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US and Russia are Talking Around the Clock to Choreograph Trump’s Coming Syria Strikes; Numerous Communication Channels Used to "Deconflict" Each Interaction

As many have observed, there appears to be much more to the recent gas attack in Syria than the corporate news has discussed. We will, of course, remember the last time the exact same senseless violence was enacted against the Syrian people, when the exact same concerns were raised, and when the U.S. reportedly bombed Syria during the exact same month one year prior.

We may also remember the fact that none of those previous events seemed to make the slightest bit of sense. As we may recall, one of the most obvious false flags was launched against Syrian civilians via a gas attack. Following that attack, both President Trump and Vladimir Putin exchanged assurances of military action in Syria. Then, for some unknown reason, instead of attacking actual military personnel in Syria, Trump targets a deserted airport. These events did not at all appear to add up. Instead, it seemed that there was some unknown agenda progressing behind the show.

If we have learned anything, we will know that Trump enjoys putting on a show.

He enjoys being in front of a crowd and interacting with the people. (This may be a positive or a negative, depending on one's perspective.) Likewise, Vladimir Putin seems to be a man of the people as well. To add, both of these men have shown extensive knowledge of the Deep State/Cabal and the massive problems these elitists have caused in the world thus far.

Neither Putin nor Trump seem to fit in with the usual Cabal/Bilderberg club. Though both men have their share of issues, they do seem to be intent upon ridding the world of Cabal criminals wherever they may be hiding.

It would not be logical for both of these world leaders to suddenly forget their previous knowledge of elitist crime, to abandon their overall mission, and start destroying an already ravaged country. It is much more likely, in my opinion, that these two leaders are acting in the same capacity as they were a year ago.

The two countries (U.S. and Russia) appear to be putting on another show in response to yet another obvious false flag of the exact same type as the previous one.

Let's think back to April of 2017 when roughly the exact same false flag was allegedly used in an attempt to instigate conflict. We might note the fact that the Cabal believe in cosmic alignments and often use specific dates to mark their latest gruesome rituals. We may also know the possibility that many false flags are carried out as satanic rituals of human sacrifice. If one of these sacrifices took place annually during the end of March or the beginning of April, this would explain why we see multiple murderous gas attacks against the Syrian people.

We may note the fact that if this latest gas attack was orchestrated by Cabal criminals twice in a row, it may indicate that they (the Cabal) have no other recourse. It is not typical of a group such as the Cabal to use the exact same tactic so predictably. The act would be ludicrous, strategically nonsensical, and an overall waste of time and resources. To repeat the same false flag, I believe, shows that the Cabal has no more options and no more resources to do much else than they already have.

They have (allegedly) orchestrated school shootings in attempts to disarm Americans—similar to Nazi Germany and other fascist regimes. However, that plan failed. They have attempted to cause war in the streets of the United States (allegedly), but that plan failed on multiple occasions. Now it seems these criminal elitists are resorted to blindly swinging at the air, hoping that one act of destruction will have its intended affect.

If our premise is accurate, it would be understandable that Trump and Putin would be putting on the exact same show as they allegedly did months ago. If the Cabal used the same bate to lure both countries into a conflict and the attempt failed, this would mean that both countries would need to put on the same show as they did the first time in order to convince the Cabal that both nations took the bate.

It is unfortunate that so many people have to die during these destructive acts by elitist criminals. However, we may rest assured that if Trump and Putin are truly in the know about what may be happening behind the scenes, this supposed conflict will lead to key revelations and seal the fate of the world's remaining crime syndicates.


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Source: Checkpoint Asia

Published: April 12, 2018

By: Marko Marjanović

We may just get out of this one alive — because these two have been talking to each other for years now.

Americans and Russians are talking. Intensely. Putin’s spokesman has told the press the hotline the two militaries established to “deconflict” their parallel Syria interventions against ISIS, is still active and “being used by both sides”, which sounds like both sides are interested in talking.

Meanwhile Putin has, today of all days, thanked the Jordanians for their previous help in “deconflicting” US and Russian operations in southern Syria which probably means they’re still serving in a similar capacity. The Turkish press proudly reports Turkey is mediating as well. Finally Putin’s buddy Netanyahu reportedly serves as another middle man:

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Trump has talked himself into a corner with his “get ready Russia” tweet and general hysterics so the Russians still think US strikes are highly likely even as they’re using the Israelis, the Turks and the Jordanians to try and work something out.

But the key point is that with all this back and forth between the Russians and the Americans on the military line, US strikes quite likely won’t be anything like when America bombs Sudan, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan or some other force that can’t fight back or incinerate New York City inside a couple of hours.

As per Suchkov’s report above, which I find very believable, the two are actually haggling over the details of the US giving target locations to the Russians in advance (probably over how much time in advance and for how many / which targets). That is quite unlike any war the US has recently fought — except for the 2017 strikes on Syria when the American side likewise told the Russians (who told the Syrians) that a strike was coming a couple of hours later and where it would hit.

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Both sides have drawn their lines and neither is enthusiastic about losing face. Trump has vowed missiles are coming and Russia’s chief general Gerasimov vowed he’ll fire at any ship or aircraft that puts his men at risk. In such circumstances negotiating the details of the coming strike in advance is as wise as it is cynical. Unless Trump manages yet another flip-flop, or Lavrov can pull another rabbit out of the bag, it may be the only and best way to avoid this blowing up into something even far nastier.

That is something we should all be thankful for. Ironically the US-Russian military communication channel that is making this possible isn’t an outgrowth of past good relations, but of their rivalry.

Because it led to the hotline, it is ironically past Russian-American tension in Syria which has made the present crisis just a little less dangerous. As I wrote last year:

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