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The Philadelphia Experiment – An Exploration of Wormholes, Black Projects, and Hyper-Futuristic Breakthroughs

Over half a century ago a revolutionary experiment was allegedly attempted which changed the course of history. If nothing more, this experiment—conducted by the United States Navy—was designed to test the capabilities of then-current naval ingenuity. This alleged experiment also represented a significant venture into the unknown.

No one can say for certain whether or not the famed Philadelphia experiment actually occurred or what specific results came from it. Even still, many accounts from various whistleblowers have given much credit to this extraordinary tale of advanced technology in early 1940.

Credibility of Concept

The closest connection I personally have to firsthand knowledge of the Philadelphia experiment was the testimony of a former acquaintance who will go unnamed. This individual actually worked for Lockheed Martin for a number of years on the Blackbird project—often referred to as Project Archangel. This was the original project which produced the now-retired and yet still famed, SR-71 Blackbird.

This individual had a good deal of knowledge about the project including the extremely cumbersome means by which this plane was operated. As they described, to simply start the engine of this mammoth plane required a small army of technicians. In order to start the massive engines of this plane, the ground crew actually used a charge of TNT.
The Blackbird was designed to fly at extremely high altitudes, at low atmospheric pressures, and was intended to endure the extreme temperatures of supersonic flight. The Blackbird team was actually able to accomplish these obstacles. However, these accomplishments came at a price. Because the bird was designed for such high altitudes, its ground life was full of complications.

At ground level, the Blackbird leaked fuel profusely. This made its TNT start-up a bit of a challenge, to put it lightly. Nevertheless, the program was successful to a large extent.

I cover this subject to make the point that the individual who gave these details (as well as numerous others) also validated the notion that the Philadelphia experiment was true to reality, according to their experience at Lockheed. To you the audience, these statements only represent 3rd-hand knowledge. However, for what they are worth, I thought it best to share.

I gathered from the above testimony that the experiment in Philadelphia was taken seriously by certain personnel at either Lockheed or another military-industrial corporation. However, this was never directly stated. Were I more acquainted with the details of proper interview etiquette in the past, I may have gained more information. Nevertheless, we have a number of whistleblower testimonies to maintain our curiosity about the Philadelphia experiment, a.k.a, Project Rainbow.

The Story

Let us assume that the Philadelphia project did, in fact, take place. What exactly happened that day in the fall of 1943?

To attempt to answer this question, let's consult a detailed description. Here is the website, Above Top Secret with the story.

The Philadelphia Project, Project Rainbow, and the USS Eldridge

In July 1943, the destroyer U.S.S. Eldridge pulled into the Delaware Bay area for a United States Naval experiment that involved the task of making the ship invisible. The project's official name is Project Rainbow, but was nicknamed and more commonly known as the Philadelphia Experiment. Much has been written and speculated about the legendary experiment into invisibility, but sorting fact from fiction is a near impossible task, especially with the recent influx of misinformation and deliberate disinformation that has been spread by those connected to the U.S. Intelligence community and professional skeptics. There is much controversy over what exactly happened, but one thing is for sure. For some reason, soon after the test was completed, a massive blanket of secrecy and denial was placed over what happened in Delaware Bay. It is thought that a huge scientific breakthrough was made, and the ship was accurately transported over space and time, disappearing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and reappearing in Norfolk, Virginia. Whatever did happen is still not known, but different theories are discussed below:

The "Official" Navy Record

The Navy admits that the U.S.S. Eldridge took part in an experiment that involved wrapping wire around the hull of the destroyer in an attempt to cancel out the magnetic fields of the metal on the ship. This is known as degaussing. This would render the ship "invisible" to underwater magnetic mines that rely on proximity sensors to trigger the detonation. These sensors operate by detecting magnetic fields around ships.

Without the magnetic field, the ship would be able to pass through regions mined with these sensors, invisible to enemy mines, but not to radar or vision. The Navy's report is very plausible, and doesn't mention any exotic results or circumstances. But could this just be a believable account to drop the interest by the general public, leaving only the true minority of investigators in doubt?

Physical Invisibility

Some scientists have developed the theory that the Navy was working on a way to make the ship invisible to vision. However, it didn't involve warping space time or any complex task of a similar nature. This theory suggests that the Eldridge was equipped with high frequency generators that would heat up the surrounding air to cause a mirage, making the vessel invisible.

This phenomenon is naturally occurring, and there have been cases where entire islands have disappeared from view in the right weather conditions. The high frequency generator would heat up the surrounding air and the water (creating a green-colored fog that was said to have engulfed the ship), causing a mirage to form, concealing the ship from view.

