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Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Super Balance Geometry - Exploring the Universal Concept of Sacred Geometry and Its Role in Galactic Formation

The Wisdom Teachings series has covered a plethora of topics over the time of its airing. Many of these topics surround the overall proposal that our universe is not simply a chaotic, random occurrence of initial happenstance, but is an ordered, evolving, and an even conscious expression of fractal geometric complexity.

This view of the universe as conscious may begin to reunite the worlds of science and spirituality—two facets of scholarship which have remain largely separate for the better portion of the 1900s. Consequently, most of the general population has no clue of the significant relationship between these two seemingly opposite fields of study. Little do they know that mainstream science has actually acknowledged this connection between science and numerous spiritual teachings from ages longpast.
It is this historical yet modern linkage between the spiritual and the scientific which the 24rd season of Wisdom Teachings works to reunite in the minds of the general public. Beginning at the end of the 23rd season, David Wilcock makes a strong case for the fact that the concept of a geometrically ordered universe is not at all fringe, as many scientists and skeptics have attempted to label it. Rather, these concepts are proving that the currently accepted and popularized version of cosmological theory is more pseudoscience than credible science.

High Geek Speak”

The 24th season of the series was considerably more complex than previous season have been—big words, complex scientific concepts, hard-hitting significance.

These subjects can be extremely dense with regard to the information they present. The amount of scientific data offered within these episodes could easily overwhelm an individual not ready to conceptualize such things. However, David Wilcock does a thorough job of helping to simplify these concepts and to present them as practically and comprehensively as possible. All in all, these topics should awaken the inner geek in all of us.

To be honest, one of the main reasons I had to pause on commentary for the series was due to the density of material covered in the 24th season, though there were other reasons which also prevented me from continuing. At present, however, I am eager to bring the massive amount of information and insight from the studies of David Wilcock and numerous other scientific researchers forward for the continued learning of all who have appreciated these studies in the past.

I am very much looking forward, and hope that you are as well.

Laying the Groundwork

The point has been proven to remarkable extents. The universe and all of its function appear to somehow be connected on both a cosmic and a quantum scale. From the smallest microorganism to the largest macroscopic anomalies in the universe, the expression of an amazingly complex and yet astoundingly simple form represents the entire consistency of the universe.

The design of this universe could be described as infinitely complex, but holistically uniform. Simply put, we might call this simple concept, sacred geometry.

However, the term itself cannot begin to fully express the countless ways in which this geometry pronounces itself throughout universal design.

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As we may have heard, the G within the Freemasonic square and compass is said to represent the words, God, Great Architect, and Geometry. Though this symbol has unfortunately been represented in largely negative ways, in American culture and various mystery schools, it holds a largely neutral meaning. It was originally meant to represent a neutral or positive meaning. However, per the usual Cabal tactic, this and many other valuable symbols of ancient spiritual teachings were perverted and contorted to represent something they did not.

We cover this point to emphasize the fact that universal geometry is not at all a negative theme. It cannot rightfully be attributed to the satanic practices or symbols of the Cabal that failed to appreciate it in full. In fact, universal geometry could be said to express the spiritual theme of virtually every sacred teaching on the planet. And as we may know, when we strip away all of the Cabal perversion, dogma, and distortion from these spiritual teachings, what we will find may literally be life-altering.

Cymatics and Geometric Sound

It was discovered by the late Dr. HansJenny that complex geometric patterns could be produced by inducing clear harmonic tones into fluid. This can most easily be seen within a single drop of water mixed with sand particles. This is one of many examples of sacred geometry being formed with nothing more than sound and fluid. In this case, sand particles are suspended in a fluid using perfect harmonic tones.

An early cymatic experiment which combined a drop of water with fine sand particles and harmonic tones
A matrix of cymatic patterns which mimics atomic arrangement

It is important to note that within these cymatic patterns, the sand is confined to the geometry created by the frequencies influencing the fluid. There are no stray sand particles deviating from the geometry. It is as though the entire water droplet is governed by the harmonic frequency.

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We may also remember the concept of the Platonic solids. These are the five most symmetrical geometric shapes in the universe. These along with the concept of phi ratio are common expression not only in the natural universe, but in sacred art and architecture from around the world. We might keep in mind that the cultures in which these concepts were most appreciated had little to no knowledge of modern scientific theory.

