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"It's Official": Researchers Have Discovered a Second Earth - Just as Predicted, MSM Flirts Even Further with the Disclosure of ET Life

It was recently predicted by a well-known whistleblower that the corporate media would soon begin a more advanced mode of disclosure rhetoric. By all appearances, these efforts are currently ongoing in the MSM as we speak. Though some might consider this corporate narrative to be largely inconsequential, the fact seems clear that the MSM is intent upon advancing a more detailed discourse on the subjects of exoplanets and ET life.

In a recent post, whistleblower and experiencer, Corey Goode, predicted an oncoming increase and advancement of this ET narrative in mainstream media. These claims came from a Facebook post which appeared in early July of this year, and since then, the MSM has, in fact, continued this anticipated narrative.

That prediction reads as follows.

Keep an eye on the steady stream of articles and news stories coming out about life on other planets, UFOs and US Space Forces... The MIC SSP Disclosure [timetable] seems to be on track.

The PTB will not be able to control a partial disclosure. It will spread into a Full Disclosure Event.

Immediately following these projections, we see this increase in the depth of information disclosed. Over and over again, these familiar themes of space and ETs are being revisited in greater levels of detail. Here are a few examples.

"The Weather Looks Fine on Nearby Earth-like Planet Ross 128 b"...

"Life on Mars May Have Had a 100-Million-Year Head Start over Earth"...

"NASA Shocker: Astronaut Reveals Humans Could Have Been on Mars in the 1960s"...

It should be noted that the actual increase of detail in these disclosures appears to have taken place prior to the moment the original post by Goode hit Facebook. Initially (circa 2015), it was unclear if these details would increase in frequency or if they would simply fizzle out.

Admittedly, it can be difficult to gauge when exactly these changes in media narratives take place, but in general, these predictions from Goode have been consistently and significantly accurate with regard to MSM disclosures. At present, the intensification of disclosure rhetoric appears to be overt, sustained, and suggestive of an intent of the MSM to advance the ET narrative.

According to Goode, these disclosures represent an effort by what many refer to as the MIC or Military Industrial Complex branch of the classified space programs to slowly acclimate the public to the greater truths regarding technological advancements of the SSP. It does seem to make sense that these interests are attempting this partial disclosure because they have much to hide with regard to their past actions.

According to the testimony of multiple whistleblowers, these programs often operate by strict military rule—far removed from any constitution or bill of rights. In such a situation, gross human rights violations are said to be taking place on a regular basis as a part of maintaining the massive secret operations which are ongoing off planet.
Despite the extensive efforts to maintain secrecy of these classified space programs, the people are becoming increasingly aware.

Many citizens are now fully attentive of the drastic change which has taken place in the typical MSM topics of discussion. This media—which has built a reputation for itself to discredit and ridicule everyone who even mentioned ETs for a half-century—is now constantly hinting at the fact that the universe is teaming with life, even advanced civilizations.

The MSM narrative is largely predictable, for the most part, thanks to projections in early 2015 about disclosure which proved to be accurate. Ever since significant disclosures came forward, alternative communities have been buzzing with talk of further ongoing soft disclosure initiative taking place within the Western media as well as on a global scale. This article by website, the Milky Way Astronomer, represents just one example.

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Source: Milky Way Astronomers

Published: July 16, 2018

Researchers have confirmed the existence of a SECOND Earth located in the Proxima Centauri System. The planet is believed to have oceans just like Earth and may hay host alien life.

In the past, thousands of exoplanets have been discovered in the universe, but none of them is like Proxima B.

Proxima b, as has been baptized, has very ‘promising characteristics’: it is probably rocky, slightly more massive than our own planet and is located in the region around its star that would allow liquid water on its surface to exist.

Researchers have discovered a planet located in the Proxima Centauri system, one of the closest stars to Earth which they believe harbors liquid water and potentially alien life.

The planet, named Proxima B is believed to be around 1.3 times the size of our planet and has the ideal temperature on the surface for water in a liquid state to exist.

Proxima B is located four light years away from Earth –over 25 TRILLION MILES—meaning that in order to visit the planet in the near future, future generation would have to come up with super-fast spacecraft that would allow them to travel to the Proxima Centauri system with ease.

If the planet proves to be ‘a SECOND Earth’ it could become one of the best options for future human colonization.

Researchers believe that the temperature on the surface of the planet could be between -90 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius.

According to researchers, Proxima B may be the best opportunity we have come across to find DIRECT evidence of the existence of Alien Lifeforms outside of ou[r] solar system.