The generator would also account for the sickness (physical and mental) of the crew after the experiment. A high frequency generator can cause serious harm to a person's wellbeing, especially at close range. This is more plausible than the degaussing theory, and would also explain the crew's sick condition as a result of the test. The main problem with these theories though, is that it doesn't explain how the U.S.S. Eldridge was seen in Norfolk, Virginia by the civilian crew of the SS Andrew Furuseth, when the ship disappeared from view in Philadelphia in a space of only about fifteen minutes. There are also details such as crewmen being fused to the hull of the ship and some not even reappearing.

Transported across space and time?

The most interesting theory about the Philadelphia Experiment is that the destroyer did in fact disappear and was teleported across space and time. Supposedly, there was a great number of ingenious scientists (including Tesla and Einstein) that were taking part in the experiment. However, Nikola Tesla was supposed to [be] dead at the time of the Naval experiment.

The theory is that light has to be bent around the ship to make it invisible. To accomplish this, the Navy wrapped the ship's circumference in wire and passed a measured current through it. This caused a huge oscillating magnet to form a magnetic field around the ship, not only bending the light, but space and time as well. The physics of the experiment are reminiscent of Einstein's Unified Field Theory that once you bend light, you are also unwittingly bending space and time as well. The first time this experiment was undertaken, the ship didn't completely disappear, and an imprint of the hull could be seen sitting in the water. The second time, the ship totally disappeared in a green fog and was sighted in Norfolk, Virginia.

A haunting fact is that when the ship reappeared, the crew were all in a state of disorientation. Some were mentally ill, while other crewmen didn't even return. There were also crewmen that returned embedded in the hull. Later accounts arose about the crewmen, including a former crew member who was involved in a bar fight, and all the participants froze in time, as reported by a local newspaper! There were also accounts of people who were on the ship, spontaneously combusting.

The Mystery Remains

It is still not known what happened that day in 1943, mainly due to the lack of witnesses coming forth who served aboard the Eldridge. There is also no documentation available to the public which details Project Rainbow. It may have simply been a degaussing experiment. But how did the destroyer appear seconds later in Virginia? Its possible the answer will never be known, but the mystery may be solved when scientists rediscover what happened in Delaware Bay.

We may consider the profound possibilities which the story of Project Rainbow suggests and find it difficult to decide where to begin our research. At this point, all we can say for certain is that this alleged project is very well-known among truth-seeking communities.
Naturally, there will be those who deny the possibility of any such phenomenon as described above. The fact is that no matter what the development, there will always be people who reject all things alternative. These individuals typically depend upon the establishment to dictate reality to them. They also have a tendency to fear change and to maintain a closed mind to any suggestion of progress. This is the typical pseudoskeptical mindset and it is naturally opposed to any subject having to do with the unknown.

Simply google any subject of the unknown such as ETs, wormhole travel, or telekinesis and count all of the results at the top of the search that appear to be designed to discourage truth-seekers from searching further. However, we are not interested in the obtuse mindset of the establishment. Due to the fact that whistleblowers are much more talkative than mainstream scientific supposition on this subject, we will continue our exploration.

Let's discuss this phenomenon of green fog.

It is clear that at present, there is no certainty about the story of Project Rainbow as a whole. However, there are similar accounts from which we may be able to learn quite a bit about the possibilities involved in the project. To gain this understanding, let's turn to a similar and yet equally mysterious phenomenon. That is the phenomenon of the Bermuda triangle.

Electric Fog

When we consider the commonalities between the major points of the Philadelphia Project, we can see very similar characteristics between this and the numerous disappearances reported to have occurred in the Bermuda triangle as well as other similar regions throughout the world. Among these, we have disappearances of large ships and planes, missing personnel, and of course, the reports of a strange fog which appears to have an electrical charge to it.

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One counterpart to the region we know as the Bermuda triangle is known as the Devil's triangle or the Dragons triangle located in the Southwestern Pacific. Interestingly enough, this region is exactly 180 degrees away from the Bermuda triangle, on the exact opposite side of the planet. It is said that this electric fog which appears with a greenish tinged will typically accompany the strange occurrences within these triangle regions of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, including disappearances, time distortions, and other bizarre phenomena.

To elaborate, here is the website, Unexplained Mysteries.

The Devil's Triangle and that mysterious fog!

