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REPORT - New Sealed Indictment Unsealed - Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, and Numerous Others Charged

On February 20, 2018, a rather explosive indictment was drawn up and seal for a later date when it was to be served. As of the publishing of this article, it appears that the moment of service has arrived. By all appearances, this document is authentic, to the letter, and holds some of the most serious of consequences an indictment may contain.

According to the text, a great number of well-known political figures—both current and former—may be in for a very difficult year, granted this indictment is able to stick. Given the time period that has passed since these actions were allegedly taken by the suspects, many Americans have become excessively frustrated with the apparent lack of action taken against blatantly such questionable and corrupt officials.
The present situation began—or rather escalated—in 2014 during the Bundy ranch standoff in the state of Washington. In short, this standoff involved the United States government attempting to use fraud and chicanery to force American citizens off of their rightfully own property. According to the indictment, the protesters had every right to defend their land. Not only this, but the indictment's text may reveal to us the true reason for the hasty and downright criminal actions of the U.S. government.

By all appearances, we now have a more complete picture of why the United States government under Obama attempted to confiscate/steal the land owned by the Bundy family. According the texts, the land grab was related to the intention of numerous Democratic interests to control the land as they mined for its rich uranium deposits. By appearances, they then intended to ship this uranium to Russia as part of the alleged Uranium 1 scheme.

The indictment details one key development from this standoff involving the unlawful murder of LaVoy Finicum. We may remember seeing the police chopper footage of LaVoy fleeing in his truck from Federal officials. According to investigation, LaVoy was actually fleeing because federal agents opened fire on him without ever having legal grounds for doing so.

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Both LaVoy and his passenger had obeyed orders by officials from the beginning of their journey to meet with county Sheriff, Glenn Palmer. However, it does not appear that the agents were interested in arresting him. They opened fire, causing LaVoy to flee for his life and when he was finally stopped, the agents finished the job.

Around two years following the incident, the Bundy brothers were acquitted from any guilt in their lawful defense of their own property. We might note that to this day, the Obama administration has received virtually no negative press from the incident.

In recalling the long-running standoff between United States officials and the Bundy clan, it was very strange to see such a forceful attempt by the U.S. government to steal land from American citizens. Granted, the American government has a history of taking land from American Natives whenever the end suited their own corporate gain, it was unusual to see this apparent land-grab being attempted against a non-Native family.

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It is sad and disgraceful to think that Federal officials (allegedly) had no issue about resorting to murder in order to get what they wanted. Since the murder or Finicum, there have been numerous other incidents in which the FBI has been suspected to have caused further deaths for the sake of corrupt government and corporate gain. However, for now, we will address the issue of the indictment at hand.

The charges listed on this document include RICO, murder, wrongful prosecution, abuse of power, subversion, Conspiracy against Rights, deprivation under color of law, and a laundry list of other crimes against the United States and its citizens.

(Click the above link to read the remaining pages of the document.)

As we read on in this indictment, we will see that the texts seeks the death penalty as a result of the charges and because of the murder which resulted from the laundry list of capital crimes. This and numerous other details reveal that this issue is no small matter.

Possible Obstacles

Following the revelation of this indictment, a number of audience members were concerned of a past technicality which was apparently related to the case. This issue was posted on the website, According to an older document on this website, a technicality was apparently noted in the case and may have caused the case to be dropped—unless, of course, this technicality was amended prior to the deadline.

It is understandable that any party still loyal to the corrupt aspects of American government would do anything they could to prevent this case from moving forward. The question is whether or not this case would be handled in a civilian court, or if it will be taken to a military tribunal as many of us have heard rumored in recent times.

Given the above technicality was resolved prior to the final document being sealed, this case may be moving forward rather soon.

Media Silence

Considering the seriousness of the charges—involving the death penalty—it would seem as though this case would be receiving the highest level of media attention. Yet we have seen little or no media coverage of the issue outside a few YouTube videos and a number of blog posts here and there.

If we consider the allegedly violent actions of the FBI in the past, we may see a common thread between these and the Bundy case.

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It was suspected by numerous people that the slew of strangely similar shooting incidents in schools and public places were orchestrated by corrupt FBI personnel who intended to create a diversion of some kind. This same FBI has been demonstrated in the above indictment to have murdered a man in cold blood seemingly because certain government parties wanted property that he owned.

In short, Obama's FBI wanted what the American people owned. When the government did not get what they wanted they killed those who possessed it and prosecuted the others who continued to defend it, allegedly.

Does this case represent the reason we see such a large astroturf movement to demonize the 2nd Amendment and to label self defense as evil? If so, this would explain quite a bit.

