investigation which takes place within a hotel/casino does not typically need to work very hard to obtain a visual record of a potential crime. They merely need to ask for the security footage and let the camera speak for itself. However, in the case of Mandalay Bay, all security footage seems to be conveniently missing. Why?

Again, if the authorities were interested in solving the crime and proving that the mainstream story was actually worth listening to, where is the proof in the security footage. If the footage didn't exist that is one thing. However, in this case, there has been little or no mention of such footage to speak of in MSM reports. This apparent lack of effort by media and by law enforcement further helps to prove that the Las Vegas shooting was not at all what it was reported to be, but was instead something far different.

Getting Honest

A law enforcement establishment cannot fail on multiple counts to take basic steps that might help to solve the crimes they are investigating without becoming suspect themselves. By the same token, a professional media establishment does not typically claim to be reporting new findings when the facts they are reporting are over a year old.

Time and time again, the U.S. has seen tragic instances of violence. However, instead of real justice being served, or actual effort being made to prevent or resolve these issues, the American people are left with a half-baked story of a neglectful establishment, a cheap explanation, and a transparent political agenda via the age-old Hegelian dialect. However, in the case of the Vegas shooting, it seems clear that the people are not buying the act.

We citizens see the neglect, and we have not forgotten what justice is. We know what a reliable investigation is and are not interested in being led like sheep down a path more destructive than the apparently staged acts of violence used to justify the journey.

One thing is for certain. We the people will have the truth and we will have justice. Those who have helped to prevent and conceal these will be known. It is important that in any civilized society, grown adults are held accountable for their actions, and it seems only fair that those who have exercised criminal behavior should be made to answer for it.

The American people deserve answers, as do the victims of Mandalay Bay, and if justice is served, we will have these answers along with the proof to back them up.

While we ponder these points, let's consider even further the possible motives behind the alleged false flag and cover-up of Mandalay Bay. This is Divine Cosmos with an article which reveals many key points of research which the official investigation into Las Vegas failed to cover.

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Source: Divine Cosmos

Published: October 11, 2018

By: David Wilcock

Vegas Terror and Disclosure: Is Something Very Big About to Happen?


The JFK assassination in 1963 was almost certainly not the work of a "lone gunman."

9/11 was almost certainly not just "Arabs with Box Cutters."

Thanks to the Internet, there are very few people left who subsist themselves only on a diet of "approved" corporate news stories, which can be ridiculous to an extreme.

Four days ago, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who wrote for the NY Times from 1990 to 2005 revealed that the elite corporate media has "no credibility left."

This interview was rightfully flagged as being of extreme importance by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Here is just a taste of what the ex-NYT journalist Chris Hedges reveals -- which includes corporate penetration of universities and scientific research itself:

10/6: The Elites Have No Credibility Left

On Monday, WSWS... interviewed Chris Hedges, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author, lecturer and former New York Times correspondent….

DN: Chris, you worked for the New York Times. When was that, exactly?

CH: From 1990 to 2005….

Since the Times, like all elite institutions, is a hermetically sealed echo chamber, they do not realize how irrelevant they are becoming, or how ridiculous they look.

Thomas Friedman and David Brooks might as well write for the Onion.

I worked overseas. I wasn’t in the newsroom very much, but the paper is a very anxiety-ridden place.

The rules aren’t written on the walls, but everyone knows, even if they do not articulate it, the paper’s unofficial motto:

Do not significantly alienate those upon whom we depend for money and access!....

CH: The commercial broadcast networks, and that includes CNN and MSNBC, are not in the business of journalism. They hardly do any.

Their celebrity correspondents are courtiers to the elite. They speculate about and amplify court gossip, which is all the accusations about Russia, and they repeat what they are told to repeat.

They sacrifice journalism and truth for ratings and profit….

They have no credibility left. The scam has been found out. The global oligarchs are hated and reviled. The elite has no counterargument to our critique.

So they can’t afford to have us around.

As the power elite becomes more frightened, they’re going to use harsher forms of control, including the blunt instrument of censorship and violence.


The New York Times "got personal" when my book The Ascension Mysteries debuted at #11 on the Nielsen ratings last fall, but they refused to put it on their best-seller list, which is supposedly the top 20.

The entire book is filled with damning expose's of a shadowy group that is manipulating governments, corporations, militaries and the mainstream media.

We debuted with double the sales of Hillary's new book Stronger Together, right before the election, which was another surprising detail.

