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"Is Humanity Unusual In The Cosmos?" - Yet Another Sign that the MSM is Flirting with ET Disclosure

It seems a bit comical to see the same build-up of information take place over and over again with regard to the popularized disclosure narrative of "aliens/no aliens." Once again, we see the corporate media walking up to the line at which they exercise open and complete honesty with the truth. Yet when they reach the moment of truth, they freeze up, change the subject, and act as though their previous statements were never spoken.

Let's consider the headlines we've seen over the recent months and years.

"Was There a Civilization On Earth Before Humans?"...

"NASA Telescope Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-Size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around Single Star"...

"Antarctica: NASA Images Reveals Traces of Ancient Human Settlement Underneath 2.3 KM of Ice"...

"The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program"...

"Astronomers to check interstellar body for signs of alien technology"...

"Ancient Fossil Microorganisms Indicate that Life in the Universe is Common"...

"Trump Directs Formation of a Space Force"...

After reading just a few of these headlines and realizing that the news sources which published them were dead serious, it becomes clear that these sources and organizations were (and still are) attempting to hint at some greater aspect of life on the Earth's surface as well as in outer space.

Many of us may be thinking at this point, "We already know this one!" The story has already been completed. The punchline has already been delivered a dozen times over by others, yet for some reason, the comic can't finish the joke.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect about this comic routine (though the subject is not actually comical) is the fact that the true reality of ET life, of off-planet civilizations, advanced technology, and all of the truth awaiting discovery have already been revealed to the people on multiple occasions. (This has come to us by documented whistleblowers and veterans—each claiming to have extensive experience in highly strange and yet verifiable professional circumstances.) Yet the corporate media can't put one foot in front of the other in this regard.

Nevertheless, the truth is coming forward, and every time the MSM delivers this same build up without the punchline, they further prove the possibility that somewhere behind the scenes, some official source is sitting on information about ET life which they are nervous about stating. Suffice it to say, "Their silence speaks volumes."

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Source: NPR

Published: April 2, 2018

By: Adam Frank

Artist's rendering of the first planet outside of our solar system to be imaged orbiting a brown dwarf star, called the 2M1207 system. ESO

We're entering uncharted territory.

For more than 2,000 years, we humans have been arguing about life and, in particular, intelligent life in the universe. But arguing was pretty much where it always ended.

For all that time, we never had any evidence or any data that could raise the discussion above two people with different opinions yelling at each other.

But this era may well be nearing its end.

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The "exoplanet" revolution of the last 20 years has shown us that the universe is awash in alien worlds. More exciting, we now have methods where the atmospheres of those worlds may provide indirect evidence — called "bio-signatures" — for the existence of life.

Over the next few decades we may finally have data relevant to the question of other life in the universe.

But what if we want to ask about intelligence? What about alien civilizations — or, as I like to call them, "exo-civilizations"? This is something I have been thinking about a lot over the last few years (it's the subject of my new book). In carrying out my own studies, I have often been drawn to the work of Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb.

Loeb works on a variety of subjects, including black holes and early cosmic history. But together with collaborator Manasvi Lingam, Loeb has carried out work that is simultaneously deep and expansive on the topic of astrobiology and exo-civilizations.

When we think of aliens and science, we usual usually think of the Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). This has often meant radio telescopes being used to search for messages purposely beamed at us from an exo-civilization. But unlike these kinds of purposeful signals, a "techno-signature" is an unintentional marker of the civilization's existence. With the discovery of so many exo-planets, astronomers will now be spending a lot time staring at these other worlds in many different wavelengths of light (not just radio). This is how they hope to find bio-signatures.

But what about techno-signatures?

Loeb and Lingam have explored a number of different ways we might find markers of another civilization. What, for example, would be the consequences of a civilization covering large portions of its planet in solar cells to generate power? Lingam and Loeb have shown that light reflected from such a planet would carry a "signal" of all that silicon on the planet's surface, making it an intriguing example of a techno-signature.

Over the past couple weeks, I had a chance to ask Loeb some questions about what we should be thinking about when we consider exo-civilizations. With regard to techno-signatures, Loeb was quick to point out that a civilization need not be alive now for us to find its techno-signatures.

