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Gaia Portal - 'Selections of the Candidates is Complete'

Source: Gaia Portal

Published: May 25, 2018

Selections of the candidates is complete.

Profiteers are dissolved in the Light.

Essentials are complete.

Fasten the belts.

* * * * *

Upon reading this particular update from the Gaia Portal website, I was surprised to find the wording more easy to comprehend. Usually, the language is more likened to old English or a more poetic means of communication. This one is still somewhat poetic, but at the same time, the language straightforward.

After reading this, we might be asking, "Who is doing the selecting, and who are the 'candidates' being selected?"

If we are speaking about the exercise of free will in the ideal universal standards, it would ultimately be we ourselves who make choices which determine our own destiny. Any secondary choice of higher beings who are entrusted with any type of guidance or benevolent stewardship of humanity would be required to act in honor of our free-will choice. This means that if we, as individuals, wanted to take any particular path, our own choice would take priority over the guidance of any steward—that is as long as we are willing to deal with the consequences of our choices.


With this in mind, we might also be wondering just what the candidacy mentioned above is in reference to. How might we be evaluated for such candidacy? Considering the fact that these updates are written on the subject of ascension, it seem safe to say that this ascension is the goal for which we might attain candidacy.

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In general, with regard to the Gaia updates, the polarity of service to others seems to be the subject at hand. Consequently, we may assume that the author is referring to candidacy for achieving higher states of consciousness and dimension on the positive path. This overall concept of ascension is a most mysterious phenomenon which many people desire greater understanding about.

Let's see what more we can learn.


When we think of the word profiteer, the thought of a person who is seeking selfish gain, might come to mind. This goal of materialism or self-service is an actual goal which some people consider to be very valuable and necessary for the greater experience of the overall Divine Consciousness—of which we are all a part. However, this update refers to the benevolent path of service to others (to restate). In that case, it seems that the writer is stating that in seeking mere profit, those on the negative path will not necessarily have the experience they desire.

It is unclear as to what the writer is attempting to communicate. However, there are at least two possibilities. These are that the desires of the self-serving or profiteers will be somehow dissolved or that these individuals themselves will no longer be present on the planet once the change being referred to takes place. In essence, the people themselves may actually vanish or dematerialize.

In general, it seems that the Earth will no longer have to deal with heartless or self-centered people for much longer. We may consider this to be a prediction that at some point—possibly in the near future—the global elite, the bankers, malevolent power-brokers and Satanists will no longer exist upon the planet.

If the Earth is truly ascending into a higher state of energy, matter, consciousness, and frequency, this may mean that at some point, the world will no longer include malevolent people—whether this means that they will have a change of heart or simply disappear.

Preparing for Change

The update mentions the word essentials, and this seems to be in reference to some important preparation which humanity and the Earth may need to undergo. Perhaps this statement refers to those said to be assisting the planet and taking all of the necessary steps to help humanity and the planet progress into higher states more smoothly, efficiently, and with as little difficulty as possible.

If this process is occurring, what types of progress must be made to help society and the Earth move forward?

In order to know the answer to this question, we would need to know much more about the planet and about the true identity and nature of humanity. One likelihood we might consider is that the planetary population has—for centuries now—been stifled and curtailed from even beginning to reach its true potential as a civilization.

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According to ancient records, the principle we know as civilization tends to grow to a certain point. Then, just before personal, social, and societal development reach critical mass, elitists enter the scene and begin to steal energy, wealth, and resources from the general people. This relationship between the people and the elite is much like that of a parasite to a host.

The elite cannot produce anything they need by themselves. So they behave as dependents to the people all while telling themselves that they are superior to all others. This relationship could be considered one of the most unhealthy codependent situations a person or society can be in. However, the relationship has been a necessary component in the development of the planet. That is, without having that which is unbalanced and unhealthy, we would not be able to learn and appreciate the process of gaining and maintaining health and balance.

Buckle Up

If the planet is undergoing a process of ascension in service-to-others polarity, the current world events would make sense. These have included a number of upheavals in weather, in society, and in overall world progress. However, with these upheavals have come resolutions, revelations, and disclosures beyond the apparent ability of previous societal conditions to yield.

The world is clearly changing in tremendous ways, and these changes may be related to the reason why we are advised to "fasten the belts."

Whenever we are told to brace ourselves, it tends to bring to mind a shake-up of sorts. The aspects of our lives which we previously considered as stable and unchanging are being rearranged. Our physical, emotional, and energetic centers may become challenged. The world beneath our feet may even appear to shift as our internal reality shifts significantly.

There is no way to fully know and appreciate changes we have not yet experienced. As we may know, to predict the future with exact precision can be a difficult task. However, it is fairly easy to prepare ourselves for changes, granted we have the internal flexibility and adaptability to weather these changes while still remaining centered within.

These experiences may come to us in our near future. It may only be a matter of time before we are able to put our flexibility and adaptability to the test. After these changes take place—both within ourselves and within the society and world as a whole—we may find everything around us recreated and restored to a completely new state of being. And following this renewal, we may have then realized and established our individual and collective candidacy.
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