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BIG CHANGES IN FLORIDA - Sheriff Scott Israel to be Removed from Office; Removal Comes in Tandem with Retirement of Thirteen Broward County Judges

The majority vote of no confidence is now official. Former Sheriff Scott Israel—made infamous following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (Parkland, FL)—will no longer hold his position as sheriff of Broward County, Florida. The landslide vote came as a result of several accusations and criminal investigations into Israel's past including corruption, abuse of office due to political favoritism, and accepting donations from convicted felons and alleged criminal organizations.

Along with these suspicions and investigations, the Broward County Sheriff's Office Deputies Association has accused Israel of "many instances of suspected malfeasance, misfeasance, failure to maintain fiduciary responsibility by the sheriff, failure to properly investigate possible criminal conduct by members of his senior command staff and the lack of leadership that has crushed morale throughout the agency," according to a recent statement.

A Spotty Past

If we are familiar with the rampant issue of corruption in the state of Florida, much of these investigations will not surprise us. The state of Florida has become known for its periodic and shocking revelations of corrupt law enforcement involving drug smuggling, fraud, and many other crimes.

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The simultaneous retirement of several judges comes in tandem with the removal of one sheriff in whom Florida legislators have lost nearly all confidence. Sheriff Scott Israel became notorious over his last term of service. This term was wrought with questionable hiring practices and donations from alleged Cuban mafia members. But most of all, it was Israel's failure to save several victims during the infamous Parkland shooting that led to the ruin of the remainder of his reputation.

During the Parkland massacre, Israel's department did nearly nothing to save the children who lost their lives during the incident. Further questions arose after two SWAT officers were suspended who did attempt to stop the shooting (though these SWAT officers acted on their own accord and did not directly work for Broward County). Following the revelation of these concerning details, many citizens felt as though the Broward County Sheriff's Office actually wanted the shooting to take place.

The record of Sheriff Israel speaks for itself. However, the factor which many consider even more questionable is the various affiliations which Israel had with a number of former questionable democratic officials. These officials have been the focus of multiple criminal investigations and have either been given plea deals due to their alleged involvement in serious crimes or have been arrested and/or confined due to the severity of their alleged crimes.

At this moment, it is unclear what further revelations might result from these proceedings. According to officials sources, the FBI has an ongoing investigation into the issue of the Parkland shooting as well as other activities surrounding the former sheriff's past.

Many independent researchers believe that further investigation will reveal much more than simple coincident dirty dealings, while others believe that the FBI itself is a significant part of the problem. From the way which information appears to be coming forward at present, it is very likely that the truth of this situation will unfold rather quickly.

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Source: Big League Politics

Published: July 3, 2018

By: Laura Loomer

High level sources within the Broward County Sheriff’s office exclusively revealed to Big League Politics that disgraced Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is set to be removed from his position as Sheriff next week.

According to the source, Sheriff Israel is being removed from office for criminal issues, not malfeasance, following an investigation conducted by the office of Florida Governor Rick Scott. The source exclusively revealed to Big League Politics that Sheriff Israel is also allegedly being investigated by the IRS.

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The high-level police source within the Sheriff’s Office disclosed that over the last several months, four candidates have been interviewed to refill the position of Broward County Sheriff. One of the candidates who were interviewed is Emery Giany, a Republican Florida law enforcement official who is closely associated with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

During the IG’s testimony last week, FBI director Christopher Wray was asked about the Parkland school shooting. When asked, Wray declined to answer any questions about the shooting and Sheriff Israel, citing that it was an active FBI investigation. Following the Parkland shooting, Governor Scott called for Director Wray to resign over the FBI’s failure to properly investigate Nikolas Cruz, 19, the school shooter whose plans to carry out a school shooting were reported to the FBI twice prior to the shooting on Valentine’s Day.

“We constantly promote ‘see something, say something,’ and a courageous person did just that to the FBI. And the FBI failed to act. ‘See something, say something’ is an incredibly important tool and people must have confidence in the follow through from law enforcement. The FBI Director needs to resign,” Governor Scott said.

According to the source in the Broward Sheriffs office, Sheriff Israel’s removal revolves around a criminal matter that the FBI is aware of. Although his failures surrounding the Parkland shooting initially sparked the investigation, it isn’t the sole reason why he is being removed.

The high-level source who wished to remain anonymous told Big League Politics that Sheriff Israel is already aware of the fact that he is being removed from office next week.

Sheriff Israel has been under heavy criticism for his handling of the of the Parkland school shooting, which left 17 people dead. Following the Valentine’s Day school massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, it was revealed that police officers under Sheriff Israel’s order were called to the home of the Parkland shooter 45 times prior to the school shooting.