The concept of the amplituhedron has also been extensively discussed within previous episodes and commentary. As discussed before, this form appears to be a portion of the merkaba or star tetrahedron. Of course, this is an important component to the subject because it directly correlates concepts of conventional scientific discovery with cutting edge theoretical models.

To add another concept of mainstream science to the equation, we have the discovery of the shape of the photon which again, suggests a sacred geometric basis of design for the cosmic and quantum worlds.

This photonic form—the star tetrahedron—can be seen in virtually every spheroidal shape we find in the universe. As discussed previously, manifestation of the star tetrahedron inside the sphere can be seen in planets, stars, and even the universe itself.

The combinations of all of these iterations of sacred geometry within the cosmic and the quantum worlds makes a strong point that the universe is, in fact, fractal and holographic in nature. It also suggests that the ancient spiritual teachings of the world were not simply random fabrications of fantasy, but that they demonstrated a knowledge of quantum and astral physics which humanity had was not supposed to have discovered during ancient times.

Further, these findings suggest that conventional science has quite a bit of homework to do with regard to connecting the puzzle pieces the various scientific disciplines have been juggling for decades now.

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We have discussed how the Wisdom Teachings series has made a very strong point that these constants can be seen within the planets, in solar systems, and even in the formation of galaxies. However, there is one application which has not yet been fully clarified within the series up until season 24. That is the universal manifestation of geometric design at the universal level.

This is one of those subjects which some might consider to be fringe or pseudoscience. However, contrary to such skeptical perspectives, we can easily observe the hard scientific data proving these concepts to be true from notable, mainstream sources.

Reviewing Past Revelations

Some of us may recognize these subjects from previous talks by David Wilcock, such as a few subjects from the recent Conscious Life Expo in February of 2016. It was at this conference where Wilcock disclosed for the first time ever, such an eclectic collection of astronomical data, and since then, the research has complexified in a number of ways.

This data includes numerous examples of past studies in astronomy and cosmology which clearly demonstrate the ubiquitous role of sacred geometry in our universe. Within these subjects (both on stage and on set) Wilcock goes into numerous scientific concepts from both mainstream science and the Law of One texts. With these sources, he has been able to elaborate upon previously discussed scientific principles—proving them to be true and observable phenomena within the universe.

Granted, this topic leads to actual scientific proof of the process of ascension, I thought it a good idea to begin to cover and to elaborate upon these subjects even further.

Convention vs. Reality

Modern science has made quite a few discoveries over time. However, conventional science has a way of stagnating and even tosses out valuable data that might move our world forward. I believe there are a number of reasons for this.

The endeavor of what many refer to as scientific progress consists of a collection of loose theories and provable facts which together form the modern body of beliefs for the average scientist. Some of the proposals within these belief systems can be productive, but some of them have been found to be confining, counterproductive, and many times, scientifically inaccurate and self-contradictory.

One of the concepts which David Wilcock (as well as the Law of One) propose to be inaccurate is the Big Bang theory. This is one of those mainstream theories which has been repeated enough times that many pseudo-skeptics will treat it as a fact. However, as things appear, it is far from fact.

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The average pseudo-skeptic can have a way of repeating the same belief system which were prominent among scientists of the early 1900th century. One of the main declarations of these skeptics is often used to discredit the idea of free energy. The common declaration is, “You can't get something from nothing!” The only problem with this is that the universe is said to have come from nothing according to the mainstream theory of the Big Bang.

The Big Bang is one of those concepts that only makes sense when we avoid thinking about it. If we do, we might consider it possible. However, it is not possible to consider such a story without accepting every other story of universal formation as equally possible. In short, when thinking logically, the Big Bang comes across as extremely far fetched.

In essence, the Big Bang theory states that for no apparent reason, there was a singularity which was infinitely small and held infinite energetic potential which remained so for no particular reason. Then this nothing exploded to become all matter and energy in the entire universe (again, for no apparent reason). This theory has been falling apart in more recent times as others have proposed alternatives which seem to honor reason and responsible thought more than their theoretical predecessor.

One of these newer theories we will find states that the universe had a central origin and that from that central point, all of the universe was holographically projected as the homogeneous yet various representation of the original central point. This is the theory which the Law of One discusses along with a number of mainstream scientists.

