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Robert David Steele - Commentary on Clinton RICO Lawsuit, Door Knob Suicides, and the Use of a Walmart as an Actual Detention Center

By now, most of us are well familiarized with former Marine, CIA case officer, teacher and public speaker, Mr. Robert David Steele. Mr. Steele has established himself as one of the leading figures in commentary and advocacy on matters of politics and intelligence. He has also created a number of unique strategies to improve the intelligence apparatus in the U.S.—a strategy which has come to be known as open-source intelligence.

Over the past several years, Steele's work has educated and broadened the perspectives of thousands of citizens on the subjects of political and economic reform, high-level criminal prosecution, and overall improvement of the state of the country from a variety of angles. His knowledge and perspectives have been highly respected and appreciated on many different platforms and throughout multiple venues.

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Below is an interview with Mr. Steele and the well-known YouTube channel Victurus Libertas. During this interview, Mr. Steele discusses the immense potential for significant and positive transformation in our present national and global situation. Additionally, the discussion covers the various forthcoming disclosures and the numerous signs of societal change, growth, and maturation which are continuing to surface during this time of revelation.

We will get into the details after the discussion. Here is Victurus Libertas and Mr. Robert David Steele.


There has not been very much public discourse regarding the details of RICO law—at least not in recent times. More often than not, it seems that subjects such as law or any issue that might be used to overthrow the powers that (soon won't) be are either ridiculed incessantly, or ignored altogether and excluded from public discussion.

What is RICO Law? 

RICO law refers to the prosecution and defense of individuals who engage in organized crime. In 1970, Congress passed the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act in an effort to combat Mafia groups. Since that time, the law has been expanded and used to go after a variety of organizations, from corrupt police departments to motorcycle gangs. RICO law should not be thought of as a way to punish the commission of an isolated criminal act. Rather, the law establishes severe consequences for those who engage in a pattern of wrongdoing as a member of a criminal enterprise.

Title 18, Section 1961 of the United States Code sets forth a long list of racketeering activities, the repeated commission of which can form the basis of a RICO Act claim. These underlying federal and state offenses exist independently of the act, and include the crimes of homicide, kidnapping, extortion, and witness tampering. Racketeering activities also include property crimes such as robbery and arson. A number of financial crimes are also listed, such as money laundering, counterfeiting, securities violations, as well as mail and wire fraud.

The one instance which comes to mind regarding RICO law was the Christopher Nolan film, The Dark Knight. Within this film, two lawyers attempt to use RICO law to take down the entire organized crime ring that has plagued Gotham City for years. The plan begins to work, but soon after the motion is made in court to impose RICO, the mob begins to assassinate everyone involved in the case, including the judge and the prosecutors.

Though The Dark Knight film appeared to be designed to scare the public away from implementing RICO law and to demoralize people from attempting to overthrow organized crime in real life, the reality is that successfully applying RICO is more than doable. If the Cabal sees fit to produce movies which rebut the tools necessary to ensure their own downfall, the fact seems to suggest the extreme vulnerability of the Cabal.

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We might compare the concept of RICO to that of another well-known and yet derogated term. That is the term, conspiracy theory.

According to multiple sources, the term conspiracy theory (or theorist) was coined during the 1960s, just after the late John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The term is said to have been concocted by the CIA through the corporate media in order to discourage citizens from questioning the mainstream narrative of the assassination. Of course, we now know that the MSM version of the story was actually a lie and that the theorists were correct in questioning the mainstream story. However, this did not stop the corporate media from attempting to deceive the masses by pushing a false narrative in order to hide the crimes of the guilty.

Accountability in Media

In a number of ways, it is understandable why Steele holds the opinion he does regarding the Press Secretary. However, it may be that even after the replacement of this position, the citizenry will have a difficult time understanding the true state of the nation when the press is demonstrably compromised and corrupt.

As stated in previous posts, the MSM appears to have lost its collective mind with regard to fair and balanced reporting. Instead of delivering news and information in the spirit of respect for authentic and professional journalism, the American MSM is busily handing the public the same cookie-cutter opinions disguised as news.

The unfortunate truth is that many Americans have not attained the social or self-awareness to realize their own responsibility to think, learn, and to conclude for themselves. Those who have learned to process information independently of corporate news will commonly find themselves disagreeing with those who have not.

Many of us have been convinced that there is some kind of divide between Democrats and Republicans or between Conservatives and Liberals. This has made it extremely difficult for both sides of the would-be discussion to even agree to speak civilly. This is largely because instead of being encouraged to see the humanity of those who may disagree, the MSM pressures the public into seeing everyone merely as a label.

