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IRS Caught Targeting of Conservative Groups - Past Disclosures and Present-Day Significance

The recent issue of censorship is a common concern for many of us who value free speech. The un-American efforts of various online platforms and news organizations to control and silence selective opinions falls far below most standards of ethics that any American organization has openly held. Yet social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and in many cases, Facebook appear to have been steadily blocking the content of Conservative users for months now, if not longer.

Let me make clear that this is not a cheerleader piece for Conservative views. Nor is it a promotion of the false Hegelian-based division mechanism we call American politics. This is a data-based analysis of the political trend in America that the two parties are both used as weapons against one another, and ultimately against the people.

Many times, the Democratic perspective has been used to suppress various ethical standards which are crucial for maintaining order in society. On the same token, the Republican perspective can come across as inflexible and stagnant in outdated standards of living and has, at times, been used to prevent society from progressing in a potentially positive direction. The fact seems to be that the disagreement between the two could go on forever without any societal progress being made. And this, I believe, is by design.

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The all-encompassing issue is that in a practical sense, both parties are little more than mere tools of elitists. Whenever they see fit, these elitists will commission one party or the other to do the bidding of the international crime syndicate we know as the Deep State or the Cabal.

It seems to be that lately, this Cabal has invested more money and energy into the Democratic party, seeing that the past two presidents served two terms and allegedly worked directly for globalist agendas. This would have led to more focus being placed on the Democratic party as the extended arm of the Cabal. However, it should not be forgotten that both parties hold potential to oppose freedom and to oppress the people under the guise of national security.

We may consider the example of the IRS abusing it's place of authority and persecuting Conservative-owned organizations. To my knowledge, this is not at all the role which the IRS was intended to play. Though the actual role may be equally as oppressive against the people, this government establishment clearly overstepped its intended purpose and committed numerous violations in the process during the time of this scandal, according to reports.

Let's review.

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Source: ABC News

Published: May 10, 2013

By: Abd. Phillip

Tea Party Rejects IRS Apology, Republicans Vow Investigation

Conservative groups have rejected an Internal Revenue Service apology for unjustifiably scrutinizing tax-exempt conservative groups during the 2012 election cycle. The IRS apology has seemingly validated conservatives' fears of politically motivated regulation.

House Republican leaders, meanwhile, have vowed to investigate.

Lois Lerner, the director the IRS unit that oversees tax-exempt organizations, said that organizations had been given additional scrutiny if their applications included the words "Tea Party" or "patriot." The practice originated with "low-level" employees in Cincinnati, according to an Associated Press report.

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In a press conference on Friday, Lerner called the actions of these employees "absolutely inappropriate."

"They didn't do it because of any political bias," Lerner said, adding that singling out groups with specific names was an ill-thought-out organizational "shortcut."

"It was an error in judgment and it wasn't appropriate but that's what they did," she said.

"We've now corrected these issues, and we don't expect that any of these will be repeated going forward."

Despite the apology, conservative groups are now seizing on the news, which they say proves their long-standing complaints of mistreatment by the IRS.

"President Obama must also apologize for his administration ignoring repeated complaints by these broad grassroots organizations of harassment by the IRS in 2012, and make concrete and transparent steps today to ensure this never happens again," said Jenny Beth Martin, national coordinator for Tea Party Patriots.

Tea Party Express founder Sal Russo told ABC News that his group, formed as a PAC, never heard from the IRS but did hear from smaller Tea Party groups that complained of government scrutiny.

"On our bus tours the local Tea Party groups were all screaming about it. It was so pronounced around the country that it was obvious that the tea party groups were being targeted. Not unlike any bureaucracy, the first reaction is to deny everything even when they don't know the facts," Russo told ABC News, saying he is "glad they finally acknowledged what was obvious to everyone else."

"We appreciate that the IRS acknowledged and apologized, but the real question is, how do we make sure that this never happens again? All Americans, regardless of their philosophical beliefs, should be treated equally under the laws of the land," said Jackie Bodnar, spokeswoman for the tax-exempt tea-party group FreedomWorks.

Republican members of Congress were also quick to register their displeasure, and House leaders have promised to investigate.

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House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, who has dogged the Obama administration from his position on the House's top investigative panel, promised to delve into the matter.

"The fact that Americans were targeted by the IRS because of their political beliefs is unconscionable. The committee will aggressively follow up on the IG report and hold responsible officials accountable for this political retaliation," Issa said in a statement.

House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor echoed his promise.

"The IRS cannot target or intimidate any individual or organization based on their political beliefs. The House will investigate this matter," Cantor said.

