Sunday, June 24, 2018 Discloses Existence of Anti-Gravity Technology; Deletes Post Only Days Afterward - What's Going On?

Dr. Albert Einstein once stated, "A theory of gravity is also a theory of space and time." According to his theory of relativity, space and time are inseparable—part of one unified system. When we travel through space, in essence, we are traveling through time as well.

At the same time, Einstein believed that gravity and spacetime are interlinked as well. This means that a warp in spacetime is a warp in gravity. So if by chance, the United States military learned how to manipulate both gravity and spacetime, what might the implications be? By all appearances, this very discovery has just been disclosed.

The Disappearing Post

In mid-June of this year, the website,, published a clearly written post which divulged the existence of the Air Force's anti-gravity aircraft known as the TR-3B. This aircraft was described as using anti-gravity as its main source of lift along with a series of conventional thrusters which help to maneuver the craft in flight.

The TR-3B does not yet officially exist. However, it appears that did not see any harm in discussing its current use in modern military operations, or at least it did appear that way.

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The original post about the TR-3B appears to have been deleted from the site just hours before I had a chance to copy its contents and comment on it. It is clear from a DuckDuckGo search that the original post did in fact exist. Unfortunately, the short article no longer appears to be available.

We can clearly see the first few sentences in each search result above. However, when we click on any of these, the same error page displays.

It seems the website is functioning normally, but that the post no longer exists.

Regardless of the mixed signals which the establishment seems to be sending with regard to their desire (and corresponding lack of desire) to disclose the truth, here is the video which was displayed on the post from

We might see this technology, and granted we have heard the numerous credible testimonies that this particular craft is very real, we will know that at present, this air and spacecraft is very likely in operation in our skies.

If this craft does exist and the post from was intended to accurately inform the public about anti-gravity propulsion, how might such a craft operate?

Anti-Gravity Tech

For decades now, the concept of anti-gravity has been represented as an unsolvable mystery by conventional science. However, according to multiple sources within black ops, the mystery of anti-gravity has not only been solved, it was solved over fifty years ago.

Recent breakthroughs in theoretical and quantum physics have revealed the nature of spacetime is fluid and dynamic. This fluid spacetime flows into every atom at a consistent rate and as it does, a lesser flow of spacetime flows out of the atom. The spacetime outflow is lessened because a portion of it is converted into photons, or light, which emanates from the atom in a spherical halo. This atomic mechanism is the quantum version of the same dynamic which sustain stars, according to physicists.

In essence, a constant flow of gravity is needed to sustain the substance or the mass of any object. If this flow were interrupted or non-existent, the mass of an object could actually be canceled.

This is the application of Einstein's statement above, and according to reported experimentation, the theory is sound.
Per historic experiments, when a cannonball is dropped onto a hard concrete floor and then weighed, it will weigh less than it did before it was dropped. Similarly, when the rotor of an electric motor is spun up, stopped and then restarted again, less energy is required to spin the rotor up to the same speed it had before it was stopped. These experiments have been repeated numerous times and are extremely simple to complete. However, modern science (or at least the public side of science) appears to ignore this side of physics entirely.

This is not the case within military and classified scientific research. According to multiple sources from these classified projects, Einsteinian relativity was only partially correct in that, as an object accelerates, it does not gain mass. Instead, the object loses mass the faster it accelerates. This effect is theorized to be caused by the interruption or alteration of the way in which gravity flows into the matter of the object.

Additionally, modern physics has discovered the proven link between electricity and spacetime flow, i.e., gravity. According to multiple whistleblowers, when extremely high voltage current is created in a vortexial shape, the resulting electromagnetic field has the potential to distort spacetime.

This principle over electromagnetic gravity manipulation has been openly disclosed by the Boeing Company. The Russian branch of this famous air company reported research into the possibilities in anti-gravity a number of years ago. This was one of the first ever open disclosures of the acknowledgement that anti-gravity was more than science fiction, and at the time of the report, the announcement was met with the typical skepticism of the average person. Nevertheless, this multi-billion-dollar company has been researching these transportation options for years now.

