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Disclosure Fest 2018 - Total Disclosure Space Panel and Team from the New Documentary, 'Above Majestic'

Over the past decade, there have been numerous whistleblowers and personalities who have brought forward profound testimony about ETs, UFOs, secret government and corporate programs taking place within the world behind superficial establishment.

These programs ranged from the relatively rudimentary to the wildest, most jaw-dropping revelations modern society has been exposed to, according to whistleblowers. And though these testimonies have been revealing, to a large degree, they have collectively remained significantly disjointed and ambiguous with regard to their relationship to one another.

The Long Road

Various researchers, such as David Wilcock, have done everything they could to piece together this continuously expanding mystery of disclosure. Yet even with these efforts, there was still information which could not be disclosed—whether due to operational security or its potential to endanger various parties should the information be revealed at the wrong time.

Even still, this information could very easily answer all of the questions which skeptics have posed for years and define the situation in more contiguous ways than any of us have seen up until this point. However, these details had to remain secret until now.

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The big picture which David Wilcock has been referring to for fifteen plus years is now available in the new documentary, Above Majestic. This documentary is the complete picture which audience members have been missing up until now. According to Wilcock, this film puts together all of the pieces which the collective story of ETs, the SSP, and of whistleblowers testimonies.

For months on end, these gentlemen have been diligently working on this video documentary and very soon, this work will be available for everyone to see and experience.

With that, here is Jimmy Church and the Total Disclosure Space Panel.

Dr. Nassim Harramein

Many of us are well-familiarize with the extensive work and research of theoretical physicist and author, Dr. Nassim Harramein. Dr. Harramein is known for his award-winning paper, The Schwartzchild Proton as well as numerous other works which he has completed. His theories on universal structure and function are revolutionizing the world of physics as we speak. In fact, the many works of Dr. Harramein have played a key role in the revelation of SSP operations.

When we consider the disclosures of Corey Goode, Emery Smith and numerous other whistleblowers, we find a very interesting correlation between these and the work of Dr. Harramein. Upon observation, it seems that Harramein has uncovered the science which proves the possibility of hyper-advanced technology which could not only help us understand the underlying structure to the universe, but help us travel beyond the Earth and explore it.

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It seems that in numerous ways, conventional science is deliberately limited on surface Earth so that the population does not discover the means to travel the stars. This may have been why Dr. Harramein's work was so extensively opposed by the scientific establishment in the past. His work was extremely unconventional when it was first introduced. To add, the fact that this new science delved into the realm of military and corporately contracted applications may have contributed to this resistance to Harramein's work.

As we apply this science to the real world, we may realize that it is not at all crazy to consider the possibilities of the advanced technology of a secret space program. Eventually, it may actually be considered crazy not to consider such possibilities.

Ordeals of Revelation

The question posed about the space force seemed particularly pertinent. What was the true purpose behind President Trump's announcement about the establishment of a militarily branch which, according to whistleblowers, already exists?

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that the announcement buys all parties involved a good amount of time to figure out the proper steps necessary to proceed with the revelations of truth. If the lower level secret space programs intended to slowly reveal the reality of their operations to the public, this means that no preparation is needed for a disclosure event. Considering the testimonies that all of these platforms and technologies are fully operational, all that is required is that the establishment gradually reveal the truth at whatever pace they choose.

Of course as we've seen, figures such as Emery Smith have the connectivity with verifiable establishments and the ability to disclose their vast amounts of knowledge at their own pace. If this is the case, it is understandable as to why Smith had such a hazardous ordeal before he began revealing the greater details of his story. By that point, there was not much that could actually stop him from speaking. It does seem that certain interests did not want him to disclose, but they knew that they could not seriously injure or kill him in their attempt to silence him.

We may recall the numerous incidents when Emery was reportedly beaten, robbed of every last possession he owned, and survived the killing of his dog. These incidents were reported earlier on in Emery's first appearances on the Gaia series, Cosmic Disclosure, and have a tendency to show that Smith's words are exceptionally valuable—so valuable that government and corporate powers would go out of their way to silence him.

These incidents also helped to validate similar incidents of harassment and endangerment which whistleblower, Corey Goode, endured throughout the duration of his testimony. Though Goode's experiences involved similar circumstances of apparent intimidation, these differed from those of Smith's to some degree.

It seems as though the powers behind these acts of harassment and endangerment target whistleblowers on an individual basis—taking into account the possible weaknesses the  individual may have and exploiting those weaknesses. Clearly, these differ in both of these men's lives and this may be a reason as to why they were reportedly targeted in different ways.

Thanks All Around

The work of researcher and documentarian, Jordan Sather, have been inspiring for many people within the truth community. Through his time, Sather has experienced success, challenge, praise and trolling all as a result of coming forward. However, through it all, he has been able to maintain a positive outlook and expectation of greater truths to be revealed in the near future.

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It is a great thing to see how far the new generation of disclosure can go to achieve greater levels of revelation to help the community and bring the freedom of information which this planet needs and deserves.

Of course, we as a community could not be nearly as energized, thoughtful, and considerate of the bigger picture without the insightful discussions which radio mastermind, Jimmy Church continually produces. The talent which Jimmy brings to the table is vital to the truth movement in numerous ways as he serves to help the general audience consider a wide variety of discussion topics.

In all this, Church is able to keep the discussion fresh, new, and intriguing each time he interviews. So a big thank you to Jimmy Church for his continued contribution to the awakening of a country and a planet as a whole.

The continued work and dedication of David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Emery Smith, Dr. Harramein, and many more are quite literally changing the world. It is positive unified efforts such as these which set an example for many to learn how to work together and achieve great things. Their tenacity and endurance have been key in awakening thousands, and have the potential to impact billions of people everywhere.

* * * * *

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