What is the Devil's Triangle? The Devil's Triangle [–] aka The Dragon's Triangle
[–] is located near Miyake Island, somewhat south of Tokyo, and one of the corners touches Guam. [In] [t]his area of ocean[,] there are missing ships, missing people, missing airplanes, USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects), UFOs, thick menacing fog, strange waves, whirlpools, etc. What is really unusual is that [it is] on the exact opposite side [of] the Bermuda Triangle. Japan has declared the area of the Devil's Triangle a danger zone. Since the Bermuda Triangle is on the opposite side of the Devil's Triangle, this tells me that both areas [–] even though they are on the other side of the world [–] are connected....
I believe there is a dimensional vortex that connects the Bermuda Triangle and Devil's Triangle.

One of the strangest emails I received came in regarding the Devil's Triangle. It reads in part:

"I was on a flight headed to Tokyo[,] and I was in the window seat and as I was looking down[,] I noticed a strange green mist over the ocean. As we were flying over the green mist (or was it fog?)[,] the mist seemed to notice the airplane that I was on. It seemed to grow tentacles and I swear it seemed like it was reaching for the airplane. As I pointed this out to my mother, we were already past the strange mist. The mist was also rotating as if it were making a tunnel of some sort. I believe I witnessed something supernatural in the Devil's Triangle. If you..........Robbie."

Though the above text is relatively anecdotal (and at times, oddly worded), it refers to a commonality within the many testimonies regarding the phenomena reported from within the Bermuda triangle, the Dragon's Triangle, and many similar areas around the planet. The stories of disappearances within these regions always seem to include some type of temporal distortion or disorienting effect with regard to space and time. At best, experiencers may have simply encountered these anomalies. At worst, individuals that attempt to travel through these areas are never seen or heard from again.

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Perhaps one of the strangest phenomena reported from these regions is the sudden accumulation of this electric fog which seems to respond to those present. Multiple witnesses have given their testimony of this fog with a variety of details, but one of the major points of congruence is that the fog only appears when a boat or some type of vessel enters into the area. If these accounts are true to life, this may reveal quite a bit about this phenomenon of electric fog.

There does not presently seem to be a mainstream explanation for the entirety of the phenomena reported about these triangle regions of the world. Much like the Philadelphia experiment, the true story has never been disclosed to the public. However, it does appear that the observation of electric fog enveloping vessels at certain points within these triangle regions is common among them.

Exploring the Possibilities

It could be that metallic objects somehow catalyze the fog is to activate. If there were some type of naturally occurring source of high energy influencing the area, this may explain the way in which the air has a tendency to become electric, according to reports. If we could prove that there were higher energetic sources in various regions of the world, we may have a clue as to why these areas behave the way in which they are reported to.

As it turns out, these areas of the Bermuda triangle and Dragon's triangle are scientifically proven to have high electrical activity. We know this from the data from global lightning research. The following readings come from NASA data regarding the number of lighting strikes on the planet per year.

This is an image of the Bermuda triangle and the Dragon's triangle of the Western Pacific.

As we can see, there is a clear relationship between lightning activity and these two triangle regions of the globe. Not only this, but we see a familiar correlation between the location of these two triangle regions and the coordinates of 19.6 degrees N latitude. If we have studied global grids, this will be particularly significant to us. (Click here to read more about this subject.)

According to whistleblower testimony, the world of black ops is well aware of far more information about these areas than has been presently disclosed. These planetary regions are known to be high-energy zones in which natural portals typically form on a planet, according to whistleblowers. Such portals may be used to traverse vast distances of space—either to alternative locations on the planet or possibly even to distant planets within the galaxy.
The portals are not always active within these areas, according to testimony. Rather, they seem to have certain time periods during which they will appear and disappear. The timing of these portal activations is said to be dependent upon natural planetary and astronomical alignments, according to whistleblowers. It has even been theorized that ETs of various types could use these portals as interplanetary gateways if they so chose. Due to how commonly reported UFOs and USOs have been in these areas, this possibility may be proven at some point.

We have these phenomena of electric fog, of UFOs and USOs, time travel, black holes or wormholes, along with a collection of hundreds of disappearances surrounding these phenomena. To add, we have what appears to be a global grid of energetic or hyperdimensional vortex points around the planet with which these regions run directly parallel. All of these phenomena seem to relate to some natural ability of spacetime to respond to intense electrical currents. Within this proposal we may have a possible explanation of what actually happened during the morning of the Philadelphia experiment.

This is a diagram of the Becker-Hagens grid which maps out all of the major ley-lines around the globe. To the surprise of these two researchers, this grid was found to create a virtually perfect sacred-geometric pattern over the sphere of the Earth. The shapes include the dodecahedron and icosahedron. Each of the intersections of these lines, or node points, are said to be locations where natural portals can form.

