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'Humanity Has Become… Hue-Manity' - Gaia Portal Update for June 10, 2018

Source: Gaia Portal

Published: June 10, 2018

Star Portals open for the Illumined.

Lanterns of glass are replaced with those of the Inner Lantern.

Masterfuls are embraced by the Masters.

Humanity has become… Hue-Manity.

* * * * *

It has been fairly uplifting to read the recent postings from the Gaia Portal website. To consider the possibility that these developments have taken place and have affected Earth humanity in the ways suggested is quite exciting, I think.

It is unclear as to how these collective changes have affected us. However, as usual, this gives us an interesting mystery to solve. Let's tackle this how we usually do by gaining some understanding about what the author of the above update is attempting to tell us.

Students of the Cosmos

The reference of star portals may remind us of the concept of a star-gate, or a portal which links two different points in spacetime together so that they are in essence, the same point. It does not matter how far apart the portals are. They could be in opposite corners of the universe and yet the portal would still operate the same way as they would if they were right next to one another.

When the author refers to star portals, this unlimited potential for near instantaneous travel might be the referenced ability. However, the update suggests that these gateways will open specifically for the illumined.

The word illumined refers to the concept of a student in most uses. However, this term may also mean a person who is undergoing their own process of learning (which can also be technically considered a student).
Alternatively, the illumined could be those who have absorbed the adequate amount of natural light to make a tangible difference in their physical experience. The natural absorption of sunlight into the human body in order to catalyze the synthesis of vitamin D is one case. There is another which has been found by biologists to take place at the level of DNA. According to research, photon energy is actually a key component in the functionality and health of the DNA molecule.

In a spiritual sense, the absorption of light is believed to be a key to a successful ascension experience. As the human vessel absorbs higher levels of light energy, our ability to learn, to solve our individual and collective issues, and to evolve as divine beings is said to be centered upon this absorption of light.

In general, the concept and usage of the word illumined seems to suggest that individuals who are intent upon bettering themselves will soon receive the chance to learn much more and travel farther than they ever thought possible on whatever journey they choose.

Inner Light

The lanterns of glass described above could mean a number of things. A lantern is a device used to give artificial light during times when natural, more dependable light from the heavens is unavailable. When the natural light returns at dawn, the lantern is put out.

This lantern is kept so that a person can possess their own light source whenever they need it. It cannot replace the light of day, but it is still very helpful nonetheless.

The symbolic meaning of glass is multifaceted. Glass can represent anything from protection to open-mindedness, fragility, exclusion or separation, and transparency. Each of these traits can be expressed by an individual in many ways throughout their lives.

When we combine these possible meanings with the concept of a person carrying such a glass lantern, we may come up with the idea that the artificial light is fragile, easily damaged, and undependable. Yet it may still be transparent and able to take on more light or flame should the situation require it.

On another note, to suggest that a light is able to give/receive greater amounts or contributions to/from other such light may further suggest a type of cumulative quality of this light. When many people come togethereach having their own lanterns in handthey could share their light and resources so that the collective light can go farther and be more beneficial for a greater number of people. In essence, the light becomes greater the more people there are to contribute. Even still, this is only in reference to the metaphor of the glass lantern.

What might the benefit of an internal light be in contrast?

According to the author, the exterior and artificial light we have been using thus far will be replaced with an inner radiance. This seems to imply that the substitute which humanity has been using for natural light during times of darkness will soon be within us. In other words, we will soon be the light we need to see clearly, no matter what challenges may come our way.

If this is the case, it means that in the future, we will no longer have to worry about any fragility, isolation, separation, or any other issue of our artificial lights. Judging from the description, this light sounds as though once we receive it, it will remain as a permanent addition to our inner being.

Like Attracts Like

The concept of the masterfuls mentioned above seems interesting. This statement appears to reference the same concept as the initial statement about the illumined ones. When we dedicate our journey to self-learning and improvement, we not only prepare ourselves to be knowledgeable and eventually wise, we actually prepare ourselves to become teachers. It may be that as we become teachers, we will naturally attract those who have also gained notable knowledge and wisdom over time, and these masters may be able to assist us in our journey as we assist others.


The update seems to focus upon the topics of learning and teaching. In the final statement, the author appears to make the point that eventually, humanity makes some greater, ultimate achievement. While this point about the transformation of humanity seems to refer to a completion of this evolutionary process (or at least this particular stage thereof), it is the underlying meaning that may determine the exact connotation of the statement.

We may note the presence of the pronunciation of HU. This pronunciation is believed to be particularly effective as a sort of mantra for practitioners of meditation, and is believed to create a beneficial harmonic frequency when toned.

When we define the actual word, hue, our explanation may expand.

Definition of hue

1. overall character or appearance to the mind: complexion, aspect

2. a : color; all the hues of the rainbow
b: gradation of color
c: the attribute of colors that permits them to be classed as red, yellow, green, blue, or an intermediate between any contiguous pair of these colors; red with an orange hue — compare brightness 2, lightness 2, saturation 4

According to the dictionary definition, the word hue can mean a number of things. If we think of a hue, we may consider it as a certain mental association we have between two or more concepts or experiences we recall having in life. To think about one can typically remind us of the other.

If we consider the second definition of hue, the picture expands even further.

The comparison between humanity and a graduation of colors seems interesting. We might say that to some extent, there are many different colors or chromatic shades of humans around the planet. However, it may be a moot point for the author to make a statement about a planetary condition that we are already familiar with. In this case, the author may be referring to an even greater variety of humankind which we may encounter once the coming changes commence.

Perhaps the reference to hue-manity is with regard to vibrations of frequency, and this is the graduation of color the update was hinting at. Perhaps in some sense, numerous levels of graduation and changing of frequencies will occur during our ongoing and future evolution. In this way, we might imagine the ascension of humankind involving the transformation of a disjointed, dissonant, and disharmonious noise into a masterfully composed, planetary symphony of harmonic melody.

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