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A Closer Look at Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) - Could these bases explain the "Booms" which citizens have been hearing for years?

The subject of DUMBs, or Deep Underground Military Bases, has been a fairly significant topic within alternative communities. These bases are reported to exist several miles beneath the Earth's surface and are distributed throughout multiple remote locations around the U.S. and the world.

These DUMBs are said to operate largely or even completely separate from the surface population, and to house highly advanced technology. It is uncertain as to what the uses of these bases might be. However, there have been numerous whistleblower testimonies which depict a variety of activities within these facilities which range from that which we might consider average to those which might be extraordinarily jaw-dropping.

Most of the credible reports regarding these bases come from those who have demonstrable technological knowledge and have either worked for classified sectors of government, or for military establishments. However, there have been numerous accounts about a number of similar—yet less secretive—operations taking place within subterranean facilities around the country. One such report comes to us from the website,

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Source: Zero Hedge

Published: July 24, 2016

By: Tyler Durden

Deep Underground Military Bases? California Hit by Mysterious Clockwork "Booms" Daily for Years

For years now, residents of Sonora, California have been hearing a window-shaking loud and so far officially unexplained BOOM! that always happens between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. daily.

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Inquisitr reports that the explanation floating around Sonora from a local geologist/teacher is that an Army Depot in Hawthorne, Nevada, all the way across the state and behind a mountain range which disposes of old munitions like bombs, might be what residents have been hearing.

But do they have so many old bombs to dispose of that they do it daily every single day even on weekends and holidays without fail for years? Why would Sonora, California of all locations near Hawthorne be the seemingly most affected city of all?

Besides, even people who work at the depot aren’t hearing the booms regularly (via ABC News):

Ken Thomas, a contracting officer for the Hawthorne Army Depot, told ABC News today that they do detonate munitions regularly at the depot when the munitions are past their shelf-life, but he is not convinced that it can be heard in Sonora.

“It doesn’t feel right that what we’re doing here would be heard 200 miles away when there’s a mountain range in between us,” Thomas said. “My office is 27 miles from where they detonate the old munitions, I only hear it here maybe one time a month, and just barely and it’s like ‘Was that a boom?'”

On top of that, not only are they clockwork, but these have been described as deep, low booms which can almost be felt by the people who live there. In fact, a friend who lives near Sonora said that sometimes they can actually see their windows warp during the booms.

So what is it? Lots of conspiracies are, of course, floating around including aliens (as per the usual).

But one in particular sounds a lot more plausible than an old weapons depot that’s a three-hour drive from Sonora: DUMBs.

Deep underground military bases.

We all know there’s an extensive network of them which has been significantly expanded since 9/11 and the creation of Homeland Security...

...and we’re all just supposed to put our fingers in our ears and go “la la la” and pretend like they don’t exist.

The tunneling project is a joint venture involving the National Security Agency, CIA, FBI, MiB, Homeland Security & a few other groups that are buried in the Congressional Intelligence Committees with some weird acronyms no one really understands. Much of the info on this comes from private citizens in the county, public officials, as well as Coast to Coast with George Noory & Art Bell. These shows have given incredibly good information on the topic for the last several months, beginning in late 2003…

According to the information available, there are several reasons for the project:

Read more at:

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General Usage

According to whistleblower testimony, the operations which take place within these DUMBs vary considerably. Basically, any civil activity we might imagine occurring on the surface (along with the normal military operations) is reported to take place within these facilities. Due to the fact that DUMBs are so far removed—both physically and operationally—from the surface population, these bases typically function as their own society.

They are reported to have every type of civil service from hospitals to fire suppression and control, food and water supplies, and nearly everything a city requires for independent function.
Most of these bases are military-owned and operated. Consequently, it is largely common for them to undergo unorthodox projects. These along with the rather basic,operations, go on within these societies, according to reports. Such operations may include research into cybernetics, cloning, biochemical research, ETs, AI, and various forms of artificial life.

Cabal Hideouts

According to testimony, these underground facilities exist for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons was reported to be to act as a safehaven for various elite personnel who believed that the surface of the planet was going to be destroyed by a massive solar eruption, a natural disaster, or some other type of calamity.

