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Trump's Space Force Could Expose US Military's Secret Space Projects, Top UFO Researcher Claims - Video, Article, and Commentary

The word is getting around. It appears as though knowledge is spreading regarding the true possibilities behind President Trump's recent announcement of a space force. 

To those unfamiliar with the latest intel, the announcement of a space-based branch of the American military may have seemed somewhat ridiculous. For those who still swear by the narratives of the MSM, the notion of a space force may come across as empty hype and makes the President a laughing stock, per the latest declarations from the typical mainstream ridicule. However, according to testimony, there is much more truth and strategy behind this announcement than MSM may be willing to admit.

Though the announcement likely struck many as odd, the reason behind the awkwardness might differ between independent researchers and faithful MSM subscribers. On one hand, audience members may have considered the idea laughable because it flies in the face of the common established order. To many free-thinkers, the idea of establishing this new military branch was strange due to the fact that the U.S. military already owns and operates various secret space projects, according to testimony.

For a number of years, whistleblowers from various classified projects have been coming forward, attesting to the many different advanced projects and technologies which they had been exposed to during their terms of service. As their respective nondisclosure agreements expired, these whistleblowers have been coming forward and disclosing their various levels of knowledge and experience.

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According to these retired veterans, the numerous different levels of space projects are presently in somewhat of a conflict as to which aspects of secrecy should be disclosed, which should remain secret, and when disclosure efforts should be undertaken. Consequently, these various facets of classified projects have been launching their own respective disclosure efforts through the media.

Many of these whistleblowers claim that the recent disclosure by the President was a deliberate effort by the Air Force branch of the Secret Space Program to begin an active and overt disclosure of formerly classified aspects of secrecy. These veterans claim that various levels of disclosure are in play as we speak, and that both the Air Force and Navy have their own independent space programs.

It appears that the recent presidential announcement originated from the Air Force branch, as this branch is said to be interested in a more reserved and manicured version of disclosure while those in the Navy branch of the projects are intent upon a more thorough series of revelations.

Along with these observations, we may notice the usual nationalistic element to Trump's space force announcement. There may be a reason for this as well.

According to whistleblower testimony, nearly every developed country has its own version of classified space programs, and each of these programs actually work together as a team. In this case, it may not seem practical to announce the space force as a strictly American endeavor. However, there is a good chance that the President already knows about the various facets of these projects and that the recent announcement represents the beginning of the disclosure of this collection of programs.

The announcement may have merely been a tactful way of presenting the reality of these secret space programs in a way that is positive in the perception of the average American. According to veteran testimony, this is actually the case.
If Americans were immediately told the truth—that they had been lied to, used as debt slaves for a number of decades, and that international conflicts were largely fabricated in order to steal money from the public—the response may not be the most positive. It may be that these announcements must come later—after further and more overtly beneficial disclosures are allowed to occur.

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Source: IB Times

Published: June 22, 2018

By: Nirmal Narayanan

Trump's Space Force Could Expose US Military's Black Projects, Claims Top UFO Researcher

Donald Trump, the US president has recently ordered the military to establish a new branch named 'space force'. During a speech delivered at the meeting of the National Space Council in White House, the president made it clear that the sole purpose of the new force is to ensure country's dominance in space. But, UFO researcher Tyler Glockner has now put forward a different theory about Trump's space force.

In a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel 'Secureteam10', Glockner says that Trump's plans could expose a number of black projects run by the US military.

As Glockner made these claims, many people argued that Trump's move is aimed at psychologically preparing the general public to accept the real facts behind the existence of aliens. They even argue that an alien invasion is imminent and this is the major reason behind Trump's decision to launch 'space force.'

"There are a lot of people in the US government who are extremely against the Space Force. It makes me wonder why. My main thought is there has long been a theory of a secret space programme that is vastly more advanced than anything we could imagine. So people in the military will be against the idea of creating a Space Force because one already exists. These missions continue to be funded by black project dollars," said Glockner in the video.

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In addition, Tyler Glockner also talked about Solar Warden, an alleged space program run by US with the help of United Nations. As per conspiracy theorists, there has been a fleet of spaceships in the solar system safeguarding earth from alien invasion and this fleet of human-made security ships are known as solar wardens.

The 'Secureteam10' video which was uploaded on Tuesday has already racked up 3,64,000 views, and spectators were quick to share their thoughts on these assumptions made by Tyler Glocker.

"I'm glad you touched on this, mainstream media and a lot of other media type channels have kind of pushed this to the side when there's a lot of info that needs to be told to the public in regards to this 'space force'. I have found some crazy and shady things that just surround trump's 'space force'. something very fishy about, just seems as if we are all missing something," commented INameless Network, a YouTube user.

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If we are familiar with the concept of disclosure, we may know about the efforts of the Alliance to reveal the greater aspects of the truth about classified technologies and projects. We may also know that these efforts have been ongoing for decades now.

On this subject, one particularly interesting cartoon came to my attention. The cartoon was produced in the 1980s and was apparently a fairly popular kids' program. When we see the name of the production, the theme, and even one of the characters, it becomes clear that these similarities were not entirely accidental. If the revelations we have received are true with regard to the concept of predictive programming in entertainment, it would appear that this programming is doing its job quite well.

Productions such as this help to prove that certain interests behind the scenes desire for greater truths to be revealed and that in various ways, they are using science fiction and the media to do so.

Some sources claim that the late John F. Kennedy was a part of the early efforts of disclosure, and that he attempted to use his presidency to assist in the exposure of the Cabal. Unfortunately, he did not have enough support to follow through with his goals, according to history. That may be true. However, as things appear today, the game of disclosure is much different.

President Kennedy appeared to have been alone in his attempts to expose the secret societies which he declared existed just before his assassination. According to sources, Kennedy was the frontman of the group known as the Alliance, which was committed to overthrowing the crooked efforts of the Cabal. However, Kennedy did not have the support necessary to succeed in these efforts.

Today we have a community of brave and perseverant individuals volunteering their time, money, and energy to ensure that disclosure takes place sooner rather than later. According to whistleblowers, President Trump is cooperating with the Alliance and is working as part of the team to finish what was started decades ago. This is said to be why the President is surrounded by so many military generals. It is why so many self-proclaimed patriots support these efforts, and it is why the Cabal-controlled media is continuing what appears to be a hate campaign against everything Trump-related.

Time will tell what the results of this silent cold war will be. As things stand at this moment, according to many different respected sources, the Alliance appears to be winning.
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