Tuesday, May 22, 2018

YOUTUBE STRIKES AGAIN - 'Destroying the Illusion' Channel Deleted after Recent Video Calls Out False Flag - Video and Commentary

Recently, by all appearances, the norm among social media platforms is to decide for users what is true and what is not. Anyone who agrees with the mandated beliefs of these platforms are left alone while those who disagree with certain political points face swift reprisal from these media monopolies. If, to you, this appears to fall far below American constitutional standards of free speech, you are not alone.

As things appear, there are certain perspectives and opinions which the financial powers behind the MSM need the people to accept. It does not appear that these points from the MSM are actually true. Otherwise there would be no reason for media giants to force them on the public. If true, these points would stand on their merit alone. However, due to the forceful hand of the MSM and with the help of apparent social media fascists, these questionable stories and opinions are pushed upon the public with the force of law.

We may all be familiar with the in-depth and poignant subjects covered by the YouTube channel Destroying the Illusion with Jordan Sather. This channel has been pivotal with regard to digesting various subjects which affect world society today. However, if you look for the original DTI YouTube channel, you will not find it. Due to the revelations this video made about the recent (alleged) false flag shootings and various other world events, this channel appears to have been permanently deleted.

The following video comes from Bitchute.com, and features the DTI video of interest.


Video link - https://www.bitchute.com/video/Lz7NrUddCuEi/

For all of those who still intend to speak the truth regardless of social media censorship, you may consider a new YouTube back-up service. YTKeeper.com is a site that is actually designed to ensure that video links remain functional even after they are censored or deleted. No matter what level of censorship YouTube attempts to impose upon their users, it is important to keep a back-up available. Visit YTKeeper.com and learn how to back up your YouTube videos for free.
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