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'Smallville' Actress Allison Mack Arrested on Sex Trafficking and Forced Labor Charges in NXIVM Cult Case - Article and Commentary

It appears that among all of the sexual abuse allegations which dotted corporate media during 2017, there is one case that has surpassed them all. Where other headlines simply toted mere rumors and apparent reputation-tarnishing accusations, a recent report regarding former television star, Allison Mack, may result in extensive prison time for herself and many perpetrators of sex trafficking.

We've seen these celebrities put on numerous shows for the camera. We have let them entertain us, our families, and friends. Yet little did many Americans know what was taking place behind the scenes of the flashy and glamorous world of entertainment.

Many responsible, truth-seeking citizens have become diligent in their research about the truth behind the facade of Hollywood. They have become familiar with the ugly world of sex trafficking and human slavery that festers under the surface of American entertainment. But how many people are truly familiar with the reasoning behind the slavery, pedophilia, and immeasurable abuse?

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There are presently a multitude of allegations on the issue of sex trafficking. Though various details are awaiting proof to some degree, the reality of human trafficking—particularly related to child trafficking—is a massive problem within the United States and the world. This has been a subject discussed in corporate media for some time, though the topic of children being major victims in these crimes is typically glanced over or avoided entirely.

The reasoning behind the secrecy of child trafficking is the fact that both corporate and government elitists regularly participate in pedophilia and child rape, according to sources. The mountains of evidence supporting this notion has become common knowledge to the majority of the awakened community. However, the mainstream seems to have done everything in their power to silence, ridicule, and convince the public to ignore elitist involvement in these atrocities.

This state of secrecy and judicial stagnation has been the situation for some time. However, this case against Allison Mack and her co-conspirators may finally blow the lid off of this putrid, societal dysfunction.

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The case of Allison Mack and the NXIVM cult has initiated a revelation on these issues unlike any the American public has seen thus far. For the first time, citizens are realizing in mass just how much they have to learn about the dark underbelly of Hollywood glamour.

Below are a few tweets which demonstrate the public reaction to this realization.

These tweets bring to light the fact that for the most part, the corporate media is either only covering a portion of the arrest of Allison Mack or they are avoiding the subject altogether (per the usual MSM routine). This is most likely due to the fact that incidents within this alleged cult are not at all isolated to just one or two groups among celebrities. These issues are alleged to be common among elitists within government and the corporate world.
Not only does the case of the NXIVM cult reveal gross problems of human trafficking, torture, enslavement, and manipulation, it seems to relate to matters far more serious.

If we are familiar with the personality, Marina Abramovic, we may understand the possible connections we are dealing with. Abramovic considers herself an artist by trade. However, upon viewing her work, virtually anyone with general concern for humanity may be left feeling uncomfortable with such imagery. Her work includes heavy suggestions of cannibalism, murder of children and infants, and a variety of satanic suggestion.

These two images were of the more tame ones a search will bring up.
Others involve material I do not intent to place on the website. 

Just as with any human being, celebrities are allow to do as they please in their spare time, granted they do not commit any federal crimes. We may know how many celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Jayz are involved with Satanists such as Marina Abramovic, and granted they do not participate in any actual cannibalism or human sacrifice, their parties may be considered harmless by some audience members. However, the activities demonstrated by these spirit cooking parties are not typically participated in make-believe alone.

It is unclear as of yet whether or not Mack has any connection to Marina Abramovic. However, it may be wise to consider what type of individual would willfully initiate dozens of women into slavery knowing that they would be mercilessly abused and manipulated. What might the motivation be?
The connection between serial torture, enslavement, and Satanic abuse are far too similar for us not to take serious consideration of what truly went on behind the facade of the NXIVM self help group. If nothing else, an exhaustive investigation is in order to see exactly what members experienced aside from what has been publicly reported thus far.

