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Skunk Works Executive Hints US Hypersonic Bomber Has 'Already Been Made' - Article and Commentary

Have you noticed how the MSM has recently begun advancing many of the narratives of the alternative community? Advanced technology, life on other planets, UFOs and advanced space flight—all of these seem to be subjects which the corporate media has begun to discuss in excess only in the past several years. However, many of these subjects are still rejected by various aspects of society.

Even though the evidence is overwhelming that black projects are still operational both on and off planet, some skeptics still tend to snub their noses at the idea. The fact is that in virtually every decade following World War II, new classified projects were being initiated due to the anticipation of further military conflict with foreign nations, and as we may now know, one of the focuses of these conflicts was the prospect of outer space.

The subject of what we now know as the Secret Space Program is one of such breadth and depth that one may find it difficult to comprehending the entirety. On the shallower side, the SSP consists of low-orbit space stations which have somewhat advanced technology that is superior to our own. This program is reportedly run by the U.S. Air Force and has been operational since the late 1960s (or earlier) and has quite a developed infrastructure in outer space, according to sources.

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The more advanced side of the SSP consists of technology which, according to whistleblowers, is comparable to that of the Star Trek series and other sci-fi productions with surprising accuracy. According to the late whistleblower, William Tompkins, the world of advanced inter-atmospheric spacecraft is as advanced as we can imagine, and then some.

In fact, not only did Tompkins claim that these craft have existed and have been developed since the 1930s and 40s, but he himself has submitted evidence showing that he played a role in designing many of them. Moreover, Tompkins has shown extensive knowledge in designing what he termed space carriers—actual carriers designed to transport smaller advanced craft through space.

The testimony of William Tompkins was reportedly part of an extended effort at specific disclosures which collectively resulted from the expiration of several non-disclosure agreements of former operatives in black projects. The factor which complicates these disclosures is the fact that not all Military-Industrial-Complex organizations agree about what information should be disclosed and what should remain secret.

This confusing combination of organizations pushing for both disclosure and secrecy at the same time has created a particularly hazardous situation. According to testimony, whistleblowers have been threatened, smeared, and even in some cases, attacked in attempts to prevent them from speaking further.

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Some organizations which are interested in secrecy are reportedly doing everything they can to intimidate whistleblowers from speaking up. However, these organizations would not be allowed to kill or harm them too severely (though some whistleblowers have lost family members due to their choice to speak out). Otherwise the MIC organizations which intended to disclose would respond to the violence of the other group. Overall, these events have caused exceptional caution to be taken by whistleblowers, but have not destroyed the resolve of these veterans to give their testimony.

While former operatives in black ops are coming forward, the corporate media appears to be pushing out their own version of a partial-disclosure initiative.

According to research, there is currently a slow roll-out of the truth behind the current industrial-establishment disclosure of secret projects. This disclosures consist of multiple concepts such as advanced technology, advancements in health and science, revelations of further knowledge of human history, life in other star systems and much, much more.

The truth behind the true advancement of intra-atmospheric and interplanetary travel may easily shock the common Earth-dwelling citizen, according to whistleblowers. However, these revelations will likely intensify in scope and significance over time.

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At present, it seems that advanced (and yet nostalgic) rocket-propelled craft are the subject of discussion. However, in the near future, we may expect to receive information so astounding that it may change our understanding of our human identity and redefine our place in the cosmos as a whole.


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Source: Zero Hedge

Published: January 17, 2018

By: Tyler Durden

Last week we noted that “hypersonic aircraft and missiles are being developed and tested by the United States, Russia, and China at an accelerating pace.” The race for hypersonic technologies has flourished among global superpowers, who realize that the first to possess these technologies will revolutionize their civilian and military programs.

Curiously, Lockheed Martin’s mysterious Skunk Works team might have just spilled the beans about a completed hypersonic aircraft ready to upgrade the long-retired Mach 3 SR-71 dubbed the “Son of Blackbird.”

Jack O’Banion, Vice President of Strategy and Customer Requirements, Advanced Development Programs for Lockheed Martin, spoke at an aerospace conference last week, where he suggested that the hypersonic SR-72 aircraft might already exist.

While speaking at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics SciTech Forum, he presented a slide of a digital prototype of the hypersonic aircraft and stated, “ without the digital transformation” from new computing capabilities, the hypersonic aircraft could not have been developed.

“Without the digital transformation the aircraft you see there could not have been made,” O’Banion said, standing on stage. “In fact, five years ago, it could not have been made.”

O’Banion harped on the fact that computer processing power and new computer-aided design software contributed to the new radical design of the scramjet engine.

We couldn’t have made the engine itself—it would have melted down into slag if we had tried to produce it five years ago,” O’Banion said.

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“But now we can digitally print that engine with an incredibly sophisticated cooling system integral into the material of the engine itself, and have that engine survive for multiple firings for routine operation.” The aircraft is also agile at hypersonic speeds, with reliable engine starts, he said.

In the early 2000s, he added, developers “could not have even built it even if we conceived of it.”

Last week, Google Earth found a mysterious “hypersonic aircraft” in the swamps of Florida hiding at a secret airbase, which looks similar to the SR-72. Conveniently, Pratt & Whitney and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation are located just a stone’s throw away from the hidden airbase housing the mysterious aircraft. Interesting to note, Pratt & Whitney manufactures the scramjet engine for the X-51A WaveRider hypersonic vehicle.

Since the mysterious Skunk Works team resides in Palmdale, California, it is unlikely the hypersonic aircraft in Florida is the SR-72, but more related to the family of Falcon-Hypersonics.

According to Bloomberg, executives at Skunk Works could not provide further knowledge that “Lockheed Martin is preparing to turn over to the Pentagon a top-secret hypersonic aircraft, nor does it reveal how far the project may have progressed.” It is still a mystery if the aircraft would even be manned or unnamed.

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Further, Lockheed failed to confirm any of O’Banion’s comments. The aerospace defense contractor “continues to advance and test technologies which will benefit hypersonic flight,” spokeswoman Melissa Dalton said in an email.

“A Reusable Hypersonic System (RHS) is a far term solution that will be made possible by the path-finding work we are doing today,” she added.

This is not that first time the media has focused on Lockheed’s hypersonic program.

Rob Weiss, Lockheed Martin’s executive vice president and general manager for Advanced Development Programs, previously told Aviation Week.

We’ve been saying hypersonics is two years away for the last 20 years, but all I can say is the technology is mature and we, along with DARPA and the services, are working hard to get that capability into the hands of our warfighters as soon as possible… I can’t give you any timelines or any specifics on the capabilities. It is all very sensitive. Some of our adversaries are moving along these lines pretty quickly and it is important we stay quiet about what is going on. We can acknowledge the general capability that’s out there, but any program specifics are off limits.”

Simply, Weiss alludes to the hypersonic technology as “mature,” which may indicate the United States is on the verge of a hypersonic revolution.

Recently, Brad Leland, Lockheed’s program manager for Hypersonics outlines how hypersonic aircraft, coupled with hypersonic missiles could be the winning technique for the United States to stay relevant on the global stage.

Read more at: ZeroHedge.com
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