"Today, we are left with serious questions: Who is ultimately responsible for this travesty? What actions will the Obama administration take to hold them accountable? And have other federal agencies used government powers to attack Americans for partisan reasons?" Boehner said in a statement. "House Republicans have made oversight of federal agencies a top priority on behalf of the American people, and I applaud the work that members such as Charles Boustany, Darrell Issa and Jim Jordan have done to bring this issue to light."

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., publicly asked President Obama to review his entire administration for politicization.

"Today, I call on the White House to conduct a transparent, government-wide review aimed at assuring the American people that these thuggish practices are not underway at the IRS or elsewhere in the administration against anyone, regardless of their political views," McConnell said in a statement.

Michael Macleod-Ball, chief of staff at the ACLU's Washington Legislative Office, called the IRS story "constitutionally troubling" and suggested that "there must be clear checks in place to prevent this from ever happening again." Even former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett tweeted: "IRS seems to be claiming this was stupidity, not malice. Maybe so. But we shouldn't take their word for it and neither should Congress."

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At his daily press briefing on Friday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney called the IRS's actions "inappropriate."

"We've certainly seen those reports. My understanding is this matter is under investigation by the IG [inspector general] at the IRS," Carney said, when asked if the administration would oblige McConnell's request for an administration-wide review.

"The IRS, as you know, is an independent enforcement agency, with only two political appointees. The fact of the matter is what we know about this is of concern, and we certainly find the actions taken as reported to be inappropriate, and we would fully expect the investigation to be thorough and for corrections to be made," Carney said.

Carney pointed out that the IRS commissioner in 2012, Douglas Shulman, was appointed by President George W. Bush. Asked when the White House became aware of the extra reviews, Carney referred questions to the IRS.

"I learned about it today," Carney said.

In a statement, the IRS admitted that "mistakes were made," but it said that the errors were not due to "any political or partisan rationale."

"We fixed the situation last year and have made significant progress in moving the centralized cases through our system," the IRS said. "It is important to recognize that all centralized applications received the same, even-handed treatment, and the majority of cases centralized were not based on a specific name."

The IRS said that about 75 applications for tax-exempt status that contained the words "Tea Party" or "patriot" were added to a pool of 225 other applications that were singled out for additional scrutiny. So far, none of those applications have been rejected, although some have been withdrawn.

The news came after an election cycle punctuated by claims by liberal and watchdog groups that conservative tax-exempt organizations were unduly influencing political elections, and in some cases, violating their tax-exempt status.

Groups with a 501(c)4 tax status are prohibited from using more than half of their resources for electioneering activities.

"The revelations revealed today that the IRS was targeting conservative groups during the 2012 elections is shocking," said David Bossie, president of Citizen's United, the 501(c)4 organization that touched off much of the recent controversy over these groups' role in political elections.

"The politicization of the IRS cannot be tolerated by the American people. To single out groups because they offer a point of view that is different from the Obama administration harkens back to the dark days of the Nixon administration."

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Some liberal and watchdog groups believed that the IRS wasn't doing enough to review groups that they believed might be flouting their 501(c)4 tax-exempt status in the 2012 election.

"That's the most interesting thing about this: They were actually doing it," said Kenneth Gross, a campaign finance law expert and former counsel of the Federal Election Commission. "Now that they have done it, to some degree, it looks like they stepped on a pile off dog doo."

The effect of this revelation could be chilling for future regulation of politically active, tax-exempt groups.

"There are legitimate questions to be asked about political groups that are hiding behind a 501(c)4 status," said Nick Nyhart, president and CEO of Public Campaign in a statement. "It's unfortunate a few bad apples at the IRS will make it harder for those questions to be asked without claims of bias."

Particularly after the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court ruling in 2010 created "super PACs," which opened the door for these political action committees to receive funds from affiliated tax-exempt groups that don't have to disclose their donors, the arrangement has been the subject of ridicule. Comedian Stephen Colbert in one instance accused American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, two organizations affiliated with Republican operative Karl Rove, of "money laundering."

Later in the election cycle, former aides to President Obama formed their own groups, Priorities USA and Priorities USA Action, which used the same organizational principle to boost the Obama campaign.

McConnell highlighted reports of harassment by the IRS of conservative groups.

"Earlier this year, dozens of Tea Party-affiliated groups across the country learned what it was like to draw the attention of the speech police when they received a lengthy questionnaire from the IRS demanding attendance lists, meeting transcripts and donor information," McConnell said in a speech at the American Enterprise institute last year.

"One of the group's leaders described the situation this way: '[Groups like ours] either drown … in unnecessary paper work … or you survive, and give them everything they want, only to be hung.'"

The rare apology in some ways vindicates conservative groups that have been hounded by allegations that their activities were not completely legal.

Read more at:

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According to the article, the IRS claimed that no political bias existed at the IRS and that the persecution of Conservative groups was pure chance. However, as stated, many of those affected by this apparent persecution did not believe the statements of denial from the IRS. Considering what we have seen in recent days in the corporate censorship and persecution of Conservative views, it seems that the doubts of the affected organizations are justified.

