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Remote Viewing Blue Avians and the Secret Space Program in Corey Goode and David Wilcock's Disclosure - Video and Analysis

It has been a long while since I have heard an objective, respectful, and exceptional critique of the work of current whistleblowers. Though there have been many notable observations communicated by numerous sources about various whistleblowers, these sources had a degree of familiarity with the material that made critiques somewhat uniform in nature.

Regarding the testimonies of whistleblower, Corey Goode, these disclosures appear to have had a way of polarizing audiences in a way like no other material has. These testimonies have either resonated heavily with audience members, or they struck such a vital nerve in people that some individuals chose to lash out in anger and animosity at the mere suggestions which Goode made about the possibilities of our current planetary experience.

These reactions, along with the copious amounts of disinformation and smearing that has occurred against Goode, his family, and supporters has made accurate evaluation of his testimonies difficult to achieve. However, accurate evaluation is still possible.

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The phenomenon surrounding Corey Goode's testimony regarding the Secret Space Program and his ET interactions have been key in the development of consciousness for nearly everyone who has directly encountered them. Whether individuals agree or disagree with the details within these testimonies, the impact still appears to be occurring. This impact may be a good thing. However, I believe the overall popularity of the material may have created some of the challenges in finding fresh eyes to critique the intel in a fair, balanced, and respectful way.

This is why I was grateful to see an new and responsible source willing to give a fair critique of Goode's past testimony.

Brett Stuart - Remote Viewing Blue Avians & the Secret Space Program in Corey Goode and David Wilcock's Disclosure

Initial Encounters

The first detail about Brett's evaluation that peaked my interests was the fact that it appears to have been complimented by real-life, recountable experiences which occurred in waking life. This was the anecdote which Brett Stuart shared regarding the tall figure he met while walking on the road. Considering the fact that I have had similar experiences, this encounter intrigued me.

It can be unnerving whenever we experience events of the supernatural kind. Whenever these occur, it is typically difficult to register them as supernatural at all. This may be because our human sense of normalcy is typically difficult to break. Only when we are shaken from our base state of consciousness can we truly appreciate anything more. Until that point, most of us (even those of us who consider ourselves to be awake) may simply run on a sort of mental autopilot.

When we are roused from basic consciousness and possibly confronted on an empty road by a tall figure, we have a choice. We can either respond with the energy of love or of fear. According to the testimonies of Corey Goode, there can typically be a sort of visceral response to an ET encounter. It is unknown why this occurs, but this urge of fight or flight commonly accompanies our first ET encounter, according to reports. If this is true, this may reveal a key detail about Stuart's anecdote.

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According to Brett Stuart's story, the figure he described made no intimidating gesture. They said nothing threatening or harsh. They simply made themselves known, stood still, and spoke on occasion. In my experience, these initial encounters are important for a number of reasons. One of these reasons was mentioned in the video. This was that these encounters typically serve as an opportunity for us to fully evaluate ourselves, to confront our fears and the inner darkness that can reveal itself during benign, and yet abnormal experiences.

We might observe a figure standing in the middle of the street facing us with fists clenched, and believe that this situation represented a threat to our safety. However, the experience turned out to be completely benign, according to Stuart. Nevertheless, such an experience can easily seem confusing.

We may remember that in many references to the Law of Free Will that any encounter with beings of higher development than humans will typically have an introductory phase. Afterward, if our free will allows further interactions, they will occur. If at some level, we choose not to have further contact with higher beings, the experiences will cease and possibly resume at a later time.

We may also keep in mind that these experiences are said to initially take place in dreams. If the dream phase goes smoothly, then further interactions will occur at increased levels of consciousness, and eventually make their way into waking state encounters. If this is true, this may mean that Brett might have had a few dream time experiences. However, I do not wish to put words into his mouth.

There is one key reason as to why these waking state experiences might occur. However, I am unsure as to whether or not it would be helpful to share the specifics of my views on the matter. Suffice it to say that just as Stuart was attempting to determine the intentions of the being he saw while walking on the road as friend or foe, the being may have been making the same evaluation about him.

Accuracy of Study

Another point that comes to mind after viewing this discussion is how accurate the process of remote viewing actually was. This is not to disrespect the practitioners or the project manager in any way. However, it is important that before any session of remote viewing begins, that each viewer be given an extensive examination or personality profile to establish their own beliefs, their personal experiences, and how these might affect the data they return during each session.

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Without these personality profiles, the returned data can be involuntarily twisted and contorted in any number of directions without the project manager realizing the fact. The distortions might simply be taken as part of the data set. This is why it is important to list these details so that viewers can eliminate as many variables as possible.

Let's assume that this team of viewers did accurately assess and eliminate the variables as stated above. What might the implications of what their findings and the related anecdotes tell us?

What is "Apocryphal?"

I found the point about apocryphal texts to be particularly interesting. This was in reference to ancient texts which some people view as sacred, but that did not necessarily earn a place in religious texts such as the Judeo-Christian Bible.

To clarify, I do not believe in religious texts as unconditionally sacred or perfect as some practitioners might. To add, I do not believe that any human being should arbitrarily give up their own free will simply because a voice from the sky commands it. Though I have doubts about religious texts as perfect and beyond criticism, I do respect them as extremely helpful in our understanding of the larger universe and how realms which currently appear to reach beyond scientific study can be uncovered by the clues hidden within these texts.