The concept could be thought of as creating eddy currents in the flow of spacetime. As we may know, eddy currents are formed when a flow—such as water currents in a river—are interrupted so that a spiraling current is formed in the opposite direction. Along with other forces, these electromagnetic eddy currents have the ability to reverse the flow of gravity around specially designed craft.

Eddy currents still consist of a fluid flow, but the flow is isolated
and largely independent from the current around them.

If a craft were able to manipulate eddy currents of fluid spacetime/gravity which naturally flow into the Earth, they might be able to defy gravity in remarkable ways. In essence, this is the exact mechanism which some modern Earth-originated spacecraft use, as whistleblowers have maintained.

According to testimony, these craft have been designed and manufactured in classified projects for decades now (to restate). They come in numerous shapes, sizes, and configurations. The TR-3B is just one of numerous craft which are all reported to run on this or similar technology.

Despite the doubtful, ridiculing and closed-minded attitudes of last century, it appears that the scientific establishment is no longer able to deny the possibilities of advanced technology such as that of anti-gravity aircraft.

Strange Times

There are a number of possibilities behind these strange occurrences in recent times. I have received reports of people being denied the ability to upload YouTube videos which discuss matters of disclosure.

To add, censorship has been an increasingly significant issue in the lives of many independent journalists. Time after time, these researchers find themselves facing stifling, draconian standards enforced by social media giants which have largely abandoned ethics. Instead, many of these social media companies appear to be working for the interests who depend upon secrecy to hide information which certain influential people do not want revealed.
This trend of secrecy, censorship, and manicured information has made even the noninquisitive a bit curious as to why these companies have abandoned their own policies so blatantly. The answer is unclear. However, many researchers believe that these establishments—including certain facets of the military—are all still working to control information despite the fact that so many people no longer trust them.

According to multiple whistleblowers, there is a continuous disclosure effort currently underway. These efforts are being initiated by a number of different military and corporate groups. The only problem is that most of these groups do not completely agree on what information needs to be disclosed or in what order or time the information should be revealed.

This disagreement between the economic, military, and governmental influences on the planet may be the reason we see such strange occurrences in media (webpage posts disappearing, for example).

Competing Disclosure Narratives

According to a number of whistleblowers, there are multiple advanced versions of classified operations taking place in space. These operations are collectively known as the Secret Space Program, and have been ongoing for a good portion of the 20th century and deal in some of the most advanced technologies most of us can imagine—technology such as advanced space stations, teleportation, directed energy weaponry, futuristic spacecraft, interstellar propulsion systems, and much, much more.

According to sources, the gradual disclosure of advanced spacecraft and technology we are currently witnessing does not actually represent the true pace of progress. In reality, most of that which we are presented with as new and innovative technology may have actually existed for half a century or more.

Whistleblowers maintain that the sporadic disclosures we see in mainstream media represent a combination of conflicting disclosure agendas. Some facets of the Secret Space Program desire for only a portion of their operations to be revealed while others desire for a more complete and thorough disclosure of classified operations.

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There have also been reports of an attempt by the Catholic Church and their CIA interests to present ETs as somehow divine and worthy of worship in some way. According to reports, these attempts were intended by certain religious factions which have maintained some level of influence over the planet. However, at this point, these interests appear to be a part of the previous establishment which is now losing its power.

We might have also noticed the excessive amount of corporate propaganda and sensationalism surrounding President Trump. No matter what the true story may be, the current MSM appears to be intent upon turning every story into a daytime talk show filled with drama, arguing, and all the immaturity and negativity the talk show audience can stand.

It seems that an apparent cold war of information is waging behind the scenes. It is anyone's guess as to what might happen next. Yet through all of the confusion, it just might be possible for us to glean the truth of the matter beyond the world we have been conditioned to believe in.

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