If we consider the situation, we may understand the possibility that Project Rainbow was an artificial version of what the global portal system (allegedly) does naturally. Similar to the way by which various geographic locations around the planet are reported to behave as spacetime jump-points, the USS Eldridge may have created its own jump-point and transported itself—whether partially or fully—to its destination and back again.

Of course, the first trip was not successful and had dire consequences, according to reports. However, the possibilities surrounding such a technology as a battleship with interdimensional capability may be seen as too great an opportunity to pass up by the U.S. Navy.

Perhaps the experiment was repeated, but under much safer circumstances. If Project Rainbow transpired as the stories describe, this would mean that there was at least partial success.

The Physics of Project Rainbow

As things appear, we have a new concept to explore. This is the ability of high electrical currents—whether natural or artificial—to warp spacetime. Such an act could have any number of remarkable effects, as we have seen. Among these effects are possible teleportation, dematerialization, and wormhole travel. (Another one directly relates with UFO and USO propulsion systems.)
According to the latest physical models, spacetime is not 2-dimensional, as Einstein theorized. It is 3-dimensional, at least. To clarify... We live in a universe with at least 3 dimensions of space, not just two. If spacetime is everywhere, this means that spacetime cannot simply be 2-dimensional.

It has also been mathematically proven that gravity may actually be caused by the flow of spacetime into a singularity or center of mass. Further, it has been mathematically proven that the atomic nucleus itself behaves exactly like and is perfectly mathematically proportional to a black hole. This may be why objects of greater density have greater gravitational pull than objects of lower density. The greater the number of atomic nuclei/black holes, the greater the gravitational force an object might have.

These findings strongly suggest that the atomic nucleus of every atom in existence is actually a black hole. (It is still theorized that these nuclei contain protons. However, the mathematical extrapolation we know as the "neutron" is no longer needed.) According to this groundbreaking theory, the flow of spacetime into the singularity is complimented by a lesser outflow of spacetime from the singularity.

One of the most interesting aspects of this theory is the mathematical proof that suggests that spacetime is actually converted into light (photons) as it flows out from the singularity, which would explain the decrease in spacetime outflow from the nucleus if proven true. This outflow manifests in the form of what scientists refer to as a white hole or a halo which surrounds the atomic nucleus.
For those who have not caught on, this may prove to be the driving force behind the physics of stars. Stars may actually be gargantuan atoms and the immense energy produced by stars (within the white hole of the star) may be what causes their fusion reaction to occur, composing and building new matter from pure photonic energy.

This theory may also end up proving that atoms require a constant flow of spacetime into their nucleus in order to exist in this dimension. If this is true, it would thoroughly explain why the Philadelphia experiment was partially successful.

Let's consider a system in which an area of higher pressure is discharged into and area of lower pressure. If we are familiar with the dynamics within such systems, we know the likelihood that electrical charge typically result. A simple example of this principle can be seen in weather.

As air moves from high to low pressure, friction is produced. The friction builds up into static electricity and eventually produces lightning, and as we know, lightning produces photons.

If this new theory of spacetime proves true, this would mean that spacetime flows into the atomic nucleus the same way it does into a black hole. Since the electron cloud is negatively charged and the nucleus of the atom is positively charged, this would mean that the flow of spacetime—i.e., gravity—flows in the same direction as electrical charge would in a circuit. In this case, we could easily consider the atom to be an open circuit.

So what happens when you close the circuit?

This new model of physics may prove the relationship between gravity (the flow of spacetime) and electricity. (Though the scientific establishment has avoided this relationship like the plague, the relationship still appears to stands.) This means that under the right conditions, a large enough electrical charge may temporarily ground the electron cloud of the atom to the nucleus, temporarily creating a black hole out of the atom.

The result of such an occurrence is arguable. However, granted the commonality of certain historical accounts, it would seem that this atomic grounding may cause the atom to either disappear from view, or to transform into a quantum gateway of some kind. This means that from our normal view, an object affected by this phenomenon could temporarily cease to exist or translocate to another area in spacetime.

The act of grounding the atomic nucleus to the electron cloud may be possible, though the distance between the cloud and the atomic nucleus is immense with regard to proportions. However, if we had a great enough charge and created the right amount of current under the right conditions, the act may be possible.
It is theorized that the reason a quantum wave and a particle are the same is because they exist in parallel dimensions from one another. In other words, the wave may exist in a dimension completely opposite of our own. This opposite dimension is commonly known as times-pace.