With regard to NXIVM, we may have realized at this point, that this supposed self-help group was much more than advertised. Not only was NXIVM found to be an illegal pyramid scheme. It was found that this scheme was donating thousands of dollars to Bill and Hillary Clinton as a means of funding Hillary's presidential campaign as well as the Clinton Global Initiative.

It appears as though these two suspects of serious crime were not only interested in business opportunities and television gigs. It would appear that their acting endeavors extended beyond the scope of entertainment and into the world of financial fraud and insurmountable abuse of unsuspecting victims.

Allison Mack and Keith Raniere prior to their arrests

If we are familiar with the FX series, Wilfred, we may remember an interesting guest-star appearance by Allison Mack. (This portion contains spoilers.)

Wilfred could be described as a dark comedy about a man named Ryan (played by Elijah Wood) who started out being suicidal and depressed with life. Ryan meets Wilfred the dog (played by Jason Gann) when he attempts to commit suicide. From that point on, Ryan continually hallucinates Wilfred—a talking dog—in his life and considers this dog his best friend.

Wilfred the Dog - Only Ryan is able to see Wilfred as a human while everyone else see him as a normal dog.

Below is a synopsis of the series of episodes in which Allison Mack makes her appearance as Amanda—a seemingly caring love interest of Ryan who turns out to be extremely manipulative and psychopathic.

Amanda was introduced in the episode Progress and has been described as an "attractive and edgy biochemist." She enjoys making inappropriate sex jokes and eating jalapeno bread. In the episode Control it is revealed that she doesn't like dogs due to her grandfather being eaten by his dogs after he passed away. She reacts especially negatively toward Wilfred, though this is later found out to be because she see's Wilfred in a similar way as Ryan sees Wilfred. When challenged by Ryan as to what she hears Wilfred saying she states that she hears him speaking different words in a French accent.

Amanda starts dating Ryan in Letting Go and falls in love with him in Truth. At one point she is invited to move in with him but Ryan changes his mind because he is afraid she won't be able to accept his secret delusions. Amanda disappears from her job for at least a week before the biotech firm is put out of business due to another employee supposedly selling off company secrets. It is later discovered that Amanda sold the secrets for millions of dollars and put the money into an offshore account in Ryan's name. The crime is pinned on another co-worker and federal investigators begin to investigate Ryan as a suspect. Amanda reveals to Ryan her role in the corporate espionage explaining that she did it because Ryan said he couldn't be with her for his job made him too busy. She says now he won't need a job and asks Ryan to run away with her to Tahiti. Ryan turns her in and she is held for psyciatric evaluation.

It may be that this guest appearance by Mack was merely an acting job. However, consider the recent revelations about Mack's personal activities, it seems that the character she portrayed in this episode was a bit closer to reality than audience members realized.

As the show goes on, it becomes apparent that Wilfred is more than he appears, as he always finds ways to sabotage Ryan's life while acting like his best friend.

There are further disclosures throughout the series, though these seem to be very subtle in their delivery. In the last episode of Season 3, Ryan is mourning the death of his father (who "accidentally" died at the hand of Wilfred) and cleaning out his father's office space. In the process of cleaning, Ryan finds a file folder with his own name on it. This folder has a lone envelope inside. 

The envelope looks ritualistic in appearance and has an old-fashioned seal on it made with red wax and a stamped symbol of some kind. 

As Ryan goes to the address on the envelope, he finds the ruined remains of what looked like a stone alter with an effigy of the dog/human hybrid that looks just like Wilfred. This seems to suggest that Ryan's parents offered him to this satanic god when he was a child. 

The symbol on the envelope is the same as the one on the effigy/idol.

Another detail to the show is that both Ryan and his sister used to see Wilfred the Dog when they were young children, long before Ryan ever met Wilfred in real life.

This episode in Season 3 seems to disclose the ritualistic occultism we find in certain elitist circles in the real world. The above scene appears to be a reference to Bohemian Grove and the various human sacrifices that are alleged to have taken place there.