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I was glad that the NYT let our first two volumes "slip through" before the fix went in, as it certainly adds credibility to the work as a published author.

In a way, having the NYT so blatantly censor this book was even more honorable and revealing than simply racking up a third title.

Anyone who had already read my book before this happened should have a much easier time understanding the details of this tragic event.


A meta-analysis of the hard data surrounding the Vegas shootings reveals incontrovertible evidence that the mainstream narrative is fatally flawed.

The degree of insider "leaks" that have emerged about this event, and what they ultimately reveal, are far beyond that contained in any one source thus far.

My specialty is in meta-analysis -- taking large bodies of complex information, some of which is very obscure, and weaving them into a coherent, single narrative.

The Source Field Investigations has over 1000 academic references. The Synchronicity Key has 684. The Ascension Mysteries has 285. Each is about 500 pages in length.

We haven't even counted how many references are in Financial Tyranny, but I would imagine there are several hundred.

I have surveyed as much of the independent journalism on this tragic event as possible -- now numbering in the hundreds of articles and videos.

... ...


As this incident continues to be investigated, you will undoubtedly hear the term “False Flag” used to refer to it.

This dates back to the era of the Knights Templar and their pirate ships siphoning vast amounts of gold out of the Caribbean.

Various European empires were plundering the gold for their own use, and shipping it home by the ton.

The Templars had superior marine technology, having been the military-industrial complex of their era — and their flag was the Skull and Bones symbol.

They were very angry after having been overthrown by the Vatican and the French in a devastating attack on Friday the 13th — in October 1307.

Any ship that was sailing back home to Europe out of the Caribbean was likely loaded with gold and treasure — often in the tons.

The pirates were very clever. They kept stashes of flags and uniforms to correspond with each of the empires that were pulling out the gold.

As soon as they saw a ship approaching through the periscope, and could make out which one it was, they would hoist that empire’s flag — and put on their outfits.

The sailors would believe they were seeing a friendly coming in, and get excited. Only at the last minute did they realize they had been tricked.

The legends of savage slaughter grew so quickly that most of them simply handed over the majority of their treasure in exchange for their lives.

This is where the term “False Flag Operation” originally comes from.

It is defined in this case as a military operation by a government, which disguises itself as another nation, group or entity.

These military operations are often waged against the people of their own country, as a means of seizing greater and greater power.

The Templars also stored their stolen gold, at times, in areas along the coastline. This is where the term “bank” apparently came from.

... ...


Beginning in 2007, I then met a variety of new insiders through Project Camelot, which began posting full-length interviews at the dawn of YouTube.

This was back when it was nearly impossible to get an account that would allow you to upload videos longer than 11 minutes.

Kerry Cassidy had gotten the coveted Producer’s Account that allowed for videos of any length to appear, thanks to her background as a film producer.

Some of the Camelot videos were getting hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views at the time. There was almost no competition in those days.

My debut interview with Pete Peterson appeared in a Project Camelot video that was uploaded on September 4th, 2009, as one example.

Pete is one of the insiders who has a Cosmic Top Secret clearance, which is allegedly 35 levels of need-to-know above the President of the United States.

Among other things, he was licensed as a nuclear demolition technician and had invented a variety of classified technologies for “Uncle.”

Pete was one of several key insiders who revealed the awesome amount of money that has been siphoned into top-secret “black projects.”

Pete has also been our longest-lasting and most consistent insider source for leaks coming directly from the Alliance.

He recently came forward with astonishing new intel on Cosmic Disclosure and then had everything he owned get seized from his home just weeks later.

... ...


This may not seem relevant right now, but it is important to point out that Las Vegas is, in many ways, the capital city of the black-ops world.

The infamous Nellis Air Force Base is merely 13 miles away from the Las Vegas strip, as this article on reveals.

Furthermore, says Nellis is “one of the largest and busiest air bases in the country,” with six different wings instead of the usual one.

There are countless insider reports about an extensive underground build-out at Nellis, with many different classified programs going on.

And then we have Area 51.

Though you cannot get “Area 51” to appear on a map search, other related businesses are just over an hour’s driving distance away from Vegas.


A commenter pointed out that what we really needed to look for was Groom Lake. That adds the driving distance to about three hours, but it is still close by:


Multiple whistleblowers have revealed that the casinos themselves are intimately involved with the military-industrial complex, if not directly owned by them in many cases.

