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Trump Orders Establishment of 'Space Force' as 6th Branch of Military; Program Has Existed Since Mid-1900s, Whistleblowers Claim

There is a certain method of delivering new and potentially shocking information to the uninformed public. This method involves making announcements about events as though the subject being disclosed is new and in developmental phases.

The information could be years or even decades old. However, in order to avoid shocking or possibly enraging the public in any way, the news is presented as new and introductory. According to numerous whistleblowers, this is the exact method of revelation used in the recent announcement by President Donald Trump.

Most people have been under the impression that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States was at the forefront of space travel. However, according to sources, for a long time, this has been far from the truth.

For years, whistleblowers have been coming forward and disclosing information which reveals that there is far more taking place in outer space than any of us may have previously known. According to their testimonies, there is much more to this announcement by President Trump than meets the eye. However, before getting into much detail regarding the bigger picture of disclosure, let's see what the MSM has to say about the recent presidential announcement.

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Source: Fox News

Published: June 19, 2018

By: Andrew O'Reilly

President Trump vowed on Monday to make space great again.

Speaking at a meeting of the National Space Council, Trump ordered the Pentagon to immediately establish a national “space force” that would become the sixth branch of the armed forces.

“We are going to have a space force,” Trump said in Washington D.C. “An Air Force and a Space Force. Separate, but equal.”

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This is not the first time that Trump has floated the idea of establishing a “space force.” The president mentioned the idea in May during a ceremony at the White House honoring the Army Black Knights college football team.

Trump did not go into details about what military role the so-called “space force” would carry out or who would command it, but he framed space as a national security issue, saying he does not want "China and Russia and other countries leading us."

Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White responded: “We understand the President's guidance. Our Policy Board will begin working on this issue, which has implications for intelligence operations for the Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy. Working with Congress, this will be a deliberate process with a great deal of input from multiple stakeholders.”

The president said the United States will “be the leader by far” in space and is looking to revive the nation's flagging space program by returning the United States to the moon and soon reaching Mars.

Trump was joined by Vice President Pence, who heads the National Space Council, as well as NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, former astronaut Buzz Aldrin and other members of the council.

Along with the call for the “space force,” Trump also called for a build-up in the long term presence in space, threw his support behind the nascent commercial space travel industry and signed a directive to manage space traffic.

The directive calls for providing a safe and secure environment up in orbit, as satellite traffic increases. It also sets up new guidelines for satellite design and operation, to avoid collisions and spacecraft breakups.

The council's executive secretary, Scott Pace, told reporters before the meeting that space is becoming increasingly congested and current guidelines are inadequate to address the challenge.

Before making his remarks on the space program, President Trump also weighed in on the ongoing immigration crisis – blasting the U.S.’ current immigration laws and saying the crisis is “the Democrats’ fault.”

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“The United States will not be a migrant holding facility,” Trump said. “We can't allow that to happen in the U.S. Not on my watch. We want safety and we want security.

Trump added: “If the Democrats would sit down and stop obstructing, we could have something quickly."

The Trump administration’s policy of separating migrant children from their parents has come under increasing scrutiny from both sides if the aisle.

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As previously stated, multiple whistleblowers have come forward over the past decade to disclose the reality of advanced off-planet operations. According to these reports, Air Force, Navy, and corporately contracted organizations of multiple countries have been in constant development of technology and civilizations outside the Earth's atmosphere. These programs are reported to have been ongoing since as early as the late 1930s—far longer than most people might expect such space-based operations to be taking place. This and other reasons may be why the presidential announcement seemed so sudden and expectant of such fast changes in such a short period of time.

Mark McCandlish

One of those disclosing this information is retired corporate contractor, Mark McCandlish. McCandlish played a major role in several projects focused upon creating practical spacecraft technology comparable to that of the hundreds of UFOs observed by military and defense contractors. Some of the most notable marks in McCandlish's carrier included the development of ARVs or alien reproduction vehicles.

Though McCandlish only recounts designing and receiving descriptions of these craft, he was still able to attest to several testimonies of personnel within classified projects that these craft did exist and that they very much were an area of research which the U.S. Air Force was focused upon.