The Order of the Cosmos

Many conventional scientists have difficulty considering the possibility that people in the past were anything but Neanderthals who had no ability to understand any of the concepts which modern science deals with. Unfortunately, many scientists are taught to view the world from a self-absorbed, self-centered perspective, and this can be an obstacle for productive and accurate study. In this way, the current belief systems which govern modern science seem to limit any progress that might actually take place if such beliefs depended solely upon the data.

During the discussion, David Wilcock presents the point of how ancient cultures cherished many accurate physical concepts as sacred. He presented the very pertinent question of how such supposedly primitive people were able to work with complex quantum physical and astro-physical concepts. The answer to this question may open up so many avenues of research that it would be difficult to count them all.

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Upon hearing such a possibility, one might think that the answers would be nearly impossible to find. However, as things appear, the cutting edge of mainstream science is well on the way to establishing its own knowledge of these principles. Below is a publication from Cal Tech and theoretical physicist, Dr. Eduardo Battaner which discusses one of these subjects.

a) Preexisting magnetic fields are able to produce anisotropic density inhomogeneities in the photon fluid and local metric perturbations. In particular, they are able to produce filamentary structures in the distribution of the energy density.

b) Particularly interesting are those filaments larger than about 10 Mpc, because they have no problems with magnetic diffusion (as mentioned above), because their evolution is more predictable and because they can be observed today. In fact these radiative and gravitational potential filaments were the sites where baryons, or any other dark matter component, collapsed at Recombination, forming the illuminated supercluster filaments that are observed today as elements of the large scale structure. Non linear effects have very much distorted the pre-Recombination structures, as well as the larger ones, though to a much lesser extent, as / remains low. Therefore, these pre-Recombination radiative filaments should be identifiable today.

c) The orders of magnitude of these magnetic fields are equivalent to present B0  10-8 - 10-9G. If they were much lower, they would have no influence on the larger scale structure. If they were much higher, the formation of the galaxy would have taken place much earlier.

d) The filament network, if magnetic in origin, must be subject to some magnetic restrictions. The simplest lattice matching these restrictions is an "egg-carton" network, formed by octahedra joining at their vertexes. This "egg-carton" universe would have larger amounts of matter along the edges of the octahedra, which would be the sites of the superclusters. Outside the filaments there would be large voids, devoid not only of baryons but also of magnetic fields (Fig. 21). Magnetic field lines would be concentrated in the filaments, with their directions being coincident with those of the filaments.

Figure 21. Ideal scheme of the egg-carton universe formed with octohedra only contacting at their vertexes. Adopted from Battaner and Florido (1997). Courtesy of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

These theoretical speculations are compatible with present observations of the large scale structure as delineated by the distribution of superclusters. It is easy to identify at least four of these giant octahedra in real data, which comprise observational support for the egg-carton universe. Two of them, those which are closest and therefore most unambiguously identified, are reproduced in Fig. 22. Nearly all the important superclusters in the catalogue by Einasto et al (1997), as well as nearly all the important voids in the catalogue by Einasto et al. (1994) can be located within the octahedron structure. This web is slightly distorted by the presence of the very massive Piscis-Cetus supercluster in one of the filaments.

Figure 22. The two large octahedra closer to the Milky Way.

The magnetic origin of structures at very large scales alleviates the old problem encountered by CDM models which predict too little structure at large scales (see, for instance, the reviews by Bertschinger, 1998 and Ostriker, 1993).

A fractal nature could be compatible with the octahedron web, in agreement with the identification of fractals by Lindner et al. (1996) from the observational point of view. There could be sub-octahedra within octahedra, at least in a limited range of length scales. 

The above text may seem complex, and this can be somewhat intimidating for some readers. To simplify, Dr. Battaner is basically stating that the universe appears to have regular formations of octahedra at various levels of scale (octahedra within octahedra much like a fractal). The distributions of stars and galactic material are confined to certain ordered arrangements following the edges and corners of the octahedra and outside these arrangements, there is only empty space. If you are thinking that this is very similar to Dr. Jenny's cymatic experiments creating sacred geometric structures with sand and water, you are not alone.

Conventional science supposes that no other energetic influence exists within the universe except electromagnetism. This has been convention for the better portion of the 20th Century. If ever there is a new phenomenon discovered in the universe, it is typically attributed solely to magnetic fields. Consequently, when conventional scientists see geometric structures in galactic and super-galactic levels, they blindly claim that it is caused by electromagnetic forces. However, when we expand our minds beyond pre-established norms, new discoveries become possible.