It is unclear why law enforcement officials law enforcement at the Broward County Sheriff’s office and FBI failed to properly investigate Cruz, but their massive failure has been directly attributed to the loss of 17 lives in Parkland, FL.

Since the Parkland shooting, a lot of unflattering information has come out regarding Sheriff Israel. Along with being a mouthpiece for Democratic politicians and gun control advocates, like Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz who he has been photographed with, Sheriff Israel and his department have recently made headlines for more controversy.

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The Response to the Parkland Incident

It appears that the changing of the guard is underway. Following the questionable and downright shameful actions of Sheriff Israel and the Broward County Police Department following the Parkland shooting, the nation's uproar from the then-recent Vegas shooting was reawakened.

Just as in Las Vegas only months prior, the details of the Parkland shooting did not add up. Nor did the response (or lack thereof) from the Broward County police. Instead, the public was left with a mystery without answers, and in the place of true accountability and responsibility, we were left with excuses and questions of the competency of both local and federal law enforcement.

We might consider the implications of a sheriff who claims exemption from any responsibility with regard to what his own officers do in the line of duty. Of course, we will know that a superior officer has every ability to discipline his subordinates and to ensure that they perform their duties accordingly. However, for some reason, Sheriff Israel out-rightly denied this basic fact of employment immediately following the Parkland shooting. Why?

It was suspected by multiple online researchers that the Parkland shooting was a complete setup in which a planned shooter drill was intruded upon by an actual shooter. Following this incident, multiple stories of possible false flag activities were reported by independent researchers. According to multiple sources, the shooting had too many similarities in common with other suspected false flags not to be reevaluated.

This shooting came only months after another suspected false flag shooting which took place in Las Vegas, NV. The Vegas shooting was not even close to being solved and the supposed news reports that came forward following this violent event had far too many holes for researchers not to ask questions.

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We might combine these concerning facts about the Parkland incident with the fact that immediately after the shooting, the son of a former high-ranking FBI official just happened to monopolize the entirety of the mainstream media narrative of the need for the establishment to disarm the entire American population.

The numerous inconsistencies within the stories of David Hogg were enough to garner significant doubt among the conscious population and independent media. The overt favoritism which the MSM showed toward Hogg while completely ignoring all students whose stories contradicted those of Hogg and Gonzalez helped to open the eyes of Americans to the alleged political agenda which sat behind these propagandistic messages.

We now have an allegedly corrupt former sheriff who was also an acting spokesman for the apparent anti-gun media campaign which began in February and ended in mid-March.

Extensive Reasoning

Upon hearing the details of this impending (now progressing) removal of a sheriff, we might be wondering whether or not the official reasons behind Israel's removal are completely accurate. We may remember the stories of past alleged Deep State operatives and consider the possibility that they were being removed for crimes far worse than those disclosed by the average news story.

Any person who has collaborated with known gangsters and corrupt seedy figures will commonly have the issues which Sheriff Israel is accused of having. It is not difficult to find these offenses within the history of these individuals, and it appears to be preferred by authorities to take down such corrupt officials for reasons that will not disrupt the illusion of normalcy for the public.

Retirement Party

Yet another interesting coincidence running parallel to the suggestion of Sheriff Israel's ousting is the fact that so many Broward County judges just happen to be retiring at nearly the same moment—within months of one another. It appears as though these retirements were planned—possibly for reasons similar to those of Scott Israel's removal, or at least this is suspected among independent researchers. Here is Sun Sentinel with the story.

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Source: Sun Sentinel

Published: July 6, 2018

By: Rafael Olmeda

Thirteen Broward Judges Leaving the Bench in 2018

Five Broward judges announced their departures from the bench, and seven more have indicated that they plan to retire in 2018.

Six judges in Broward County announced their departures from the bench in the first half of 2018, and seven more have indicated that they plan to retire at the end of the year.

The latest resignation came Friday, with Broward Circuit Judge John Patrick Contini calling it quits after 3½ years on the bench.

The six retirements and resignations give Gov. Rick Scott an opportunity to fill more seats in the Broward courthouse in his last year in office. The governor’s appointments do not have to be approved by the legislature, but the judges do eventually answer to the public when they face election.

Only once in recent years has the governor been asked to fill this many vacancies in Broward County — in 2016, he filled six positions. That was the year after three judges were compelled to resign after substance abuse scandals — two drove under the influence of alcohol or prescription medication and one showed up drunk on the bench. Another judge was removed from office for misconduct that preceded her tenure on the bench by a decade.