David Adair

Similarly, retired U.S. Air Force engineer David Adair was recruited by the Air Force at an early age to design advanced propulsion systems for the military following WWII. Adair was known to be a prodigy from an early age, and spent his childhood building multi-stage rockets on his family's property. Through exceptionally convenient circumstances, Adair was able to meet Air Force general, Curtis Lemay, at an early age, and ended up being covertly recruited to improve a number of classified Air Force propulsion systems.

Adair recounts not only designing and creating propulsion technology that was far more advanced than that which we know about today, but he witnessed technology so advanced that its origin, to this day, is unclear.

Stories like those of David Adair help support the proposal that U.S. military and contracted interests are regularly developing and researching hyper-advanced and in many cases, off-world technology which the American public remains all but completely unaware of.

Corey Goode

Whistleblower, experiencer, and veteran, Corey Goode, has disclosed numerous details about the various facets of the Secret Space Program. These testimonies have included serving on advanced spacecraft designed to traverse the solar system and beyond. During these missions, Goode recounts participating in extensive research projects, interactions with ETs, and witnessing experiences which many of us have only read about or watched in sci-fi entertainment.

Additionally, Goode has delivered numerous testimonies and predictions about various disclosure efforts in mainstream media—suggesting that his testimony about his continued contact with members of these classified programs is accurate.

He has successfully predicted the beginning of subtle revelations of ET life in corporate media, the take-down of various Cabal/Deep State interests, the various psychological effects of progressive human evolution, and on multiple occasions, he accurately predicted the various efforts of smear campaigners and saboteurs who made extensive efforts to squelch every attempt at disclosure of the deeper aspects of institutional and military secrecy. In fact, these saboteurs not only attempted to ruin Goode's image, they also attempted to break his family apart, ruin him financially, and even attempted to seriously injure (if not murder) at least one of his close friends.
When Goode first began presenting his story, not much evidence or testimony was available to support many of his claims regarding operations within the SSP. There were multiple instances which supported the notion that Goode was receiving significant opposition from military and corporate powers, but for some, these were not very convincing. However, upon the disclosures of another retired veteran, Corey's testimony began to solidify as exceptionally plausible.

William Tompkins

The late William Tompkins is a well-known figure within the disclosure community. Upon his initial introduction, Tompkins' history was all but completely unknown. However, when he began to share his knowledge, the truth community found that he was much more than anyone had anticipated.

Tompkins was a child prodigy in drafting and design, and enlisted into the United States Navy at a very early age. From there he was tasked with designing ships for various purposes. Years later, he found himself in a think tank at Lockheed reverse engineering different versions of what could be called second-generation ARVs as well as massive transport spaceships designed to carry smaller spacecraft for longer distances in outer space.

Later on, while in the Lockheed think tank, William Tompkins was assigned the task of debriefing American spies that were embedded in Nazi Germany during World War II. These spies are reported to have brought back intel from Germany about a Nazi UFO program. Thanks to the work of Tompkins and his team, the United States Navy was able to contend with and match the ingenuity of the Nazi program. According to testimony, the U.S. Navy created a program called Solar Warden, which is reported to still be operational today.

Tompkins' work took him around the world and gave him some of the most revealing and interesting stories a veteran can tell. His testimony also validated much of what many other whistleblowers had previously disclosed even though he had not been in contact with any of them prior.

Dr. Robert Wood

After coming forward, Tompkins was able to meet one of his former (and yet unknown) coworkers from Lockheed, Dr. Robert Wood. Dr. Wood was involved in some of the more public aspects of Lockheed research and development. However, he also had extensive experience in researching the concept and design of UFOs and spacecraft.

Wood recounts introducing the idea of researching the physics and propulsion systems of UFOs to his superiors at Lockheed. Even though he was partially joking, they took the idea seriously and tasked him with the project. Both he and his team found that the concept of UFO spacecrafts was very feasible. However, at the time, the organization did not have the financial means to undertake the project.