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This data seems to clearly demonstrate the presence of fluid dynamics within universal structure, and this flies directly in the face of conventional astronomy and astrophysics. (Notice that Dr.Battaner approaches the subject of fluids, but does not complete the thought.) Due to the conventional view that the universe can only be governed by magnetic fields, the suggestion of another influence such as fluid dynamics remains impossible, according to mainstream scientific theory.

As we may know, Cal Tech is not at all an organization which focuses on fringe science. So there is no point in claiming that these subjects are far-fetched in nature. This is mainstream, scientific theory. It is true that these theories are not common subjects of discussion in modern scientific circles, but as we can see, it is not due to their lack of validity. So what are we left with?

It seems that from the validity of these concepts and the serious consideration of their study by widely respected scientific organizations, that either the scientific establishment has failed to appreciate the implications of this science, or they feel pressured in some way to deliberately ignore it.

To further prove the point, let's consider the parallel research of other hard-hitting scientific minds.

As these studies of universal matter distribution were conducted, various scientists were coming to similar theories. One these scientist was Jaan Einasto PhD. Dr. Einasto is known for many accomplishments, but one of his most memorable theoretical proposals was a paper entitled, Has the Universe a Honeycomb Structure?

Excerpt from Has the Universe a Honeycomb Structure?

Recent analysis of the distribution of clusters of galaxies is reviewed. Clusters of galaxies located in rich super-clusters form a quasiregular lattice similar in structure to honeycombs. The power spectrum of clusters of galaxies has a sharp peak at wavelength 120 Mpc corresponding to the lattice step. The peak in the spectrum may be due to processes during the inflationary stage of the structure evolution.

We may note the point about the influence of the inflationary stage of the universe, or what has more recently been termed the Big Expansion. This is a mainstream acknowledgment of the influence of order (dare we say, regular geometric structures) from the moment of the beginning of the universe into the present.

Though Dr. Einasto did not discover the entirety of the geometric pattern of the universe, he did establish the strong possibility that the universe demonstrates regular order at the cosmic level.

For good measure, here is one more passage from Einasto's study.

According to the current paradigm of the large-scale structure of the Universe galaxies and clusters of galaxies are concentrated to elongated filamentary chains and the space between filaments is void of galaxies. Such distribution resembles cells 1; examples are the Northern Local Void surrounded by the Local, Coma, and Hercules superclusters, and the Bootes void located between the Hercules and Bootes supercluster 2.

Once again, we are given the same theory of spaces as a concentrated galactic composition directly adjacent to empty voids. The pattern of these various studies continually appear to be regular and geometric in nature.

The Super-Galaxy

Let's consider for a moment, the regular occurrence of sacred geometry in the universe. We may remember from past discussions that this geometry does not typically come alone. When we see one iteration of the Platonic solids for instance, chances are there will be multiple solids nested within one another.

More specifically, whenever we see the expression of the star tetrahedron, we know that this form typically comes with a spherical torus of energy surrounding it, much like our sun and all of the planetary bodies in our solar system. Likewise, whenever we see the sphere/spheroidal form pronounced in universal forms, we know the likelihood that we will find the energetic (or hyper-dimensional waveform) star tetrahedron nested within it. But have we seen such evidence of a tetrahedron as big as the universe itself?

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The short answer is, yes, but let's review. During the Conscious Life Expo of 2016, David Wilcock divulged for the first time ever—a discovery which changed the way many people viewed the universe.

This discovery came from several scientific diagrams of universal structure. The diagrams were ambiguous at first, but after greater observation, the data began to resemble clear signs of nested sacred geometric structures.

We may remember the octahedron inside of the star tetrahedron. If so, we will recall that the octahedron is offset inside the star at an angle of about 45 degrees. This 45-degree angle is actually prominent within scientific scans of the universe.

These scans of the night sky reach out to the very edge of the visible universe, and what they reveal is remarkable. These telescopic scans show the dust at the edge of the visible universe. According to conventional science, this dust should simply be randomly distributed throughout the far reaches of the universe, but that is not what the data shows.

In fact, when temperature differences are taken into account, the order of the dust distribution becomes clear.

A scan of the visible universe which shows clear signs
that the matter in the universe is located within a flattened disk.