Earlier this year, Scott appointed Tarlika Navarro to replace Circuit Judge Alfred Horowitz, who retired at the end of 2017.

Under Florida law, judges are required to retire at the age of 70, though they are allowed to remain on the bench if they have less than half a term remaining before the seat comes up for election. Michael Gates, whose retirement is effective July 31, is turning 70 with more than half of his term remaining.

All but one of the dozen departing judges indicate in their official paperwork that they are retiring, though that number includes one, Circuit Judge Merrilee Ehrlich, who left under public pressure after video of her treatment of a frail defendant went viral on the internet.

Ehlrich had originally planned to retire on June 30 but moved it up to April 23 after the video went public.

The only one to formally resign without retiring was County Judge Claudia Robinson, who was in the middle of her first term when the Judicial Qualifications Commission investigated her for funneling work to a campaign adviser. Robinson reached an agreement to serve a 30-day suspension, but after the commission re-opened the case to look into other allegations, Robinson resigned in February.

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She was replaced June 29 when the governor appointed General Magistrate Phoebee R. Francois to the seat.

Dealing with the Ehrlich and Robinson vacancies was a short-term challenge, said Broward Chief Administrative Judge Jack Tuter.

“There were at the onset some delays, but we now have all the dockets covered,” he said. The others — Lisa Porter, Gates and Arlene Backman — gave Tuter enough notice to reassign their cases with minimal disruption, though a handful of cases are likely to see some delay for practical reasons.

Porter was due to preside over the second retrial of Pablo Ibar, accused of a 1994 triple murder in Miramar that sent him to death row for 15 years before his conviction was overturned in 2016. The case has been reassigned to Broward Circuit Judge Dennis Bailey.

Gov. Scott is now looking into replacing Ehrlich, Porter and Gates, according to the state’s website. The process of replacing Backman, who formally announced her retirement earlier in June, is also underway.

“All in all it has be a bit of a shuffle, but between senior and retired judges helping and other judges taking on additional caseloads, we have been able to cover everything on a temporary basis,” Tuter said. “We hope to have all our new judges on board by the fall”

Porter, 55, said she decided to retire after more than 30 years working for the state in various capacities. She’s been a judge since 2008. Before that she was a statewide prosecutor.

“I strove to be the judge that, when I was a lawyer, I wanted to appear in front of,” Porter said. She left her future prospects open but announced no plans for a next step in her career.

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The year of 2018 is believed to be one of major significance. However, this significance does not rest in mere belief, but in tangible and credible evidence from both mainstream and alternative news sources. Only months into the year, there have been numerous simultaneous changes which have had an enormous impact upon the world and the way in which many citizens live their lives.

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The peace treaties made between former enemies, the end of the age-old Korean War, and the numerous indictments which have brought many facets of organized crime to a halt are each believed to be signs that the world has crossed into a new realm of positive possibility. Along with these changes is this long series of former political figures, world leaders, and corporate heads simultaneously stepping down from their respective places of authority.

We may have noticed that nearly hundreds of top executives from numerous large corporations, along with high-ranking officials from the Catholic Church, not to mention the entire senior staff of the State Department, have all apparently chosen to resign within a span of only two and a half years. We now have these numerous resignations and the ousting of one questionable Florida sheriff to add to this list of changes.

According to multiple sources, many of these former executives and figures were corrupt on a number of levels. If this is true, there is not much of a mystery as to why these people have been so eager to step down from such cushy positions.

Many independent researchers claim that these numerous resignations are a result of what some might refer to as a mass transfer of power. The arrests which many people have been anticipating pending the service of the famed sealed indictments (now numbering in the thousands) appear to be coming in more forms than simple judicial procedures. Instead of arrests alone, these questionable interests appear to be leaving their seats of influence by other means than arrests.

According to sources, these interests were given the option to resign and retire as an alternative to their mass arrests and indictments (though indictments may still occur). It may be that in many cases, the mere vacation of these individuals may be enough. Depending upon the alleged offenses of these people, some may simply be allowed to enjoy their retirement. In other cases, however, these individuals may be prosecuted and given plea deals in exchange for their full cooperation and assistance in the prosecution of more significant offenders.

In all this, the question remains as to whether or not the FBI and other offices in charge of these investigations are upright, or if they have as many issues as that of the Broward County Police Department is alleged to have.
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  1. Your article has a mistake about the Parkland shooting. The two Swat officers suspended we're not from BSO, they were from another department that was training at the near by Coral Springs training facility. The action taken against these two braveviffucrrscwas due yo not communicating with their agency that they were responding with CSPD and that they were making entry into the school.