Despite the lack of ability of Dr. Wood's research team to apply UFO technology in the real world, there were numerous other projects which were disclosed by other whistleblowers who either witnessed or participated in the development of these spacecraft.

Dr. Pete Peterson

For several years, Dr. Pete Peterson has been delivering extensive testimony about the various research projects he participated in during his time in classified R&D. Though there is some mystery surrounding Dr. Peterson's work, it is clear that he has worked in intelligence and advanced projects which fly very close to both government and corporate establishments.

Peterson's experience ranges from researching and designing control systems for spacecraft as well as reverse engineering the user interface of craft of unknown origin. He even recounts working directly with various types of ETs as part of a team designing and constructing these control systems. This is one of many significant and revealing disclosures which Peterson has given over the years.

Dr. Peterson's story is particularly interesting in that he is one of several whistleblowers who have received excessive opposition against his disclosures. This has included the confiscation of nearly all of his possessions including his house, his vehicle, and his life's work in research. The mass-confiscation was executed by armed officers who had no justification for this apparent robbery. This event took place under the threat of Peterson's immediate arrest (or possible execution) should he interfere.

Emery Smith

By now, many of us may know about whistleblower, inventor, and surgical specialist, Emery Smith. Emery has been active in disclosing his extensive history of medical research and autopsying hundreds and possibly even thousands of ET species. Additionally, Smith has been actively working to have various patents approved for seemingly futuristic healing technology, free energy devices, medical innovations, and more.

Emery started out as a surgical assistant and worked his way up to being a surgical specialist with the duty of dissecting and taking medical samples of multiple types of tissue from everything from what looked to be genetically manufactured beings to humanoid ETs. He is known primarily from his work on the Ata mummy—an artifact which gained its fame from the documentary, Sirius Disclosure. This mummy was one of the first alleged ET beings to be displayed to such a wide audience, and helped awaken many people to the possibility of real ET beings living on the planet in the past and possibly in the present.

One of the most significant projects which Smith has been involved with is the research which went into a new treatment for various diseases. The chemical is known as alpha-2-macroglobulin. The alpha-2 treatment has been proven to relieve inflammation in the body to such a thorough extent that it actually allows the body to bypass this reaction to injury and disease. This, in turn, can help the body to heal from illnesses and injuries faster and more completely, according to Smith.

Like Dr. Pete Peterson, Emery Smith has lost a great deal for the sake of disclosing sensitive information to the public. This included the loss of nearly all of his possessions, family members, and his home. There have also been multiple attempts on Emery's life including violent car accidents that were clearly set up to seriously injure Smith, if not kill him. Thankfully, he has survived all three of these attempts and continues to do his work pushing for greater revelations of truth.

Events such as these typically show how dangerous the game of disclosure can be. Nevertheless, these and many more brave men and women continue these efforts of disclosure.

Ongoing Developments

According to multiple testimonies from numerous sources, the technologies developed by these classified research projects not only include anti-gravity, but include multiple developments in technology which most of us (to restate) have only encountered in science fiction and entertainment.

These developments include, deep space travel, manipulation of spacetime, and knowledge of hundreds (yes, hundreds) of different species of intelligent extraterrestrial life. Other testimonies include time manipulation and travel, black ops military programs, and countless undisclosed aspects of human history.

Other operations include the mining of asteroids, exploration of the various planets and moons within our solar system, the excavation of the numerous ruins found on moons and alien planets, and the building of newer installations on these planetary bodies. In fact, according to whistleblower testimony, not only are these various secret space programs aware of extraterrestrial life, but they are in constant contact with them and actually do business with them on a regular basis.

The human component to these off-world projects is a military-based society which operates as its own independent civilization and has no dependency on Earth-based resources at all. Though there may be minimal contact with Earth-based military interests, most of these projects are conducted without any supervision Earth-side.

This and other information touches on the true extent of the reality said to be ongoing above our heads in outer space. This current time and the corresponding announcement by President Trump does not represent the beginning of a space force as the presidential announcement states. Instead, it appears to represent the beginning of an entire revelation of a much larger and wider-reaching initiative of disclosure.

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