The Intent to Deny Human Rights

If a corrupt faction of the FBI and government wanted to disarm and rob the people, this would be a difficult task. However, the act may still be seen as possible. If these corrupt officials were intent up getting their prize, they could simply create public hysteria over guns and cause the people to fear their own freedom to carry (like so many other times in the past). This would be the perfect way for the people to give up their right to self defense and would leave the people vulnerable to further cases of theft and murder at the hand of corrupt government officials (just as we witnessed in the case of the Bundy ranch).

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If this were the case, and the people knew the truth, they would never agree to surrendering their right to defend themselves against a provably violent and kleptocratic government. However, if the people believed that other citizens wanted to disarm themselves—when in reality, mass disarmament was the intention of corrupt government officials—the people would be more eager to jump on the bandwagon.

This may be the motive behind the recent signs of hostility which certain government and corporate interests have shown toward the American Constitution. It may also explain the sudden and intense, and yet short-lived push by supposed independent citizens to disarm every law-abiding American.

Running tandem to the anti-gun rhetoric, we saw YouTube deny free speech to virtually all users who questioned the official narrative of the infamous Parkland shooting. We have seen an ongoing and overt intention of corporately owned news and social media companies to persecute and silence all parties who do not conform to the politically derived mainstream narratives.

As a result of Facebook, Google, and YouTube censorship, we saw what appear to be the true intention behind the media-approved Parkland kids rhetoric as they declared their own version of reality with the force of unquestionable mandate. The intention of course was to repeal the 2nd Amendment, which was revealed by the very politicians who supported the movement.
We may also consider the past evidence that various government interests hated the fact that American citizens were protected from government oppression. Here is an excerpt from a recent DTM article on the matter.

Presently, it seems that the same or similar interests which have confessed to manipulating foreign and domestic heads of state to the benefit of a few ruling elitists, the incident known as the Newburgh sting showed us the true story which the MSM may never reveal. With these facts in mind, the view of our present situation may change.

It does not take too much intelligence to realize that these deceptive tactics of the FBI have been used on multiple occasions by American agencies and corporations.

It does appear that FBI officials and the lawyers involved with this case were, in fact, telling the truth when they disclosed the intel about how the FBI has employed their deceptive tactics multiple times. So why is it that the corporate media has made no effort to bring these deceptive, clandestine efforts of the FBI to light?

We may observe the fact that the media has persisted at promoting the disarmament of the public under the myth that government will respect the rights of citizens afterward. The reality is that for the past decade and longer, the U.S. government has shown virtually no interest in upholding the rights of citizens. In fact, we can clearly see when supposed acts of terrorism were repeatedly used as excuses to abolish constitutional rights altogether—those being the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and the 4th Amendments.

The 1st and 2nd Amendment were attacked after Parkland (among many cases). The 3rd was attacked after the Boston marathon incident and the 4th was abolished after 9/11. All of these tragedies showed many signs of being manufacture terror events as well—complete with actors, fake MSM news reports, and official patsies.

If we were to look back into past news reports, how many supposed terrorist attacks would we find to be fabricated by authorities and news personnel—two, five, ten? Which of them were real?

Just one of these false events casts serious doubt upon the integrity of the United States government, not simply due to the presence of Trump in the White House, as this issue ballooned long before Trump ever entered the presidential seat. No, this problem of a deceptive, out-of-control FBI, CIA, NSA, and government as a whole came decades ago. It is only now that it has been made clear.

The fact that the corporate media is currently presenting yet another allegedly violent event via the Parkland school shooting, and yet the fact of a dishonest and corrupt FBI is not being openly discussed most certainly raises the question of whether or not the Parkland event was anything more than another false flag. It shows that disclosure of official and media corruption has not yet reached the necessary point of honesty.

Until we as a nation fully acknowledge the gross negligence and corruption present in our three-letter agencies, these agencies will remain free and clear to manipulate the public in similar ways as they have in the past. As we have discussed, this deception is never in the interests of the common people, but only serves the ruling elite.

The above article was written to expose the normalized tactic of the FBI to create either violence or the illusion of violence in order to justify their own existence. The article details about the extensive evidence of the FBI's history of staging shootings and bombings in order to promote various political agendas. As things appear, the recent efforts toward gun-grab began with this very tactic. It also appears that the same parties who are now charged with the crimes of murder, wrongful prosecution, abuse of power, subversion, Conspiracy against Rights, deprivation under color of law, etc. intended to disarm the public to make their crimes more streamline.
As in past cases, it is important that we remain patient to see if the indictment and supporting documentation are authentic and will stand up to any objection. If these developments are in fact true, we can expect to see much of the face of America change for the better. At least, this is the hope.
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  1. This indictment is not through the Attorney General of the United States, but through a common law court. Listen to American Intelligence Media to explain. It was brought for the murder of Finicum over the Oregon ranch issue. It has nothing to do with the sealed indictments we keep hoping will be unsealed. This is a citizen's movement since our government is constipated.

  2. The Supreme Court has ruled on the issueof the validity of the Citizen's Grand Jury, and attached is Antonin Scalia's ruling...