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Swedish DJ Avicii Possibly Killed for Attempting to Expose Elitist Pedophile Ring - Videos and Commentary

First, it was Chris Cornell, then Chester Bennington, and now, in a mere two-year timespan, a third musical icon suddenly dies under extremely suspicious circumstances. What are the chances these deaths are all purely coincidental?

We are told by the MSM that all of the similar instances of celebrity death are nothing more than random and unfortunate results of happenstance. However, according to independent journalists, these deaths have far too much in common to be the result of chance alone. Consequently, this matter has received significant attention from alternative communities and all of those interesting in finding real answers.

If we look back through the years, how many of these strange deaths of popular artistic icons would we find?
In previous years, we witnessed the suspicious deaths of actors and artists such as Robin Williams, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Prince and Chyna (former female pro-wrestler). All of these deaths in such short succession—many not long after they began speaking out against societal problems caused by elitist greed—have caused many researchers to begin to diligently search for the truth behind the MSM version of their respective fates. What these researchers found was very revealing.

Many of these celebrities died during the occult period known as the Season of Sacrifice. This is a period of time that lasts from March 29th to May 1st of each year and is basically an extended period of human sacrifice recognized by satanic occultists. During this time of year, there are typically multiple alleged false flag attacks, sudden deaths of celebrities, and numerous other violent incidents which are suspected to be mass sacrifice rituals.

Most of these incidents tend to occur during this Season of Sacrifice and due to the fact that the Swedish DJ, Avicii, suddenly died during this exact time, many researchers suspected that he was the latest victim of this ritual.

There is more to discuss, but first, let's take a look at a video that may contain partial reasons as to why a DJ such as Avicii may have been chosen to die as part of this year's alleged sacrifice.

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Wake Me Up - Avicii

It is uncertain as to what exactly the goal of this video content was. Whatever the meaning, one could easily see the overt implication of secret societies, of unnatural relationships with minors, and with ritualistic conformity.

When we see the suggestive theme in this video, it begins to become apparent that there is something more to the story of Avicii (whose real name was Tim Bergling) which the general audience did not know about. Let's consider the lyrics.

Wake Me Up - Avicii

They tell me I'm too young to understand.

They say I'm caught up in a dream.

Well life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes.

Well that's fine by me.

So wake me up when it's all over,

When I'm wiser and I'm older.

All this time I was finding myself,

And I didn't know I was lost.

When we combine the imagery within the Wake Me Up video along with the lyrics, we begin to see several unnerving suggestions. When the two girls—who from the looks on the faces of the townspeople, do not appear to be sisters—wake up in the same bed with the same nightgown, we may begin to note the suggestion. The bathroom scene was equally suggestive, but not descriptive enough to raise any eyebrows.

When considering the lyrics of the song, the words seem to be coming from a person who experienced something which disturbed them in childhood—something they were too young to fully understand. They realized that it was unpleasant to experience, but only long after it was over. It is as though the person speaking the lyrics wished they could have slept through the entire ordeal. What could this ordeal have been, we might wonder?

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The scene of all the young adults at the concert seems to suggest some type of exclusive club where all members had something in common. Perhaps the intention of the video was to communicate that these people felt lost due to their mutual suffering in childhood and that they are now trying to find themselves. The metaphor of a tattoo (the Avicii symbol) seems to suggest a permanent mark that was painful to attain and which can never be completely removed.

It was implied that these people all shared this same stigma which was represented as a mark on their bodies. This could easily be taken as a symbol that a similar number of young adults were originally victims of pedophiles and/or sex trafficking from a young age.

The Avicii logo may also suggest that Avicii/Tim Bergling himself was involved in some way with Illuminati activity. We cannot say for certain if this is true, or to what degree, but the suggestion seems clear. This subtle suggestion was the same reason why many suspected the death of the late Chester Bennington to be the result of foul play.

Prior to the death of Eddie Cornell, most people did not seem to suspect that there was any connection between Eddie and the global epidemic of child trafficking known as Pedogate. However, after Cornell's death, many suspected that he had intended to disclose his knowledge about child trafficking and that he was assassinated to silence the coming disclosure.

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As we will remember, Chester Bennington was said to have been extremely distraught about Cornell's untimely death. There were many rumors that Bennington was indignant about Cornell's alleged murder and intended to complete the revelation of Pedogate which Cornell was unable to do. It is theorized that Bennington was killed for the same reason which Cornell was--to prevent him from disclosing his insider knowledge of elitist pedophilia rings.

The lyrics which Bennington wrote for the band, Linkin Park, seem to be very suggestive of more than simple issues with a girlfriend or wife. Like Avicii, it seems that Bennington included hidden messages and double entendres in his music which heavily implied his own victimhood at the hands of one or more pedophiles. The lyrics also seemed to imply that Bennington may have participated in pedophilia himself. However, this is only speculative.

For further reference, here are a few of Linkin Park's songs that seem to suggest some sort of victimhood and participation in pedophilic activities.

Examples of Linkin Park Songs

Part of Me

With You

Points of Authority

What I've Done



Lying From You

Easier To Run

As we may know, Chester Bennington was molested as a child by someone who was actually a friend of the family. This person would come over, abuse Bennington, and leave without any consequence being enacted against them. There were many who suspected that Bennington was John Podesta's biological son and that his adopted father was covering for Podesta as he abuse his own child. However, these are only suspicions at this point.

To get a better idea of Avicii's perspective and possible intentions prior to his death, here is the signature video that many believe promoted the exposure and punishment of the elitist pedophile networks which are believed to be operating in multiple countries throughout the world.

For a Better Day

This video was made in 2015 and leaves little to the imagination. The story starts as a group of obvious elitists are licking their chops in a deserted rural field as they wait to make their selections from a truckload of naked children. To most people, this would be the description of a pedophile network.

From this point on, we see several young adults beating and eventually branding and killing these same pedophiles in their wealthy mansions. The final scene consists of a mob of thousands of angry people waiting to see one pedophile elitists get his payback for the suffering he has caused.

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If it was Avicii who had director control over this video, it very much seems that he was, in fact, attempting to expose an elitist pedophile network. To add, there are several details within the video that suggest knowledge of a recently exposed cult prior to the cult's exposure in corporate news.

The detail of the branding seems to directly relate to the recent disclosures of the NXIVM cult in which women were branded and used as forced labor and kept in sexual slavery to Keith Raniere.

It has been alleged that Raniere actually enjoyed under-aged victims as well as adult women, but that these details have been kept out of the media spotlight. What is interesting about this detail is that the actual charges against Raniere and against his accomplice, Allison Mack, are not available to see on any of the MSM reports about the issue.

Though the hints of anti-pedophilia messages are clearly visible in Avicii's final videos, it appears that the same old internet tactics by corporate cover-up artists are in play. Upon an internet search for the For a Better Day video by Avicii, we can see that the top search results are designed to steer researchers away from our search for answers.

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The first three links in the search results appear to be written to smear the idea of the topic entirely and/or to distort the idea in order to prevent researchers from learning the truth. These tactics of disinformation and diversion are nothing new and as long as there are elitists pulling strings in the corporate world, these cheap tactics of cover-up will most likely be seen.

Nevertheless, this does not stop us from researching for ourselves and uncovering the hidden reality of global child trafficking which has been kept secret for far too long. When we succeed, not only will we be saving countless children from a life of regret, addiction, and depression, but we may prevent senseless murders and violent cover-up activities from continuing.
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