This is a temperature diagram of the visible universe.
T is for temperature and mK stands for micro Kelvin

These ovular diagrams show the spheroidal universe flattened out and as we do, we can clearly see a wave form within the diagram. However, it is when we see the spherical diagram that we begin to realize just how prominent the geometry is.

Temperature diagram wrapped around a spherical form

If we look at the universe as a sphere as the diagram does, we see that the large spots, when connected together with straight lines, we can trace a virtually perfect octahedron inside the sphere. We may also notice that in each diagram, the implied octahedron is offset by about 45 degrees.

This seems to suggest the presence of the same sacred geometry that we have seen in other spherical/spheroidal heavenly bodies. But how can we find evidence of the presence of a toroidal vortex as the form of the universe?

There are two prominent scientific researchers who may have unlocked the answers to the proposed universal torus. These are Borge Nodland and John P. Ralston. During their research, these two scientists stumbled across an incredible find.

They discovered a very peculiar zone of the universe in which large galactic clusters were shown to be rotating much faster than anywhere else in the night sky. This zone of quickened rotation was found to be a funnel shape (call the Anisotropic Cone in the diagram below), and naturally the two men named the two mouths of the cone Aquila and Sextans. (The yellow dots represent galaxies and galactic clusters.)

Diagram from Nodland and Ralston's paper

Image a the double torus (or totorus) which manifests within universal structure.

What Nodland and Ralston found was that particles tend to spin much faster when in the mouth of the cone than outside of it. This indicated a vortex, and this vortex is yet another piece of evidence which suggests that our universe is in the shape of a spherical torus.

So we have this singular vortex with two mouths. We also have the signs of sacred geometry at the far reaches of the universe, and when we wrap the data around a sphere, we see a clear octahedral pattern. More than ever, the theory is proving itself positive that the universe is a spherical torus with a super-galactic disc at the center. However, could there be even further evidence to discover which might drive this point home?

It's All in the Universal Ratios

According to these numerous sources, we are left with the very substantial proposal that the universe is not the chaotic distribution of matter and energy. Rather, the cosmos appears to be an orderly array of sacred geometric fractal complexity. Not only this, but as David Wilcock explains, the arrangement of universal design is much more intricate and orderly than these various scientists have discovered. We can even see this order through mathematical calculations of dimension.

For this explanation, we turn to one particularly profound discovery in universal ratios. This table was created by Wilcock and is based upon both verifiable data and our consistent theoretic model of the universe.

A graph which David Wilcock created to demonstrate the mathematical relationships between fractal universal structures. 

This table was derived from years of research and represents a number of verifiable concepts which can be easily observed. With regard to astronomical data such as diameters of galaxies and solar systems, these findings may take a bit more time to verify.

At first glance, this table may be somewhat confusing. However, when we realize the very real data included within it, we may be surprised. We might keep in mind that this data is derived from simple mathematics and mainstream scientific research.

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Again, these forms would be characterized by the pronunciation of the spherical torus and sacred geometry. To note, the value, Y, toward the center of the graph may represent fruits, according to Wilcock, as fruits tend to have the 6 cm diameter.

David Wilcock was unsure of what the value X might be in this case. This was a value on the graph that remained largely unknown at the time the episode was taped. Personally, I would suggest that X represents the average size of super-volcanoes on the rocky planets/planetoids in the universe.  

According to the table, all universal structures appear to follow this ratio of 3, 4, 5, 6, 0. More specifically, we will find that all universal forms which follow the spherical toroidal form have diameters which follow this ratio. But what could this mean?

Let's take a closer look.

According to the table, the observable universe is roughly 10 billion light years in diameter, or 10 to the power of 30 centimeters. The theory states that the universe and its entire structure fractalized down from the same sacred geometric form which was the basic form which the entire universe emanated from. And of course, this sacred geometry produces the same sphere/spheroidal structure of toroidal circulation which at the universal and galactic levels, can sometimes cause solid matter to collect in the center as a disc of matter. (However, as we have seen, this does not always happen at these levels.)

A more recent adaptation of David Wilcock's original table for greater resolution

The next fractal structure which we see the same ratio demonstrated is, of course, the galactic level. The table states that the average width of galaxies is 300,000 lightyears (10 to the power of 20). If you didn't notice, the expansion ratio between 10 billion and 300,000 is 34,560. In other words, when we multiply 300,000 by 34,560, we get 10,368,000, which is surprisingly close to the data on the table for the average width of a galaxy.