The planet which has already been dubbed ‘a second Earth’ is located at an ideal distance from its host star for liquid water to exist, which means that life as we know it is very likely to exist.

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Proxima B is the closest exoplanet we have ever discovered, and according to researchers, a mission to the planet to search for signs of life could be something achievable within our lifetime.

The distance from our planet to Proxima B may seem insurmountable, but it is actually formidably shorter when compared to other candidates to host life. This means that Proxima B could become the first objective for future interstellar travel.

Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf located in the constellation Centaurus. The star itself is too weak to be observed with the naked eye, but in recent months, scientists have not taken their eyes off of it.

In fact, during the first half of this year, Proxima Centauri was followed regularly with the HARPS spectrograph installed on the 3.6-meter telescope of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in La Silla (Chile) and monitored simultaneously with other instruments from around the world.

“Many exoplanets have been found, and many more will be found, but searching for the closest potential Earth-analogue and succeeding has been the experience of a lifetime for all of us,” Dr. Guillem Anglada-Escudé, lead author of the paper, said.

“Many people’s stories and efforts have converged on this discovery. The result is also a tribute to all of them. The search for life on Proxima b comes next.”
There are already two papers which describe and go through the potential habitability of Proxima B.

Read more at:

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The interesting part about these developments is that they do not appear to be very thorough. For those who have frequented alternative information, and who have become familiar with the narratives of soft and/or partial disclosure, the above revelations which sing to the tune of the current scientific establishment do not mean much. These disclosures come across as tame, watered-down, and for the most part, cheap when compared to the latest revelations from verified whistleblowers.

After all of this time, the extended wait for the MSM to catch up to the astronomically advanced revelations of classified science, technology, and exobiology have made most of the awakened population more than impatient.

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It is not that we have not heard of the extensive possibilities which await the planet following a disclosure of these truths which is most frustrating. The main concern rests in the fact that countless citizens are being forced to wait for the truth, and this wait is quite literally costing millions of lives, as developments of life-saving technology are being completely ignored because a few bureaucrats think it more economical to keep quiet than to practice actual honesty.

The corporate/military interests keeping the secrets seem more interested in saving themselves than they do in saving the lives of those who wait for cures to deadly diseases and solutions to famine and drought here on the planet's surface. These are the interests who have scripted nearly everything the corporate media does and does not reveal on the subjects of disclosure. This is why up to this point, the MSM has only given the people cheap scraps of half-truth instead of actually revealing the life-saving developments the planet obviously needs right now.

According to whistleblowers, the disclosures we have witnessed thus far have largely come from a CIA and Air Force-oriented faction of the now-famed Secret Space Program. It is reported that these interests believe that the general population could not handle the entirety of truth waiting to be revealed behind the locked doors of non-disclosure classification. These Air Force interests have been convinced that society would collapse if the public learned of ET life, according to whistleblowers.

It is understandable that under certain conditions, society would change drastically if a full disclosure event were to take place all at once. However, it should be taken into account that according to every reported instance of the Deep State, this nefarious group intends to create societal collapse regardless of whether or not the right social conditions exist within society. In this case, it may not be a wise choice to maintain blanket secrecy, especially since a significant disclosure event (including disclosures in technology, medical advancements, and energy production) could easily eliminate the threats which the Deep State/Cabal imposes upon Western society and the planet.

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If these are included within the factors of our present state of secrecy, it might do us well to consider encouraging whoever might be behind the ongoing disclosures to pick up the pace. In addition to all of this, a massive (yet responsible) disclosure event might not even be noticed, considering all of the ridiculous distractionary information being promoted by the corporately owned media.

It seems that no matter the subject, the MSM is now dead set on using any and every opportunity to create drama, division, and downright violence in society everywhere they are able. In such a case, a wide-reaching disclosure event might provide just the distraction which Western society needs to take a step back to truly consider the impact of our behavior, our presence in the world, and the breadth of impact which we might have in the universe, granted we can get our act together.

Contrary to the words of Ronald Regan, we do not need an "alien threat" as an excuse to bring us together as a world society. All we may need is to know that every action we take is visible to any ETs who might happen to be observing us, and that our habits and deeds are acting as a collective testament to our capacity to behave civilly and peacefully as opposed to attacking and killing each other in the animalistic way in which some choose to.

Perhaps learning the truth, taking a step back, and being honest with ourselves is just what we need to make better choices than those we've made as of late.
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