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Insiders Reveal Secrets of Underground Military & Corporate Bases with Futuristic Technologies - Exopolitics

Source: Exopolitics

Published: May 24, 2018

By: Dr. Michael Salla

The May 22 episode of Cosmic Disclosure featured a bombshell interview of two insiders, Emery Smith and Corey Goode, who discussed their direct knowledge of classified underground bases and the super advanced technologies used there. They revealed the security protocols, policy oversight, and travel and cloaking technologies secretly used at the bases.

Goode is best known for his first hand experiences inside multiple secret space programs, and also contacts with different extraterrestrial and Inner Earth groups that he began publicly disclosing in late 2014. He says that much of his knowledge of these underground military/corporate bases came through reading briefing documents found in smart glass pads he had access to during his “20 and back” programs, as well as direct personal experience during his covert service.

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Goode’s testimony in secret space programs has been extensively covered by David Wilcock in the Cosmic Disclosure series and his book, The Ascension Mysterious; and also in my Secret Space Programs book trilogy. Both Wilcock and I have identified hundreds of sources and documents that corroborate many of Goode’s claims.

Smith publicly emerged as an insider/whistleblower in December 2017 to share his direct experiences in multiple classified programs that began with him being trained as a “Surgical First Assist” by the US Air Force at Kirtland Air Force Base. He has provided a number of documents on his website that substantiate his military training and work as a surgical assistant.

He has two patents granted in 2004 and 2011 featuring innovative medical devices. On his LinkedIn page he refers to two medical papers he has collaborated in writing. I personally spoke with the main author of the first paper written in 2006, Robert J. Mandle, Ph.D., who confirmed Smith’s involvement and his competence as a medical researcher.

Smith has given a number of interviews on Cosmic Disclosure and elsewhere where he has discussed his involvement in corporate/military experiments involving medical examination of approximately 3000 tissues samples from extraterrestrials, hybrids and other exotic life forms. He says that performed autopsies on approximate 250 extraterrestrial bodies at classified underground facilities at Kirtland Air Force Base, and and elsewhere.

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In the May 22, Cosmic Disclosure interview, Smith and Goode compared their respective knowledge about security, locations and technologies used at the underground facilities. The interview has been made publicly available for free here. Goode also provides free transcripts of all his Cosmic Disclosure episodes which are available here.

What is remarkable for the listener, is how well Goode’s recollections of what he read in the smart glass pads, matches what Smith described directly experiencing when visiting these underground military/corporate facilities.

Highlights of their discussion was their common knowledge of how hundreds of secret bases in the US alone, while often on military installations, are actually controlled by corporations:

Emery: I’m aware of, in just the U.S. alone, about 300 of these facilities.

Now, when you say government, I want to, like, talk about that, because it’s not always the government that owns these facilities.

They GUARD these facilities – the military does – but they don’t always . . . are in control of the facilities, because they are owned by larger corporations and unknown organizations.

Corey: That have different oversight.

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