Next, we have the average "star" in the universe, but this one is actually somewhat different. In Law of One terms, the source of the text refers to stars as galaxies. This may be because solar systems are like fractals of the galaxies around them. We may also want to note that according to the most recent discoveries, it's estimated that roughly 80 percent of all star systems in the galaxy are binary systems (though scientists have recently chosen to change their estimation while publications portray the estimation as hard fact). According to the Law of One, all star systems in the universe are binary systems. This adds quite a bit of detail to our analysis.

According to the table, the average width of a solar system is 8 lightyears across (or around 10 to the power of 19 to 20 cm), and once again, if we multiply 34,560 by eight, we come back to a diameter of around 300,000 (or more exactly, 276,480). (These numbers appear to be rounded for the sake of simplicity.)

This is the adaptation combined with my own calculations. The math checks.

In other words, the star/solar system is a fractal of a galaxy, which is the fractal of the universe itself, according to the theory.

The details of planets were not exactly covered in the episode. However, from the description, we can make a safe guess as to what the graph is referring to.

The distance from a star to a planet is what is known as an astronomical unit. For the Earth, our astronomical unit is roughly 150,000,000 kilometers. (That's a long way to walk.) Consequently, this is the unit of measurement we gauge other systems with. So according to the diagram, the average distance from a star to a planet in the universe is 15 astronomical units (AU), which comes out to nearly 2 billion kilometers.

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When we divide this number by 34,560, we naturally come to 65,000 km. Again, the is graph rounded up 70,000 km in this case.

The pattern continues in this way, according to the math. Feel free to check the work for yourself. There are only a few discrepancies in the data with regard to NASA's estimate for the observable size of the universe. That being 13.8 billion lightyears in diameter. However, we might keep in mind that the universal order we are referring to is not an exact expression of perfect geometry. It is more like a general distribution with some variance, as we have seen. (Also, NASA's published data is not considered by researcher to be very perfect either.)

When we look at geometric galaxies, we are not looking at perfect hexagonal or pentagonal structures. However, we can clearly see these forms within the galactic disc. Likewise, when we are dealing with the super-galaxy of the universe, it does not perfectly conform to the geometry, though if we were to travel outside the boundaries of this geometry, we might clearly see the general pattern.

It seems pretty amazing that the universe could be this mathematically consistent and organized. When we see the proof in the math, conventional astrophysics begins to look significantly inferior in its proposal that the universe is chaotic and random in makeup.

This data strongly suggests that the universe is connected at the quantum level. Not only this, but it directly show the clear mathematical connection between the massive cosmic bodies of the universe to life itself. When see the possibility that the same force which formed many macro-universal structures had the exact same influence over biological life, we may realize just how profound this discovery is.

The Convergence of Science and Spirituality

It seems that once again, we have this unmistakable congruence between science (in this case, astrophysics) and spirituality. The presence of sacred geometry within ancient spiritual teachings as well as within the macro-cosmic blueprint of the universe yields a fairly uncanny relationship between sacred geometry and the divine essence that is said to be the basis for all divine creation.

According to ancient spiritual teachings, the universe is a fractal matrix of sacred geometry. It has also been discovered scientifically that the universe is a spheroidal structure made of three layers of octahedrons all stacked on top of one another in a large disk formation. The spheroid consists of all of the permutations of the material and energy that compose the universe, and the disk consists more of the matter within the universe.

It is always interesting to observe the corresponding developments that are taking place around the world at the same time when these studies are being done. One particular instance involved a crop circle in which an interesting pattern was observed.

Those who first discovered this particular crop circle did not fully know what the apparent reference was. However, upon closer examination, a number of researchers, including David Wilcock, made an amazing discovery.

Was this designed to mimic the arrangement of the universe, a cymatic pattern, or both?
As things appear, both have the exact same pattern.

Does this pattern look familiar? It appears that whatever or whomever created this circle either got extremely lucky, or they had an intricate understanding of astrophysics. Notice the clear suggestion of perfectly arranged octahedrons in the form of a galactic disc. Now what do you suppose the chances are that a team of astrophysicists sneaked out in the dead of night, tied some boards to their feet, and stomped out a perfect representation of the latest discovery of universal geometry in some farmer's wheat field?

Keep an eye out for the next article of Wisdom Teachings on this topic. As stated, there is a bit of brainy material to cover, but in the end, it is more than worth it. Stay tuned.

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