As we may know, the false corporately constructed reality we are coerced into living under cannot function unless it convinces its participants (us) to ignore our value as human beings. Instead of evaluating each other based upon our individual attributes and honoring the reality of individuality, the people are given an assigned identity by the MSM and expected to function solely upon that false identity. This can be compared to the prison system in which inmates are assigned numbers and are forced to operate under those false constructs.

If the American people are actually free human beings, why does the corporate media systematically failed to accept the fact? A better question might be, "Do those who control the MSM really want the American people to be free, or to simply think they are free enough to mindlessly obey the television like cattle?" If we are truly free in our thinking, the answer to this question might come rather easily.

Image and Reputation

There is no getting around the fact that the social and political climate of the U.S. is tense at the moment. This tension does not at all appear to be the result of an organic development, but rather the deliberate creation of the powers that lost the 2016 election.

According to multiple sources, these interests had every intent to sabotage the United States in virtually every way they could, but because President Trump won, they are now intent upon destroying the U.S. by any means possible. As things appear, the goal has been to instigate a civil war among the population. However, according to multiple online sources, no such war will be allowed.

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The fact seems clear that the media is intent upon waging psychological war against President Trump via the American people. This can be seen in virtually every report as news broadcasters lie and smear the President no matter the consequence. In doing this, the media appears to have roped a good portion of the population into a Pavlovian hate reflex which is stimulated every time they see the President's name, face, family, or anything associated with him.

It seems obvious that in order to win the people back, the President will need to be able to connect with the people and circumvent the typical media tricks. In these efforts, I would have to agree with Mr. Steele. The Presidential press team needs to be on their game as the press appears to be intent upon sabotaging and smearing Trump at all costs.

By all appearances, the press is actually using propagandistic tactics and loaded questions that are deliberately designed to attack and cause as much damage to the President's image as possible. In order to defuse these loaded questions, it is necessary for a Press Secretary to know these tactics of manipulation and to defuse them so as to ensure the President is represented in a fair, accurate, and balanced way.

The Boston Bombing

It can be amazing how easily many Americans forget how turbulent and scandalous the Obama presidency was. While the corporate media appears to be capitalizing on the people's overtly poor memory, the truth of the former presidency is being easily forgotten and glorified as though it were something to be praised.

The Obama years saw economic sabotage, banking fraud as the status quo, (allegedly) orchestrated mass shootings, and public executions by uniformed police officers. Along with these spectacles, we had an overt attempt by George Soros funded organizations to socially engineer and take over the U.S. via overly emotional, astroturf public demonstrations—most of which are still going on now.

Perhaps the worst of the Obama-era norms was the violent false flag terror attacks which were believed to be the true reality behind the numerous reported terrorist incidents.

As Robert Steele states, it appears that the true motive behind the Boston bombing was not created by actual terrorists, but by FBI plants and patsies. The reported tactic of the FBI has been to seek out anyone they are able to find—whether they be foreign or citizen—and convince these patsies to go along with an FBI-originated plan to commit some act of violence.

The FBI then provides the plan, the dummy weapons (which don't actually work), and set up medical personnel on site so that when the fake terrorist act is committed, there are plenty of medics and news cameras to pretend as though the event is organic and completely independent of the actual FBI coercion which created it behind the scenes.

This scheme is seen as dishonest, manipulative, and downright vile in the eyes of many Americans. Yet the Bureau has been using this very tactic for a number of years now, and each time they do, the government responds by attempting to remove amendments from the Constitution.

The Boston bombing was suspected to have been an attempt to remove the Fourth Amendment, while other alleged false flags were believed to have been designed to strip the entirety of the First through Fourth Amendments from the Constitution.

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Similarly, a number of other FBI-orchestrated false flags were allegedly designed to falsify the need to place body scanners in every airport in the U.S., and according to the results, the plan worked. However, according to news sources, the entire catalyst for the implementation of the body scanners were these false FBI incidents.

Each time one of these false flags comes forward, the corporate media is usually universally complicit in reporting what is typically a politically motivated plot to change some policy to the advantage of globalist interests. Whether the goal is to strip away the rights of every law-abiding citizen for the sake of obeying the MSM or to simply justify the existence of a few offices in the FBI, these alleged false flags have become the weapon of choice against the normal peace of mind of the American people.