A virtual monopoly exists on construction and real estate in Vegas, which is typically blamed on “the mafia” — and that may be one aspect of it.

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Nonetheless, some casinos apparently have elevators that will take you down to sub-shuttles for quick trips to Nellis, Area 51 and elsewhere.

Certain casino employees, such as heads of security, may work their jobs as cover assignments while also moonlighting as black-ops employees.

Dan Burisch was one Camelot whistleblower who admitted to working as a Las Vegas security guard and claimed to have this alternative lifestyle as well.


As we discussed in the previous article, Lockheed Martin is, in many ways, the biggest and most secretive black-ops military defense contractor of all.

This was confirmed again on September 16th, as a high-ranking CIA whistleblower named Kevin Shipp came forward with stunning new intel.

Zero Hedge had a detailed article that only summarized a few of the countless things Kevin Shipp went through in just over a one-hour presentation.

It’s very fast and nearly overwhelming, but if you take your time it is worth it. Many of the things we have been saying for years were cross-validated here.

He indicates that there is a “Shadow Government” which he declares as being a separate entity that controls what he calls the Deep State.

One of the things he goes into in the video, which is not mentioned in this write-up, is the awesome size and power of Lockheed:

9/16: High-Ranking CIA Insider Blows the Whistle on the Shadow Government and Deep State

A CIA whistleblower, Kevin Shipp, has emerged from the wolves’ den to expose the deep state and the shadow government, which he calls two entirely separate entities.

“The shadow government controls the deep state and manipulates our elected government behind the scenes,” Shipp warned in a recent talk at a conference….

“The top of the shadow government is the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency,” Shipp said.

Shipp expressed that the CIA was created through the Council on Foreign Relations with no Congressional approval, and historically the CFR is also tied into the mainstream media (MSM.)

He elaborated that the CIA was the “central node” of the shadow government and controlled all of other 16 intelligence agencies despite the existence of the DNI (Director of National Intelligence.)
The agency also controls defense and intelligence contractors, can manipulate the president and political decisions, has the power to start wars, torture, initiate coups, and commit false flag attacks, he said….

According to Shipp, the deep state is comprised of the military industrial complex, intelligence contractors, defense contractors, MIC lobbyists, Wall St (offshore accounts), Federal Reserve, IMF/World Bank, Treasury, Foreign lobbyists, and Central Banks.

In the shocking, explosive presentation, Shipp went on to express that there are “over 10,000 secret sites in the U.S.” that formed after 9/11.

There are 1,291 secret government agencies, 1,931 large private corporations and over 4,800,000 Americans that he knows of who have a secrecy clearance.

[There are also] 854,000 who have Top Secret clearance, explaining they signed their lives away bound by an agreement.

Read more at:

* * * * *

When we consider all of the possibilities presented in the above excerpt, it becomes clear that there may be much more to the story of Vegas than the media ever intended to reveal.

According to research, much of the Las Vegas casino scene is directly connected to intelligence agencies. If this is true, it would explain the high tech security systems these casinos are known for.

It should also be noted how closely the CIA and the MSM have operated together for the past several decades up to this point. This means that the majority of mainstream entertainment we frequent has been preapproved and many times, specifically designed by covert interests in order to produce some type of result within the population.

In fact, the reality of normalized propaganda in American entertainment was openly admitted by government agencies just months prior to the publication of this article.

Upon learning this, we may think about the possible effects the corporate media can have on the minds of audience members. These realizations may also reveal a number of reasons as to why news reports of past mass shootings do not seem to make any logical sense whatsoever. If the CIA and various intelligence agencies have been creating falsified news and the questionable entertainment we've seen, it would only make sense that these agencies would do so in the interests of maintaining the secrecy of all of the organizations participating in questionable/criminal operations.

Final Thoughts

The overtly secretive nature of nearly all of the MSM reports of Mandalay Bay combined with the inability of authorities and MSM news agencies to produce any evidence to support their questionable narrative of the events, it is only logical to assume that with regard to the situation, someone is most definitely attempting to hide the truth.

Whoever is behind such secrecy would need to have such extreme control over law enforcement, the mainstream media, and multiple political interests in order to successfully control information and prevent the public from learning any different. Upon these considerations, it is questionable as to whether or not this control over media and law enforcement still remains to this day, or if there has been sufficient progress to allow these establishments to come clean. As the disclosure process continues, we may find out.
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