According to the belief system of the group many of us know as the Cabal, the periodic eruption from the sun will destroy everything on the surface of the planet and cause catastrophes of various kinds. These Cabal believe that they can survive such predicted disasters by hiding out underground along with their possessions. (It should be noted that though it has been reported that the sun periodically gives off large amounts of energy every few thousand years or so, there is no way to know what the result of such an event might be.)

It has also been reported that the elitists of the world planned to wipe out over two thirds of the surface population via an orchestrated nuclear war, according to multiple sources. However, fortunately, this plan did not succeed. According to whistleblowers, these bases have been systematically destroyed and their occupants were either killed or arrested. Whichever of these courses these criminals have taken is said to depend upon their willingness to surrender when given the order to do so by arresting authorities (most often military personnel).

Fear Mongering with DUMBs

There has been some reputable coverage of the subject of these underground facilities. However, there has also been talk about DUMBs which appears to be largely sensational. This sensational material will typically fixate upon only one possible usage of these subterranean facilities.

If we have researched this topic before, we have likely found that some of the first Google search results about DUMBs consist of sites which advertise a fearful narrative about these bases. Instead of presenting multiple possibilities for what these bases might be, these sites appear to preach a message of fear and supposed imminent invasion by personnel stationed within these facilities.

These posts typically begin their discussion with an apparent attempt to dissuade researchers from studying the topic of ETs any further and then redirects them to a narrative of fear. More specifically, this is the fear of some invasion by paramilitary troops (possibly related to FEMA in some way) that are supposedly waiting to pop out, kidnap every American and place them into slavery, according to the narrative.

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This theory is typically presented before any provable information is presented about DUMBs, and appears to be designed to repel researchers from their quest for knowledge. The invasion narrative has been recycled and rehashed a number of times over the past several years, yet not once—according to my knowledge—has there been an attempt to prove the theory valid. More often than not, the theory comes across more as a distraction as opposed to helpful research material.

Too often, subjects of the unknown are used as mere gimmicks for the purpose of advertising or spreading fear-based memes. Yet many of these subjects raise extensive questions—questions which deserve real answers as opposed to sensational rumors presented as fact.

Occupied Territory

It seems clear that the technology required to construct these bases exists. It also appears that many of the independent whistleblower testimonies about DUMBs align quite well with one another and together, make a strong case that to some degree, these bases are real.

According to the late Phil Schneider—a well-known retired government geologist—these underground facilities were being constructed by classified operations a lot earlier than many of us might have expected. As these bases were first being excavated, the teams exploring the new areas were sometimes met by beings that looked to be ETs, according to testimony. Apparently, these beings already had a civilization in a number of areas beneath the Groom Lake region of Nevada. However, neither these teams of government contracted workers nor their military escorts were told about the occupation in this area.

According to Schneider's testimony, these beings attacked his team and ended up killing a number of them. Schneider and other whistleblowers claimed that there are actually civilizations far beneath the Earth's surface which the U.S. government is fully aware of.

The group which Schneider's team disturbed only desired to be left alone by surface humanity, according to testimony. They intend to avoid any confrontation as long as their territory is not encroached upon. However, Phil Schneider's team was not privy to this information, and due to what appeared to be pointless bureaucracy, those who needed to know about these beings were not allowed to know.

It was not long after Schneider gave this testimony about these underground facilities that he died under extremely strange circumstances. Though his testimony was significantly military-oriented, it does provide a very interesting piece of evidence which suggests that these bases do, in fact, exist.

The Overall Mystery and Intrigue

When we consider the full implications of DUMBs and their potential uses, the possibilities may seem endless. If we consider a civilization that is largely or completely separated from the Earth's surface population and resources, we may find it difficult to wrap our minds around the idea entirely.

Do these bases have technology so advanced that they can operate completely independently from the surface? According to whistleblowers, this can be the case at times. However, due to the possibility that various elitists have evacuated to these bases, some of these facilities are most likely linked with the surface in some way.

There are still plenty of unanswered questions when it comes to DUMBs. Ideally, we will be receiving these answers as the ongoing disclosure process progresses.
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