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FBI Stoops to Tabloid Investigations - Raided President Trump's Lawyer for Access Hollywood Tape; Still No Answer for Parkland or Las Vegas Mass Shootings

It appears the need for change and renewal in American government has never been more obvious than in recent times. Adding to the rumors of war, the botched investigations of numerous acts of violence, and the looming issue of pedophilia in high places, the FBI now wears the stigma of gross abuses of power, professional incompetence, and wastes of official resources.

At one of the most crucial times in history, the American people are waiting to see whether or not past crimes of government and corporate figures will be addressed or if they will continue to be ignored and dismissed. The reputation and validity of the Bureau depends upon their performance, their ability to use their resources wisely and efficiently, and to prevent federal crimes from occurring (at least to a notable extent). However, as things appear, the FBI (or the upper management thereof) has no interest in accomplishing any of these tasks.

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In 2018 alone, the U.S. has seen numerous acts of violence against citizens which stretch far beyond the average lone gunman seeking revenge. The number of mass shootings, along with the similarities between each of these shootings, seems to indicate that the same or similar interests organized and executed each of these violent incidents for some unknown agenda. Yet to this day, the FBI has not solved a single one of these cases.

In fact, in virtually every case of these shootings, the FBI was found to have been fully aware of the would-be perpetrators months before these shootings took place. Yet each time, this Bureau chose to do absolutely nothing to prevent these incidents from occurring.

We may keep in mind that years ago, the FBI not only confessed to the fact that they needed mass violence to continue (or the image thereof), but that at times, they deliberately helped create violence in the U.S. Several officers confessed to the fact that if the violence stopped completely, the funds allocated to their federal department would be cut. It was therefor in the best interests of the FBI to keep the image of violence alive so that federal employees could keep their jobs, according to their own testimony.

It is important to acknowledge the need for change in government and in society. However, when that change is obsessively focused on the personal exploits of one person while ignoring mass murder and the gross criminal behavior of numerous public offices for the sole purpose of finding dirt on targeted individuals, it is nothing less than abominable. In the case below, the FBI appears to be desperate to uncover information not for the sake of any legal investigation or official prosecution, but to write the next tabloid article.

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What is most concerning about this apparent plummeting of priorities in the Bureau is that the American public is continually being encouraged by corporate media to ignore the gross incompetence which the FBI—along with the majority of U.S. government—has shown preceding Trump.

Instead of calling all failures to light, the MSM has continually praised the every move of the FBI so long as the organization opposes the President. Instead of receiving admirable and unbiased investigations from the FBI, we receive the tactics of paparazzi's and tabloid journalists scrambling for nude photos of the latest Hollywood big-shot. Only this time, the target just happens to be the President.

Granted this seemingly out-of-place investigation is undergone legally and has good reason for taking priority over multiple instances of mass murder, we may hope that the procedure is productive. However, given the timing of the investigation—as it directly follows the disclosure that no evidence of any crime took place between Russia and the Trump campaign—it seems highly suspect that the FBI is marching in step with their own tarnished reputation. That is fishing for any reason—whether productive or unproductive, legal or illegal—to sabotage Donald Trump.

The FISA memorandum was the first of several pieces of evidence which shed light on the fact that many within U.S. government and in media have circumvented American law in order to attempt to oust the President.

One common occurrence can easily follow such attempts at sabotage of those we do not like. The typical result is that we become the monster we believe our target to be. Sadly this appears to be what has happened to much of American media, American government, and in many cases, the general public.

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As previously stated, it is very necessary to hold public figures accountable for their actions and to ensure those actions do not adversely affect citizens unnecessarily. However, when numerous government agents completely neglect to protect lives, and when these agents break the law and numerous codes of ethics simply to tarnish the public image of another official—let alone their own commander in chief—this is a problem.

Were the situation different and the current FBI had notable integrity, the perception of their latest probes into any aspect of President Trump's private life might be warranted. However, with the actual reputation of the FBI, many Americans may view their latest interest in Michael Cohen as little more than a fishing scam.


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Source: Bizpac Review

Published: April 12, 2018

By: Tom Tillison

With the New York Times reporting that the FBI raided President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer’s office in search of information “related to the Access Hollywood tape,” among other things, given the “striking” breadth of the search warrant, social media users are convinced that the move was little more than a fishing expedition.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino shared a “no holds barred take” on the FBI “throwing attorney-client privilege out the window” in a hunt for Access Hollywood tapes in a take from NRA-TV:

Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., is equally outraged, asking what the infamous tape that captured Trump boasting to host Billy Bush about grabbing and kissing women — Trump described it as “locker room talk” — have to do with Russian collusion.

The search warrant came from federal prosecutors in Manhattan, after receiving a referral “in part” from special counsel Robert Mueller.
As The Times noted, Cohen is being investigated for potential campaign finance law violations. Instead of Russian collusion, we now have concerns over Cohen, who had no official role in the Trump campaign, colluding.

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Of course, CNN’s Jim Sciutto has his own ideals about collusion… involving Wikileaks.

“Wikileaks started publishing first of hacked Podesta emails within an hour of the release of the Access Hollywood tape. This was also the same day ODNI/DHS first publicly blamed #Russia for election interference,” Sciutto tweeted in defense of the raid.

Nonetheless, the FBI, which failed to act on information that could have stopped the gunman who killed 17 people at Florida high school, is busy chasing down dirt about porn stars and p*ssy tapes.

Actions that drew outrage from the brother of Meadow Pollack, one of the students killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

“The politically motivated FBI could act on raiding a lawyers office for documents related to an adult film star,” he tweeted in response to Cohen’s office being raided.

“But they couldn’t act on stopping the shooter that murdered my sister and 16 others even though he was reported to them multiple times!”

Bongino would also express outrage on Twitter over similar concerns.

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“Unbelievable. Terrorism, human trafficking, financial crimes, & this is what the DOJ is allocating assets to? When your identity theft case or worse gets scuttled by the FBI for lack of manpower remember this tweet. They’re out looking for p%^* tapes. Freakin ridiculous,” he tweeted.

There was plenty of outrage from social media users as well, who believe Mueller is looking to get President Trump any way possible.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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