In time-space, time is 3-dimensional and space is one-dimensional. This means that an object of any size could be everywhere at once in time-space (i.e., in wave form). It also supports the possibility that the same object could traverse great distances in time-space and, in essence, jump from one location to another when the object flips back into spacetime.

For further explanation, see the work of award-winning physicist, Dr. Nassim Haramein and Dr. Oliver Crane.


It may have been that the Naval scientists at Delaware Bay intended to send the Eldridge into time-space so as to transport it to a remote location. This may have worked in theory. However, as things appeared, they did not have all of their t's crossed before they made their first attempt.

I find it unlikely that the United States Navy would give up the possibility of teleportation after one failure. Though the endeavor might be dangerous, it is easy to imagine that such a project would continue under another name. Only in later attempts, they may have taken better precautions.

To peak our interests just a bit further, we will conclude with the real-life account of pilot, Bruce Gernon—the only man to have experienced the phenomenon similar to that which the crew of the USS Eldridge is alleged to have undergone. This excerpt comes to us from the website,

It was shortly after takeoff when I noticed an elliptical cloud directly in front of us about a mile away, hovering only about 500 feet above the ocean. It was a typical lenticular cloud, but I had never seen one that low.

Miami Flight Service reported over the VHF radio that the weather was good, so we continued. But the lenticular cloud quickly changed into a huge cumulus cloud. We were climbing at 1,000 feet per minute, and the cloud seemed to be building up at the same rate. Unexpectedly, it caught up and engulfed the Bonanza. After 10 minutes of climbing in and out of this cloud, the airplane finally broke free at 11,500 feet and the sky was clear.

I leveled the Bonanza off and accelerated to its maximum safe cruising speed of 195 miles per hour. When I looked back at the cloud, I was astonished. It now looked like an immense squall, abnormally shaped in the form of a giant semicircle extending around us. visibility was about ten miles and the cloud continued beyond my perception, so it must have been more than 20 miles long. After a few minutes, I lost sight of it.

Soon we noticed another cloud building directly in front of us, near the Bimini Islands. It looked a great deal like the cloud that we had just left, except that its top was at least 60,000 feet high. When we came with a few miles of it, we saw that it appeared to emanate directly from the surface of the Earth.

Upon entering the cloud we witnessed an uncanny spectacle. It became dark and black, without rain, and visibility was about four or five miles. There were no lightning bolts, only extraordinarily bright white flashes that would illuminate the entire surrounding area. The deeper we penetrated, the more intense the flashes became, so we made a 135-degree turn to the left and headed due south out of the cloud.

We had been flying for 27 minutes. We thought we might be able to fly around the cloud, but after six or seven miles we saw that it continued in a near-perfect curve to the east. After two more minutes it became apparent that the cloud near Andros and the cloud near Bimini were actually opposite sides of the same ring-shaped body! The cloud must have formed just off of Andros Island and then rapidly spread outward into the shape of a doughnut with a diameter of 30 miles. This seemed impossible, but there was no other explanation. We were trapped inside a billowing prison, with no way under or over it.

Thirteen miles later, I noticed a large U-shaped opening on the west side of the doughnut cloud. I had no choice but to turn and try to exit through the opening. As we approached, we watched the top ends of the U-gap join, forming a hole. The break in the cloud now formed a perfect horizontal tunnel, one mile wide and more than 10 miles long. We could see the clear blue sky on the other side.

We also saw that the tunnel was rapidly shrinking. I increased the engine RPM, bringing our speed to the caution area of 230 miles per hour. When we entered the tunnel, its diameter had narrowed to only 200 feet.

I was amazed at what the shaft now looked like. It appeared to be only a mile long instead of ten-plus as I had originally estimated. Light from the afternoon sun shone through the exit hole and made the silky white walls glow. The walls were perfectly round and slowly constricting. All around the edges were small puffs of clouds of a contrasting gray, swirling counterclockwise around the airplane.

We were in the tunnel for only 20 seconds before we emerged from the other end. For about five seconds I had the strange feeling of weightlessness and an increased forward momentum. When I looked back, I gasped to see the tunnel walls collapse and form a slit that slowly rotated clockwise.

All of our electronic and magnetic navigational instruments were malfunctioning. The compass was slowly spinning even as the airplane flew straight. I contacted Miami and told them we were about 45 miles southeast of Bimini, heading east at 10,500 feet. The radar controller replied that he was unable to identify us anywhere in that area.
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