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'Hang On! We Are Going through a Multidimensional Hit Storm' - A Guide for Weathering Trying Energies with James Gilliland

If we've been observant of the world around us, we have likely noticed that lately, things are going nuts. The people around us appear to be going crazy with imbalanced emotions, internal struggles, and external conflicts in their social lives. The tendency to argue appears to have increased.

To add, many people have been awakening even further to the truth being revealed all around us. These individuals are discovering new possibilities within themselves and within conscious humanity as a whole. In contrast, some people (even some who have been free-thinking to some degree) have reverted to psychological and emotional dependency upon exterior opinions and perspectives to sustain them.

In all this, it seems as though society is shifting and moving onto at least two different paths. Some people appear to be growing, evolving and shedding unnecessary baggage from the past, and this can be an amazing process. Others are becoming increasingly violent, controlling, combative, and antagonistic in thought and action.

These changes may present significant stress in our lives, and according to the website ECETI News, there is a reason for this. Along with these explanations, the following post from ECETI gives helpful suggestions on how to resolve many of the issues these present times have awakened within world society.

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Source: Mad Mimi - ECETI Newsletter

Published: June 2018

By: James Gilliland


Hang on we are going through what seems to be a multidimensional hit storm. Almost all the healers I know, light workers, even family members have been seeing what can in most cases be seen as total insanity. People acting like they are possessed or under the influence of something dark. We are all getting a crash course in loving detachment. We are also being pressed to shield up and learn how to clear unseen negative influences. Everything is surfacing, the deep state is being exposed, the lame stream media are proving to be professional pathological liars, friends and family are losing it yet we are not clear on the source. It seems to be coming from multiple sources.

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Could be psychotronics, some are seeing dark portals opening up, many healers are seeing people with so many attachments, astral beings, greys, reptillians and serpent beings they don’t know what to make of it. Many are having their whole worlds turned upside down especially those who aligned themselves with the lies and deceptions. Their icons are falling, the masks are coming down and everything they be lie ved is turning out to be a lie. Their egos just got sucker punched. The powers that were are imploding. The only solace I can offer is this too shall pass. It’s a process and chaos sometimes is necessary. We need to hold space, process our own issues as they arise, monitor ourselves and continue to clear any unseen negative influences. Remember a lot of these thoughts and emotions are not yours. Get out in nature, meditate, find ways to separate yourself from the chaos till it works itself out. Again we cannot stress how important it is to do clearings.


Healing is a must for all those who desire to operate in other realms of consciousness. You must have self authority and maintain control. If you are experiencing negative vibrations, they are either thought forms, limiting mental concepts, psychic bonds or discarnate entities (lost souls) in need of healing. They are bound to the earth vibration due to lower vibration attitudes and emotions. Some are coercive and desire to manipulate and control. Love heals. Casting out only sends them to another place, another person. In all healing, remember that God is love. It is the power of love that heals and lifts. We will give you the following steps to clear the energy.

1. Close your aura by visualizing a white or gold light around you. 

2. Call upon your chosen cultural representative of God, be it Jesus, Buddha, Babaji, Mary, Quan Yin, White Eagle or another one of the Beautiful Many Christed Ones. 

3. Tell the entities they are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened. 

4. Tell them they are healed and surrounded with the Christ light and the Christ love. 

5. Ask your chosen representative to take them to their perfect place. 

6. Ask that all negative thought forms and limiting mental concepts be dissolved and lifted in the light of truth. 

7. Ask that all psychic bonds be severed, and close their auras to all but spirit of the highest vibration. 

Repeat this process until you feel clear. There may be more than one healing to do. Remember your word is very powerful, and what is spoken on their level manifests instantly. Many enlightened ones use this process before opening. It creates a clear and safe environment, and it also lifts the one who is doing the healing. Intent is nine-tenths of the law. If you intend to serve and heal, you will draw to you entities of like mind. If you intend to coerce or manipulate, again you will draw entities of like mind. It is the law of attraction.

At times, discarnate spirits will come to your light like a moth to a flame. Do not judge yourself, simply heal them. They are the ones in trouble, not you. They are seeking your help. 
(see James’s book Reunion with Source for Advanced Healing techniques)

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For a number of years, the ECETI newsletter has been a mainstay for many truth-seekers. These intriguing publications by author, teacher, researcher, and radio host, James Gilliland, delve deeply into numerous subjects which many within the truth and UFO community have greatly appreciated.

James is the owner and head caretaker of the ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, WA as well as a radio host at As You Wish Talk Radio. He also offers classes on self mastery, ET contact protocols, and gives instruction in becoming a teacher for all who desire to grow in these skills.

Global Changes

It has been proposed by multiple sources that the current transition the Earth is experiencing is causing the global population to become more conscious. In the process, the people are also becoming aware of all of the societal ills that have existed for ages and are responding in their chosen ways thereto.

Additionally, the people are being exposed to their own shortcomings and flaws as individuals. Naturally, everyone will choose their own response to these revelations. Ideally, we may realize our flaws and improve upon them. However, some might choose a less-than-productive path. Instead of engaging and resolving these internal issues, some people may choose to blame and accuse others for being the source of their own difficulties in life.

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These personal and societal conditions can also stem from a number of different factors.

Personal stress, on a collective level, can very easily cause and contribute to the conditions we are presently witnessing. One of the major sources of stress within Western society appears to be the corporate media.

The way in which the apparent propaganda campaign of divisive and demoralizing content appears to be designed to cause as much division as possible—creating so much upheaval that few people can truly see any solution to the supposed problems suggested. Due to the fact that so many people have still not yet awakened to the greater truths behind the (alleged) massive propaganda campaign, there has been little progress in freeing the masses from the grips of a corporate media they have become completely dependent upon.

Consequently, it can be difficult to communicate when either we or those around us are somewhat unpredictable in our thought, emotions, and reactions.

According to numerous sources, the Earth is currently evolving at an accelerated pace, and naturally, the evolution of all lifeforms on the planet are evolving with it. The energetic influx of galactic energies appears to be coming from a number of sources. We have the galactic center which appears to be a source of immense energetic output (the galactic super-wave). There is the cloud of highly ionized gases which scientists have found to be increasing energy levels within the solar system tremendously. And, of course, we have the sun which appears to be gaining energy in brightness and flair activity.

To add, all of these natural processes are combining with all of the other aspects of change taking place around us. The combination of these changes and transitions can make for a societal experience that is quite daunting. However, if we are able to remain centered and put into practice techniques which James Gilliland and others have developed, we just might be able to weather this collective storm of change with considerable ease.

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