When we consider apocryphal data, a few things might come to mind. If we know how social control is established and maintain for centuries on end, we will know that this control rests within information. If a ruling establishment such as the Catholic Church considers information to be dangerous to their own power, they will simply use their influence to prevent the printers and scribes of the day from deviating outside the established narrative of reality. This would mean that apocryphal information would be considered counter-productive to elitist rule.

When we look at history, we may see this common trend of information control. So when we look at texts that were omitted from official narratives of Catholic approval, we will often see texts that communicate personal freedom and the obsolescence of centralized authority.

When considering the material which Corey Goode has disclosed, we may realize an important detail. The points which Goode has made about being our own saviors, about getting up off of our knees and becoming the saviors we want to see would most certainly not make the cut for text in any organized religion. To add, his points about not looking at the Avians, himself, or any ET being or group as any religious figure, seems to fly in the face of any religious material.

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Despite the lack of religious alignment which Goode's accounts have with the intent of any organized faith, these accounts still remain as valuable contributions in the eyes of awakened communities. In fact, it seems that their lack of religious connection makes these testimonies more attractive than any religion might (contrary to rumors), primarily because they call every individual to personal responsibility and give vision for a better world, not through any savior or icon, but through self-initiation and personal discipline.

Character and Consistency

Another point which we might consider is the fact that Goode does not at all seem to be attached to people's personal reaction to his testimony. Though there were instances where he became indignant when his friends were being overtly smeared by dishonorable parties, Goode's overall response has been largely nonreactive to the general disbelief of some.

When we consider the actions of truly manipulative people, we will find that these individuals cannot take no for an answer. Whenever manipulative people receive the slightest amount of criticism or disapproval, they display a knee-jerk reaction of self-justification. There is generally an over-attachment and dependence upon the reactions of others. However, this has not been Goode's response.

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Though there may have been the natural frustration and humiliation that comes with the gross amounts of ridicule and professional trolling which Goode endured, there did not appear to be much consumption with opinions of audience members regarding his intel. I found this interesting and indicative of more of a genuine personality that believes the testimony being stated as opposed to an actor who depends upon the approval of others.

Remarkable Impact

At the end of the day, I believe the truth of the matter rest not only within the accuracy of the information which Corey Goode presents, but in the intensity of the reaction which this information so easily induced within truth communities. If the intel were completely false and had no relevance of the true situation on and within our planet, it would not be so offensive to those who disapprove of it.

On the same token, if the intel were not at least partially true, it would not be matching up with so many other independent accounts of numerous truthers in the community. Whatever their degree of accuracy, it cannot be denied the extensive impact which these accounts have had on the people. If we can name another instance in which the testimony of one individual polarized an entire community with such consistency, I would be very surprised.

First Contact

The overhanging question seems to be, "Just who did Stuart meet on that road?" This is understandably a major inquiry which we will likely make. To answer, let's make one point.

If either we ourselves have had the pleasure (or chore) of experiencing what we believe to be ETs or supernatural events, we will know there is an important possibility we must consider. If we actually have an ET encounter, it is very rare that any such encounter is acute or isolated as singular. Chances are that if we had one encounter, these encounters may become a normal part of our lives soon after.

According to Corey Goode's testimony, when we are introduced to one ET group, the encounter may be followed by multiple other groups seeking interactions as well. For example, if we are contacted by one humanoid race, we might be monitored or even picked up by a faction of the SSP or one of the human military groups operating off planet. After a debriefing with this group, our minds might be wiped so as to leave no traces of our encounter. According to sources, this can occur because certain SSP groups are intent upon maintaining secrecy by masking or distorting the human perception of the ET phenomenon.

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In general, when we encounter one ET or off-planet group, it is not simply the one group that we end up meeting. According to Goode, to encounter one of these groups could be likened to joining a community of numerous races--each of these having their own separate interests and agendas.

According to the Law of One text, whenever we are contacted by a benevolent ET group that is of higher consciousness than Earth humans, the positive encounter will be complimented by a negatively oriented group in order to equalize the opportunity for the human being. In other words, if a human is given a chance to raise their consciousness by benevolent means, they will also be given the opportunity to choose the opposite. This is to make sure that the overall balance of positive and negative forces within the universe remains constant, according to the text.

It may be that the orbs which Brett reported in his room were used by a benevolent group attempting to make contact with him. (They may have also been negative. However, according to my observation, negative encounters typically take the opportunity to harvest fear in some way. Otherwise, they can be a waste of energy for the negative being/s.) If this is true, the being he met at the side of the road may have been another positive encounter or a negative one. We cannot say for certain. Nor can we guarantee that any  of these events actually happened as they were described. However, because I myself have had similar encounters and because Brett appears to be a responsible, level-headed, self-reflecting researcher, I find it likely that he is telling the truth in the best way he knows how. I have observed the same characteristics in Corey Goode.

Though it has been extremely interesting to watch the overall story unfold, we may remind ourselves that until we know the full truth of the world and the galaxy that surround us, and can verify every detail within Goode's and Stuart's accounts, we have quite a mental exercise to undergo. In the meantime, we have every opportunity to grow in our intuitive ability, our discernment, and our capacity to interact with higher levels of consciousness with integrity, maturity, and love.
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