A depiction of the rituals which are alleged to take place at Bohemian Grove

In the final season of the show, the audience learns that the effigy of the dog/human was a supposed god named Mataman, and that this god was worshiped by a cult called the Flock of the Grey Shepherd. In this cult, strange fertility rituals were performed in which members were expected to perform uninhibited sexual acts.

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It was described in the beginning of Season 4 that the cult ended when it was broken up by authorities and the leader was arrested. There were further details disclosed following these revelations. This strange correlation between the Wilfred series and recent, real-life events seems clear.

Is the show Wilfred designed to be some type of soft disclosure of what truly happens behind closed doors of American entertainment, government, and corporate offices? Was the appearance of Allison Mack in this series connected in some way to her personal life activities?

With regard to Mack's trial, we can all hope and intend for a full and thorough investigation to be completed and that justice can be served for all parties involved in these alleged crimes.


* * * * *

Source: NBC New York

Published: April 20, 2018

By: Jonathan Dienst

Allison Mack allegedly recruited female slaves for the benefit of the group's leader.

A television actress best known for playing a young Superman's close friend pleaded not guilty Friday to sex trafficking after federal prosecutors said she worked as a slave "master" recruiting unsuspecting women to a cult-like group led by a man who sold himself as a self-improvement guru to the stars. Michael George reports.


*"Smallville" actress Allison Mack was arrrested by the FBI on Friday

*She faces charges in connection to the case against Keith Raniere, founder of a group called Nxivm

*Authorities allege Raniere ran the group as a sex cult; Mack has been widely described as a key associate of his

A television actress best known for playing a young Superman's close friend pleaded not guilty Friday to sex trafficking after federal prosecutors said she worked as a slave "master" recruiting unsuspecting women to a cult-like group led by a man who sold himself as a self-improvement guru to the stars.

Actress Allison Mack recruited slaves into a pyramid scheme for the benefit of alleged sex cult leader Keith Raniere, federal prosecutors said in an indictment unsealed against her Friday.

Mack, 35, starred in the CW series "Smallville" and has played minor roles since the series ended in 2011. But authorities said she was a major player in Raniere's cult-like organziation called NXIVM (pronounced Nex-i-um), helping to recruit unsuspecting women for what was purported to be a female mentoring group.

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But "the victims were then exploited, both sexually and for their labor," according to federal prosecutors.

"Mack and other ... masters recruited ... slaves by telling them that they were joining a women-only organization that would empower them and eradicate purported weaknesses the NVIVM curriculum taught were common in women," prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said Friday that Mack stood at the level directly below Raniere in a pyramid scheme called DOS, into which she recruited fresh slaves. The government alleges that Mack forced those slaves to have sex with Raniere in exchange for what were described as "financial and other benefits."

Prosecutors said she required women she recruited to engage in sexual activity with Raniere, who paid Mack in return.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Moira Kim Penza said in court that "under the guise of female empowerment" Mack "starved women until they fit her co-defendant's sexual ideal."

In a letter attributed to Ranierewho was arrested in Mexico and returned to the United States last monthpreviously posted on a website related to NXIVM, he denied the practices were sanctioned by the self-described self-help group.

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The complaint against Raniere - known in the group as "Vanguard" - said that many victims participated in videotaped ceremonies where they were branded in their pelvic area with a symbol featuring Raniere's initials.

"During the branding ceremonies, slaves were required to be fully naked, and the master would order one slave to film while the other held down the slave being branded," the complaint says.

Raniere left the United States late last year after The New York Times reported the stories of some women who defected from their secret sorority and the government began interviewing potential witnesses. He sought to cover this trail by using encrypted email and ditching his phone, court papers say.

Both Raniere and Mack face charges of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy, for which they could receive 15 years to life in prison.

Mack's "Smallville" co-star Kristin Kreuk says she was involved with one of the group's self-help programs but left about five years ago. She wrote on Twitter last month that she didn't experience any "nefarious activity" and was "horrified and disgusted" by the allegations.

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