When considering these schemes by the FBI, we might consider the possibility that a good portion of the FBI is no longer working for the people, but is instead working for its own (as well as globalist/Cabal) benefit. In this case, we must ask the question of whether or not such an FBI is useful any longer.

Remembering Jade Helm Hysteria

The idea of Jade Helm and Walmart FEMA camps may be somewhat laughable to us at this point. The way in which these notions were spread online had every sign of having been little more than fear-mongering, and chances are they were.

The original message of Jade Helm did not seem to hold any water whatsoever. One of the key clues which revealed this idea of Walmart prisons to be a hollow concern was that none of the sources which promoted it seemed to know the reasoning for any of the supposed conspiracy existing to begin with.

The simple fact is that if a corrupt organization wanted to create a makeshift prison, any structure would do. With the right fixtures, and the proper fencing, any decent-sized building might serve as a prison. However, since most Walmarts were positioned by easily accessible locations, the attempts to create detainment camps covertly were not very likely.

Even still, according to the interview, one empty Walmart was used as an extra facility to hold illegal immigrants. This was not part of a plan to round up all Americans by military following the orders of A.I., as the conspiracy theory stated, but was due to an overcrowded holding facility for illegals being processed near the Mexican/American border.

The entire notion of Jade Helm was promoted during a time when psychological warfare was being waged against social media users. This was back in 2015, before many people woke up to the fact of how common trolling and online social engineering really were.

Back then, the old tactic which manipulators used was that of fear. However, now, many trolls have actually studied the methods of Satanist, Saul Alinsky, and attempt to manipulate the people via other means.

Suspects of Child Trafficking

In a healthy situation, these international organizations can do a particularly good job of maintaining and protecting human rights everywhere possible. Given these organizations have truly benevolent ownership, they might be quite good at working toward these ends. However, such benevolent ownership and management do not appear to be the case with regard to this situation.

According to the organization, Alternative for Germany, the well-known and supposedly philanthropic organization, Doctors without Borders is likely to be guilty of gross violations of humanity. These are reported to include (but are not excluded to) child trafficking.

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One of these organizations managed to gain the attention of many Americans during the 2016 election. It was when the then-presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, mentioned the organization the Florence Project as a specific object she intended to send thousands of dollars to in continuous support of this organization. At first, this appeared to be a good thing, as many Americans were not quite aware of the true situation of many NGOs at the time.

Later, Americans were shocked to see the disturbing connection which the Florence Project had with a number of businesses and organizations suspected of child trafficking.

When we observe the logo of the Florence Project, the connection may not immediately hit us. However, as we see the other organizations that are adorned with this same disturbing attire, and when we further see the fact that the FBI warned citizens of such insignia, we may begin to wonder whether or not the Florence Project is true to its listed mission statement on all occasions, or if this organization is one of those which only serves as a front for much more sinister operations.

Hillary and the Florence Project logo

The now well-known declassified FBI document
revealing symbols commonly used by human traffickers

Crime and Punishment

There is something to be said about the issue of crime and punishment. We were all (hopefully) taught as children that our actions have consequences. Ideally, when we grow into adulthood, we know that both our benevolent deeds as well as our malevolent actions have consequences.

We may know that some people commit crime out of desperation or extreme need to which they do not have any other foreseeable solution.

It seems agreeable that in the future, the death penalty would be considered for anyone who rapes a child in the capacities we have been hearing about. However, the act of murder is already a crime, and when an individual commits serial premeditated murder as the Clintons and their cohorts allegedly have, the law already stipulates the punishment be as severe as the crime.

This issue involves much more than simple rape. It involves the murderous pedophilia, and an untold number of murders committed to cover up the pedophilia and countless other crimes committed.

If we were to allow the Clintons to go free from punishment, this would nullify all of the criminal convictions made thus far. Those who are presently serving life sentences did far less harm to humanity than the Clintons allegedly did, yet these inmates will never experience the free world.

The idea of letting the Clintons off does not seem wise or sensible in any way, considering the fact of the countless crimes which they were allegedly willing to kill in series to conceal. I can understand why Mr. Steel may want to show leniency toward the Clintons.

Compassion is a virtue. It may also be advantageous for public figures to show some leniency at this point, considering the fact that many who have publicly opposed the Clintons have turned up missing or deceased, though not to suggest that Mr. Steele is at all fearful of possible negative consequences. However, the fact remains that leniency can only be responsibly applied when criminals show a sincere and overwhelming desire to change. By all appearances, this does not describe the character of the people we know as Bill and Hillary Clinton.
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