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Though I do not strictly subscribe to the views of any political group, I do believe that every human being is equal and should be treated as such. As Jackie Bodnar of the FreedomWorks organization states, "All Americans, regardless of their philosophical beliefs, should be treated equally under the laws of the land."

We might look at these troubling actions of the IRS under Obama and consider just what else may have been taking place behind the scenes while the media remained all but completely silent thereabout. We may question why the endless habit of criticism of President Trump was not thoroughly applied during this time when the act seemed equally appropriate against the Obama administration.

This is not necessarily to compare one President to the other, but to make the point that all government officials should be held to the same standard of conduct. The same goes for media companies.

If we compare corporate and social media companies of 2013 with our present media standards, we will see a sad discrepancy between the two. Despite the stock value of a company, that company should be held to the same standards of ethics not only by the people, but by the company's own share-holders as well.

If these standards of ethics cannot be upheld by media companies, these companies can jeopardize the stability of a society. In this case, news reporters and social media employees might be better off resigning than conforming to the unethical standards which appear to have been popularized in early 2017 into 2018. The same applies to government offices, including the IRS.

Such resignations did take place in the IRS following this scandal. However, according to recent events, it would seem that the issue was not entirely solved.

It is true that we are not dealing with the IRS here in 2018 (at the time of the writing of this article). However, as things appear, we seem to be dealing with the exact same brand of corruption, political bias, and anti-American mindset which caused the IRS to target those who disagreed with their own political bias.

Considering the fact that an entire government agency and now numerous large corporations have all apparently teamed up to censor and oppress Conservative citizens, it would seem that each of these large organizations have similar interests behind them. To reiterate, however, this is not to buy into the self-defeating dialect of political stone-throwing, but simply to acknowledge a concerning trend within government and the corporate world. That is the trend of attacking the basic rights of American citizens to speak and to think as they choose.

Apparently, there are financial interests behind the scenes condoning (and possibly coercing) this type of totalitarian behavior from government offices and independent corporations. But who would have the ability and the influence to manipulate on such a vast scale?

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One of those who might come to mind is George Soros. This is a man who is internationally notorious for having more wealth than any sensible individual would want. The man literally has the power to make or break entire countries and to topple any government he chooses. According to numerous reports, this is exactly what he has done over the decades. However, Soros is just one of those who possess the ability to manipulate multiple aspects of both government and independent organizations.

In general, the group we are interested in examining the closest has been referred to as the Deep State, the Illuminati, Luciferian cult, or simply, the Cabal. This is a group of multiple billionaires who possess the right amount of influence in all the right areas of society, and with this influence, these people have reportedly been able to get their way on a regular basis.

The game is simple. Everyone who works for their interests gets rewarded, but everyone who acts as a potential threat to these billionaires is either blackmailed, smeared by the compromised corporate media, or financially ruined. If none of these can be achieved against the opposition, the opposition is typically assassinated.

Also, to ensure complete and total submission by all those involved with these criminal activities, this Cabal is known to use pedophilia as a key weapon of blackmail. These methods represent the overall way in which Cabal elitists have maintained mass control on a national and international level.

According to reports, everyone who is indoctrinated into this elitist club of criminals must be initiated in various ways to ensure lifelong loyalty. This is where the subject of Pedogate is added to this equation, and this is why so much of the corporate media has done everything they could to suppress and defame every aspect of the story of pedophilia. It was so that the powerful and influential people who are guilty of unthinkable crimes could remain unexposed, according to evidence.

As previously stated, it appears that both parties have been compromised in these ways to a large extent. Both parties have been used as staging areas for rampant crimes on numerous levels in the past. However, it is apparent that the criminal elite have favored the Democratic party in recent years. This appears to be why the corporate media and many facets of government have been imposing a sort of informational cold war against the White House—not because of the actual problems which the President has caused, but because he intends to expose the crimes numerous government officials have been committing for literally decades on end.

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Whenever an establishment employs censorship as a solution, it is only because that establishment has no true answer to the information being censored. The establishment has no ground to stand on and they know it. Consequently, they begin to use every resource they have to prevent the people from learning the truth and freeing themselves. The situation could be likened to bailing out a sinking boat.

It seems that the corrupt establishment within government and media have no way to repair their own sinking ship. The inconsistencies they have used as the basis for their common, manipulative rhetoric are being exposed, and the number of people who are realizing these lies is multiplying by the day.

It may only be a short while before the full extent of corruption in the corporate, financial, and political worlds is exposed and the truth can finally be revealed. By the level of desperation the media and various aspects of government are showing through their attempts at blanket censorship and persecution, I would say that day of disclosure is not far off.
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