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"There is, of course, Fermi's paradox, which asks where is everybody," Loeb said. One possible answer to Fermi's Paradox is that civilizations don't last very long. But some techno-signatures might remain even after a civilization ends. "Its possible that when we survey planets we may find artifacts of dead civilizations that aren't around anymore," Loeb added.

Planet-spanning solar panels offer one example of such possible artifacts, since they could still exist on planet's surface long after the civilization that built them collapsed.

One of the most intriguing ideas Loeb raised was that the most common kinds of techno-signatures might not be things we have the sensitivity to find yet. Pointing to what's happening with Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos and their space efforts, Loeb said, "Eventually we may have the ability to launch a lot of things into space."

Once a civilization becomes truly interplanetary, there will be many artifacts existing in space rather than on planets. Loeb calls these physical objects "messages in a bottle" because if we had enough sensitivity, we might be able to see them. "These things would be very difficult to detect because they would be putting out very low power," Loeb said.

Loeb pointed to the recent discovery of Oumuamua, an asteroid from another star system that was caught wandering through our own. Our ability to find Oumuamuadepended on advances in telescope technology. When it comes to techno-signatures, Loeb wonders if, perhaps, there might be spacecraft from other civilizations out there, too.

"The interstellar medium might be full of these things but how would we find them?" Loeb asked.

In his comments to me, Loeb pointed to the detection of gravitational waves, the ripples in space and time predicted by Einstein's theory of relativity. It took many decades for scientists to develop instruments sensitive enough to detect these signals that come from things like colliding black holes. The gravitational-wave example shows how detection of anything depends technological advances. So when it comes to techno-signatures, as our technologies gets better we might suddenly find lots of signals from the activity of technological civilizations.

Loeb is essentially optimistic about the search.

"We humans are probably not special," he said, explaining that with so many planets in the universe, the rise of civilizations may not be so usual.

But Loeb's belief that we are "not special" takes a back seat to his scientific dedication to data.

Read more at:

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We've recently heard the question asked of whether or not human history was isolated to that which is currently printed in textbooks. Yet the more of these odd headlines the MSM prints, the more likely it seems that there is a great deal of truth to be disclosed.

We now know that established science has finally put to rest the false assumptions of Dr. Frank Drake.

As we might remember, Drake was the scientist who assumed that intelligent life in the universe was so rare that we would most likely never encounter it. Consequently, he formulated a mathematical equation to explain the assumption. For some reason, the entire scientific community blindly accepted this assumption-based equation as fact and refused to give it another thought. (This was in the early 1960s). However, now, as things appear, the story is much different. So then what changed?

From the numerous disclosures which have come forward since the year 2014 and onward, it seems clear that the corporate media is attempting to change its tune on the subject of ET life. As things appear, the attempt is intended to be subtle. This can be clearly observed, as various astronauts and whistleblowers have attempted to cut to the chase numerous times and yet, these figures have been attacked and smeared by the MSM or at least attempts to do so have been made with extensive energy. However, the fact of the corporate media's recent coverage of a narrative which they have deliberately ridiculed for the past half-century speaks for itself.

In some ways, it appears to be a positive step that the corporate media (or the military interests feeding narratives to the corporate media) is finally choosing a path closer to that of honesty and forthrightness. Some may see this as a good thing. However, at the same time, it is easy to be somewhat aggravated by this seemingly cheap gesture, considering the decades of dishonesty and corporate bias (not to mention alleged clandestine manipulation) which the MSM has become known for.

The problem with this new trend of cryptic communication from the MSM is that news sources are supposed to speak in clear and discernible language, per the normal professional standard. The media is not known—nor is it expected—to communicate in riddles. Yet for some reason, executives seem to have decided to change that trend.

The punchline has already been telegraphed. The setup has already been well-established. All that is needed is a little bit of intestinal fortitude for the corporate media to deliver the routine. We may hope that they do, and soon. However, contrary to past MSM coverage of ET life, the issue will not be a laughing matter.
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