Friday, March 9, 2018

REVEALED: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Releases New Information on President Obama's True Identity - Video and Analysis

It can be amazing to see how a news story can be promoted as the most sensational development in our lifetime when in actuality, it is a nonevent. On the other hand, it can be equally amazing to see how truly significant social and political developments can be so thoroughly swept under the rug or written off by the MSM as nonsensical and insignificant.

We may think back to the time during the 2012 presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, and consider the contrasts of the state of the world between then and now. If we do, we will likely remember all of the seemingly artificial dramatization that frequently comes with a presidential race. When we consider this, we may also recognize the fact that the MSM does not typically represent political situations accurately, but simply makes efforts to promote division, instigate drama and boost ratings. This brings us to one particularly important topic which, due to over-dramatization, was all but completely ignored, misrepresented, and ultimately dismissed as nonsense by the MSM.

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Recent events have revealed how talented the current (corrupt) corporate media is at spinning a story in perfect accordance with the latest elitist political agenda. As we may remember, the aged issue of former President Barack Obama's birth certificate was a major concern for various people in media and within society. Even though the original story seemed particularly substantial and concerning, the MSM seemed to have no interest in promoting Obama as anything by a celebrity and a perfect example of a President. As recent history has proven, however, this was far from the truth.

For two terms, the corporate media showed every intention of talking Obama up to be exemplary in virtually every way. However, when we take a closer look, we may see alarming inconsistencies. Despite our own personal opinions of the former President, it is important that we look at the situation with objectivity and with an open mind--avoiding jumping to conclusions one way or another. As we know, it is ultimately when we see validity within the evidence presented that it becomes necessary for us to fully consider the implications it holds.

With that, here is Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the official analysis of the case of Obama's certificate of birth.

Of course, we may keep in mind that even though this evidence and the findings thereof may be concerning, it is very important to consider the entirety of the issues surrounding the former President. Among these, very few issues may stand out more than that of Pedogate and the alleged child trafficking which not only took place continuously during Obama's watch, but which Obama himself showed close connections with.

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