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REPORT: House Drafts Articles of Impeachment for Rod Rosenstein

Source: The Gold Water

Published: April 14, 2018

By: Red Pill 

Breaking news coming out of Washington, DC - where reports have suggested lawmakers in the House of Representatives has drafted formal articles of impeachment for Rod Rosenstein - the Deputy Attorney General of the United States of America who the American people have determined to be a crucial piece of the DC “swamp.”

Rod Rosenstein has received enormous criticism from both Senators and Representatives within the GOP and even the Democratic Party, although the majority of them have come to the defense of the criminal Deputy AG, despite overwhelming evidence supporting the claim Rosenstein has intentionally colluded against the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump.

The Trump Administration has repeatedly offered criticism of both Rod Rosenstein and the failures of the Justice Department, much of which has been due to the efforts of Obama holdovers to slow progress in the Attorney General of the United States of America's investigation alongside the Office of the Inspector General, with Michael Horowitz today releasing an earth-shattering report on Andrew McCabe and the FBI.

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The OIG report today blows the lid of the attempts from the Federal Bureau of Investigation to hide their investigations of the Clinton Foundation and shows that former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe lied under oath repeatedly to investigators, entrenching the disgraced FBI agent deep into the swamps of corruption in which Rosenstein also dwells

It was just a few days ago when Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) went on national television and threatened the impeachment of Rosenstein, confirming what many analysts close to the case have suggested for more than six months, that Attorney General Jeff Sessions not only has evidence of crimes committed by his coworker within the DOJ but that the House Permanent Committee on Intelligence also has information that could lead to charges against Rod Rosenstein.

Critics, who more often than not have failed to read official documents from the DOJ to Congress and vice versa have claimed Sessions is somehow stonewalling, when in fact the efforts to delay the case come directly from Rosenstein, and numerous Obama-era Marxists within the FBI and both the OIG and AG have worked patiently to build the single largest criminal conspiracy case in our government and nation's history.

If this report coming out of Capitol Hill is accurate about articles of impeachment being drafted against Rosenstein, this could be the beginning of the end for the Deputy Attorney General, to wit he not only is forced to leave the Justice Department but either cooperates with newly-appointed federal prosecutor John Huber, or Rosenstein himself is charged in the conspiracy against a sitting President of the United States.

Calls for Rosenstein’s removal have echoed throughout the media with Republican pundits and elected officials from the GOP both in unison claiming that Rosenstein is unfit to serve, so the new reports could indeed be accurate.

After Nunes made his statements publicly just days ago, it removed any remaining doubt that Rosenstein was on his way out.

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Rosenstein’s refusal to recuse himself from the witch hunt into President Trump's campaign and administration by globalist Special Counsel Robert Mueller could certainly factor into these reports as well, with the desire to protect his criminal elite co-conspirators overriding the duty of the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to the American public.

An old catchphrase says something along the lines of it not being the initial crime that gets people caught, but the effort to cover it up that brings them down and Rosenstein is certainly on his way downhill and out the door of the Department of Justice.

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